Taste of Jamaica Farm Cookout

May 02, 2023
He gave us so much information on the community, their churches, farm stands and fruit trees that were growing everywhere! Once we got to the top, he had a tasting set up with mango’s, strawberry bananas and a Jamaican fruit that tasted like tropical candy! After, we were greeted by his family and the cutest dog that my daughter loved! He took us through the herb garden and described each plant. We got to taste fresh fruits from the trees! Before we headed to the back of the farm, they guided my daughter in seasoning the jerk chicken and placing it on the grill! Once we finished we arrived back at the entrance where his family had set up placement’s for dining! My daughter snacked on fresh sugar cane that he cut for her, and he came back out with a trey full of food his family prepared for us! It was amazing! My daughter surprised us both with her ability to eat the fresh pepper sauce! I highly recommend this tour! You will leave feeling fulfilled in your mind, heart and belly!
Reviewer: Tiffany Drakakides
5 Stars
Plant oriented tour with Jamaican food
March 02, 2023
My husband has a horticultural background so we loved this tour. LaSalles described the herbs growing on the farm and provided information on the health benefits of each. We tasted a variety of Jamaican fruits. And, we ate jerk chicken, rice and beans, plantains, etc. This was a great tour. Very interesting and delicious.
Reviewer: Barbara Thompson
5 Stars
Fantastic excursion!!
February 08, 2023
I've been telling everyone I know about this wonderful excursion. Our guide was so knowledgeable about the plants and it was apparent he took pride in what he did. The "cookout" was fantastic, consisting of various foods we had learned about as we drove to the farm. The jerk chicken was delicious too. Afterwards we had an opportunity to purchase teas made from various medicinal plants that the guide had told us about on the tour. I can't say enough good things about this excursion I will do it again if/when I get to Jamaica again.
Reviewer: Kathryn Johnson
5 Stars
Fantastic and Knowledgeable Guide
January 02, 2023
Dec 13, 2022 This tour was outstanding! The tour van was air conditioned and very clean and comfortable. The ride out was amazingly beautiful, especially Fern Gully, and included hidden secrets in the surrounding hillside. The guide, LeSelle, was extremely proud of his gardens and told us a lot about the plants, people and farm animals of Jamaica. The meal afterwards was beyond delicious and cooked from the plants and herbs in his garden. If you want to learn more about Jamaica THIS IS THE TOUR! Thank you LeSelle!!
Reviewer: Rosalind Michael
5 Stars
Fantastic Experience
May 16, 2022
What a wonderful experience I had on this excursion. LaSalle is the BEST tour guide Ever! Geniva was a gem & everyone we met on the farm was friendly and happy to see us. I learned SO much and the food that was prepared was Amazing! Worth Every penny and the scenery is spectacular. LaSalle is so knowledgeable of Jamaica he can answer any question you could possibly ask. I hope anyone visiting this area takes this excursion you will learn so much & meet the best people!
Reviewer: Wilma Gittemeier
5 Stars
May 16, 2022
This was the best excursion I have been on in a long time. My sisters and I meet with LaSalle the owner/tour guide in Jamaica and was driven through fern gulley to his farm. Everything is grown and harvested for him and his family. We were shown plants used by pharmaceutical companies on medicinal effects. Banana trees, Yuca, Yams, potatoes. LaSalle explained each and everyone one of the plants, growing periods and harvest time frame. My sister was given the opportunity to make jerk chicken then it was smoked over real charcoal. A feast of our chicken, greens, yuca , beans and rice pursued later with refreshing lemon grass tea.
Reviewer: Dana Krutil
5 Stars
Taste of Jamaica Beach cookout
March 11, 2020
Thoroughly enjoyed this Shore excursion. Lascelles was knowledgeable and a good sense of humour. Enjoyed the dancing at lunch time and playing the drum as well. The food was ready at our arrival and very good!!
Reviewer: Lise
5 Stars
Not what we expected.....better
December 02, 2019
This was so interesting and fun. We truly got the chance to get a 'taste' of Jamaica by seeing how people live and seeing the abundant amount of crops, and natural herbs and spices on the island. Then...culminating in a lunch at someone's modest home on the edge of a beautiful bay. The lunch was made from the foods we were shown in the countryside we drove through. Our guide was a horticulturalist and told us the English name as well as the Latin name for all the herbs and plants. Very knowledgeable. Great food....and very nice people. AND it was a small group which made it even better.
Reviewer: Jeff Bennett
5 Stars