Exclusive Trail and Beach Horseback

January 31, 2023
We had a wonderful day on this excursion. The guides were amazing. Although I'm an experienced rider, they had people who had never been on a horse before and they loved it. We also loved the fact that we did not have to wear helmets/lifejackets if we did not want to however the people who booked through the cruise line did not get that option. They had to wear both. Our family had a great time and everyone could ride easily.
Reviewer: Peggy Voltolina
5 Stars
Trail and Horseback
April 15, 2019
The staff was amazing! First timers on horses and everyone was so patient. They guide you every step and make you feel comfortable. Even had water shoes for my daughter who forgot hers. The photos were an added bonus. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun adventure.
Reviewer: Sheri-Lyn Lagueux
5 Stars
Best ever
March 13, 2019
Went on vacation with my 2 grandkids age 9 and 11. They loved it!! Staff was friendly and even gave some history of Jamaica. Highly recommend this tour!!
Reviewer: Kim Betker
5 Stars
Getting wet on Horseback
December 09, 2018
This was our favorite excursion even though there was some buttocks discomfort. Loved the clear blue ocean on the beaches of Jamaica. The guides and photographer all did an outstanding job to make this fun and memorable.
Reviewer: werner krempels
4 Stars
Review of horseback riding in Ocho Rios July 2018
August 20, 2018
the guides were absolutely awesome. very nice and informative. We went as a group of 4. my daughter had no problems riding the horse by herself. shes 12 years old. i would book again.
Reviewer: Michael Sanchez
5 Stars
great experience
July 02, 2018
The experience was great, the tour and the people were amazing!
Reviewer: christine
5 Stars
Unique experience, Family loved it
April 05, 2016
What a fun experience for our family! We have been horseback riding, but never in the water. My boys (11&12) enjoyed the water part. The guides were super friendly & knowledgeable and gave history and nature info that was interesting. We were the only guests for that ride- total bonus! But the actual trail ride to the beach was beyond slow and just took the long way around the farm to the beach at a snails pace. We couldn't do any trotting, change order or basically ride on our own (kids were bored). Then at the beach, we dismount and they conveniently have snacks/drinks (for purchase), local jewelry/souvenirs, etc at tables on the secluded beach. Very nice people, but a little pushy on the sales. We just sat for 20-30mins while the horses ""rested"" from that slow uneventful walk to the beach (15-20mins). We could walk around the beach and explore (but we live in FL, we do that all the time). It was a gorgeous location. Finally get back on, and they take great pix on the beach (also had to pay, but TOTALLY worth the photos they take from the water/shore). Was only $15 for the CD of 10 photos. Then the guide leads us into the water (horses still saddled). The water was up to our knees and run/trot them back and forth about 10 times past the girl taking photos. (caution- horses poop in the water) The water part was awesome! Unique and totally worth it. Again we dismount, rest the horse for another 20mins, we dry off (bring towel), buy snacks and soda and ride the shoreline back to the stable. This was pretty and relaxing. Overall would recommend. Even for inexperienced riders, you can't fall off- going so slow (lol). But memorable and our photos are amazing for the fun day. The driver to and from the port was fantastic and even stopped for us to get water at a local store. Easy to find him at the port as well.
Reviewer: Pam
4 Stars
Best experience for me and my daughters!
January 19, 2016
My pre-teen and teenage daughters and I did this excursion, and we had the BEST time. The guides are incredible - we ended up having a private van ride fully narrated with fascinating island history and information the way there. The riding guide was wonderful - singing to us, breaking off leaves for us to smell, etc. The water experience was fun, too - we even rode back along the shore. Couldn't have been better and would do again in a heart beat. Memory of a lifetime. Don't need pants for ride, but if you have a towel, they'll throw it over the horse, which helps. You will get wet when riding in the surf, but mostly legs and feet. We weren't expecting end of excursion, when they offered to take us out to eat and then to shops. We just did a shop, and then they dropped us back at the port, where we ate on our own. The guides are SO wonderful - cannot say enough about all of them!
Reviewer: Michele
5 Stars
Amazing time!!!!!
March 03, 2014
Horse back riding in Jamica was beyond amazing. Best time of my life. The crew was super nice and respectful and tour actually last about 2 and a half hours which makes your money's worth. Can NOT wait to go back
Reviewer: Glory
5 Stars
first experience was great experience
January 20, 2013
We took our older son and two younger children on the horses. Our guides were wonderful with our 6 & 12 yr olds who had never been on horses. We had so much fun riding the horses in the water :)
Reviewer: JJ the NP
5 Stars
Amazing Experience; Like in a movie!
September 23, 2011
Great Service, very kind people, they offered help or answers any time they were needed. The excursion transport guy offered to show us where to eat/shop and was very personable
Reviewer: Rob the bob
5 Stars