Jet Ski and Beach Break

Great Excursion!
August 06, 2023
Our guide, J. Bush, was great. He was very talkative and helpful and tried to connect with all of us. My 13 and 18 year old sons loved driving the jet skis and he place where we were at had good food. There was plenty of time to also do other things which were offerred to us. We could either do something else or go back to the cruise ship. It was up to us. The other group that was with us opted to see the sloths and monkeys while our boys opted for zip lining. The zip lining was an experience like no other. They got to do all kinds of crazy stuff and there were optional photos to pruchase. It was great. We had a blast.
Reviewer: Kimberley Zidan
5 Stars
August 03, 2023
This was amazing from start to finish. The driver was very informative about the area and culture and was so proud to share it all with us. The men at the jet ski dock were very nice and accommodating. It was amazing on the jet skis, the time didn't satisfy us, so we bought extra time at a very reasonable price. This is a must do!!!
Reviewer: Liz Sparks
5 Stars
Jet Ski and Beach Break
February 16, 2020
Best excursion ever. After getting off ship and finding the driver, ask for Steve Bush, he drove us to jet skis, and arranged a snorkel boat. He stayed close by to make sure we were ok and everything was amazing!
Reviewer: Shelly DeBoer
5 Stars
So fun
January 24, 2020
Our entire family loved this. We spent the day walking around and eating afterwards. The only difficult part was finding our guide outside of port because all the the locals bombarded us when we went out of the gate. Took us off guard
Reviewer: Christine
5 Stars