Mangrove Tunnel & Island Tour

Excellent Tour
November 30, 2023
A wonderful tour which starts in a small boat which seats about 12 people. You will visit the floating city where the residents live either on the water or the water’s edge. You will see where they shop and how they travel from point to point. Next will be a short boat ride to the mangroves. This was very picturesque and relaxing. The captain allowed me to stand and video our entry, passage through and exit of the mangrove tunnel for an excellent video to keep and share with friends. I highly recommend this tour for a true look at how some the residents on this island live.
Reviewer: Frank Stanford
5 Stars
Great experience!
October 13, 2023
Our driver was outstanding ! Enjoyed the entire excursion, there was 10 in our own group,enjoyed the iguanas, the sloths,monkeys and parrots. Also the canoe ride through the mangrove trees.Our group ranged in age from 59 to 86. Again our leader was very accommodating and knowledgeable of the area which made the excursion great!
Reviewer: Virginia Garner
5 Stars
Worth the Experience
August 25, 2023
We had an amazing time. Our van tour guide was pleasant and very informative. We enjoyed feeding the iguanas and tarpon. The onsite gift-shop was quaint and had many handmade souvenir options to choose from. The finale was the Mangrove Tunnel it was beyond words, beautiful, relaxing and serene. Our guide made it so that we have an amazing video as a keepsake. I would definitely recommend this one!!!
Reviewer: Erica Glaude
5 Stars
Mangrove Tunnel and Island Tour
April 17, 2023
This was the most amazing day! Our tour guide Dario was absolutely perfect! He was caring, he was funny, he made the day "all about us" even though he joked about it being "all about him". We learned so much about the area, we had opportunities to stop, take photos, shop locally- we even met some of his family. The boat ride through he town on stilts and through the Mangrove tunnels was relaxing, informative and just gorgeous. Oh and we got to hold sloths!! It was truly an amazing day and we owe it all to our tour guide Dario. Highly recommend this excursion to any and all ages!! Slight mobility issue and that is that you just have to be able to get in/out of the vehicle and step onto the boat other than that no issues, which was super important to us as my father in law uses a cane or walker- he had no issues.
Reviewer: The Curl Family 2023
5 Stars
Mangrove Tunnel & Island Tour
March 29, 2023
Absolutely brilliant guide, he made the trip a very good experience. Even though a monkey picked my nose!!
Reviewer: Peter Grimes
5 Stars
Mangrove Tunnel and Island Tour
March 27, 2023
Both excursion and Boat tour were terrific. Thank you for putting it together
Reviewer: Jack Rubenstein
5 Stars
Mangrove Tunnel & Island Tour
March 15, 2023
Great would do it again
Reviewer: steve devenyi
5 Stars
Mangrove Tunnel and Island tour.
March 08, 2023
Really enjoyed the Mangrove tour. Would definitely recommend it to my friends.
Reviewer: Regina Burket
4 Stars
Great Tour!
March 03, 2023
Kevin was our tour guide, not only did he conduct this tour he seamlessly provided transportation to about six other folks getting them to their respective tours. He added his personal experience while making sure we got sufficient time at the sloth/monkey/bird place as well as the mangrove tunnel boat ride. Just the right length tour and I highly recommend it, Kevin went above and beyond and really took care of his customers.
Reviewer: Scott N
5 Stars
February 15, 2023
This was a terrific shore excursion!! Saw iguanas on one stop and traveled through many villages and the tour guide was great!!! And the best was a boat ride through the mangroves was up close and personal!! Loved it!!
Reviewer: stephen m kelley
5 Stars
Mangrove & Island Tour
February 01, 2023
Once we were introduced to our tour guide, Dario, we had a perfect island experience. Our tour guide was one of the best we've experienced. He took the time to get to know us, show and explain the island, the culture, truly became our friend. Met his mother during opportinities. Learned about his children, school and the town, festivals, and everything you could want to know about this beautiful islands life, he even taught us some of the language. We laughed all day. Mangroves were amazing and had great boat tour. Had great time at iguana farm as well, staff very informative and polite. Very nice island day experience. Highly recommend Dario and his team.
Reviewer: LORI MEYER
5 Stars
Don’t miss this tour in Roatan
December 06, 2022
Our guide picked us up as the instructions said and we were treated to a small van tour with a few others coming along. They couple were dropped off at different other excursions and my husband and I had the rest of our tour on a private tour. The info, his friendliness, and the sites were what made this special. We saw and held sloths and played with monkeys. The guide came along for the small boat tour through the mangroves which were very unique. The houses on stilts were very interesting as we watched kids making their way to school by water. Our guide them took us to a restaurant where we were to meet the rest of our party and had a wonderful lunch! All in all it was the best tour we took in all our cruise. I would highly recommend Christopher Tours in Roatan.
Reviewer: Fran and Ken Newman
5 Stars
Mangrove Tunnel and island
November 10, 2022
This was awesome! Our Tour guide through Christopher tours, Dario was amazing! The Mangrove tunnel was gorgeous! We learned so much about Roatan through Dario, who was a local native!
Reviewer: Crystal Shugars
5 Stars
Great tour
March 27, 2022
Had a wonderful time visiting the Iguana farm and seeing parts of the area. The boat ride through the Mongrove tunnel was fascinating and the tour guide was wonderful and shared a lot of knowledge.
Reviewer: Dianne W Vespucci
4 Stars
Good Tour
December 29, 2021
Good tour. Guide was very friendly and showed us towns where the people lived and worked. The Mangrove part was very interesting. A tour worth taking
Reviewer: Bob
4 Stars
wonderful way to see the island
January 24, 2020
Dario took us around the island on New Years Day and he was great. Super nice guy who explained the history of the island while we touring by car.It was just my immediate family so that worked out well. The sloth and monkeys were fun to see as well as the mangrove tour. We enjoyed this tour
Reviewer: Donna Revello
5 Stars
Iguana Farm & Mangrove Tunnel
November 09, 2019
Enjoyed seeing part of the island as we drove to the iguana farm (quick stop but quite a sight to see all the iguanas and to feed them) and to our boat ride. The mangrove tunnel was unique and interesting, and the boat ride was lots of fun.
Reviewer: Steve Wong
4 Stars
Great tour/777462
June 14, 2019
A truly great tour' tiny motor bots going through narrow "tunnels" of mangroves that you can actually touch along with a good view of a big portion of the island. The iguanas are nice to feed as well, excellent guide, non-commercial.
Reviewer: Joram Seggev
5 Stars
Awesome experience
May 18, 2019
Kevin,our tour guide,was exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable,explained a lot of the culture of Roatan Island.He definitely went above and beyond.Kevin also took us to a local petting zoo to hold sloths and monkeys!Then took us where we would boat ride thru Mangrove Tree tunnels.Capt Alex boated us around his neighborhood where he lives.He showed us the school "boat", church "boat", and even the garbage "boat".He explained some of the living habits of area residents.That was a real treat seeing local houses that lived on the water coast and learn how they lived.Then the Mangrove Tree tunnels were awesome!So peaceful and unreal.Just naturally formed water tunnels with a canopy of Mangrove Trees all intertwined together above our heads.Beautiful.When we got back,Kevin took us to a scenic overlook view where he took a picture for us,great idea!!Kevin was the absolute best tour guide ever!He truly enjoyed his job and happy to suggest things to make our experience enjoyable.
Reviewer: Lisa Cooley
5 Stars
worth the wait!
April 19, 2019
What an interesting sight to see , these mangroves! Tour Guide was very good with taking my phone to capture both pics of the water way as well as pics of our family. We all had a great time!
Reviewer: Robyn Small
5 Stars
A fun and instructive tour
April 12, 2019
This is an interesting and fun tour shoving most of the island with visits to an Iguana Sanctuary where one can feed the animals before arriving at the Mangrove Tunnel launching site. The boat passes numerous docking sites with fishing boats before entering into the tunnel with the fantastic mangrove network. Not included in the price of the trip is a visit to the Daniel Johnson Park on the way to the harbor where one can get a hug from a sloth and visit with monkeys and birds. This extra stop is well worth it if you enjoy close encounters with wildlife even though it is in a "zoo setting". I truly enjoyed it and was glad my guide recommended this stop.
Reviewer: Asa Thureson-Klein
5 Stars
Loved the Mangrove Tunnel
January 11, 2019
This was an extensive look at Roatan. I believe we actually drove every passable road on the island. We stopped at an Iguana Preserve and Sloth/Monkey/Macaw House. The mangrove tunnels were definitely the highlight. We could have done without the stop at the tacky souvenir shop, but the rest of the island was beautiful. This was a lot of driving and the actual mangrove tunnel part was just the last little bit of the tour. But it was quite unique and we are glad we took this excursion.
Reviewer: Maureen M.
4 Stars
Mangrove Tunnel & Island Tour
December 12, 2018
This was fabulous.
Reviewer: Laura Ford
4 Stars
Island Tour
June 11, 2018
We loved getting to see the Island. Driver was great giving us information along with the tour. Boat tour in the Mangrove Tunnel was so very beautiful and interesting.
Reviewer: Thomas Cullen
4 Stars
Mongrove tunel
May 21, 2018
It was good but i was the only one on this tour
Reviewer: Omaira
4 Stars
Mangrove Tunnel / Island Tour
May 21, 2018
This tour was my husband's idea. I did not expect to care for it much, but it was very good. We were able to see much of the island and tour the Iguana Farm. When we got to the boat for the Mangrove tunnel portion of the tour I thought I was prepared for the little boat by reading other reviews, but I was still shocked at the tiny boat. The boat was tiny, but apparently safe as we all made it fine. I was slightly concerned as there were no life jackets on board, but thankfully we did not need them! The mangrove tunnels were very interesting.
Reviewer: Tammy Holmes
5 Stars
Unique and Beautiful!
January 20, 2017
We loved the mangrove tour! It was incredible to get into these forest tunnels and see the structure that nature had created, no construction had been done in the tunnels, just boat traffic through them keeps the mangroves from growing together. It was quite the sight to see, that along with egrets, cormorants, and pelicans, we also viewed herons, mangrove crabs, and tarpon.
Reviewer: Samantha Schultz
5 Stars
Mangrove Tunnel & Island Tour
January 17, 2017
We had no problem in connecting with our guide when.The directions that were provided easy to follow. He was friendly and very accommodating. We found the island tour enjoyable and an interesting. When we arrived at the location to take the Mangrove Tunnel tour I was a little worried. The boat was a large canoe that had obviously seen some heavy wear. It had a very basic framework over the top to provide some protection from the sun and was affixed with a small outboard motor. Painted on the side of the craft was it's name, "Trust Me"; so we did, and I am glad that we did. It was an excellent adventure. Captain Alex proved to be a solid guy who did everything to make sure that we had an enjoyable tour. He steered us along the shore line village giving us an excellent view of the houses, school and church. The trip through the Mangrove Tunnel was a special experience; very peaceful and interesting. I would definitely recommend bringing a camera for this part of the adventure
Reviewer: Merle R. Eaton
5 Stars
Mangrove tour
January 13, 2017
Very good tour. Only problem was the walk from the port to the start of the tour
Reviewer: Mark Lewis
4 Stars
Mangrove Tunnel
January 06, 2017
Tour was a journey from one end of the island to the other, and a fascinating 'canoe' adventure thru the mangrove tunnel. Capt. Alex showed us many points of interest and was informative of the way of life still today.
Reviewer: patricia
4 Stars
Excellent, educational tour
November 30, 2016
Our boat captain was the best, navigating choppy waters at ease and getting us through a small rainstorm so we could get an up-close look at these fascinating mangrove tunnels. Also some of the clearest blue water I've ever seen, just getting a tour around the island by boat was wonderful.
Reviewer: Amber Krosel
5 Stars
Interesting & unusual
May 26, 2016
Really interesting learning about the way the people live on the water. Boat driver was expert and extremely interesting. Guide also very interesting to talk to. Would have been difficult for people with mobility issues to climb in/out of boat. Expected to do the tour of the wildlife park but we did not do this activity.,
Reviewer: YS
4 Stars
Fabulous Tour!
April 19, 2016
We had a wonderful drive seeing Honduras. The iguana farm was interesting and our guide brought us to a lunch place which served iguana. Interesting and yummy! The mangrove tour on the boat was beautiful and very relaxing. It was a great value for all the things the tour included. No one else was signed up for the tour so we had a private tour which was great!
Reviewer: Traveler
5 Stars
Exceeded Expectations
April 06, 2016
Visiting the Iguana Farm, exploring Roatan and learning the history was great (and available through many tour groups) BUT the ride through the Mangrove Tunnel at the town of Oak Ridge was exceptional. Oak Ridge is a water village with houses constructed on stilts. We boarded a ""rustic"" motorized canoe named ""Trust Me"" and our guide navigated through the shaded deep mangrove tunnels barely wide enough for our boat. My husband, grandson, and I were the only ones on this tour, .
Reviewer: JT's Gramma
5 Stars
The tour was great
March 15, 2016
The tour was great. Our guide was very knowledgeable and pointed out so many things to us. The trip through the mangrove tunnels was very interesting and neat to see. We learned so many things about the island and it's people as well. Our ship docked in Mahogany Bay. If you arrive there be aware that it is a long walk from the pier to the Taxi area. We are elderly and it took us some time. It is a private dock so the tour company could not come in to pick us up but they could drop us off. From the taxi area to outside the gate is a long hike up a steep hill. If you are not a big walker I would suggest taking up an offer from a taxi driver for a few dollars to drive you there. We are slow but we kept moving and it took us 30 minutes to get from the ship to the driver/guide. By then my husband was ready to forget it and go back but later he was very glad that we did not as we felt that this was the best tour that we had on the entire trip and way less than the tours by the ship. We would highly recommend this tour just be aware of the distance to start the tour and the time to get there and it is up hill all of the way.
Reviewer: Alva
5 Stars