Glass Bottom Boat

Amazing reef and sea life viewing
August 01, 2023
We had an excellent time on The Glass Bottom Boat. We would book again. The guide sat with us and explained everything we were seeing. A fun, easy adventure.
Reviewer: Kim Morgan
5 Stars
February 28, 2023
loved it
5 Stars
Rotana Honduras
February 27, 2023
Besides the Glass Bottom Boat my guide took me for a drive around Roatan. We stopped at a small Chocolate factory and a local store for some souvenir shopping. On the boat we saw the coral reef. We viewed many fish species, turtles and stingrays. The excursion was awesome.
Reviewer: Debra Schmidt
5 Stars
August 03, 2022
The temperature in the boat was perfect. Once the chum was dumped, there were many things to see.
Reviewer: Suzanne Howland
5 Stars
We had a great day
March 19, 2020
We were a bit concerned at first at the confusion between the local/ship time that was listed on our order as they said the tour would leave 30 minutes after the ship docked. We navigated the maze of shops and our tour guide was waiting. for 2-3 in We were the only ones on the tour. Garlan was an excellent guide, sharing about his country, family and his life. We first stopped off at the chocolate factory before we went to the glass bottom boat. We wanted to get chocolate but feared it would be too hot to leave it in the car--so he willingly stopped on the way back to the ship. From his shirt, he was a part of Hyde Tours,, secondly booked online through Shore Excursions. We were the first ones on the boat and it quickly filled up. We had a good seat and saw lots of colorful fish. Our boat narrator was very good. After the boat trip, Garlan took us back a different way so that we could see different places. We really appreciated that. We had a very nice day.
Reviewer: R. Humerickhouse
5 Stars
was fantastic
March 10, 2020
boat was clean, a/c worked good, lots of fish...reefs are beautiful...
Reviewer: mike valenta
5 Stars
No quite as expected
March 05, 2020
Once u get past the madness that is the roundabout for tour vehicles the island is quite beautiful. Especially where they took us for the glass bottom boat. However where the boat goes on the reef is mostly a dead reef with very little colour or fish and was kinda disappointing.
Reviewer: Jonathan Boucher
4 Stars
Glass Bottom Boat
March 04, 2020
Very interesting. We were able to look out the window at the Reef Coral and all the different types of fish.
Reviewer: John & Margo Tritt
5 Stars
Glass bottom boat
February 19, 2020
Very informative your, we learned so many things . The young man who was our tour guide was so knowledgeable about the fish and coral in the area . He was very well informed. This was very enjoyable .
Reviewer: Madeleine Malchow
4 Stars
Beautiful view
December 30, 2019
we have to thank our driver and guider-Charline, she was knowledgeable and such nice lady.She took us go around the island took pictures. Visit the chocolate factory..... so much fun. Hyde tours Roatan
Reviewer: Heather
4 Stars
Great Tour Guides and Experience
December 28, 2019
We went with my elderly father-in-law. He cannot snorkel so this was a perfect opportunity him to get the experience of seeing the underwater life.
Reviewer: Tammy Broderick
5 Stars
Good Tour
December 12, 2019
Finding the tour leader was a bit confusing with all the construction at the Roatan landing. However, this is a good way to see the reef. The water is a bit cloudy, but you can see the reef.
Reviewer: Patricia Deering
4 Stars
Tour guide. Glass bottom boat.
September 03, 2019
Our tour guide was fantastic. Great driver. Very informative. She even stopped to take picture of us with our phones by the beach for us. Took us to a few shops that we could pick up some souvenirs. Glass bottom bout was fun. Seen eels, tons of fish.
Reviewer: Rosetta
5 Stars
Excellent service, great experience!
August 21, 2019
Our driver and tour guide, Kennia, was very knowledgeable, spoke English and enthusiastic in telling us about the culture and history of Roatan. On our way to the glass boat tour, we stopped by a chocolate and coffee factory/store. The glass boat experience was superb! Both older and younger people are able to enjoy the underwater life without getting wet.
Reviewer: Cherry Khor
5 Stars
Glass bottom boat
July 24, 2019
We loved the glass bottom boat. But the best part was getting to know William, our guide. He took us through the country and stopped at so many interesting places and was so knowledgeable about the land. He took so much time up with our 2 year old granddaughter who began running a fever and he found us a pharmacy to get her some medicine. He was awesome!! William made it our best excursion!!! And our granddaughter still talks about Mr. William!
Reviewer: Anna Smith
5 Stars
Amazing Coral Reef Tour
May 01, 2019
Or'este our amazing driver took us to the dock, on the way telling us about the culture and history of the beautiful island of Roatan . At the dock we met the knowledgeable folks at Hyde Tours who took us out on the glass bottom boat. The sides are glass so we sat below on benches watching the fascinating world of "under the sea". Beautiful colored fish, coral and underwater plants. We learned so much about the ecosystem of the under water world around the island and the reef, and the efforts of the island people to protect it. Very worth well tour ! Thank you
Reviewer: Audrey Brade
5 Stars
Very Informative!
April 24, 2019
The tour was amazing. The whole trip there was amazing. Our guide took us to a souvenir shop, coffee factory tour, to see monkeys and macaws, and the glass bottom boat was the main event!! You see the entire coral, it’s like snorkeling but without getting wet! Our guide was very knowledgeable with the corals and species of fishes, she gave the guide in English and Spanish to accommodate her guest. I can’t swim so this was perfect for us.
Reviewer: Zeleena Mohamed
5 Stars
AMAZING experience - you will not regret it!
April 11, 2019
I was surprised to find my daughter and I were the only ones booked on this afternoon tour, and that it was not cancelled. We were taken to a genuine chocolate factory on the way and learned how chocolate was made and given samples. On the boat we saw every variety of fish you can think of, sea turtles, multiple types of corral, and even a 5 ft. moray eel. We chose the glass bottom boat tour over snorkeling because my daughter had a hand injury. This was so much better than snorkeling! You could see everything up close so clearly. We even saw a group of scuba divers. Even though we were the only ones on the boat, there was not a bad seat. Everyone can see out both sides of the glass on left and right. I HIGHLY recommend this tour. Jeffery was our guide on the boat and he was fantastic. I can't remember the guy's name that drove us to the site but he was fantastic also.
Reviewer: Scotti
5 Stars
Wonderful tour!!
March 20, 2019
William and Elia were amazing and made this excursion so special. From the glass bottom boat, cocoa factory to a special lunch (my husband had Iguana :-) My Red snapper was great. My husband Larry decided to try the zip line and it was the highlight of our cruise for him. Picture in front of the Roatan sign and a stop high on a hill overlooking our ship for a picture. We loved our guides and all the attention they gave to making it great!
Reviewer: Jeune and Larry Nelson
5 Stars
Excellent tour guides
March 09, 2019
William, our driver, and Elia, our tour guide, dudn’t Just take us to and from the glass bottom boat. We went to a chocolate shop, several local gift stores, and to the Paradise Bar high atop a hill overlooking the Coxen Hill cruise port where we ate lunch. One in in our group also went zip-lining there. Elia also provided excellent information as we toured the area.
Reviewer: Linda Abel
5 Stars
Great experience
February 19, 2019
The reef is very beautiful, and the guide is very nice
Reviewer: Li
5 Stars
Glass bottom boat
February 19, 2019
This was a great experience! I was looking forward to the glass bottom boat & seeing the coral & fish well it was awesome! William our guide made visiting Roatan very interesting telling us about the area as we drove through it stopping at a couple of stores. The cocoa shop we stopped at was great! When we got to the boat we already had been having a great time but getting on the boat & seeing the coral & fish Awesome! Then William took our picture at the Roatan sign. We loved our guide William he told us a lot about the island & answered all our questions. Would definitely do this again!
Reviewer: Shanna Wolfe
5 Stars
glass bottom boat tour on roatan island
February 19, 2019
no difficulty to enter thr tour. My wife,who does not swim,had the chance to see what I normally see. when I was scuba diving. She thought it was great!
Reviewer: Zig Walkiewicz
4 Stars
Glass bottom boat
February 07, 2019
Interesting and fascinating. Guide was very informative and excursion was well worth time. Coral reef and fish were amazin.
Reviewer: Edith George
5 Stars
totally worth it
January 26, 2019
With a senior and a baby, this is an excellent trip.
Reviewer: jing zhou
5 Stars
January 23, 2019
5 Stars
Glass Bottom Boat Mahogany Bay
December 14, 2018
Every aspect of our tour was great starting with our guide and driver. He gave us lots of info about Mahogany Bay as he drove my wife and me from the cruise port to the glass bottom boat. There were only eight passengers on the boat tour so we all had lots of room to spread out and could look out on either side of the boat. Had great views of the coral reefs and many varieties of fish.
Reviewer: William Jones
5 Stars
September 20, 2018
The glass bottom boat was amazing life under the sea if you're not exclusive diver I would highly recommend this excursion
Reviewer: LeAyne Nash
4 Stars
Wonderful experience for our family
September 03, 2018
Kenya and her team were awesome! The Glass bottom boat ride was so cool!! Even when one of our party got a little seasick, they had accommodations that allowed her to enjoy the ride from up top. Kenya gave us a tour of the island before and after the ride including history, a beach stop, chocolate shopping and a restaurant with great food! When we requested local island food/fruit she went to local vendors and even literally stopped at mango and other fruit trees. She volunteered and took several pictures of our family in various places and had even more places she was willing to take us! She was professional, knowledgeable, warm, kind and very welcoming. She helped make our vacation exceptional and the Glass Bottom Boat ride (and Tour :-) our best excursion by far!
Reviewer: KJ
5 Stars
Fun experience, great tour guide
May 07, 2018
The tour guide, William is a great guy. He gave us a lot of great info during the ride to the boat. The boat is fun to be in, and it's air conditioned inside. The views are excellent, we saw lots of sea life and vegetation. Afterwards on the way back to the port, we stopped at a chocolate factory and a small shopping area, it was a nice bonus and William was gracious enough to add this to our experience.
Reviewer: Jay Melo
5 Stars
Time zone in Different plan accordingly
April 30, 2018
I did not realize the time zone would be different and our boat time was based on island time and not boat time. This caused us to arrive way too early for our boat ride. Luckily we found a tour guide, Charmin, who took us on a trip to see the island and to the monkey and sloth hangout. It worked out perfectly, the hangout was AMAZING, definitely recommend it. Once we got back, we were picked up for our glass bottom boat tour by Will, who was very knowledge and made sure we got back in time for boarding. The glass bottom boat was so cool to see, it was sitting on the bottom of a boat with windows all around.
Reviewer: Rashmi Boggs
4 Stars
Terrific Day
April 23, 2018
Kenya treated me like a queen. She showed me so much and filled me in on the background and history of Roatan throughout the day. Due to the weather I ended up being the only person and I felt very special. The glass bottom boat was great I highly recommend the tour
Reviewer: Cindy
5 Stars
glass bottom boat
March 22, 2018
It was interesting. I thought there would be more exotic fish.
Reviewer: Janet Burgess
4 Stars
March 15, 2018
tank you for the good experience
Reviewer: manon cedilotte
5 Stars
Great experience
March 01, 2018
Our glass bottom boat tour on Roatan was awesome. William our guide was great, had a lot of knowledge and connections on the island. We felt very safe and relaxed with his guidance. The boat tour was great what a beautiful experience to see all the fish close up. Unfortunately the reef itself is suffering from “bleaching” because of climate change, so get there while you can. The natural wonder has limited time before its gone.
Reviewer: Luke from Wisconsin
5 Stars
February 01, 2018
Our guide was William and he was a Gem! The Glass Bottom Boat was first and it was so neat to see the coral and fish so close up. Then a tour of the island and a stop at the Chocolate Factory. Everything was amazing!
Reviewer: Millie Kauffmann
5 Stars
Glass Bottom Boat
January 09, 2018
Wonderful and so much to learn-It was like scuba diving without getting wet!
Reviewer: Mike Chilinski
5 Stars
Best excursion ever
September 25, 2017
We were greeted by the sweetest driver, Kenya, who gave us a great tour of the island. Never rushing and willing to stop and explain any area was just wonderful. The glass bottom boat gave us a great view of the reef with much explanation of the fish and coral. Recommend this to anyone looking for a laid back excursion.
Reviewer: Terry Heiner
5 Stars
Roatan Glass Bottom Boat Tour
May 13, 2017
The tour guides were very friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. They asked if we would like to do a little shopping and when we said yes, they took us to a large souvenir shop in a mall in the town. They then took us to a shop where chocolate was made from scratch using cocoa beans. A man at the shop explained the process that they used and let us taste a piece of the cocoa bean and some samples of the different kinds of chocolate they made from it. Then we drove to the dock where we went on the glass bottom boat. It was a very enjoyable spectacular view of the bottom of the sea and the many colourful fish species. We would highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Dean & April Cameron
5 Stars
Glass bottom boat
March 02, 2017
We had a lovely time! Allan our guide was interesting and friendly . He kept the ladies who wanted to braid my hair away. They were quite tenacious but Allan was firm. I realize the reef is dying for whatever reason , it's still amazing to see. The sea grass was great to see. Very family friendly and interesting.
Reviewer: Debbie J
4 Stars
Wonderful Time
January 18, 2017
Qur tour guide Harley Sharn and Dilbert made our trip very special. He took the time to show me how to snorkel properly and was an amazing source of knowledge about iRoatan. We really had a lot of fun and I would recommend this activity to anyone wanting to snorkel and learn about Roatan.
Reviewer: Enid Yound
5 Stars
Good Excursion
December 20, 2016
This was a good excursion and I am glad we took it. The guide was very friendly and informative. The tour itself was beautiful.
Reviewer: Patrick
5 Stars
See the underwold of the Sea
December 14, 2016
This was spectacular. We met our driver, Abraham, outside the gates and he whisked us to our glass bottom boat. It was like none other....very intimate with the sea and all of its creatures. The captain of the ship and his mate were very informative and great company on this trip.
Reviewer: E. Dare
5 Stars
Roatan Glass Bottom Boat tour
December 10, 2016
We were very pleased with the glass bottom boat tour. I believe it was Kevin picked us up at the dock,he gave us a very interesting ride to the other side of the island. We enjoyed seeing all the tropical foliage, and native life. We were really pleased with the boat. We were able to see all around the side windows instead of looking down, and we were the only ones on the the boat beside the captain. We saw a sting ray, and a sea turtle, too. This was our 50th wedding anniversary cruise as a gift from our children.
Reviewer: Ray Birge
5 Stars
Glass Bottom Boat Excursion
December 06, 2016
This glass bottom boat excursion was the highlight of our cruise trip. We were able to see so many amazing fishes swimming right in front of us. All of us enjoyed this experience.
Reviewer: Wendy Chen
5 Stars
Very interesting and fun
November 19, 2016
It was great to see all the fish and coral from the perspective of the boat. The boat is very comfortable but people with claustrophobia should avoid this trip because you are totally enclosed and packed in pretty tightly. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. The tour guide was easy to find by following the supplied directions.
Reviewer: Doris
4 Stars
November 04, 2016
The tour group was very nice. They were able to answer any questions that we had. The sea was rough the day we went so it was a little difficult to see. Color was not there in the ref but we were told that we were in an off period.
Reviewer: Mary Clemons
3 Stars
You will like it!
August 24, 2016
Saw many different types of fish and the personnel were so friendly and helpful. Not as exciting as I expected, but would do it again! My 7 years old really enjoyed it!
Reviewer: Kari Manning
4 Stars
Great Views!
August 12, 2016
The glass bottom boat is really different from most. You are sitting below the water line in a V-shaped hull. You have windows on both sides so everyone has a great view. Well worth the trip. We saw a large variety of sea life and coral reefs. We spotted a large stingray and large grouper among the thousands of tropical fish we sighted. I would repeat this excursion on every trip.
Reviewer: Frank Sommerville
5 Stars
Great Reef & Sea Life
May 20, 2016
I did this glass bottom boat tour with my 3 yr old boy and the sea life was fantastic! We saw turtles, tons of fish, and scuba divers. My boy loved seeing the fish all around in this unique boat. This boat is not a semi-submersible, but the hull is deepened with glass surround and small benches to sit on and look at the sea life around you. If snorkeling/scuba diving isn't your thing, then this is pretty cool. The tour took about 1 hour once we were on the boat, which was enough time.
Reviewer: buckeye
4 Stars
Brilliant trip
March 01, 2016
It was ideal way to see this stunning coral reef. Boat crew and guide superb, friendly and knowledgeable in a very relaxed way. Was cross the minibus driver insisted we then went on an island trip and then charged 10 used per person ( there was 8 of us ). I refused to pay because I had not wanted to go.
Reviewer: Hil
5 Stars
Glass bottom boat
January 12, 2016
Waters and reefs were amazing
Reviewer: Tweedy
5 Stars
Nice ride
January 01, 2016
Captain was informative and knowledgeable. Everyone was very nice. Reef was huge.
Reviewer: Giggles
4 Stars
Better than we expected!
December 29, 2015
It was better than we expected. I wish the sun would of been shining because it would of made thing brighter but it has been raining lightly and was cloudy out. I would do it again, if we could!!!
Reviewer: Ready for fun!
5 Stars
A Beautiful Sight
December 09, 2015
There was a bit of walking involved from the pier we went into but otherwise it was very relaxing as we had time to sit by the beach and enjoy a drink from the nearby cafe.
Reviewer: Junebug
4 Stars
Great trip
June 10, 2015
We were alone and the captain still took us out. Probably spent more money on gas than he made. Great experience.
Reviewer: Gail
5 Stars
good time
January 20, 2015
good time
Reviewer: Russ the zipper
4 Stars
Good value for the money
March 26, 2014
Loved this trip,would recommend it.
Reviewer: Gary from Texas
5 Stars
A great experience
March 19, 2014
This was a great excursion except that the boat was over crowded and made it very uncomfortable. Because of the overcrowding it was difficult to see everything and take photos. Otherwise it was a great experience and very enjoyable.
Reviewer: Sheriff Bob
4 Stars
Very entertaining and a great guide
April 26, 2013
We really appreciated the guide who added value during the drive to by telling us about the area we were driving through
Reviewer: Canuckcorsa
4 Stars
Relaxing Excursion w/views of a lifetime
March 16, 2013
Tour guide was AWESOME! Very friendly and informative! Great taxi ride along each coast of the island...fantastic views and a great cultural experience to/from the boat launch! One of our favorite excursions!
Reviewer: Jessica
4 Stars
Great Tour Guide
February 11, 2013
Stephanie was a great tour guide. She met our party at the gate and instantly provided information. Put everyone at ease.
Reviewer: February cruiser
4 Stars
dont miss this one
February 08, 2013
You cant go wrong with this one. The people who have this excursion are GREAT. Dont miss it.
Reviewer: notw 2
5 Stars
A good value
January 02, 2013
The taxi drive to and from the boat was an unexpected plus because we got to see much of the island. However the taxi was quite old and in poor condition. A dash warning light was on the whole trip and we were unsure if we could make it back to our ship. Our guide was quite good but did not accompany us on the return trip and the driver only spoke Spanish. But everything worked out fine.
Reviewer: NASAGuy
4 Stars
Glass Bottom Boat
April 20, 2012
Great tour of the reef, timely return to the ship
Reviewer: Glass Bottom Boat
5 Stars