Private East End and Garifuna

Beautiful People
March 29, 2023
Our driver took her time and drove safely through the winding up hill narrow streets which we were extremely greatfull for. She gave us several options to stop and shop , eat and see the monkeys and sloths . The Garifuna members greeted us with smiles and dance , it was so enjoyable to see their beautiful culture
Reviewer: Leticia Silva
5 Stars
Larice our tour guide made the tour
January 10, 2023
We had a great time since we were the only ones on the tour. The island is a peaceful kind beautiful island! Then we stopped at a restaurant overlooking the forest and ocean. Ordered coconut margaritas! Delightful! Had a wonderful day!!
Reviewer: C Simplicio
5 Stars
Loved the Sloth!
August 27, 2018
We especially enjoyed visiting the animal preserve where you get to hold a sloth, interact with the monkeys and parrots. Seeing the "indigenous tribe" (natives dancing) wasn't my thing; but, we got a chance to walk onto a pier and get a good view of the ocean. Our tour guide was great and took us where we wanted to go--we actually went to the grocery store just to see what it was like. Crazy, I know, but we had fun.
Reviewer: Mark Archuleta
4 Stars
Very personalized
July 12, 2017
We met just outside the port gates with our guide. It was 2 of us and the quide. We were looking to "see" the island for possibly moving there. Jill was great. She took us all over and was very informative. Nothing like having a personal tour.
Reviewer: Theresa
5 Stars
Guide Jessica was outstanding!
March 02, 2017
Guide, Jessica, was great from the start. We were 2 hours late, due to problems tendering to shore, but she was still waiting for us and smiling. She spoke excellent English, was extremely knowledgeable (answered hundreds of questions), and made the most of our shortened time, returning us to the ship by the deadline. We were a party of 7 and had our own private, clean, air conditioned van. We also needed a few things we couldn't get on ship, and she had great hints for local shopping. The tour definitely gave us a better understanding and appreciation of the people and area outside the immediate port. We enjoyed the iguana farm, which we did not know was part of the tour at no extra charge. That could be made clearer in the tour description - you have a choice between the iguana or monkey farm and cost is included in tour price. Enjoyed eating lunch at Cal's, for the food, the atmosphere and the beautiful view. Thank you, Jessica!
Reviewer: Jim and Sara Leveille
5 Stars
The real Roatan
January 11, 2017
If you want to see the real Roatan with all it's warts and all, this is the tour for you. This is not a tour of the tourist spots. It will bring you through some of the poorest parts of the city and give explanations of the culture. Seeing the Garifuna dancers was interesting. Kids would be bored.
Reviewer: Ray Day
4 Stars
Informative and Taste of Culture
December 06, 2016
We met Jill and her van on the outside of the port's gates. We toured the rural east end of the island while Jill explained what we were seeing and the history thereof. We stopped along the way for a cultural Garifuna dance. As it was raining most of the day, Jill extended our tour to include a drive through Coxen Hole. She was great, an excellent guide, knew her stuff, and friendly.
Reviewer: Penny Muir
5 Stars
Private East End and Garifuna
November 03, 2016
This truly an awesome experience for our family. Really made us thankful for what we take for granted. This was definitely a high light of our trip. Our guide was knowledgeable of the area and surroundings.
Reviewer: O Moore
5 Stars
March 16, 2016
Reviewer: CINDY
5 Stars
Great Excursion!
February 20, 2016
Loved our Guide Cynthia. WE was so good with cultural information & was very patient. Highly recommend this tour. 1 other couple was with us.She took us to an amazing condominum resort. Just like in the movies. Beautiful, Please go visit the monkey farm. You will have an experience you will never forget. You will learn a lot. Do not go to the Iguana Farm. It was our choice to go. Absolutely,not worth the extra $10. Minimal interaction with staff & Iguanas. Tee shirts are fabulous, with the big iguanas on them.
Reviewer: Basketsam
5 Stars
Got a Private Guide instead of with a group
January 13, 2016
The Excursion Manager did us a great favor. NCL used a Tender for ship to shore at this stop. We did not get off the ship in time to make the scheduled start time for the group. However, the Excursions Manager Lady provided us a private driver - I felt we got a much better tour than the group probably did - we stopped at 3-4 places he felt we'd want to see that were not on the original schedule (enjoyed the special horses and roster raising stop). The iguana reserve was fantastic.
Reviewer: DivinDave
5 Stars
Absolutely better than we ever expected !!!
December 29, 2015
First of all, our guide was AMAZING !!! She was born and raised here and was proud of her heritage but also wanted us to see the real side of life here. We were given a thorough tour of the island and many facts that we never would have imagined. The group was small (6) and therefore, we received wonderful personal service and answers to all of our questions. Every stop was a new adventure and everyone was more than willing to accommodate us. The weather changed our tour itinerary but was not detrimental, in fact, we got to see and interact with other aspects of the area that we would otherwise not have been able too. I would do this tour again !!!!
Reviewer: The Wusslye
5 Stars
A beautiful island to tour
December 03, 2015
Although the tour description said that the Iguana Farm was the first stop, we were told that it was an extra stop and we had to pay $10 each to enter. ""Your first stop is the Iguana Farm"" is still in the trip information. A highlight of the tour was that our guide took us to a local restaurant for lunch. Our guide was very knowledgeable and personable. We would definitely use him again.
Reviewer: Cheryl
4 Stars
Great but different than expected
September 02, 2014
Our tour guide didn't really speak at all. When I asked him questions about Honduras, the people, the culture, economy, etc, it was really single word answers with very little information. We stopped by a roadside stand for shopping, only to discover his mother had a stand there with the cutest sandals! There was a moment of trepidation when we picked up two burly strange men from the side of the road, with no real explanation as to who they were, where they were going or why, and later found out they were performers of the dance and song. A couple of the neighbors came out and joined in the performance. It was awesome, funny and catchy. I feel that more explanation on behalf of SEG and the tour guide would have made it more clear what was going to happen and who was involved. The tour guide took us to a resort with wifi so I could upload pictures to Onedrive and the resort had an amazing breakfast lineup. So we ate and treated our guide also.
Reviewer: futurelawyer2005
4 Stars
Experience the local culture
April 02, 2014
It was a bit of a walk from the port to the meeting place for the tour. Once we got on our way, it was fun!
Reviewer: Culture enthusiast
4 Stars
Highlight of our trip!
January 09, 2012
We LOVED our guide. He was very knowledgable, friendly, and sociable. This really is a ""private"" tour where you get to choose your own adventure. That is why I didn't give it full ratings for organization. Our guide didn't know that the iguanas were part of the tour, but when we said we wanted to go he was more than willing to take us. Love that the tour was off-the-beaten-path of Honduras. We really feel like we got to experience the true honduras for our day.
Reviewer: Missy
5 Stars