Semi Sub Glass Bottom Boat Barrier Reef

October 06, 2023
Our taxi driver (Benson) did a super great job of driving us around to the chocolate factory and the rum factory. 5 stars for that young man. The boat was very cool, the seats were very low and cramped. I had to have my legs twisted so that the person in front of me was not getting my knees in their back. Loved the excursion!
Reviewer: Steven James Austin
4 Stars
September 13, 2023
It was awesome & the lady was telling us everything about the ocean & reef. Everybody should go on this excursion! Me & my wife loved it!!
Reviewer: Larry McMillan
5 Stars
Semi Sub Barrier Reef tour
March 20, 2023
Outstanding Guide, Emily, was very informative about the town & area on our trip to the sub dock. We boarded with ease down a stair case and were seated with large windows on both sides. We not only saw many variations of fish, but we even saw a diver a short ways from our reef journey. It was beautiful and very informative! Afterwards we visited a chocolate factory and a quaint shop. We were taken to the old town section in our tour. Emily was a fountain of information, and answered all our questions. It was an easy and comfortable tour. It offered insight of how the average person lived.
Reviewer: Mary Ann Peterson
5 Stars
This was so fun!
February 18, 2023
Sitting in the submerged bottom of the boat was very cool. There were a ton of fish, and seeing the reef was a life-goal of mine. The way the glass works, it looks like things are a few feet away, when they're really 30 feet down. This was better than any of the snorkeling trips I've gone on.
Reviewer: Laurel
5 Stars
Semi sun bottom boat barrier teef
February 05, 2023
The excursion was great. It provided exactly what was promised. The driver picked us up at the port and drove us the the boat. He was very hospitable and couldn’t has wanted to please us more. We enjoyed the sun ride itself. When we told the driver we were ready to go back to the ship, he was very happy to fulfill our wish. The trip was great value for the money.
Reviewer: Kathy Rejent
5 Stars
March 15, 2022
A unique experience, my kids love it. Omar was an amazing tour guide and very professional. He show us a lot of things around the island. So we had more fun 🤩. Thanks for make this trip an unforgettable experience. By the way, the coral reef was gorgeous 🥰
Reviewer: Elizabeth Ojeda
5 Stars
Great Tour!
January 03, 2022
Cameron, our driver/tour guide was amazing! We stopped at a quaint little chocolate factory and rum store as well as going on the boat tour. We were early for the boat tour so Cameron walked with us on the beach which was beautiful. He suggested a local restaurant (Jungle Top)for lunch after tour. BEST shrimp I’ve ever had-I would highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Kristen Reinhardt
5 Stars
Great guide and fun excursion!
December 31, 2021
We just expected to go on the boat tour but much more! Our guide took us to a rum factory and chocolate factory, both of which were fun (and delicious)! When the tour before ours ran late, our guide took us for a walk along the beach and showed us various resorts. He also took us to a local eatery afterwards which had some great authentic food. Definitely recommend!
Reviewer: Kerry
5 Stars
Semi Sub Glass Bottom Boat Barrier Reef
November 27, 2019
Wonderful tour! Tour guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. Views of reef were beautiful with plenty of fish to see. Description is accurate regarding those with limited mobility. Our 88 yr old mother had not trouble getting on and off sub and guides were extremely helpful and aware of her limitations. Great value for the price! Highly recommend
Reviewer: Lynnette O’Berry
5 Stars