Sloths, Monkeys, Zip Line and Snorkel Combo

Truly Fabulous Experience!
December 30, 2023
Very well run from the start! Many once in a lifetime experiences. From holding a sloth, playing with monkeys, flying through the trees on a zipline and snorkeling! We were well taken care of and all the staff and crew were amazing! Try to remember to bring some insect repellent for the zipline. You are in the forest and there were a few bugs. The zipline crew are wonderful and really work hard to bring the most fun to your experience. Amazing!!
Reviewer: Suzanne Robinson
5 Stars
November 26, 2023
This was an amazing excursion everyone in the family had a fantastic time! Sloths and monkeys were so unique and fun! The zipline was 9 lines which was so much fun with an amazing group of guides they really knew their stuff. Snorkeling was beautiful and again guides were so great letting us do our thing!
Reviewer: Kim Gracy
5 Stars
August 20, 2023
Very impressed with this tour. It was a very busy day with lots to do but it didn't feel rushed.We really don't have any complaints. We got back to the port about an hour before the ship left.
Reviewer: T.Somarriba
5 Stars
Simply the best!
July 07, 2023
This was the most memorable day of our cruise vacation. It was made to be a little tight due to ship departing at 2:30 but Christopher made sure we were back right on time. Do not hesitate to book here they took great care of us from start to finish and each part of the package was fantastic! Lovely snorkeling, sloths and monkeys, the coolest zip line with great guides and a lovely air conditioned vehicle to take you from one to the other!!
Reviewer: C. Cannon
5 Stars
So much fun!!
July 05, 2023
We had a wonderful time 😁😊
Reviewer: Gary W Petersen
5 Stars
Great excursion!
June 29, 2023
Couldn't be happier with our choice to go on this excursion. Everyone that we engaged with was friendly and extremely helpful. One of our group was a bit intimidated by the idea of snorkeling, but the crew stayed with her the whole time in the water and made her feel very safe and secure. Everyone went above and beyond!
Reviewer: Richard
5 Stars
May 28, 2023
This excursion was a lot of fun! We loved seeing the sloths and monkeys and macaws and got so many good videos and pictures. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. The zip line was a bit much in our opinion. It seemed like it was never ending since there were 9 back to back. We got hit by quite a few branches which wasn't the best and some of the platforms are a little suspect. The snorkeling was pretty cool and the island style food was so good!! The fried snapper was delicious.
Reviewer: Nicole Norman
4 Stars
Fantastic excursion!
May 23, 2023
We loved this excursion with Chris! It’s a bit more fast paced than we expected but so much fun! My only reason for giving this 4 stars instead of 5 was because a drink (water) was not provided with our meal. When it said lunch was included I expected water to be a part of that. Otherwise a fantastic excursion and highly recommend!
Reviewer: Staci Mock
4 Stars
Best Time Ever
May 15, 2023
Elton and Paul were the best zip line instructors! We all agreed that that was the highlight of our whole vacation. Also, the sloths , monkey, animals were very good. The snorkeling was the best I have ever done with excellent equipment and tour guides. Lunch was fresh and well served as well as delicious. Our transportation man was nice and informative. We had a ball on this excursion. Far exceeded our expectations.
Reviewer: Debra Still
5 Stars
Memories that will last a lifetime
April 06, 2023
This tour is ran by a family business. I trusted them entirety to get me to all my activities and back to the ship on time. The experience with the animals is like no other allowing you to be up close and personal. The zip lines are incredible with 16 lines you go on. Great value for money.
Reviewer: Jordan Cable
5 Stars
Amazing Excursion!
January 29, 2023
We had such a great time on this tour. We got to hold a sloth and the monkeys were so entertaining. They try to steal anything in your pocket or on your head. On to the zip line! What a thrill! Several zip lines to the bottom, all with smiles on our faces. Those guides work hard and are terrific. Then off to the beach and snorkeling. Such a fun experience. Would absolutely do this tour again. Loved it!
Reviewer: Denise Lauer
5 Stars
Best Part of our trip!
August 23, 2022
We had so much fun. My husband and I agree this was our favorite part of our entire cruise. All the staff members at each of the excursion sites were amazing and super friendly. We will definitely book this excursion again on our next trip to Honduras!
Reviewer: Dessa Campbell
5 Stars
Absolutely the best tour I've ever done!!!
April 25, 2022
10 stars! Exceeded expectations! First sloths and monkeys. Got to hold sloths, monkeys, macaw! A must! Next to ziplining, pirates of carribean. Stunning! Guides were accommodating and so kind! Michael and Carlos were exceptional and made the tour so amazing. There IS real jungle here. A must do! Snorkeling, took us out to reef AMAZING!! Took us to a starfish ground where you could hold starfish for photos underwater! Awesome guide found and gave me a sand dollar (not alive!!). Super sweet. Back to beach, complimentary lunch!! Stunning. Highly recommended!! 10 stars!
Reviewer: Kristen
5 Stars
Best Day Ever!
April 13, 2022
LOVED everything about this tour - snuggling with sloths, playing with monkeys, flying through the jungle on the zip line and enjoying a delicious lunch after snorkeling in the beautiful clear waters was the perfect day!
Reviewer: Michelle Younis
5 Stars
The PERFECT Excursion
September 13, 2021
This really was such a great day! From our guide Alonzo and all the people who provided the activities along the way we were so impressed! The tour started with the sloths and monkeys. We got to hold them and interact with them one on one. Then we went to the Pirates of the Caribbean zip line and had so much fun with James and Juan Carlo. Finally we went to a private beach where Alonzo took us out on the boat to see star fish, a coral reef, the drop off, and a ship wreck. Then we went back to the beach and had lunch. My husband had the lobster tail and it was amazing, I had the fried chicken and it was delicious. We were returned to the port in plenty of time and were able to do a little shopping before we headed back on board the ship. We had an amazing day!
Reviewer: Alyssa Cole
5 Stars