Roatan's Spa & Resort Escape

Good choice
January 04, 2024
Very beautiful resort Good choice We enjoyed our spa very much Will like to visit again
Reviewer: Angie tan
5 Stars
BEAUTIFUL and Relaxing
December 01, 2023
Favorite of our 7 day cruise. Best body treatments, kindness, and care from beginning to end. Details on how to find the driver were exact..we found the booth, they called our driver and he drove us straight there. Caution:confirm that they have your Information per your reservation. This should be done at all poets no matter the Excursion. We had access to the resort for kayaking& got to spend a beautiful family of dolphins. We purchased a cheeseburger and fries and some drinks from the bar. All of it was delicious as made with love. The chef completed a special order for us prior to operating time. We felt and were treated like special guest from the time we entered the resort until we left. This Excursion is a must! As young parents that work and live a full life. This Excursion in the Paradise like atmosphere of Roaton was an experience we needed to be relaxed and take in Jehovah God's beautiful creation. We had pool to ourselves. No one else came out. AMAZING!
Reviewer: LA Roddy
5 Stars
Best time ever
July 17, 2023
From the time we arrived at the resort it was like our own special retreat. They spent the next 2 plus hours pampering us. The treatments were better than we expected. My wife and I did the couples session and didn't even want to talk about anything, just enjoy the feeling. We do this every time we come to Roatan.
Reviewer: Joseph Gates III
5 Stars
Very relaxing
July 07, 2023
The wife and I enjoyed this excursion a lot. The resort is beautiful and the spa treatments and massage was great. Afterwards you can swim in their pool or use the beach area until it’s time to head back to the ship.
Reviewer: Brendan Kelly
5 Stars
Such a great experience!
January 11, 2023
The previous reviews sold us on this experience and we are so glad we did it! We had a great massage and service then spent some time by the beach and my husband used the stand-up paddle board. Then we went to the resort's restaurant for lunch and enjoyed a VERY delicious lunch. We would highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Ann Marie
5 Stars
Very relaxing area
December 26, 2022
Enjoyed the spa and beachfront. It rained which limited our experience on this beautiful private resort!
Reviewer: Shawn Triplet
5 Stars
VIP Treatment
February 20, 2020
I have never felt so VIP on a excursion before. We had a private driver drive us to the resort for a spa day where we were greeted by the resorts manager and spa manager to give us a tour. The massage was really nice and relaxing. After our spa session we were allowed to hang out on the property for as long as we wanted.
Reviewer: Kyle Marcum
5 Stars
Rostand spa & Resort Escapes
January 16, 2020
Finding our transportation was not easy and would not have found it without the help of a kind security guard!! When he took us to our contact the sign they were holding had nothing to do with our excursion!!! Once we were transferred to our excursion it was Amazing and absolutely wonderful!!
Reviewer: Vicki Elam
4 Stars
Very relaxing day
March 06, 2019
This excursion was easy to find when leaving the ship. The short trip to the spa island was nice and the island was beautiful. The massage was wonderful. I had a great day.
Reviewer: Paul Bury
5 Stars
Pamper yourself
January 14, 2019
This was the ultimate relaxing experience; I was taken by a private car from the cruise ship to a resort and from there a small boat shuttle to an island where the spa was located; the massage treatment was very relaxing; after that I had plenty of time to swim and sit by the pool. It was not crowded and the weather was just perfect. When I was returned to the ship, I realized I left my phone in the car. When I went back, the driver was waiting for me with my phone. That was a big relief and shows how honest and professional they are.
Reviewer: Ehab Jaber
5 Stars
Girlfriends day
January 18, 2018
This was by far my best spoil me excursion that I have been on. Anthony's Key resort is gorgeous. It was a bit confusing trying to find our tour once we got off the ship. It is a good walk to the gate and we did feel a bit unsafe as there were alot of tours trying to sell us excursions. We found our tour guide but she didn't have our names so I requested her to get our names so we weren't just hoping in a taxi as this island is a bit scary. She called back and got our name so it made us feel much better. The massage was in a hut near the ocean and it was so relaxing. Then we had a pedicure outside. This resort is beautiful and I recommend going early and enjoying it as you ride boats between islands and we didn't have enough time to really enjoy it all!
Reviewer: Michelle D
5 Stars
We will be going back!
March 30, 2017
It was the best excursion we have ever taken.The massages were outstanding in my humble opinion. After filling out a form to indicate our preferences and pressure type, each of us were picked up by a staff member and taken to a very relaxing and pleasant smelling cabin with a full size massage table and soft music. The first step was a full-body sugar scrub and then a quick shower. Next was a very nice smelling rubdown and wrap with mylar that was kind of like a cocoon and then another shower. I have no idea how long any of these were because it was literally such a relaxing experience that I lost track of time. Last was the actual massage where it felt like every muscle was pulled/straightened and then put back in place. It was a good kind of hurt and afterwards I felt like I was gliding rather than walking!
Reviewer: Aaron
5 Stars
August 12, 2016
This excursion was worth every penny. The spa treatments were 5 star quality and the location and venue was breathtaking. Our tour guide was fantastic. I highly recommend it
Reviewer: Howard Walther
5 Stars
Relazing Massage
August 12, 2016
My wife and I enjoyed a couples massage. Ir was my first time and I liked it. The setting is a hut on an island in the resort. We felt like we were being pampered in our private paradise.
Reviewer: Frank Sommerville
5 Stars
Relaxation plus
March 30, 2016
Beautiful setting. We were welcomed on arrival and told what options we had. We paddled boarded, laid by the pool, watched the Dolphins with their trainers and then had the most relaxing massage on the beach. Highly recommend this one!!!!
Reviewer: Debra
5 Stars
Wonderful experience!
February 24, 2016
My husband and I greatly enjoyed this spa experience. The women we were assigned to were nice and seemed to be well trained as massage therapists, Our massage time was very relaxing and enjoyable. After our massage, we got a drink and relaxed in the beautiful pool area. The grounds of the resort (Anthony's Key Resort) are very clean and absolutely gorgeous. We were actually allowed inside an empty cabin, as we are considering flying to Roatan and spending a few days relaxing at this resort in the future. We ate a small meal,in the bar area of the restaurant. They had a driver ready to return us to the dock. We reboarded the ship and enjoyed some time on the fairly empty ship.
Reviewer: field4kids
5 Stars
The Spa and the massage was perfect, however...
February 03, 2016
We had a hard time finding where the spa was suppose to pick us up. Once we found the place I was intimidated by the line of men on the side of the road and the guards. When we found the rep she advised that the driver had just left and would be back. The ride was nice and the driver very friendly. However, a pickup truck pulled out in front of us and the 2 men in the bed had rifles. The spa itself was paradise and the masseuse was excellent.
Reviewer: RAM
4 Stars
We will be heading back here SOON!!!
January 29, 2016
This is a place you only believe is in movies! Absolutely breathtaking. Truly felt like we were in heaven. The spa was a fantastic experience. We loved our services. What we liked most was the relaxing atmosphere with postcard worthy views. What a beautiful place. Without a doubt, we will be going back to stay at the resort. We loved relaxing by the ocean. We enjoyed the drinks at the poolside bar. All the beautiful palm trees and blue blue water. The dolphins were very entertaining to watch. The restaurant food was simply divine. Take this trip!
Reviewer: Gladiator Knight
5 Stars
fantastic day
December 07, 2015
we had an excellent time. very relaxing.
Reviewer: kim
5 Stars