Roatan Zip and Eco Walk

Great Time!
March 11, 2020
This was a great time! It was fun, safe and well-done. The staff was helpful and kind. Afterwards, they even took us for a short tour and a lunch. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Jeff B.
5 Stars
Simply amazing
July 05, 2019
Me and my kids enjoyed this tour a lot. Service was excellent, very friendly. The staff took their time explaining to my daughter how to do the zip line and made her feel comfortable to a point that she did it by herself. Definitely worth the visit and the adventure.
Reviewer: Javier Vázquez
5 Stars
April 03, 2019
We were picked up just a short walk from the pier and driven to our zipline adventure. Our guides on the zipline (Andy & Carlos) were fantastic! Knowledgeable and friendly plus comforting to the one in our group who was hesitant. They eased her fears and we all had a thrilling adventure zipping through the jungle.
Reviewer: Adrianne Hanneson
5 Stars
Caution road delays
March 03, 2019
Feb 20. 2019 We did the zip part which was really great. We had to skip the Eco walk portion of the tour due to road construction delays. They let the traffic go in one direction for about 45 min and then they hold it and let the traffic go in the other direction for that long. We finished our entire tour and another bus from our ship was still stuck in traffic for over 2.5 hours trying to get to their excursion. You need to be aware so you don't miss your return to the ship. The zip lining was great though. There were lockers to put your stuff.
Reviewer: Sherri
4 Stars
Great excursion
May 14, 2018
The staff was wonderful and treated everyone as if they had all the time in the world, which of course they did not but there was no rush to get through the course. But be prepared for an all day trip. The only con if I had to give one was getting back to the ship, once the excursion was completed we had to wait on another group that was on a different excision because that was the only bus back to the ship but would definitely recommend the excursion.
Reviewer: Douglas Moorer
5 Stars
Fun, fun, fun
September 25, 2017
We were on our 25th anniversary cruise with over 40 people. More than half of them did this. Every single one LOVED it. From the youngest 7 year old to the oldest 60 year old. All had a wonderful time. The guides were great with every one, even the ones who got a little nervous. Of course holding the monkeys at the end was a big hit too. Highly recommend this. Great family excursion.
Reviewer: linda kirby
5 Stars
Great adventure
July 20, 2017
The first time I ziplined and it was wonderful. The guides were great, experienced, helpful and fun. The location was good, busy but very well organized. Beautiful scenery. Didn't take the nature walk because most people went back to ship.
Reviewer: rebecca antle
5 Stars
Exciting and fun
June 16, 2017
This was the first time zip lining and it was awesome. The trip starts at the top of the mountain and you work your way down the mountain. At the end, you get a ride back up and you then take the eco walk. The eco walk is located pretty much under the zip line course, but not directly as people are not zipping over you. The eco walk was ok, given the heat, we could have skipped it. We did add the beach to the excursion at check-in and we are glad we did. The beach club was very nice and the sand and water were fantastic.
Reviewer: Richard Cardamone
5 Stars
Zip lining - old folks loved it!
May 22, 2017
We're 76 and 80. Wouldn't miss the chance to do it again. Staff was excellent, helpful and fun to be with. Did about 11 or so lines of varying lengths and heights. Loved every minute of it! Would do it again!
Reviewer: Darlene H
5 Stars
April 26, 2017
This was the best thing we did all week. The ziplines were awesome and the eco walk was amazing. The swinging bridges on the walk were a little scary, but so much fun. The zipline instructors were very patient. Even when we had one lady who was afraid. They were so good with her. We also had a 10 year old who ended up not weighing enough to get to the ends of the ziplines. One of the instructors strapped her to him and off they went. SO MUCH FUN!! Well worth every penny!
Reviewer: Lindak
5 Stars
March 31, 2017
We had eight people in our group and we had a blast. Good equipment and you felt very safe. The eco-walk was very good as well. Our guide was very well informed on the medicinal value of the plants and we really learned a lot. Felt like we got our moneys worth.
Reviewer: John DeLorge
5 Stars
Zip Fantastic Eco Walk OK
February 22, 2017
The zipline consists of about 8 lines connected to one another by platforms. The longest is 1300 feet (?) or so. The instruction was excellent and the personnel were fantastic. The experience was better than we had on Kauai. The eco walk was all downhill and escorted by a guide who pointed out flora and fauna (as it appeared) along a well constructed bridge and path system. The walk was not as instructive as we would have like, but we did learn a lot about how the locals have used local plants for medicines. The zipline noise keeps many animals away. The zip is definitely worth the time. Eco walk could have been better. Return transportation was confused so make sure it is available.
Reviewer: Mike and Janice Craig
4 Stars
Great activity!
February 11, 2017
This was a great activity for our family. We took a large group of extended family- from ages six to adult and everyone had a great time. The zipline guides were lots of fun and very helpful, and the Eco Walk guide was very good- gave us lots of interesting information about the plant life and area. We really enjoyed it and would recommend this activity to anyone!
Reviewer: Amber
5 Stars
Excellent time
February 03, 2017
My husband and daughter did this excursion. They both had an amazing time. Our daughter had a monkey sit on her shoulders...made her life! They would definitely recommend doing this excursion!
Reviewer: Jennifer Wick
5 Stars
Wonderful Day
January 27, 2017
my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this tour. The young lady on the eco-walk was very informative about the local habitat and nature on the eco walk. The zip-line crew was the most personable group of young men and we had a wonderful fun filled time with them. We would do this over again if the opportunity presented its self. GREAT OVERALL TOUR
Reviewer: sandra k. garberich-bedia
5 Stars
We did it in the trees!
January 20, 2017
This was an excellent run operation. The meeting spot was easy to find, the bus and van drivers were very courteous and safe. The zip lining was amazing! The guys who helped us were so thoughtful, courteous, and fun---they really made our trip special. They assisted with fellow zip liners who were a bit nervous. We were happy someone was there to take pics and it was amazing. The Eco-Walk was very informative and the suspension bridges were very cool---not scary at all. Very safe. Unfortunately it rained non-stop for this portion of our trip, but nonetheless we enjoyed it. The monkey was a great! I highly recommend South Shore for anyone. It was well run and very safe. The views of the ocean were one of a kind.
Reviewer: Rhonda Love
5 Stars
Great fun!
January 14, 2017
Ten super long zip lines plus an eco walk was a perfect excursion. We loved it!
Reviewer: Kathy Ballard
5 Stars
Great guides and small group.
December 08, 2016
Never been zip lining before. Enjoyed this outing. Group was much smaller than the excursion booked through the cruise line. Easy to get to from the pier. Super nice guides. Eco walk was informative but just so-so. Time-wise this shore excursion got us back in plenty of time to shop and get back to the boat on time.
Reviewer: Jennifer Jordan
4 Stars
Wonderful experience
November 27, 2016
I was skeptical that I could go through with this excursion. The crew did a great job explaining the equipment and the course lay out. We enjoyed it to the fullest. I will definitely zip line again. I just hope where ever I do it will be half as much fun. The crew were very careful but but totally dedicated to us having fun safely.
Reviewer: Leonard Taylor
5 Stars
best zip
November 19, 2016
We were on NCL Escape and my kids picked Costco over NCL zip line excursion. We were happy from time we booked to the end of the excursion. Booking was easy and user-friendly. Meeting the Zip company was also easy and we were quickly escorted to our bus after waiting for about 30 min total after we left the ship. The company for Zip line was professional and more importantly stressed continuously the need for safety. Couple people were scared, so the guide took them down assisted. This could be done because there were enough guides around us to help us. Before the Eco walk, I fell and twisted my ankle and unable to continue the Eco Walk. My kids went with a guide and they loved all the nature education along the way. In the meantime, the Zip line company helped me by giving me ice and pillow so I can treat my ankle. I was most so embarrassed but they did everything they can to make me feel comfortable.
Reviewer: Leighton Ko
4 Stars
November 15, 2016
Reviewer: DALE
5 Stars
Roatan Zip and Economy walk
November 09, 2016
Would do this again in a heartbeat. The guides were very polite and courteous.
Reviewer: Carmen Baggett
5 Stars
Lots of fun
November 08, 2016
Lots of fun. Very well run operation. Felt very safe.
Reviewer: Judy
5 Stars
Zip line
August 11, 2016
I truly enjoyed the zip line experience. I went on more zip lines than I had anticipated. The staff was excellent. Everyone had close supervision of exactly how to wear the equipment, how to zip line and exactly what to expect. Anyone can do this I can't say enough great things about the staff, they were fantastic.
Reviewer: Bobby Liles
5 Stars
Great adventure!
June 08, 2016
This was a thrilling adventure that I highly recommend. I'm 58 year old single female who loves adventure but a little apprehensive at times, I must confess I started out strong but became s little fearful. It had nothing to do with safety issues but just me'. The guides were awesome and when I asked one to assist me they happily obliged! I would definitely do this again! It was so beautiful soaring above treetops and a view of the ocean. Lockers and smack area made everything easy!
Reviewer: SuzieQ
5 Stars
Awesome professional business!
May 03, 2016
The ride to the zip lining was awesome! Never felt like a long ride as the driver was kind, polite, knowledgeable and sweet. We saw and learned so much about the island. The zip lining here was the best! Super professional guides with outstanding attitudes. Guides made sure that we were confident with what we were doing. If not, they traveled with those that they could tell were scared. Guides were very professional, well organized, competent, and humorous. Theses guys really know how to deliver service to a group of suspecting individuals. A+++++++
Reviewer: CW
5 Stars
I would highly recommend this excursion!
March 19, 2016
I am afraid of heights, but this was great! Clarence, my angel, stayed with me the whole time! He and his crew made the activity fun. Thanks, Clarence!!
Reviewer: Kathy
5 Stars
Surpassed all of our expectations!
March 15, 2016
The crew on the zip line were safety conscious and fun at the same time. They couldn't have done a better job! The guide on our ecowalk was very informative and interesting. We even ate termites to see how they tasted.
Reviewer: Zipliner
5 Stars
AWESOME!! Even for us ""senior"" citizens
February 10, 2016
We celebrated our 50th anniversary zip ling! It really was less strenuous than the Eco Walk. Enjoyed both. Next time would do zip and dip. Our Zip assistant was very patient and helpful. He personally went with another older lady who was not as ""brave"" as we were.
Reviewer: Thyme4us
5 Stars
An Awesome Experience for some first-time Zip-Line
January 14, 2016
The zip line adventure was very well organized - from the workers assisting us with our equipment to the education of how to zip line, to the movement on/off the decks between zip line stops. Hardly any waiting at these stops. The staff was friendly & entertaining. The Eco Walk was very informative and educational. We especially liked our tour guide - who shared with us how the ""locals"" use the plants in the rain forest for medicinal & culinary needs.
Reviewer: Team Wylie
5 Stars
Loved the Roatan Zip and Eco Walk!!
January 10, 2016
My friend and I are both over 68 years old and this was our first zip line experience, but it was well organized, guides were extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and we felt SAFE! It has definitely become the highlight of all my excursions. Really a bucket list adventure! We would highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Two Retirees
5 Stars
A Bucket List Blast!
December 04, 2015
Compare this to the cruise line excursion ""extreme zip-line"". This is a better value with fewer people and includes the Eco Walk thru the jungle with some pretty cool suspension bridges. The Eco-walk and ziplines are at the same location which is about a half hour bus ride from the pier, so you get to see some of the island and learn about it too. There is a scenic overlook waiting area with tables, shade and refreshments available for purchase at the start/end. My wife chose the Eco-walk only and was able to wait for me there (about 75 minutes) to do the walk together. It was my first zip-line experience and it was a blast! The guides teach you how and are very safety-conscious. You do need to be in relatively good shape as there is some stair climbing involved in a hot humid climate, along with a 1/4 mile walk from the Mahogany Bay pier over a hill outside the shopping complex to the pickup point bus. This was my favorite excursion, I'm glad I booked it. (November 2015)
Reviewer: 1nwmike
5 Stars
Roatan Zip and Eco Walk
November 22, 2015
The guides seemed to have as much fun as we did. Personable, friendly and humorous. Great time and we highly recommend this adventure. Given the opportunity we would definately do this again !!
Reviewer: TCanz
5 Stars
Great Experience
November 21, 2015
A great experience, well managed, safe and fun
Reviewer: Novice
5 Stars
Jungle Fever
August 20, 2015
I have no complaints on the ziplining tour. Guides were very funny and helpful. They volunteered to take photos for us while we were ziplining. Were entertaning.
Reviewer: Wildi the explorer
5 Stars
Great excursion with awesome tour guides
June 10, 2015
It was a positive experience from the start. We had to make a short walk from the pier of ship to the transportation area outside the gate but was worth the money saved by booking through this website. Guides were great and our bus driver even took us on a tour around area and stopped for shopping on way back to ship.
Reviewer: Dazzle clan
5 Stars
Great Zip Line and Eco Walk Experience
January 15, 2015
The ziplining here was incredible. Other excursions seemed to have shorter zipliines but these were great and long. Great views of the jungle and ocean. Our whole group had a great time. The ECO-Walk was fun as well and very informative about local plants, nature and medicines. We were hoping to see animals too but saw none. Overall it was a great trip.
Reviewer: Tim
5 Stars
Roatan Zip and Eco Walk
January 09, 2015
The guides really worked to make sure you had a good time on the zip line. Even used our cameras to take pictures for us. Best zip line experience I have had. Eco walk guide was chock full of interesting nuggets about the plant life.
Reviewer: Johnny Traveler
4 Stars
Great adventure for all
January 07, 2015
We booked the Zip line and Eco walk. The zip line staff were outstanding. They ensured our safety at all times and yet let everyone EXPERIENCE the zip line and take a little risk by hanging upside or being superman. They took photos to capture the moments. We also did the walk which was nice but the noise from the zipline scared away some of the animals according to our guide.
Reviewer: Peace
4 Stars
Great Excursion - Loved the Zip Lines
January 06, 2015
Great to see the rainforest from the top of the trees and the ground level. Great guides great zip lines and rope bridges. Only negative was that we were hoping to see some wildlife on the ECO Walk and we didn't.
Reviewer: Tim65
5 Stars
So much fun!
December 07, 2014
Everyone was great from the drivers to the guides. It was easy to find them and the drive there was scenic. Ziplining was a lot of fun and they made it easy. We felt safe, even doing the Superman. The views were beautiful. We also did the eco walk and learned a lot. We'd definitely recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: albean99
5 Stars
Great Experience on this Excursion
November 11, 2014
The folks who offer this excursion are great! We had a wonderful time ziplining 11 separate lines. I would highly recommend this excursion to people who are physically able to participate.
Reviewer: Edisto Traveler
5 Stars
Great Zipline, Eco Tour was OK
June 19, 2014
Great zipline, longer than most of the courses we have been on. Great guides who offered to take pictures of us with our own cameras, which was fantastic! We had a fantastic time zip lining, and really enjoyed the ride over to the west end of the island. Roatan is beautiful. The Eco tour was educational, but I wouldn't do it again. But you can't beat the zip lining. Great job!!!
Reviewer: Lori
4 Stars
Swinging through the jungle
May 08, 2014
The ride from the cruise port was smooth and not that long and once we got there everything was so organized and we were on the zip lines in no time. It was so exciting but went by way too fast in a great way! The Ecowalk was nice but didnt realize that it was a guided tour. You will definitely get your exercise in and BEWARE OF THE MONKEY!
Reviewer: Jas
4 Stars
Would definitely do this one again!!!
March 18, 2014
Was the best excursion we took on our vacation. Had an excellent time and the guides were great!! We will go again if we visit Roatan in the future.
Reviewer: 1st time cruisers
4 Stars
One of the BEST Excursions Ever!
February 18, 2014
The zip lining experience was fantastic. This was the first time we signed up for an excursion that was not connected to our cruise line, but after reading reviews we decided this would be a good experience. The guides--Preston and ""big"" Jeffrey were fantastic. Very safety conscious but ready for fun. They were with us every step of the way and we loved that they used our cameras to take our pictures --and they got some great shots. We would highly recommend this excursion! You will love zipping over and through the jungle knowing this is an adventure of a lifetime! My husband and I are in our late 60's, but are in pretty good shape. If we can do this, you can! After going on all the zip lines with our guides and another couple, we decided to skip the Eco walk and go straight to the beach. This was no problem for our van driver who took several of us to a beautiful beach. This was a good decision.
Reviewer: Lulu and PopPop
5 Stars
First Time Zipper!
February 06, 2014
I just turned 50 last year and this was my first time to zip line...I loved it and so did my husband and 8 year old son. I personally am NOT an active person and I was still able to do and enjoy this adventure. Please don't pass it by! We talked with several other people who had zip lined before and they thought this was by the far the best!
Reviewer: Jrsykl9
5 Stars
February 05, 2014
Our van was waiting for us at the designated location. I had never zip lined before but the experienced guides were helpful and accommodating to my first-timers anxiety. My husband really enjoyed each zip...doing some great tricks with the guides. The equipment was well maintained. This is an amazing operation and the views were spectacular. We zipped for over 45 minutes thru 10-2 zip lines. You wont find a better zip lining excursion on the entire cruise. The eco walk was equally amazing over suspended walkways, concrete paths and stairs. The guide was very interesting pointing out plants, trees and little animals. This was an excellent excursion...well worth it!
Reviewer: Norma
5 Stars
January 01, 2014
I am so glad I read reviews and decided on this excursion with this particular company. I can't imagine anybody being able to do it any better or more fun. I admit, I was hesitant but thought I may never have another chance to if this. I am so glad I did it. It was a blast. The zip guides were amazing and hysterical. I felt very safe and very informed. The Eco tour on the suspension bridges was a nice addition. Our guide was very knowledgeable and it was fun learning about the different trees and plants and what they are used for in Roatan. If you are looking for a great excursion that is exciting, fun and a good value, DO THIS ONE!! I will do it again if I have the chance. Btw.....a couple on our trip had done it before and enjoyed it so much, they were back for a 2nd time.
Reviewer: Judissi
5 Stars
December 20, 2013
This was our first experience ""zip lining"" was pouring rain and we were a little hesitant about the safety and overall enjoyment of swinging thru the trees on such a miserable day. As soon as we met up with the companies transportation staff, they assured us we were in good hands. We left by van, to the actual zip line site, travelling upward thru rain washed mostly unpaved roads, our skilled driver never blinked; we arrived safe and sound. Once to the site, things seemed a little rushed, but very organized! We did have time to stow our belongings in lockers and use the small, but clean, bathrooms. There were 4 guides and they hooked us in to our gear, double checking for safety. Instructions were given on what to do and when and we were off. It wasn't until we were gliding from tree to tree that we actually realized the expertise of our guides. They were kind,fun, even a bit silly, but very attentive to making sure you felt safe, comfortable and were having the time of your life-despite the weather; which all in all, seemed to be a good thing, as we in fact did get the real effect of a rainforest. We will never forget our trip to Mahogany Bay, Roatan or the warm, friendly smiles of our guides. They have convinced us that ""zip lining"" is the new way to experience nature at it's best.
Reviewer: Smiling in Summerfield
5 Stars
Ecellent Experience
September 11, 2013
Attentive guides, good equipment and beautiful scenery. Excellent bang for the buck.
Reviewer: JimmieWho
4 Stars
Awesome Zipline!! Skip the Eco Walk
June 05, 2013
Shore Excursion Group ( SEG ) did a great job selecting quality tour guides. The directions on where to meet was VERY detailed and accurate. My wife is not adventurous, scared of heights nor physically fit and she had a great time. This is a MUST DO excursion, worth the money! We saw a huge iguana just sitting on a tree branch. This was the first excursion we took by a 3rd party company. I always chose the cruise ship sponsored excursions due to the unknown factors: getting back to the cruise ship late, reputable company, etc. The tour companies are professional and know exactly when you have to be back to the ship. Have no reservations about using SEG, I will definitely use them in the future.
Reviewer: Khop
4 Stars
Do not let this pass you by
April 16, 2013
Do not miss this fun fun fun
Reviewer: Taz.
5 Stars
Unbelievable, Fantastic Experience
April 13, 2013
First time adventure. We didn't know what to expect. More runs than we expected. A lot for your money. It was great. Super group of guides.
Reviewer: Frank & Deb
5 Stars
Awesome experience
February 01, 2013
The guides were friendly and made the whole trip fun. It was fast paced with lots of runs and great photo opportunities. You go right through the wild area which is full of beauty. I would do again.
Reviewer: Richmonder
5 Stars
Good fun for young and old alike
January 23, 2013
You zip as a group and in our group the ages ranged from 5 to 79. Equipment is safe and modern; staff are experienced and helpful. Zipping along the wire is not particularly physically challenging. My wife had hesitations before going, but she had great fun doing it.
Reviewer: Krazy Kanadian
5 Stars
Zip line Great! Eco walk, not so much.
January 19, 2013
The Zip line adventure was really fun. The course has 7 lines in sequence so it lasts a while. The whole family, including my 11 year old daughter loved it. The eco walk--not so great. Same rain forest as the zip line, just walking over the suspension bridges. The guide took some nice photos for us. The excursion company was going to make us wait for the people who went on the beach trip. We had to get a ride back with another driver.
Reviewer: BirthdayGirl
4 Stars
Roatan From above
December 29, 2012
I would definately recommend doing the Zipline Eco walk. Most on our tour took the Zipline and beach experience. The eco-walk went first and we were on very NEW sway bridges as the others zipped over head. The guide (Lonnie Webster) was very knowledgable about plants and their healing properties. At the end they take you back UP the mountain to Zip. It then became a private Zipline for us. The guide used our cameras to film the entire time. Once again at the end they bus you back up but then you end up at the BEACH with everyone else anyways. So recommend you bring a swim suit. Loved it.
Reviewer: Robert's traveling family
5 Stars