PADI Discover Scuba

Very good
November 26, 2019
Great instructor, relaxed and comfortable. Good experience, I am an advanced diver but went with new first time diver and she had a very enjoyable time.
Reviewer: Robert gray
5 Stars
March 08, 2018
We had a wonderful experience. We are already planning our next trip to go back to the same hotel for our next dive. Great quiet dive site, great people, great food and great drinks!
Reviewer: Sarah
5 Stars
First time,
February 14, 2018
Meeting up with your excursion leaders seemed sketchy, but we were safe. We enjoyed the drive through the country. There were 3 of us, 2 had never been scuba diving before. Our instructor was incredibly laid back and calm, confident we'd all be able to complete the dive. For first-timers, they stop in shallow water for training. I couldn't get the hang of it. There were certified divers in the boat waiting for us to finish, so I felt rushed and like our instructor didn't give me the personal attention I needed. I'm not sure it would have made a difference though. We moved to deeper water and the other 2 with me thoroughly enjoyed their dive. My husband said it was a lot more work than he expected, but would do it again. I just sat on the boat with the Captain. (Snorkeling while they were diving was not an option.) We did have a good time, despite my inability to dive.
Reviewer: Nicole Jones
4 Stars
PADI Discover Scuba
September 07, 2017
Very well managed and very educational
Reviewer: Jerry Frazier
5 Stars
Great Scuba Location
March 24, 2017
First off, the ride from the cruise ship to the scuba site is not 25 minutes. It's more like 50 minutes one way. Be prepared. Once arriving at the site, the scuba team was well trained and did a good job training my family. The scuba site water was beautiful, and we dove for just over 30 minutes. Ultimately, I highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Joe
5 Stars
Learning to scuba dive
March 17, 2017
The company you used was excellant. The staff was vey polite and helpful. They took the time to explain everything to my grand daughter so that her first experience was a pleasant one.
Reviewer: Patrick Tompkins
5 Stars
scuba diving in Roatan
January 18, 2017
The instructors were great. Very patient. We always felt very safe in the water. 5 stars!!
Reviewer: Steve Fuqua
5 Stars
Scube Extrordinaire
January 17, 2017
These gentlemen know what they are doing. You can tell they love what they do and are great at it. I learned so much and had a great experience. Friendly, patient and helpful in all ways !
Reviewer: Cheryl Hecker
5 Stars
Professional and Personal
February 29, 2016
Really well run PADI scuba experience for my wife and myself. The instructor was professional but also had empathy for my wife was pretty nervous about going 40 feet under water. All stages of learning were well executed and we had a fantastic experience out at the ""white hole"" on the reef.
Reviewer: Stromcamp
5 Stars
Great first-time diving experience!!
January 06, 2016
My husband and I had never been diving before and though I LOVE water and am a huge wake-boarder, water-skier, snorkler etc, honestly, I was quite nervous of diving and never really thought I wanted to get certified. This sounded like the perfect opportunity to try it out and see if it was something I could do and enjoy. Subway Watersports and our dive-masters were fantastic!! From teaching us how to use all the equipment on land and in the pool, then taking us out into the open water for a 40 minute unforgettable experience. They were aware of us and our situation at all times yet still gave us the freedom to experience the thrill of diving! We absolutely LOVED IT!!! We now fully intend to get certified this year so we can go again and again! Thanks for a fantastic time!!
Reviewer: Seyshell
5 Stars
Exciting adventure
June 16, 2013
No problems at all... we truly learned and then applied the new information ...
Reviewer: Sandy
4 Stars