Reef Snorkel by Boat

2 Reef Snorkel Honduras
May 02, 2023
The reefs were beautiful, not as many fish as we thought overall but the coral was amazing. Tour guide was good and helpful. We had fresh pineapple to snack on and bottled water. We brought our own gear but they provided if needed.
Reviewer: Sherry J Hawkesworth
4 Stars
No Crowd - Great Snorkel
February 15, 2020
There was a total of 7 passengers for this snorkel trip. Just a few minutes from cast off to arrive at the first shallow water snorkel. Great reef! Good 45 minutes there, then another very short trip to the second spot. That was just a bit deeper and magnificent. The boat captain was quite adept and the snorkel guide was wonderful! Would highly recommend!
Reviewer: C. Shelton
5 Stars
Loved Belize and Caye Caulker
January 16, 2020
Beautiful country
Reviewer: Susan
5 Stars
Nice drive; great & friendly crew, good snorkeling
January 06, 2020
This was an enjoyable tour. Pick-up OUTSIDE the gate was easy - dont' search among the booths inside the port area. We saw facets of Roatan, both favorable and less favorable, on the roughly 45 minute trip from the ship to the resort. The boat crew was very friendly and professional. While we brought our own equipment, the tour operators equipment was good quality. We had booked 2 snorkel sessions so they took us out twice, each time with a different set of folks doing a different mix of shore excursions. Overall the snorkeling was good -- a lot of interesting coral but not that many fish. Still very enjoyable. The second trip was a little slower as there were essentially non-swimmers in the group. One of the crew pulled them along the coral on an inner tube and reassured them as they went. It was a very nice and gracious thing to do. It did, however, reduce the snorkeling trip time a bit. We got back to the ship on time and well before scheduled "all-aboard".
Reviewer: Roger Huffaker
4 Stars
Roatan snorkel
January 02, 2020
Great people, good trip, transportation guide was fun and provided a lot if local information on the ride over to the resort site. The snorkeling was in 2 places with the second place adjusted to fit our capabilities. the boat crew was very good and since there were only 2 of us it was like have a private guide.
Reviewer: Dave
5 Stars
Favorite Excursion of Our Cruise
December 19, 2019
After being surrounded by the masses on the cruise ship, this excursion was a welcome respite. Just our family plus a family of three on our boat made for a fabulous outing. Great guides and management.
Reviewer: Melissa
5 Stars
Wonderful reef, wonderful crew
May 21, 2019
We were 5 on the boat. The crew was very friendly. They took us to 2 sknorkel spots. Absolutley beautiful! I only wish we could have stayed a little bit longer at each place.
Reviewer: Claude Carrier
5 Stars
Snorkeling trip
May 20, 2019
Had a wonderful time on our excursion , pick up was prompt and very efficient. Captain of the boat was excellent, had lots of information about the reef and area, equipment that was supplied was very good and sizes for everyone. Water and fruit supplied during trip and back to ship in plenty of time. Definitely would recommend shore excursions.
Reviewer: Sandra goucher
5 Stars
Absolutely Fabulous
April 29, 2019
Sitting here on the ship after taking your tour the Reef Snorkel by boat and wanted to tell your fabulous agent libra she was right this tour was amazing!! Thank you, Thank you - Fabulous... Charlie and I did the snorkeling while Sandra and Fergus sunned on the boat.... Was a great experience seeing the reef and all the fish 🐠😍Cheers xo
Reviewer: Sandra and Verona
5 Stars
Reef Snorkel by Boat Shore Excursion
December 10, 2018
Good excursion. We were taken to two locations to snorkel, and the guide was very knowledgeable and lead the team well. The crew was friendly, and we had a nice snack of fruit during the excursion. One area for improvement: the vehicle used to transport us to the boat should have seatbelts and could have been cleaner. Also, we waited an excessive amount of time during meet-up for late arrivals that never showed up.
Reviewer: William Pearce
4 Stars
Good Excursion
September 03, 2018
We enjoyed this Snorkel Trip. The guides were good. They made sure everyone had the opportunity to see the different sites and fish. They were patient with a child that had some difficulties. The pinapple provided was awesome. It was a great experience.
Reviewer: Kim Galdiano
5 Stars
No more crowded snorkels for me!
July 30, 2018
We took this tour off of the Caribbean Princess in mid-July. We have been on many ship sponsored snorkeling tours with boats overcrowded and fifty people bumping into one another in the water. Not with this trip!! It was just my wife and I alone with a wonderful family of four on a boat to ourselves with a wonderful guide. We went to two locations and the snorkeling was very good. We even saw a nurse shark (harmless)!! The water is beautiful and the weather is warm! Worth every penny!! They also were very aware of the time and knew exactly when to get us back to the ship with plenty of time to spare. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Philip Bigler
5 Stars
Beautiful Beach and good snorkeling
July 09, 2018
After leaving the Carnival cruise ship you have to walk about 10 minutes to outside the immediate terminal area. The van we rode in was a little snug for my husband who is over 6 foot. I was comfortable. But you will have to sit close to others. We drove for around 30 minutes through Roatan. Lots of tight roads and passing slower vehicles. Arrived safely at the dive shop. The staff was helpful. Our small group of 7 went snorkeling at two different sites. Lots of fish and diversity. It was very pretty. The beach at the resort was just amazing. We had 2 hours to relax. We had lunch. There is a buffet (15 dollars per person) we decided to share the hondurian platter. It was very good. Would definitely go again and recommend to anyone.
Reviewer: Kady
5 Stars
July 09, 2018
My daughter and I had a GREAT time on this excursion! Safety was of paramount importance, the snorkeling guide was knowledgeable. We snorkeled in two different locations - and really took in the reef. Refreshing fruit was on offer after each snorkel. The resort that this activity was attached to was low key and very relaxing. We even tried the lunch buffet there following the snorkel. I would do this again in a heartbeat if we came back to Roatan (and I plan on it!).
Reviewer: Annie Cruz-Porter
5 Stars
Small group - great snorkeling!
April 30, 2018
Great snorkeling in Roatan! Small group of us on the boat - 12 total. Great dive shop and nice guides. Totally recommend this excursion! Bring dry clothes to change into since it's about 45 min each way through the island.
Reviewer: Christy
5 Stars
Great time!
December 11, 2017
We had an awesome time on this excursion. Easy pick up from the pier and great snorkeling. All staff were very friendly - would highly recommend!
Reviewer: Deirdre
5 Stars
Best Snorkeling Trip
August 30, 2017
Our family of 5 had a blast on this trip. Easy ride from the terminal. Darrin runs a great dive shop. Our guide Dubin was terrific. We had the boat to ourselves and never felt rushed. Great bonus was access to a private secluded beach with amazing views.
Reviewer: William Tubbs
5 Stars
July 19, 2017
We ended up being the only 2 on the snorkel trip. We basically had the guide to ourselves.
Reviewer: Tom Snyder
5 Stars
good time
May 11, 2017
two very long snorkel sessions and the guides were excellent. it was too windy to go on the ridge of the atoll at the marine park, but they took us close where we were able to see tons of large starfish and conch and fish on a smaller part of the reef. the ride across the island was pretty nice tour
Reviewer: Laine Gurley
5 Stars
Great service
April 18, 2017
Subway water sports was the operator we were booked with. I really appreciated how the dive masters and boat captains took care of my 8 year old twin boys so they could try to snorkel. When my boys had enough, they let them hang out on the boat while my husband and I continued snorkeling. If we return to Roatan I would look up this dive shop again to go scuba diving.
Reviewer: Geri
5 Stars
Roatan snorkeling...Aaaah!
February 10, 2017
Roatan is one of the less decimated islands (cruise ship traffic has hurt reefs) so fish life here is still pretty good. We had a fabulous time with a dive shop that actively works to keep the Roatan reef healthy. A lovely small group and lots of fun. Also, they were well organized getting us from the cruise pier to the dive shop.
Reviewer: Linda Trammell
5 Stars
Awesome coral reefs
January 13, 2017
The snorkeling was wonderful. It was a small group and the guide was great. Unfortunately it rained all night before so the water was stirred up a bit. Also a long bumpy ride to the location where we got on the boat. Would still recommend and would do again.
Reviewer: justin
4 Stars
Good snorkel day
January 08, 2017
We had a good snorkel with a very nice snorkel guide who took us along the reefs and dived down and brought up things to show us. This was great! It was windy, but we made the best of it. The original boat, that was a covered boat, was broken, so we went out in an open small boat. There were only 4 participants, which was great. Thank God we all swam well, as it is a workout.
Reviewer: Joni Plourd
4 Stars
Great time
January 04, 2017
A van met us outside the cruise terminal and we drove for over a half hour to the North end of the island. The dive boat is docked at a resort and we could have used the resort facilities after the snorkel trip, but we went directly back to the ship. The boat did two snorkel trips and some people only wanted to do one, so they stayed at the resort or went kayaking. The water was very clear and two crew members went out with us on each snorkel trip. The crew was very accommodating and helpful. There were only about ten snorkelers per trip, so it was not crowed at all. This is not a trip for people that want to go on a catamaran and drink all day, it is really organized for people that actually want to go snorkeling, not partying.
Reviewer: Dennis R Ellis
5 Stars
Snorkel by Boat
December 06, 2016
We had a wonderful time snorkelling. Our guide was so knowledgeable and took the time to make sure that we had such a good time. Beautiful sights and warm water - great combination.
Reviewer: Isobel Farrell
5 Stars
Reef Snorkel
November 10, 2016
It's was a wonderful excursion. The company was first rate and could not have been more accommodating. We saw beautiful fish and other sea creatures. Everyone in our group enjoyed.
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
Awesome trip!
November 08, 2016
Had a great time on our snorkeling excursion! Enoch was an awesome guide!
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
Great Time--Wonderful Dive Master
October 07, 2016
We couldn't say enough about this excursion being topnotch. Our dive master was very knowledgeable about pointing out the various underwater plants and fish that we might not otherwise have noticed without him. The dive master and the driver of the boat were very helpful in getting on and off the boat. The pineapple slices we were offered were refreshing. The dive master was mindful of the position of each of us in the small group while snorkeling so as not to leave anyone behind. We would highly recommend this excursion to beginners as well as experienced snorkelers.
Reviewer: Steve & Charlotte Wicks
5 Stars
Excursion review
October 07, 2016
We snorkeled in 3 locations on this trip, and this was the best reef with the widest variety of fished. The staff was very helpful, guides and boat captain attentive to our safety.
Reviewer: Pat Moore-Pickett
4 Stars
Accidentally private tour.
August 10, 2016
Loved it. Ended up being just my husband and I. Our second booking.
Reviewer: Amanda Blue
5 Stars
Great snorkeling adventure
August 04, 2016
In spite of one member in our group forgetting his dive card on the ship and waiting around for 35 minutes for him to no avail - the rest of the trip was fantastic! The crew were extremely nice and the trip across the island was very pleasant. The man in charge went in the water with us and showed us so many different things we may have not noticed on our own. I would love to go again - thank you!
Reviewer: Gale Jones
5 Stars
great experience
July 13, 2016
This was the BEST tour we have ever had by far!!!! They took us to see some great sights, while keeping us safe. I would do this again
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
Personalized attention!
April 20, 2016
We were treated to a personalized snorkeling experience. Our snorkel guide made every effort to accommodate our wishes and provide us with a memorable day. The reefs are healthy, and Subway Watersports is committed to keeping the reefs protected. We look forward to returning to Roatan and using Subway Watersports again!
Reviewer: Natalie
5 Stars
Awesome time snorkeling
April 08, 2016
This was a lot of fun! We were able to see lots of fish of different beautiful colors. If you wear glasses it is worth the investment of buying your own prescription swimming mask. I did not have my own and my eye sight is pretty bad which did take away from this adventure
Reviewer: Schrim
5 Stars
Great trip
March 24, 2016
There were only 5 guests from our ship on this tour which made it great.
Reviewer: Rick
4 Stars
Wonderful - some of the best snorkeling ever!
March 23, 2016
Whether you are snorkeling for the first time or consider yourself a pro, this is a great excursion.
Reviewer: Karen
5 Stars
Best Excursion we did on our Cruise!
March 16, 2016
Very small snorkel group. 2 different reef locations. 1st snorkel group was only 7 and we snorkeled an amazing reef for approx. 1 hr. then the boat dropped off 2 of the group back at the dock and we stayed for the 2nd snorkel with only 5 of us and our guide. The reef was alive and beautiful and we saw squid, barracuda, puffer fish, starfish, rays, and many other tropical fish. This is a serious dive/snorkel business, no tequila shots.....which we were so happy with, we were there to be under water. A wonderful experience!
Reviewer: padimak
5 Stars
Good excursion
March 06, 2016
We ended up going to the other side of the island that day due to the weather conditions. It was only 10 min ride. Even though it was cloudy, the reef was alive and we had a great time. It was a cooler that day and when you got out of the water, you couldn't dry off fast enough. We had two sessions, and my wife was too cold to get in the water the second time. Wet suits for those conditions would have been nice. The cruise ship cancelled their excursion. We were skeptical, but glad we went.
Reviewer: LT
4 Stars
This was a very nice experience. We loved it.
March 03, 2016
This excursion was a morning/early afternoon snorkeling experience. We were picked up just outside of the cruise shopping area. It was easy to locate our guide. We were driven to the destination. The weather was rainy so we had concerns over the conditions. We were fit into good equipment and the guides chose to take us to an area of the reef that was calmer than the regular destination due to the weather. The boat was new and had a fiberglass canopy so our personal items stayed dry. It had an open back that made it easy to get in and out of the boat. The snorkeling area was beautiful and we were told not to touch the coral. The guide was friendly and mindful of safety. There was a respect of the reef by the guide. We had 2 swims of about 1 hour each and saw a variety of interesting fish. The experience was good. The dock area was clean and offered modern changing rooms and a casual outdoor shower in which to rinse. There was food available but we chose not to stay as it was getting a little late. Overall a great experience.
Reviewer: Jack
5 Stars
I would use this company again
February 25, 2016
Excellent company to work with
Reviewer: Kathy
5 Stars
Worth the trip
February 24, 2016
It was a long drive to reach the resort but we got to see more of the countryside. The van stopped so we could jump out and take pictures of the reef and were numerous kids trying to sell us trinkets. The snorkel trip was well organized and we had great guides.
Reviewer: PetuniandHow
4 Stars
Excellent snorkeling in small group
February 20, 2016
Outstanding snorkeling with experienced guide in small group of 6 to 12 people. This was great, skip the cruise ship options.
Reviewer: Scott
5 Stars
A happy time!
January 31, 2016
This excursion fit the bill perfectly for me and my spouse. I had wanted to return to snorkel Roatan's reef and brought some friends along for their first snorkel. All went well and the trip sparked desire for more! We will return.
Reviewer: cab
5 Stars
January 29, 2016
We arrived at the dive shop and were outfitted with our snorkel gear which was in very good condition. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating and looking to make our snorkel trip all it could be. Kevin was the boat captain and just a delight. Devon (sure this is not spelled correctly) was a terrific guide. We were only 8 people for the first hour and 6 persons for the second hour with no other snorkelers anywhere in sight. My grandson 18 years came across a shark, tons of fish and as he is interested in becoming a marine biologist was thrilled at all the fish sightings. Once in a lifetime experience, Kevin and Devon paid particular attention to those of us that were not experienced snorkelers and made our day!
Reviewer: golfer
5 Stars
Loved this snorkel trip! Only seven people on boar
January 14, 2016
Saw bunches of beautiful sea creatures. Easy snorkeling. Tour guide was in the water with us the whole time.
Reviewer: Roo
5 Stars
Beautiful reef
January 06, 2016
When I booked my cruise to this port I knew I wanted to snorkel the reefs. The reason I picked this excursion was because of the reviews reporting very small, individualized groups of 4-6 people. Unfortunately, we were not as lucky. At the end of the terminal we met up with the individual from subway water sport, no problem. We were escorted down the street a block or so by foot to a residence which had a muddy yard with fighting chickens and pitbulls chained on short, heavy chains which were barking at us and snapping at each other. The group of us exchanged worried glances as the guide opened the door of a dirty and hot van. We were crammed inside and our adventure began. The driver didn't really have much at all to say but I did enjoy seeing the island because I like to see how the locals live, etc. We stopped twice for photo opportunities and after maybe an hour arrived at our diving destination. The place was organized and the manager there gave a talk about what to expect and then we were fitted with gear. The guides on the boat were great but I was so disappointed to be one in a group of 15+ people, most of whom were loud and splashing and generally scared off any potential wildlife we may have seen. The reef was breathtakingly beautiful and once I ventured away from the large group, my boyfriend and I saw several species of colorful fish. After an hour we got back on the boat and went back to the subway dock. Here is where it improved for me.... ALL of the other people had booked the second half with kayaks - woohoo!! So after maybe 30 minutes we headed back out with the guides. Just the 2 guides, me and my boyfriend experienced some of the best snorkeling I have done to date. It was like being in another world for an hour or longer. So many things to see I just couldn't take it all in fast enough. It was absolutely wonderful. We had time to go next door and enjoy the beach after we returned.
Reviewer: TravellersfromTN
4 Stars
January 05, 2016
Reviewer: Rick
4 Stars
Our trip was exceptional !
December 07, 2015
Our snorkeling guides were exceptional. We have snorkeled throughout the Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands, California and we are native Floridians. There guides took us to two locations and they guided us around the outside edge of the reef and over top of it to the best viewing areas. They have studied the reef extensively and guide you to the best sights. Great Job.
Reviewer: Amir & Pedro
5 Stars
excellant excursion
November 22, 2015
The best snorkeling i have done in years. The areas selected by our guide were healthy and beautiful. Our guide is a certified Master Diver and teaches a program there. The best part.....we were promised a small group...there were 6 of us!!!!
Reviewer: Galley Bay 9
5 Stars
Awesome experience
November 19, 2015
This excursion was awesome. The water was clear and there were lots of fish to see. Our guide Daren pointed out different types of fish and coral. The boat ride was relaxing and they served the best pineapple I've ever tasted in my life.
Reviewer: Julie
4 Stars
Outstanding Experience!
October 22, 2015
My husband and I were on a cruise ship that had a 1 day stop in Roatan on 9/29/2015. We had previous good experiences booking our shore excursions through, and we were so very pleased once again. We chose the Reef Snorkel by Boat, and this was probably the highlight of our cruise. We had to walk up and down a hill from the pier to find the folks from Subway Watersports, but from there we had a pleasant van ride across the island, enabling us to see the different areas and cultures. We stopped and took pictures of the beautiful turquoise water where we would be snorkeling. There were only 4 of us (fabulous compared to the number of people of snorkelers on excursions booked through the cruise line - we heard 70!), and Dive Master Darin and Captain Bruce took great care of us. We snorkeled for almost an hour at 2 different sites. We have never seen such a variety of fish and coral in such pristine shape in all our experiences. We even saw a large green Moray eel on the move! The temperature and clarity of the water made it such a relaxing time. Afterwards, we ate lunch at the Turquoise Bay Dive Resort and relaxed on their private beach before they took us back to the cruise ship at our leisure. Darin even loaned his sandals to my husband while we went to lunch so that he didn't have to put back on his tennis shoes! All the folks involved in our shore excursion were friendly, professional, and had outstanding customer service skills. We would highly recommend this snorkeling experience to everyone. Roatan and Subway Watersports are definitely on our bucket list for a return trip!
Reviewer: Cookie
5 Stars
Best Excursion
June 23, 2015
The trip was great. I am an experienced diver but I took my high functioning autistic son with me who has never snorkeled. The van trip was about 30 minutes and it stopped at the top of mountain so we could see the reef we were going to snorkel. It was picture perfect. The boat was a large professional dive boat and there was about 10 of us. They had 3 guides in the water with 2 on the boat. Each reef we spent approx 1 hour. There was water on the boat and they gave us fresh pineapples between the reefs. The reefs were beautiful and had plenty to see. They took us to 2 locations where the water was 3 ft deep and then dropped to about 30 feet. Great ledge to snorkel on. The area was protected by another reef so the area waters were pretty smooth. We saw an eel, octopus, flounder, eagle ray, lobster, lionfish on top of the normal reef fish. I highly recommend this trip.
Reviewer: CN
5 Stars
Up close and personal. Excellent Reefs
June 18, 2015
Excellent reef. It was the closest appearing reef I have ever snokled. would love to go back and stay at the resort where the reefs are. Staff very accomadating.
Reviewer: Terry
5 Stars
Fabulous Shore Excursion!
April 22, 2015
This was the best shore excursion I've ever been on, mainly because it was small and well organized. The driver of bus to resort gave us a history of the island. At resort, equipment was top notch. We were taken by boat out to two different locations on the reef and allowed to snorkel at leisure - no pressure, freedom to see what we wanted to see. Plenty of snorkeling time. Only 8 people in our group - perfect! Unfortunately we didn't have time to see the resort hotel because the ship was leaving early, but I will definitely return to this spot someday - absolutely FABULOUS!!
Reviewer: Rhocar
5 Stars
Better than ship's tour
April 02, 2015
Roatan Shore Tours, staff and Holly Phoenix were just outstanding!!
Reviewer: Charlie
5 Stars
Best bang for your buck!!!
February 09, 2015
This was amazing. The reef was so beautiful. Our guide was amazing and showed us the best places to see different ocean animals. Cheaper than buying through the cruise and way more to see.
Reviewer: Mishy
5 Stars
Great time!
January 27, 2015
Just have to say that our experience with this excursion was wonderful. We had a great time snorkeling at the two different sites one shallow and one deep, and our guides were very informative and helpful. We were inexperienced, but with the life jackets on we soon got comfortable with the snorkeling equipment. We also got to enjoy extra time hanging out at the beautiful beach when we got back. (That all depends on your time constraints). Definitely think it was better than the cruise ship excursions.
Reviewer: Karen D.
5 Stars
Awesome Experience, Beautiful Reefs!!!
January 08, 2015
The reefs were absolutely gorgeous, the guides and staff all spoke fluent English. The water temperature was great even in December and the guide took my goer for deep dive bursts to get great up close footage. Awesome experience.
Reviewer: Larry
5 Stars
Beautiful reef and great guide
January 07, 2015
Great people to work with. Every person went out of their way to make the trip enjoyable, in spite of the rain.
Reviewer: Media Coordinator
5 Stars
Something to really see.
October 27, 2014
Just wounderful place to see.
Reviewer: Gail & Steve
4 Stars
August 05, 2014
As I said above so far it has been the best snorkel to date out of 7 different snorkel trips. between my daughter, my son and I we saw awesome corral and all kinds of odd marine life that I have never seen before. The water was crystal clear and just beautiful. The guides we had were outstanding and informative, and I think the best part was it was just us on the snorkel so we got a lot of attention. I would highly recommend this trip!!
Reviewer: Raazoos
5 Stars
I would do this again
March 21, 2014
The guides were so nice and knowledgalble and patient. I would definitely go on this tour again.
Reviewer: JG
5 Stars
Great Excusrion
March 19, 2014
Overall great, No Crowds, Fun Group, Beautiful Beach and the Reef was amazing. Although we were experienced snorkelers others in the group were not and received very little instruction from the guide. The boat was small and older but it was only a 10 minute ride.
Reviewer: Rig
4 Stars
March 19, 2014
Small group of people only 8 to be exact... we could go off on our own, went to two spots and were told in depth about the area and what we could find :)
Reviewer: Snorkel lovers
5 Stars
Wonderful experience.
January 22, 2014
Staff and guides were very friendly and helpful.
Reviewer: Joni
5 Stars
This was a great experience
January 22, 2014
Well organized excursion and was better than advertised. A great experience and well worth the money. What a beautiful and relaxing time. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.
Reviewer: Ceeramics
4 Stars
Super Experience
December 27, 2013
Except for the poorly organized pickup from the ship, the place and clarity of the water were worth it. There were only 6 of us and so you weren't on top of each other all the time. There were two separate locations, so there was a variety of snorkeling experiences. It was great.
Reviewer: Mariaelena
5 Stars
Small group with experienced guides
October 09, 2013
Had to walk out of the Carnival cruise ship compound and up the road to meet the driver, but it was a short walk and easy to find the guide with a sign. After a 25 minute van ride, we were at the dive shop on the other side of the island. Very professional business with good equipment, boats and knowledge of the area. We snorkled the reef at two sites. Very beautiful.
Reviewer: Sonny
4 Stars
very nice
April 26, 2013
well done, very friendly staff that made it easy. Long ride across the island that gave a nice overview of Roatan
Reviewer: EddyRay
4 Stars
March 29, 2013
Lots of snorkeling, but you could also relax on the boat. I really liked the small group, alot more relaxing than going with hundreds of people crammed together.
Reviewer: BB
5 Stars
Subway Sports takes you to the ledge
March 22, 2013
Subway Sports does their job well, from friendly van pickup from outside the cruise ship terminal area, and the scenic 30-40 minute ride to Turquoise Bay, to the two stop snorkelling dips into beautiful, clear Roatan coastal waters - right to the ledge drop. Excellent personalized service. I felt very safe.
Reviewer: Donna
5 Stars
Breathtaking Dive Sites
January 31, 2013
This shore excursion was breathtaking. The dive sites were undisturbed and the colors and marine life was plentiful. Need to be a fairly decent swimmer as waves were rough at times. My family really enjoyed this snorkle adventure and would definitely recommend it to others.
Reviewer: Mom of Five Sons
5 Stars
Great excursion
January 25, 2013
Worth the short drive. You must look over the wall!!!
Reviewer: BR
4 Stars
Beautiful Reef
January 14, 2013
Excellent guides, beautiful reef, clear water, fun time. Loved that we went to 2 different reefs for 50 minutes each, and that our group was so small (7 in all). I would recommend buying one of the $5 mouthpiece/snorkel tubes onboard the ship, for cleanliness reasons. Also, 2 of our group had snorkels that leaked water, and had to be changed out. We went out on a beautiful clear day, and very much enjoyed all the fish/barracuda/flounder/starfish that we saw. We have been snorkeling around 8 or 9 times at various places in the Caribbean and enjoyed this trip the most.
Reviewer: tripqueen
4 Stars
Lots of white flounder!
November 21, 2012
Our small group allowed the guide to point out many things we would have missed with an untrained eye. He carried a chart which we could look at as we swam along. During a break he cut and served a pineapple which was very refreshing. At times the water was rough, but the visibility was good in the shallow water.
Reviewer: Linda
4 Stars
Interesting trip
November 21, 2012
I really liked the fact that our group was small, which allowed our guide to point out many things we would have missed without his knowledge. He had a chart which he carried in the water and we could look at it as we swam to help identify things. Our guide cut and served a pineapple in between reefs which was very refreshing. It was a long ride to get to the dive shop, but worth it.
Reviewer: Claudia
4 Stars
Best snorkel trip ever!!
September 06, 2012
Roatan has the best reef in the Carribbean - and these folks know how to show it off. The coral was amazing, fish species were plentiful and the location is close to the reef - only a few minutes by boat. Very laid back, knowledgable guides and spectacular underwater cliffs and formations.
Reviewer: Arnie
5 Stars
May 09, 2012
Arriving late on a cold rainy morning we were unaware that we docked in a different port than scheduled.Mark was there waiting,what a relief! We had one couple with us on the tour so it was intimate. The service of Subway Watersports was STELLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though the weather was not perfect they ensured we found agreeable areas on the the reef. The reef was the very fingerwork of GOD and it went on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!! I am determined to visit Honduras again and to enjoy the complete services of Subway Watersports and the Hotel accommodations a few feet away.
Reviewer: DJ
5 Stars
Great trip!!
April 20, 2012
What a great time we had in Roatan. My husband and father-in-law had signed up to do a 2 tank dive and myself and 2 friends had signed up for the snorkle trip. What a fantastic surprise we had to find out that it was with the same company and we would all be going together. We were the only 5 on the trip as well, which was really nice. We met the tour guide, Joe, at the pier and he drove us to the other side of the island where the dive shop and boats were located. Apparently this is where a lot of the dive masters are certified so we got on a boat with 3 dive masters, one in training. There was a boatload of trainees at our first dive sight when we got there as well. Joe, Ed and Red. Ed's sister was visiting and came along as well. It was great fun. After the guys were in the water and swimming off for their scuba adventures, the snokelers hit the water. The guides stayed right with us and pointed out various plants and sea life as we went along. We had water and fresh pinapple during our one rest time between dives. Then we were in again. It was beautiful, warm water and we all had a fantastic time looking at the beautiful corals and fish. The dive shop area was a little rustic, but after such a fun trip we didn't mind. They had fresh water outdoor showers, for getting the salt water off, as well as bathroom facilities, for changing into dry clothes. I would recommend this trip to anyone that enjoys snorkeling and likes to have a good time doing it.
Reviewer: Tina
4 Stars
Breathtakingly beautiful
January 26, 2012
This was a very pleasant surprise excursion. After being picked up at our ship we drove for half an hour to the other side of the island to a full service dive shop. Our guide reviewed the use of our snorkle gear and off we went. The only two people on this tour!! We went to three different area's and snorkled the second largest reef in the world only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It was stunningly beautiful. Our guide provided us with an underwater guide to all the fish and sea life that we would see as well as tips and hints on great spots to swim through. This has got to be one of the best excursions and it seems like it's a secret as we were the only ones that took it!!!
Reviewer: Moesy
5 Stars
Outstanding excursion
January 05, 2012
This snorkel trip was divided into two trips with a stop at the office for a breather. On this occasion the morning snorkel was not great due to unusually strong currents. We moved the location to a better spot. The second trip (after our short respite) was outstanding. Some of the best snorkeling ever. I believe it was called ""Starfish Alley"". And abundance of coral of all types, and colorful exotic fish. I have snorkeled many times in the carribean and this spot was fantastic! I highly recommend this trip. Small group--we had only 3 in this group which enhanced the experience. Staff was excellent and accommodating--especially Ed. Time in the water was more than adequate. I would do it again in a heartbeat!
Reviewer: Snorkel lover
4 Stars
Best snorkeling
January 01, 2012
I have snorkeled in several places in the Carribean and this is the best I have ever seen. The reef and fish are magnificant. Being in a small group added to the experience. For the price thought a snack and bottled water could have been included but they weren't. Bring your own it's still worth it!!!
Reviewer: Traveler
5 Stars
Rave Review
October 05, 2011
Since we scheduled a snorkeling in our first port, Belize, Barrier Reef for the day before...and we were inside our 14 day cancellation, we gave the tour to a couple that was on their first cruise. So thrilled that the company accepted the reservation transfer...and the couple glowed in remarks concerning the trip. You folks, and the tour company made a great impression on us...and the young couple that went on the excursion. Bless you...
Reviewer: Bob
4 Stars
Awesome Snorkeling
September 14, 2011
This was the best snorkeling we have done in a long time!!! Highly recommend this tour. I was torn between zip lining and snorkeling -- glad I chose to snorkel here!!!
Reviewer: Go Steelers
5 Stars
Great Snorkeling
June 21, 2011
I had a great snorkeling trip. The guides were wonderful and of course the snorkeling was amazing!
Reviewer: Alex the Great
4 Stars
June 01, 2011
Was the best snorkeling we have ever had! Would come back and stay a week. Roatan was beautiful, the best stop on the cruise. Wished we could have snorkeled 4 hours instead of 2 hours. Suggestion: provide lunch and drinks
Reviewer: D & M
5 Stars
February 02, 2011
5 Stars