A View of Roatan Highlights with Chocolate and Rum Factory

Short but sweet
January 08, 2024
This tour is a quick but thorough introduction to Roatan. We were able to highlights of the island with stops at interesting points. The Rum factory and chocolate factory were great. It was interesting watching the production of chocolate and learning how it starts with just the cocoa bean. The Rum factory had not only rum options but also tasty rum infused cakes as well. This is another low energy but great excursion for anyone interested in learning more about the island and seeing a lot in a short amount of time.
Reviewer: Susan Plummer
5 Stars
Wonderful Tour Guide
December 20, 2023
It ended up being a private tour with us and our two friends. Tour guide was very nice and knowledgeable. The rum and chocolate factories are small. We did get to sample all the different chocolate flavors and then choose what we wanted to purchase.
Reviewer: Sheila A. Killpack
5 Stars
Wonderful. Tour
November 01, 2023
Our tour guide Javey was awesome. Very knowledgeable about Roatan. The chocolate and rum factories were great. Javey went out of his way to take us to a few little hidden gems on the island. Had an excellent time on this tour. Would highly recommend.
Reviewer: Reana Hernandez
5 Stars
Roatan, Mahagony Bay
September 16, 2023
Mary was a great guide.She was informative and knowledgeable. She was very friendly. We rode in a van to several scenic spots to take pictures, buy souveniors, and enjoy the scenery. We loved the chocolate factory and the rum factory. They were intersting.
Reviewer: Tineca Wells
5 Stars
September 06, 2023
I would highly recommend this excursion. Its was great!
5 Stars
Touring Honduras
May 18, 2023
I really enjoyed the city tour. The driver and tour guide shared some interesting tidbits about their country. I did not know that Honduras has 16 varieties of mangos! She also shared the history of Honduras. The rum/chocolate factory tour was quite an experience in itself!
Reviewer: Alice Harris
5 Stars
April 26, 2023
Our guide for this excursion was Jorge. He not only took us to see the chocolate and rum factories, but also took us all around the whole island. He was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. We give Jorge a big thumbs up for great customer service!
Reviewer: Susan C and Paul C
5 Stars
March 25, 2023
We visited Roatan before, so I choose this tour for the possibility to see rum and chocolate production. The Rum factory was just a store with not a big choice of products to buy. And we drove over there for too long time. The Chocolate factory gave us a glimpse into the process, the store has a good choice of chocolates with a promotion "Buy 4, get 1 free", which is always tempting. I bought 5 different chocolates of very good quality. The rest was a beach with cabins for changing clothes, shower, and beautiful blue water. That part was perfect. Altogether the tour was good, but lack in-depth information about both processes which were the topic of the tour. I would expand the "industrial" part of the tour.
Reviewer: Marina Shepelev
3 Stars
a day on the island
March 23, 2023
had a great time exploring Roatan. This was our 3rd time there & we saw & experienced new things. I have used Shore Excursions for 11 years & have never had a bad excursion. Their employees are the best! So friendly & very knowledgeable-they are the perfect hosts! The rum & chocolate tour was interesting & the samples were wonderful!
Reviewer: Pixie Grisham
5 Stars
Roatan Chocolate and Rum Factory Tour
February 18, 2023
Our tour guide had a great attitude and she very engaging with all the people on the tour. The two chocolate factory were great. The best part was the rum factory and the view from the back of the building. I think this tour was the best from our cruise. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting.
Reviewer: R. Juanes
5 Stars
Beautiful Country, Our Guide Karim Made It Special
January 27, 2023
We would highly recommend this tour. Why? Our guide, Karim was absolutely perfect for this role. He and Jose (driver) took us everywhere their small van would take us. Sure, it was a little crowded, but he took us to such interesting locations, he was extremely knowledgeable about Roatan and his country, that he kept your attention. And his personality was infectious. Very beautiful place and so much to see. The Chocolate Factory was very interesting for sure. He made sure we got our money's worth on this tour. Thank you!
Reviewer: Randy Mehagan
5 Stars
Roatan Highlights with Chocolate & Rum
December 19, 2022
Our tour guide, Sherna, and driver, Jonathan, were excellent! Sherna told us so much about the island and Jonathan got us there safely. We enjoyed sharing the tour with another family - felt like our own private tour. The small gift shop off the beaten path, the yummy chocolate and rum tasting were all amazing. Highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Pamela Kilpatrick
5 Stars
July 20, 2022
Our tour guide Andy was amazing, he was pleasant and took us everywhere and explaining to us about the life and history of Roatan. He gets a 5 star plus!
Reviewer: Magda del Valle
5 Stars
Private Tour!!!
June 15, 2022
We had a custom-tailored excursion for two on the island with an excellent and friendly guide for several hours. Jorge was excellent. Great driver and safe, he took us from one end of the island to the other, answering all of our questions and bringing us to all of the island's attractions. We feel like we really understand the area after this tour. Absolutely excellent experience and such a good value - highly recommend!
Reviewer: M. B.
5 Stars
Great Tour
March 30, 2022
This was an outstanding tour, one driver and the two of us. He took us everywhere we asked to go, was pleasant, answered every question we had for him about life there. Highly recommend them.
Reviewer: Tamee
5 Stars
Good Overview of Island
February 17, 2022
Our young guide, Joshua, was very informative and knowledgeable of his native-born island. As there was only the two of us on the tour, he took us in a private car to places that he thought would be of our personal interests-- places off the beaten path that most tourists don't get to see. Because we waited a half hour for a "no show" group that never showed, the tour was cut a bit short (no fault of Joshua). Overall, highly recommended for a great island overview at a good price!
Reviewer: Lawrence Swanson
5 Stars
Roatan Highlights with Chocolate and Rum Factory
February 25, 2020
The guide was fantastic - very engaging - obviously proud of her country and wanting to show it off Took us to two Chocolate factories - the second one was by far better Rum factory was fantastic
Reviewer: Jackie Woloshen
5 Stars
Roatan Chocolate Factory/Rum Tasting
December 04, 2019
Our ship had a terrible time with their tender operations and this had an impact on the length of the tour. Guides did a very good job of ensuring that we saw the tour sights and got us back in time. Although not the fault of the guides, we did not get to spend all the time allotted for the tour because of the tender problems.
Reviewer: Robert Bayless
4 Stars