White Water Drift Snorkel and Sloth Hangout

Love the Sloths
December 20, 2019
We booked this excursion because we had visited the sloths on a previous favorite excursion. The difference is last time we visited a wildlife preserve, thiswas a private enterprise established to make money off tourists. However, the animals appeared well cared for, but there were long lines of people for the tour. Snorkeling trip while good, was too short. Only five of us snorkeling, which was perfect. Last stop was to Little French Key. We did not know much about it, but fell in love with it. Gorgeous area with lots to do. We were told we could stay longer had to tell the boat operator how long we would stay so they could report to the driver for pick up. We had no idea so we guessed two hours. Wish we had planned to stay longer. Miscommunication between the boat operator and the driver to pick us up and take us back to the ship, so we had to wait around for our ride back, All nice, hardworking people. Need to plan better for the experience.
Reviewer: Nancy H
4 Stars