Zip and Snorkel Adventure

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February 14, 2023
This was the best shore tour we did! The zip lines were great and the organization was such that we did not have to wait for all to finish one line before we started the next--and the snorkel staff was so helpful, even to those of us who had never snorkeled before. And a marvelous lunch!
Reviewer: Thomas Matthews
5 Stars
January 29, 2023
This was a great day - we added horseback riding and what a day we had! Zip-lining, snorkeling, and horseback riding - the guides were fabulous and the snorkeling great. I would do this again and again!
Reviewer: Annette
5 Stars
fantastic excursion
January 25, 2023
This was the best excursion of our cruise. Our guide was very knowledgeable and helpful and the instructions to meet, as well as the timing was spot on. The zip line was great fun and we felt very safe. The snorkelling was out of this world. We have done this in many parts of the world but this reef rivalled our best so far in the Maldives. The water was fantastically clear and the fish so abundant. The beach where we had lunch and could relax for a couple of hours was very pleasant and quiet. We would highly recommend this excursion to anyone visiting Roatan.
Reviewer: Sally and Rob Goldman
5 Stars
January 25, 2023
We had a great time. The staff was super helpful and very friendly and courteous!
Reviewer: Jeremy McCutcheon
5 Stars
January 15, 2023
The zipline and location were fun and beautiful! The snorkeling was a three great reefs about a mile off shore
Reviewer: Brian Knapik
4 Stars
An excellent time with Christopher tours.
August 23, 2022
First or guide took us to pressure off the Caribbean zip line where we had 45-60 mins of zips. It was alot of fun and the guides were very friendly and safe. The snorkel area was some of the most beautiful vibrant reefs I have ever seen. Would definitely recommend.
Reviewer: Irving Figueroa
5 Stars
Best Excursion of our cruise
July 29, 2022
We loved every part of this excursion. Our guides took great care of us and made the trip informative and fun. When you leave the port gate, you enter crowded chaos. They were right there and guided us out of the crowd, kept us informed and got us to the van and away from the chaos of town. Along the way, the guide pointed out all the highlights. Zip lining was a blast. Best one we have done. Also felt like the safest, even compared to in the US. Guides were very helpful and experienced. Snorkeling started with a starfish field, and then on to the reef with lots of fish. Lunch was southern fried chicken pieces, slaw, rice & beans and was very good. Lunch was served in an open air restaurant right on the beach. Great tour company. Could not have asked for anything better.
Reviewer: The Flatos
5 Stars
March 17, 2022
We had one of our best excursions ever during our visit to Roatan! Our excursion included snorkeling and zip lining. We started with being picked up at the port by our very courteous driver who was awesome at sharing information about the island. During our snorkeling adventure we were able to hold starfish, swim through a beautiful reef and shipwreck, and even see a sand shark. Lunch was fantastic and then we headed to the best ziplining we have ever done. There were 9 zip lines that gave us great views of the forest and the ocean. We had so much fun going through each of the zips and everyone was very kind and helpful. We felt safe and completely taken care of. We would have loved to stay in Roatan longer and definitely plan to go back!
Reviewer: Arthur Ketchledge
5 Stars
Great combo excursion
March 11, 2020
The zip and snorkel was very fun and we were well taken care of. The zip had 9 zip lines working down the course, and the staff was great. Then off to snorkel. They took us by boat out to the reef, it was windy and a little choppy, but there was plenty to see and the water was clear. A very nice lunch was provided on the beach after snorkeling. Great time
Reviewer: John Olesen
5 Stars
March 11, 2020
This was an awesome excursion! The zip lining was absolutely wonderful. I'm a 62 yr old woman and found it exciting but not too scary. The folks running it were professional, the equipment and lines were safe, and there was always someone at the end of each run to make sure your landing was easy. There were 9 lines in all, totally FUN! The snorkeling was fun as well in a beautiful spot. Then a nice lunch was provided. Totally worth it!
Reviewer: Bev Howell
5 Stars
Experience of a lifetime
February 01, 2020
We had so much fun. The staff treated as And they were friendly and helpful. Doing this again for sure. Thank you guys.
Reviewer: John D Flores
5 Stars
January 18, 2020
the zip lining was awesome. enjoyed it !
Reviewer: vijay pandit
5 Stars
Zip line fun day
January 16, 2020
We had always wanted to try a zip line so we decided to do in on our cruise. We were not disappointed, this tour was a blast. The scenery was beautiful and flying through the air was out of this world. After doing the zip line we had a lovely lunch at a local restaurant. Then we got on a boat for snorkeling. We saw beautiful fish and a ship wreck. This was our favorite tour. And a can honestly say the host were so nice and very helpful. They made sure we were safe and had a good time. Steven was especially great.
Reviewer: Linda Clark
5 Stars
Do this tour!!
November 27, 2019
Such a great tour! My niece and I were the only ones doing the zip line, and our guides took really good care of us! Then our driver took us to an animal refuge, which wasn’t part of the tour, but he gave us the option to do it for $15 per person and we figured we might as well. We got to hold a sloth, a makaw, and monkeys. Then we went snorkeling to 3 different sites with about 10 other people. After that we had some time at their private beach with lunch. It was a great day!!
Reviewer: Jessica Crumrine
5 Stars
Great Excursion
September 10, 2019
my husband and I in our late 50's took our almost 9 yr. old grandson with us. 1st time zip lining for all 3 of us. We had a GREAT time. The whole trip was well planned and our tour guides were the greatest. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Mary L Miranda
5 Stars
Fun time!
July 29, 2019
This was a great family time. They pick us up on time. During the zip line you feel secure all time. After the zip line we went to the beach. the installation were super clean, they have drinks, music and the lunch was delicious. The snorkel was great. beautiful island. I want to go again.
Reviewer: Anthony Zolfo
5 Stars
July 15, 2019
My wife and children joined me in having a great experience. I felt safe and secure and had a blast at the zip-line. Nick and Jordan make sure your thrills are only outweighed by your safety. The snorkeling was wonderful and the lunch was delicious - thanks Julian! I would highly recommend the Zip and Snorkel Adventure - you will love it!!!
Reviewer: Tony Z.
5 Stars
Roatan's excursion.
June 24, 2019
Top notch experience. From the direction to get to the pickup ride, the round trip from and to the ship, the van driver, the zip line's safety crews, the beach facility, the complimentary lunch, the boat' crews and the snorkeling were outstanding. Our only complaint was the snorkeling trip was little bit too short. Will definitely visit Roatan, and book the same excursion again. Had so much fun.
Reviewer: Giang
5 Stars
April 02, 2019
We ended up being the only couple in the van! Smaller group excursions and less expensive than the ship sponsored ones. These tour guides are well aware of the ship arrival times so keep tabs of your travel. Zip lines, 9 zips, with 2 guides, fun. Then private beach area, small boat for 1 mile ride out to the snorkel area and private guide showed us nurse shark and brought up a lobster to see, saw an eagle ray below. Then had lunch waiting in their small restaurant on site. Fun day.
Reviewer: Lorna
5 Stars
So much FUN
February 26, 2019
From start to finish this was a great excursion! The zip line was so much fun. Our guide was talkative and engaging. We had a small group so it went by way too fast. The snorkeling was new for me. I swallowed more salt water than I needed to but enjoyed the underwater views. And lunch was wonderful, oh so GOOD!!
Reviewer: Paula G Hardy
5 Stars
Great Excursion
October 10, 2018
The guys were great on the zip line and it has 2 lines you hock on to so felt safe. The Snorkeling was a nice beach area with a restaurant that we swam at as others did horseback riding. We went out in a boat to the reef and the guys snorkel with you.
Reviewer: Debbie
5 Stars
Can we do this again, please?
August 13, 2018
This was my first time zip-lining, and definitely the longest one my kids had ever been on. What a total blast! The guides were helpful, friendly, and made sure everyone had a good time. I wish we could have gone on the longest ones last instead of first, but that's not the way mountains work! Lunch at the beach was delicious and my teenagers loved playing with the puppies hiding under the bar. This was all of our first time snorkeling, so it would have been nice if the guide had given some tips on how to minimize salt-water intake (pro-tip: try to keep your ears above water and your snorkel will follow). Otherwise, this was an unforgettable adventure.
Reviewer: Bryce Assink
5 Stars
Highly recommend!!
August 13, 2018
This was the highlight of our trip. We loved the entire excursion and the tour guides were fabulous. The lunch was delicious fresh seafood on the beach. We had grilled lobster and shrimp. The ziplining was safe and super fun and the snorkeling was great too. I highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Gary Reuter
5 Stars
Flying High
July 09, 2018
This was a fun excursion! Joel and the rest of the crew were professional, yet fun and exciting. I highly recommend flying through the trees with these guys.
Reviewer: Brandi
5 Stars
Enjoyable Time
April 30, 2018
My family of 4 with 2 teenage boys enjoyed this excursion. Staff was friendly and helpful. This is a good zip line for first timers as you don't have to do much, staff does everything for you. They have monkey's on the property which was a nice bonus. The spot where you snorkel is lovely and the snorkel experience was great. All around great time.
Reviewer: Gross Family
5 Stars
January 24, 2018
The driver was very prompt and very helpful. We arrived at the zip-line with other groups, but were able to get tot he zip-line quickly. The Vista from on top of the island was worth the trip up. The workers on the zipline were encouraging and great help. the snokeling was very nice, however the equipment was dated and very worn. So if you have your own, I would bring it.
Reviewer: Mary
4 Stars
Now this is was adventure
January 12, 2018
VERY natural, somewhat unsafe or at least a dangerous feel to it. I felt like Indiana Jones...the drive up the mountain in the back of a open safari truck, coconuts being chopped so i could dring, eating fresh fish that looked like it was caught hours ago, riding on the bow of a boat, diving deep to take a look at a unique species. O yea, the zip line...the employees are terrific, the runs were long and adventurism was the main priority. Upside down, running starts, spinning...just let them know, they will show you how.
Reviewer: Bobby Breed
5 Stars
Zip and Snorkel
March 30, 2017
We had an excellent time. We were picked up close to the ship and taken to where they were waiting for us to go zip lining. All were very friendly and helpful so we saw some beautiful sites... would definitely do this again. Next our driver drove us out to a spot on the beach where we were wisked off for an excellent snorkeling adventure, after we were treated to a delicious fish lunch and a chance to enjoy a little spot of paradise. Thanks so much Christopher Tours. We would definitely recommend you as well as look for you tours in the future.
Reviewer: Patricia Beattie
5 Stars