Nevis Panoramic Drive and Beach Tour

Not Quite as Advertised but Thoroughly Enjoyed
December 29, 2023
This was a delightful day. The catamaran ride was fun and relaxing, with gorgeous views. The tour consisted mostly of driving around in the van, but the driver was proud of his home town, very knowledgeable, and showed us much of the island. The hot spring was small and simple, but felt wonderful on sore joints and left the skin feeling refreshed. The lunch at the beach was simple but outstanding, and the beach itself was super nice. An added bonus was the camaraderie that developed among people on the tour - the driver/guide had a lot to do with that! It was a great day! I'd do it again.
Reviewer: Rhonda
5 Stars
Awesome, Informative, and Fun
July 26, 2023
We really enjoyed this tour. Our ship pulled into St. Kitts where we had been a few months earlier so we decided to check Nevis out. If given the opportunity, we would strongly recommend you do the same. Upon arrival we were picked up by our driver Smoothie who was interesting, informative and fun. Our travels included a stop to see the house Alexander Hamilton grew up in. We spent a good deal of time at the hot springs where we had an opportunity to spend some time in the warm baths. Up from the hot springs we were brought to a point where we could see St. Kitts and much of Nevis. The water at the beach stop was amazingly clear and the lunch provided was very good. We would definitely recommend this tour for anyone. Smoothie did an amazing job!
Reviewer: Bill Donart
5 Stars
Amazing Day In Nevis
May 11, 2023
This was a amazing day in Nevis- the instructions for meeting were very direct and easy to follow. The tour left on time and was great. The modes of transportation- boat and bus- were clean and maintained. The guide in Nevis was excellent. Lunch was a nice stop. We are glad we spent the day in Nevis; it was beautiful and a slower pace. I'd recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Michelle
5 Stars
Great Tour of Nevis
March 17, 2023
An engaging tour guide drove us to memorable and picturesque parts of the Island. The restaurant where we ate lunch served delicious food. The beach was beautiful. A great day!
Reviewer: Paul Conti
5 Stars
Nevis Panoramic Drive and Beach Tour
March 12, 2023
We enjoyed this tour very much. It was organized. The boat ride to Nevis was a little rough, but we expected that. The tour was awesome and the guide was very informative and helpful.
Reviewer: Brenda Stormer
5 Stars
March 04, 2023
Really enjoyed tour of island Beach lunch excellent.
Reviewer: Meg
5 Stars
March 04, 2023
Trip to Nevis via catamaran was amazing. The tour was very interesting and the lunch at lime in d coconut was delightful. The whole day was perfect.
Reviewer: Marcia
5 Stars
Do it!
February 19, 2023
What a great day. Nice 30 minute boat ride from St. Kitts to Nevis. The island is beautiful and takes great pride in being the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton. Our guide, Keno, was outstanding and made the tour perfect. Lunch on the beach was fun. Great time, great tour! Get away from the crowds and see beautiful Nevis.
Reviewer: Philip Bigler
5 Stars
Nevis drive and beach tour
February 19, 2023
This was an excellent tour. The directions given to us to walk the short distance to meet our tour were perfecrt. The boat ride to Nevis was enjoyable, followed by an open air tour of the island which was most informative. We then spent some time at a beach with a great lunch before boarding the boat for our return. It was a great day in every way.
Reviewer: Ted and Judy Andre
5 Stars
Super day!
February 16, 2023
An excellent day. Our driver was very knowledgeable and very entertaining. Our small tour group made it possible to stop and take pictures whenever we wanted and not feel rushed. The highlight was the beach stop and included lunch. Our tour was an afternoon tour and the beach was nearly deserted at that time which really made our day. We had time to swim and relax on the beach before returning to the ship. Everything went very smoothly and we had no concerns about returning to the ship on time. I would recommend using Shore Excursions as an alternative to the larger and busier cruise ship excursions. We were not disappointed.
Reviewer: Diane Paquin
5 Stars
Excellent Tour
February 14, 2023
Absolutely loved this tour - everyone we came into contact with was a delight and really exceeded all expectations. Special shout-out to Cookie!
Reviewer: Ryan Winter
5 Stars
Nice tour
February 11, 2023
A great day. Nice tour around Nevis. Enjoyed lunch and rum punch. Finished up relaxing at the beach before heading back. Still had time to walk thru the shops near the pier before heading back to the ship. The only negative was the ride over. Full Speed Ahead! A lot of bouncing, wind and wave splash. They offer drinks on the boat but you may end up wearing most of it. Trip back was better. Over all, we would do it again.
Reviewer: Scot Hawkesworth
4 Stars
December 19, 2022
We really had a nice time. Our guide was very knowledgeable and personable
Reviewer: Michele Welch
5 Stars
Amazing Guide
December 14, 2022
While this excursion was fun, it was the guide that made it GREAT! He was such a great storyteller, managed to involved the entire small bus by asking questions and getting to know us and was an all-around great host.
Reviewer: D. Connelly
5 Stars
Nevis plantation and beach
June 22, 2022
This by far was the best excursion I ever took. It was not part of the cruise group however the cruise group followed us.. The boat driver and person on the boat was great. The rum punch was the best. The bus driver was very informative and lunch was good. I would recommend this to any one.
Reviewer: Steve
5 Stars
Nevis Plantation and Beach - excellent!
March 22, 2020
We loved visiting Nevis. The boat trip over was great, the tour was outstanding and the beach visit was perfect. Thank you!
Reviewer: Karen Coronado
5 Stars
Best tour of this cruise
January 04, 2020
We booked this not knowing if 2 old ladies with bad knees could handle this. When we arrived at the pier we were surprised to see that it was only us & the tour was still on. We boarded the catamaran & set sail for Nevis. Smoothie gave us the best tour & then we went to the beach where we were given a great lunch, time on the beach, an umbrella & chairs. The catamaran was there on the beach ready when we were for the ride back. Our challenge was getting from the water to that step but with the help of an egg crate & 2 great guys we made it & will remain the funniest highlight of our cruise. I would HIGHLY recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Kay Mang
5 Stars
Very good tour
December 22, 2019
I’ll start with the guides. The two crew members that handled the boat trip from St. Kitts to Nevis and return were excellent. Concerned for everyone's safety and comfort. Told us a great deal of the history of the area. The guide on Nevis ranked up with top tour guides we have had on other tours. He kept everyone on the van engaged with trivia questions about the area we were going to visit. On the way back he had questions about the area we had visited. Everyone on the bus was involved. The plantation was very interesting. The meal of local food near the beach was very good. The sea was very rough so those who wanted to go in the water were watched carefully by 3 lifeguards. Smoothie, our guide on the island was very proud of Nevis history. My wife and I highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Gerald Qualter
5 Stars
Great excursion
December 13, 2019
Nice variety of activities with this excursion!! Boat ride with unlimited rum punch/beer/soda to Nevis, then informative tour of island and old sugar plantation, great lunch and then beach time. Guides all very knowledgeable and friendly!! Would recommend!!
Reviewer: Dan Thompson
5 Stars
Wonderful Day
November 14, 2019
The boat was docked right by our cruise pier. It was an easy walk to the dock and to board our boat. Wonderful ride to Nevis with beers, rum punch and soda - Gorgeous views of St. Kitts and Nevis. Hopped on an air-conditioned van with brief stops at Alexander Hamilton's house, churches as well as the Bath house where we were able to get out and see the views from the rooftop. We also stopped at the hot springs where we could soak in the mineral water. Then we went on a gorgeous scenic drive with loads of information from our driver Merlin. We stopped at a plantation which was gorgeous. Our final stop was at the beach where we were immediately served lunch and drinks. After lunch, we had an hour or so of beach time to relax before the boat picked us up for our return to the cruise pier. Would do again in a heartbeat! A great overview of the history and culture of Nevis.
Reviewer: Rachel McCullough
5 Stars
Great tour to take!
November 08, 2019
We took the Nevis Plantation and Beach our on recent cruise. The trip over to the beach was beautiful in the boat. There was a little confusion when we reached the beach because two tour groups were together- those that were staying on the beach and those that were going on the island tour. A quick inquiry cleared that up though. We took an island tour and had an excellent guide. After the tour we had a yummy lunch at a local restaurant and then had plenty of time to stay on the beach. It was nice that the chairs and umbrellas were also included in the tour price. Overall, we thought it was a good value and would recommend this excursion for a fun day.
Reviewer: Colleen Raper
4 Stars
Great Nevis Excursion
October 01, 2019
We were greeted at the dock by a representative who then walked us to the boat where we met the captain and first mate. All three were very friendly and took great care of us. The boat ride was fun and we were offered drinks and in about 1/2 hour we were on Nevis. We were greeted by our tour guide/driver who took on an informative tour in an air conditioned van. We made a few stops where we were shown local landmarks and then dropped off at a fantastic beach. We were served lunch consisting of local cuisine, jerk chicken and fresh grilled fish. We would highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Sue Counts
5 Stars
st kitts and nevis
September 28, 2019
great tour. it was a small group(5). it consist of a fast boat ride to nevis, a tour of nevis, lunch on the beach, beach time, and a boat ride back to st kitts.
Reviewer: marie
5 Stars
July 31, 2019
Nice tour, driver was outstanding with stories and questions. Nice beach break and lunch. Bad part was my wife couldn't make it and there's no chance for a refund.
Reviewer: Douglas Harrison
5 Stars
Nevis plantation / beach
April 19, 2019
Very good trip, 5*
Reviewer: Matt
5 Stars
Didn’t see it!
April 08, 2019
They changed our reservation to a snorkel trip and it was fun too
Reviewer: Tricia Chiariello
4 Stars
Great Excursion!
April 08, 2019
We took this excursion on March 15, 2019. The communications and directions to meet the excursion were spot on and easy to follow from the dock. The captain and mate were as laid back as the Caribbean get, but described the geographic features of St. Kitts and Nevis on the boat ride over to Nevis, along with island music and a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The mini-bus tour of Nevis was nice. I wish we had gotten out at the Hamilton House and spent a little time there. Otherwise, the lunch a the beach restaurant/bar was nice as was the 90 minutes of beach time we had before the boat took us back to St. Kitts. This was by far the best excursion of our cruise, and a nice water/land combo tour.
Reviewer: Jon Zeitler
5 Stars
February 25, 2019
Very pleasant excursion. About 14 people. Nice boat ride from St. KITTS to Nevis. Price was fair and the tour was good.
4 Stars
Nevis Plantation and Beach
February 15, 2019
Loved the boat ride over to Nevis and all the scenery. Wished there was some way to see St. Kitts as well but it had to be one or the other. The guide was great and informative.
Reviewer: Susan
4 Stars
Excursion from St Kitts
February 06, 2019
Enjoyed this same excursion so much last year, we decided to do it again. Fast catamaran over to Nevis with drinks, then informative and entertaining tour, topped off with lunch and a beach break. Then back to St.Kitts. Only excursion we have ever done twice and was not disappointed.
Reviewer: Michael Janneck
5 Stars
Very fun day!
January 29, 2019
This ended up being the highlight of our cruise! We had the boat to ourselves and the tour. Just 3 of us. I was expecting them to cancel, but they didn't. I tipped generously! The tour was fun, the beach beautiful, and the boat ride scenery was amazing. Highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Bryant
5 Stars
Nevis Plantation and Beach
December 29, 2018
We got on a boat with 12 other guests in St. Kitts over to Nevis and were given the choice to go straight to the beach or do a land tour then to the Beach for lunch. we chose the land tour. We went to the hot pubic baths, then to an old church and a stop at a hotel then to the beach where we had a fantastic lunch of grouper, beans and rice. We enjoyed the beach for 1 1/2 hours then took the boat back to St. Kitts. We really enjoyed this tour as we had never been to Nevis. What a beautiful place. Great tour! It was a beautiful sunny day. This tour was definately worth the money and time.
Reviewer: Doug Snidow
5 Stars
Great Time
December 28, 2018
History, ride on water and on shore, Excellent people that made you feel comfortable
Reviewer: Jack
5 Stars
Excellent Day on Nevis & the Beach
December 28, 2018
This excursion started out with a boat ride over to Nevis with the rum punch flowing! Once we arrived on Nevis, our tour guide was waiting for us and we loaded the jitney. We were 10 passengers so we had lots of room to move around. We toured the island and lots of time for photographs. After finishing the island tour we were taken to the beach where we had a delicious lunch (I had the jerk chicken) and beverages. We then had 1 1/2 hours on the beach with a lounge chair and umbrella. Our boat ride back to St. Kitts picked us up directly from the beach. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day and I highly recommend this excursions.
Reviewer: Gail D Erlitz
5 Stars
St Kitts Nevis Tour
December 26, 2018
We were picked up at the Marina on St Kitts by a power cat with a great crew for the trip to Nevis. Upon our arrival we were picked up by an open air bus with a driver named Smoothie, he put on a great guided tour of the island including Alexander Hamilton's home. After a great lunch we were left on the beach to enjoy a couple of hours of sun. We were picked up off the beach by the power cat and returned to the Marina. A great trip.
Reviewer: Harold Fahs
5 Stars
Nevis Plantation and Beach
September 18, 2018
We enjoyed this excursion---went by a smaller catamaran to Nevis Plantation and then continued on in an open air bus. Saw beautiful scenery and was told the history of the island. We really enjoyed the Nevis Hot Springs. We were served a meal when we got to the beach and then had time to get into the water--chairs and umbrella was furnished. Would take this excursion again.
Reviewer: Charlotte Hoff
5 Stars
Nevis plantation and beach
August 13, 2018
This was a great tour. The guide amazing and loved seeing Nevis. All ok
Reviewer: Jack Cohen
5 Stars
Great day exploring St. Nevis, lacking St. Kitt's
June 11, 2018
A nice full day (left with time to spare), to explore St. Nevis. Half hour boat ride (drinks included) to St. Nevis. Vehicle picks you up to drive you around the island, and points out highlights/stops for pictures. Yummy lunch is provided, chicken or fish both great! Plenty of time on the beach. Then boat ride back. Only wished we would have seen more of St. Kitt's. Great excursion!
Reviewer: Paula Moore
4 Stars
wonderful small group excursion
June 01, 2018
Our family of 3 adults and 2 seniors took this excursion in March 2018. It was a little hard to locate the tour company kiosk, but once we located it (just beyond the main port entrance) everything else went smoothly. We joined about 7 other passengers for a high speed catamaran trip from the ship port to the other side of the island where we were met by our local tour guide 'Cookie' for an island tour in an air conditioned mini bus. Cookie was very personable and informative and answered all of our questions and gave us ample time to take photos. The lunch that came included with the tour was at a little beach side cafe and the food was FABULOUS (actually better than some of the food we had on our cruise ship!) Then after lunch we were provided with beach chairs and umbrella and about 1.5 hours of beach time before we boarded our catamaran for the ride back to the cruise ship. This was a very pleasant excursion and we felt is was a great value since lunch was included.
Reviewer: Linda M
5 Stars
Nevis Plantation and Beach
April 30, 2018
Beautiful island! Wonderful tour by Ingrid.
Reviewer: Lauren
5 Stars
Excellent Nevis Excursion
April 23, 2018
My wife and I enjoyed this excursion. It was a great introduction to Nevis. A look at the history, some key sites, and a wonderful beach and lunch. The boat trip is fast, so no wasting time getting to and from St Kitts.
Reviewer: David Pennington
5 Stars
Relaxing Day at the Beach
April 16, 2018
Well run outing to a beach at Nevis. We did not do the tour part of the excursion, opting to go straight to the beach. We were provided with an umbrella and two chairs. Lunch was a short walk to a local restaurant, and was delicious!
Reviewer: Vicki Galer
4 Stars
Great excursion-driver was very nice
April 02, 2018
We had a wonderful time on this shore excursion. We enjoyed the catamaran boat ride, the grandchildren loved seeing the monkeys. I would have loved seeing inside of the Alexander Hamilton plantation house. I thought the hotel they showed us was beautiful!
Reviewer: Leslie Tanner
5 Stars
shore excursion
March 14, 2018
This was fantastic! We took a boat from the dock over to Nevis and they served drinks on the way and back. The tour of the island in which our guide was so good and informative, we went to all different places even the hot springs.Then we went to have a lunch on the beach at a restaurant and the grouper was fresh and excellent. We lounged by the water and swam. Then we had to board the boat from the water to go back to the ship.
Reviewer: Katherine Faulknor
5 Stars
St. Kitts to Nevis
March 08, 2018
The excursion was fantastic. Blue Water Safari did an excellent job. The boat was a twin hull with twin 250"s. It blew by the cruise ship excursion to the Nevis. The tour of the island, lunch, and beach exceeded my expectations. It was also a small group and lots of fun. Crew and employees made sure we had a good time. And it cost quite a bit less than the cruise ship excursion. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Mike Janneck
5 Stars
Almost Excellent
March 07, 2018
The catamaran ride over & back was wild & crazy as was well as somewhat unsafe, but the high-lights of Nevis land tour was excellent. We had a very personable & knowledgeable drive/guide and an air-conditioned bus. The island meal & beach time were delightful too. Would be good to warn tourists that although the catamaran unloads at a dock upon arrival on Nevis, it reloads on a beach for return to St. Kitts which means passengers have to wade into the water and then climb into the boat. (The crew was helpful in lifting, pulling, boasting us on board, however we were quite soaked by incoming waves.)
Reviewer: David Gustafson
4 Stars
Nevis excursion
February 23, 2018
This was a great experience. Our only criticism was the information was incomplete. We didn’t realize we could have selected being taken directly to the beach, without the island tour. Being from snowy Michigan, beach time is very important. However, our guide was awesome, so organized and knowledgeable! We really enjoyed the tour and would highly recommend the excursion.
Reviewer: Gayle Green
5 Stars
Fun excursion !!!
February 05, 2018
This excursion was really good. The boat ride over to Nevis was fun ! They were very helpful getting you onto the boat. They had a lot of complementary drinks to chose from to and from the island. We got a kick out of "Ting" (a yummy drink, like mello yellow) and had some really good laughs with that. Once we got to the dock at Nevis, we were able to use the restroom before our guided tour started. Our tour guide was named Lester but went by the nick name smoothie. He was excellent !!! He loved his job and it showed !! He was very professional. After the nice tour we went to the beach and had a nice lunch. We had the fish and it was so good !!! The beach was beautiful as well. Pack a pair of water shoes/beach shoes due to lots of sharp shells in the water. We got back on the boat from the beach, which was really cool being I never did that before. It was a nice day and I will definitely have to go back so that I can tour ST. Kitts next time.
Reviewer: Lisa Blackburn
5 Stars
Nevis Plantation and Beach
January 17, 2018
This was the best excursion ever. Our guide was very informative and never rushed us. He took us to a great hot springs and gave us time to get into it. The tour was over an hour, then he took us to a nice beach. I am so glad that we selected this excursion.
Reviewer: Marnie Schramm
5 Stars
Awesome Excursion!
January 02, 2018
The boat crew and the tour bus driver, Lester, were excellent. They were all very polite and very knowledgeable about the history of their island, as well as, the US. The tour gave a good view of the island, it's people, and history. Land and sea were beautiful. Lester was exceptional! Not only did he know all the history, he involved everyone , and remembered everyone's names. He even made a song about the island, and included all the names of the persons on the tour. I would recommend this tour, and recommend Lester! He is awesome!
Reviewer: Jennifer
5 Stars
Nevis Excursion
January 01, 2018
A high speed power catamaran took us to the island of Nevis where we were transferred to a mini-van for a tour of the island, lunch at an open-air beach restaurant, free time on the beach, and a return trip to St. Kitts. Everything went as per plan and fulfilled our expectations. The staff were very helpful; the food at the restaurant, chicken and rice, although simple fare, was superbly prepared and seasoned to provide an excellent meal. This trip was well worth the price.
Reviewer: Wayne Grabow
4 Stars
Nevis excursion.
December 29, 2017
Terrific tour guide. Great people. Unique tour of Nevis.
Reviewer: Robert Margolies
5 Stars
Nevis Plantation and Beach
December 26, 2017
We boarded a motor boat just a short walk from the pier. As soon as we took off drinks were served. Only 9 people on boat - 6 of us were dropped off on dock for our tour and 3 went directly to the Beach with the boat. We had a nice van with excellent guide who took us all over the island. Enjoyed seeing Alexander Hamilton's birthplace, the hot mineral springs and the Nevis Plantation. We then returned to a beach restaurant where we were served an excellent lunch along with 2 drinks. We then walked down to the Beach to lounge chairs and umbrellas and the other 3 guests. We had about an hour on this beach which was plenty as the water was not pretty and it was very rocky, Boarded the boat and back to St. Kitts. Really great tour and I would highly recommend.
Reviewer: Donna Lawrence
5 Stars
Great Experience
December 11, 2017
My husband and I had a great time on this tour. The power catamaran got us over to Nevis in about 30 minutes and the island tour was fun and informative. Lunch at the beach was truly excellent. We had a plate of grilled fish that tasted as though they just caught it. I was worried my husband may have trouble getting back on the cat from the beach, but the crew on the boat was very accommodating and helped him with no problems. Great trip! Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Kim D
5 Stars