A Volcano Hiking Adventure

Know your abilities
October 06, 2022
This is a strenuous climb where at any given time during the climb we were using all four limbs. It’s amazing! It’s rewarding! But it’s all uphill, it’s hot and it’s long! If this is within your physical capabilities try it!!! It was an excursion we had wanted to try for years but was never on the docket, whoever we sailed with. When we did get the chance it was more than we thought it would be! We loved it!!!
Reviewer: Erin snively
5 Stars
Tough but
October 03, 2022
This is a tough 6 miles hike/rock scramble (3 miles up/ 3 miles back down) through tropical forest to the top of a extinct volcano caldera. Definitely need to be physically fit, dress appropriately- at a minimum, workout clothes & sneakers/hiking boots- and bring water to fully enjoy. But the guides are knowledgeable, the jungle terrain is serene, and the view from the top is awesome. Scrambling up and down rocks was a blast. Really enjoyable but not for young children and not for those with mobility concerns. Highly recommend if you love to hike.
Reviewer: Stef
5 Stars
Must do if you are in good shape
March 08, 2020
It was an awesome hike with only 3 people. They are not kidding when they say this is strenuous. It is a good thing I am in shape. Great guide. Provided water, juice, and snacks. Provided great history on the way to the hike.
Reviewer: Holly Corson
5 Stars
Tough hike. Need to train
March 07, 2020
This was a brutal hike. Up for 2.5 hours with very few stops. Not much time for photos, either. It was muddy and a lot of scrambling over large rocks. The guide kept telling us to hurry up. Didn't spend much time at the top. We were in the clouds, so the view was not great. The trip down was not much easier. Total of 4.5 hours. We are mid 50's and in decent shape. We were fine, but slow. The 30 somethings with us had no problems. My quads hurt for days afterwards!
Reviewer: Leslie Castner
4 Stars
worth every penny
March 01, 2020
this was amazing but I must confess it was a whole lot more difficult than I thought it would be. they're not lying about it being extreme. the view at the top with the clouds coming in over the opposite peak was breathtaking. be aware though that the beginning is thru a rain forest and if it rains (it did for us) the trail becomes very slippery and more treacherous.
Reviewer: bill drury
5 Stars
Volcano climb with Adrienne
January 07, 2020
Amazing trek through the jungle, and a great hard technical climb with a fantastic guide, Adrienne has been climbing since age 11 and he takes the scientists through the jungle, he knows horticulture and brought fresh squeezed frozen sour orange juice that was delicious. From meet up to drop off, great experience 👍👍
Reviewer: Elizabeth Alexander
4 Stars
Tough but rewarding
August 28, 2019
We're an active family with 2 teens with probably above average conditioning, but not athletes. The hike was through very tough but gorgeous terrain. Lots of wet tree roots and slippery rocks. If it had rained it would have made it nearly impossible. There are parts of the trail where you are quite literally using your hands and feet in order to climb nearly vertical slopes. Despite the challenging nature of the trek, and indeed because of it, we found it to be an extremely rewarding experience. Our guide was awesome. He set a brisk pace but stopped frequently to ensure the entire group was with us. He even lugged a huge bottle of lemonade and some homemade bread to top with us so we could regain some energy before descending back down. I would highly recommend taking this tour if you are an avid hiker and love being out in a tropical rain forest. However, if you have little kids or if you are not in decent shape, or if there is wet weather, I would think twice about taking this on.
Reviewer: Mark
5 Stars
Loved it!
May 04, 2019
This is listed as a tough hike and it is! It is worth it though. You climb about 2100 ft of elevation change. The 1st part is a path, then it goes to climbing roots, then some rocks at the top. It was worth it for sure!
Reviewer: Samantha
5 Stars
Awesome !
March 08, 2019
It was great !! Thank you to the guide Hilton !! He sets a comfortable pace and makes sure no one is left behind. The view !!
Reviewer: Lyle Price
5 Stars
Jungle hike
February 11, 2019
This is noted as a strenuous hike. Be SURE to take plenty of water. We took 2 bottles each which was not enough for my partner. The jungle was beautiful but the pace was a little fast to look at everything since you had to constantly watch your footing. The trail had a fairly steep incline and there is quite a bit of climbing by pulling up on roots and boulders. One person had hiked the in/out across the Grand Canyon and said this was harder. My partner got dehydrated so I went back to wait with him. As he felt better we decided to go on. It was easier going at our own pace and we eventually caught up. Going down was harder on him than going up and one of the guides stayed behind and walked back with him - about 3 and a half miles. Overall, I enjoyed it and it was quite a feeling of accomplishment. My partner liked it too, he would just be better prepared with water next time. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys hiking and wants a challenge. I am a 71 year-old female.
Reviewer: Cynthia Sides
4 Stars
November 07, 2018
The guides were great and so much fun!! This hike is definitely not for everyone. We had 4 people drop out in the first 30 min. But the view from the top is totally worth it!! Loved every minute!!
Reviewer: Lisa Stolze
5 Stars
Excellent Hike & Amazing Views
October 08, 2018
The hike is challenging, but definitely worth it! We ended up with a private tour for just the 2 of us, and our guide Hilton was great. We made it up and back down in 3.5 hours [1hr45min climb, 15min break at the top and 1hr30min to get back down]. There are some narrow areas, and several more difficult sections, but all very doable. We are mid-30s and only hike on vacation. Hilton said he has taken kids as young as 4, and they have hiked it without issue. We met our guide just past the security gates at the port and drove ~45 min in an open air tour bus to the parking area. The last 5 minutes of the ride is a crazy trip over VERY bumpy terrain with tall brush on either side. The hike starts with a ~20 minute walk through the rain forest before the real climbing begins. Hilton stopped for rests frequently on the way up, but kept a very quick pace. Definitely recommend this excursion for anyone considering this hike
Reviewer: Courtney
5 Stars
Great Experience!
September 17, 2018
So let me start off by saying my wife and I are in our 50s. We've hiked Zion, Acadia, Escalante, Bryce, Sedona and the grand canyon. This hike was as tough if not tougher than those. We read the reviews and concluded they were primarily cruisers who wouldn't know a tough excursion or hike. BUT, I was wrong... Its hot, wet, full of fruit flies hovering around downed mangoes, up hill, on all fours at times. We traversed boulders, grabbed roots to get up. I wouldn't say it was dangerous, but you will appreciate the workout. The reward?... Great views at the top. Do it, you won't regret it. Hilton was a great guide and kept you moving. He won't baby you on the trip but he will get you there and back safely. Do it for the experience, do it for the adventure... if you like a good hike... just do it!
Reviewer: Dave R
5 Stars
Very challenging but rewarding hike
August 13, 2018
Took this hiking excursion separate from the cruise ship and made it back with enough time to shop, get hair braided and sit and have a couple of beers in port. Took about 2 hours up and 1 hour and 30 minutes back down with about 20 minutes to spend up top eating the best raisin bread And fresh juice. We had 5 people in our group. And even with it being challenging, we passed a group that had 30 minutes on us.
Reviewer: Otelia Faith Robertson
5 Stars
The view was great. Getting there is a battle.
June 25, 2018
Once we got to the top the view was great. But getting there was harder than I thought it would be. We had an owner of gym and even he said it was a lot harder than he thought it would be. And he and his wife climbed Everest. I wish we had more time to stop and take pictures didn't get to enjoy the jungle. The group got separated on the way back and my daughter and I were on our own for half the trip back.
Reviewer: Christine
4 Stars
Great Volcano Hike
April 02, 2018
We sailed to St. Kitts aboard a cruise ship and my wife and I were looking for an active excursion so we chose this one. We were picked up at the port and driven to the trailhead along with six others and Adrian, our guide. The hike was challenging but even the few older folks in the group were able to complete it without issue. Total time from start to summit was 2:14. Nice views at the top and Adrian passed out fresh guava juice and a local raisin bread that was absolutely delicious. A family of mongoose live at the summit and we fed them our scraps and watched them play. Good trip overall and if you are looking for adventure we’d definitely recommend it.
Reviewer: Jeff Jones
4 Stars
Challenging and rewarding hike and climb
January 21, 2018
The hike to the crater of Mt. Liamuiga is a challenging hike and climb, but gave an view of the crater and view to the ocean. Our guide Hilton did a great job, and the walking sticks provided, the snacks and water were adequate for the effort. My main concern was that Hilton was taking a group of about 20 of us by himself. He wisely stayed with the slower members,but the younger and faster ones sped ahead, and I was hiking alone in the middle. I hike solo in challenging terrain, so I wasn't personally worried.Other groups had at least two guides, , which I felt, based on my own experiences as an outdoor professional and volunteer was what was needed.My concern was not with Hilton, but that he alone. Luckily everyone made it back safely.Hilton provided good info on the sites we passed on the way out to the hike.I appreciated getting returned to our ship's dock and not having to take shuttles back from town.It made for an easy end to a challenging, rewarding day.
Reviewer: Nathan Caldwell
4 Stars
Amazing hike, scenic views second to none
December 29, 2017
The hike was a little tougher than expected but well worth it, bring hiking boots
Reviewer: Tim Campbell
5 Stars
Super hard and rewarding when you survive!
March 31, 2017
Man! This is an adventure like no other! If you aren't into hard challenging hiking, don't do this. If you are, wow! Definitely the hardest hike I have ever done. You WILL get dirty. Wear clothing and shoes that can get dirty. I can't stress enough how hard this is. But, so worth it! Our guide was fantastic.
Reviewer: Bev
5 Stars
Amazing Hike
March 30, 2017
We took our family of 5 of this hike and it was a once in a life time experience. As stated in the other reviews- this is extremely a physical hike- you are not always on a nice smooth path- in some spots there are some climbing involved. The top- the view is unexplainable. I would say if you are in good shape- DO this!! We also were lucky to see a lot of wild monkeys while we hiked.
Reviewer: Gerads Family
5 Stars
Volcano Hike
March 17, 2017
This excursion is a ruff one. It is physically demanding. Make sure you are hydrated before you go on this excursion. Also make sure you have plenty of water. And third make sure you are in great shape.
Reviewer: I survived the Volcano
4 Stars
Do it... if you can!
January 22, 2017
A wonderful exercise to get rid of the kilos gained on ship. The first half of the path is OK for all, but once you hit the second half you will remember all the promises to quit smoking from the last ten years of your life. If you manage to get to the top, pray to have a clear sky and you will forget all the pains you suffer to reach there.
Reviewer: Marius
4 Stars
Hard Work, but worth it in the end.
December 20, 2016
As a family, the five of us made this incredible journey. My two girls, aged 13 and 11, had a hard time managing the climb, but our guide helped them ""tough through it."" My only complaints are that we didn't get enough time at the top of the Volcano and we always felt rushed by our guide. Would I do this again? No, once is enough... Been there, done that, WISH i would have been able to get a t-shirt. Would I recommend it? Yes. It was a great day trip and an excellent change of pace from the cruise ship.
Reviewer: Jay
5 Stars