Sea to Sky

So much fun!
March 17, 2020
We love this excursion- so much so that we have done it three times! Everything is done so professionally and the staff is lots of fun - they stay with you the whole time. Can’t say enough about this excursion - good entertainment, fun people, good food and drinks, and wonderful value for your money!
Reviewer: Marcelle Beechan
5 Stars
Full Day of Fun
March 15, 2020
This was a great excursion and well worth the money. Loved the catamaran, the plantation tour and the Zipline. The lunch was filling and the journey back to the pier was the most entertaining. The crew on the catamaran danced and sang and got all the people up and moving. The rum punch helped with that as well. Justice was our Guide and he took great care of the people in his group. Do this tour! you won't be disappointed.
Reviewer: Dorothy
5 Stars
wonderful day
May 25, 2019
Great experience all around. I would not miss this!
Reviewer: Amola Abrol
5 Stars
a blast
May 08, 2019
our tour guides were hilarious. what a great time. very informative also.
Reviewer: Teresa Williams
5 Stars
Great Excursion
March 31, 2019
This was the best excursion ever. It combines a boat ride to a scenic port, a brief bus to a coca plantation, an excellent zip line through a mountain top forest and snorkeling in a calm bay. Eli, our our guide was awesome.
Reviewer: Bruce
5 Stars
Wonderful Day in St. Lucia
March 02, 2018
Nice Catamaran, wonderful crew and great guides. The day started with a sail to Soufriere where each group was assigned their guide. There were only 4 of us ziplining! AWESOME, and we had the best guide. We were transported to Morne Coubaril Estate for a guided tour through the estate and ziplining. The tour was interesting and though it is a shorter zipline, the scenery is amazing and the staff were great fun. We were served a wonderful buffet lunch on the Estate before returning to the catamaran. Finally, we headed back to Castries with a stop at a beautiful beach for snorkeling and sailed through Marigot Bay. We had an amazing day, all of the crew and tour guides were fantastic. Note - as with all excursions, tips were expected by the tour guide for the Estate and to the zipline crew as well as to our personal guide and the catamaran crew, another $40+ for a couple - our choice but well deserved. I highly recommend this excursion for a full day of fun.
Reviewer: Robin Balzer
5 Stars
Sea to Sky
February 02, 2018
My family had a fantastic time seeing the coastline of St Lucia while traveling on the catamaran. The zip-lining experience was breath-taking at the plantation and my husband and I really enjoyed the experience as first-timers. The Creole lunch was so yummy. We got to see so many different fish snorkeling. This is such an exceptional excursion!
Reviewer: Lenore Greaves
5 Stars
Fantastic Time
December 18, 2017
We had a great time on the Sea to Sky tour. The catamaran ride to the other side of the island was nice. They had breakfast fruit and breads available for guests as we departed. Music during ride and they talked about the island history. Once at destination taxi ride took us to an old Sugar cane plantation with the Zip line course. It was a blast! The guides were great and would take pictures and videos for you as you came across towards them on the line. Great group of people both on the boat and at the plantation. Lunch was provided at the plantation too. Lunch drink was fantastic. On the way back after a snorkel stop, the party began. Everyone enjoyed the Rum Punch, and music. The young deck hands were a riot dancing along with the guests and kept the drink coming to those that wanted one. Best part was getting dropped off right in back of our Cruise ship to make sure we got back before departure. Great excursion, love the island and cant wait to go back and spend more days!
Reviewer: Chad P.
5 Stars
Sea to Sky
April 18, 2017
This is an excursion you don't want to miss! Amazing right from the moment you meet up with them right to the end ....getting off the Queen of the Carnival. Crew and staff made the 45 min catamaran ride fun and even stopped to view some dolphins and baby whales. Soooo exciting! Once we arrived at our destination we were greated by yet more amazing locals that took us to our zipline destination. You would not believe how comfortable they made everyone feel. They coached you throughout the whole 7/8 lines of zipping! My husband is afraid of heights and they made him feel so comfortable that by the 3rd line he was doing tricks! Thank you to all of you! Truly amazing!!!! I will do this excursion again the next time I'm in st. Lucia
Reviewer: Nina Colavecchia
5 Stars
Great time!
February 14, 2017
Loved this island! Our tour was great. The guide was very fun and knowledgeable! Zip lining was fun, great for beginners.
Reviewer: susan sturtevant
5 Stars
Last minute choice
January 22, 2017
Our zip lining in St. Maarten fell short, so we added this tour last minute. Well worth the difference in price. The tour guides really care about the guests and their beautiful island. Our favorite excursion in the Caribbean. Snorkeling was in the clearest water. We did a 14 day and snorkeled at almost every port but Bonaire...that was a mistake. From our experience Bonaire and St. Lucia were the best.
Reviewer: Monica
5 Stars
Highlight of the Trip!
January 11, 2017
WOW! I can't give this excursion enough stars. I was a bit reluctant to zip line at my age (59) but once there I had every confidence in the equipment, the staff and the instruction provided. The tour, provided ahead of the zip line, was lovely and the lunch we had afterwards was fantastic! Zip lining through the rain forest was fantastic and the highlight of the day and my whole week! One of our party was a 71 year old woman, I think she enjoyed herself even more! Rest assured that this will be a great experience even for those that are fearful of heights as I am. It's completely safe and your confidence level will improve with each segment. I was zipping like a pro by the third (of eight) segment. Needless to say, I recommend this excursion for all ages, just do it and have the time of your life!!
Reviewer: Lynn Bartolo
5 Stars
Excellent excursion
September 28, 2016
We loved this excursion. We loved the catamaran ride there, the tour of the chocolate plantation, and the zip lining was amazing! Our guides were amazing!
Reviewer: Jen the traveler
5 Stars
Great ppl Great experience simply lots of fun
June 11, 2016
ppl are amazing and and funny
Reviewer: zaid
4 Stars
Wonderful excursion I would recommend to family an
May 11, 2016
This day long excursion was full of a great mix of activities. From the catamaran to the ziplining to the educational plantation tour to a delicious lunch, back to the catamaran then snorkeling on the way back. The ziplining is very tame, do not let that portion of the tour turn you away.
Reviewer: Family with adult kids
5 Stars
Great ride and great guides!
April 13, 2016
Very good day overall, including the sailing to/fm southern part of island. Lunch buffet was also great. We had two families traveling together and were able to do two excursions mostly together, i.e., the sail boat transit was same for the zip line adventure and the Soufrei sail, so the two groups were together much of the time.
Reviewer: Rick
5 Stars
Amazing Day!
March 03, 2016
One of the best lunch buffets I have had on an excursion.
Reviewer: Peterpr
5 Stars
Great trip
February 17, 2016
Had a great time hearing about the history of the island and zip lining was awesome. The tour of the property was educational and our bus driver was fantastic! Lunch was good too.
Reviewer: Laurie
4 Stars
Great Day, I'd do it again!
February 11, 2016
Much better price than a similar zip line from cruise line. It was a little confusing finding our group on the dock, but so are a lot of cruise line tours. Boat ride to and from zip line location was long, but I didn't mind that as long as I could find a shady spot. Plantation tour was interesting, zip line was fun, lunch was good. Those who wanted to snorkel might not have had as much time as hoped for. We were actually about 20 minutes late returning to the ship, and they had to hold a gangplank open for us. I just kept telling myself it would be ok, as ShoreExcursions promises to get you there on time or make other arrangements.
Reviewer: CW
5 Stars
Can't wait to go again !!!!
February 04, 2016
The adventure was great and what I remember most was how I was treated. Kindest people I've ever met hands down ! Ask for Emmry and Philip when doing zip-lining and Nastasha for the tour.
Reviewer: Karen
5 Stars
This was an awesome excursion and alot was inc for
February 04, 2016
The catamaran ride was relaxing and we saw beautiful sites of the coast of St. Lucia..The zip line was awesome and was my first time..The people who helped us made it fun and I felt safe..What a great 7 hour excursion which ended on the catamaran with snorkeling
Reviewer: lassylad
5 Stars
I loved this excursion!!!
February 02, 2016
I would highly recommend this excursion, the plantation tour was great followed up by the zip lining with professional guides!! The catamaran ride was great. They got the ride back exciting with the snorkeling and then brought on the rum punch!! That was awesome and then the dancing and singing began!! Thanks for everything!!!
Reviewer: Tonya
5 Stars
Sea and Sky tour in St. Lucia
January 31, 2016
Sea and Sky tour was amazing and a great value compared to Royal Caribbean's tour. We had a beautiful catamaran ride along the coast of St. Lucia and were dropped off for our zip lining adventure. There was a short ride to the plantation where we had a very informative tour and where the zip lining began. After zip lining, we ate lunch right at the plantation and was taken back to the catamaran for our return to the cruise ship. On the way back, we stopped for snorkeling and the tour provided all necessary equipment. Didn't see many fish, but the water was beautiful. On the catamaran in the morning, there were pastries and fruit, soft drinks and water. On our return catamaran, rum punch, beer, soft drinks were provided. Liked the guarantee the tour provided to get us back to cruise ship on time. Will definitely you this tour company again.
Reviewer: Patti
5 Stars
The Best of St. Lucia
July 20, 2015
Highly recommend this excursion. Zip lining through the Piton forest is amazing. The guides know what they are doing and make your zip lining so much fun. They are also very good at recording your adventure on your own camera. The catamaran is in great shape. There is a very nice buffet lunch at the Romney Plantation. Great local food. The snorkeling was good. The trip back was full of fun, drink, and dancing.
Reviewer: John Cruiser
5 Stars
Amazing excursion! A must do when seeing St. Lucia
May 20, 2015
We selected this excursion through Expedia and were slightly concerned with it returning on time to the cruise ship. There is NO NEED TO WORRY! This was the best excursion we did on our cruise. I don't like long excursions that leave you feeling tired. You will not be bored or feel like you wasted time sitting on a long bus ride. On to the review! We met our coordinator at the St Lucia cruise ship pier to find out we missed the bus. She said not to worry and walked us along with a few other couples around the fence to the catamaran. It was not far less than a 4 minute walk. Phew, no big deal. The catamaran ride was on a large cat called the Carnival cruise tour. This catamaran was taking us all to Soufriere past the Piton mountains to a harbor area where everyone was organized to leave on different excursions. The ride out took about 1 - 1.5 hours. It was fun seeing flying fish skim the water and enjoy the music and beverages. Food was also provided, but we didn't have any because we just had breakfast before leaving. We were the only couple on this catamaran doing the Sea and Sky. (There were about 60 people onboard) The owner David met us at the dock and rode with us in a provided van to the plantation. He gave us some history about himself and the island. It was a quick trip to the location maybe 10 minutes away. After arriving we were able to use the restrooms (they are also available on the catamaran) and shown to our guide for the plantation tour. Our guide Sevra was knowledgeable and fun. We saw many different trees, flowers, fruits, cocoa, coconuts, etc. I won't give away everything that was shown because it well worth the trip. We were able to taste and see many different things at the plantation. After concluding that portion of the tour we were handed off to the zipline portion located at the back of the plantation. We were fitted for helmets and harnesses and lead by our two guides Charlie and Vencia. They were fantastic! After explain all of the safety precautions and how everything works we were off to the ziplines. They are double lines and very safe, able to hold over 20,000 lbs. Nothing to worry about there. You also have an additional safety line attached. The guides do all the hooking up of equipment and go before and after you go. The first line is up a bunch of stairs up a Banyan tree. Wow it is beautiful. The first drop was the scariest if you haven't done it before. It's very safe and you get the hang of it quickly. Part of the safety is they check for an all clear and yell ZIPPIN before you launch. It is so fun, I'm still yelling ZIPPIN at home making my wife laugh at my nonesense. I wish I was back there! After the zip lines you go to a covered area of the plantation for lunch. It's served from a staff that works hot chaffing dishes. The food was wonderful. Very tasty along with the beverages. The Tamarind drink was very good, along with water and other choices if you are not as adventurous. After lunch we were giving some time to clean up and explore the plantation for a little bit or relax before our bus left to return us to the catamaran. The catamaran ride back took us to another location to drop off some guests from other tours and where we saw some beautiful homes and boats. The ride continued for us to a location to swim or snorkel or just relax and enjoy some beer or rum punch and chat with other guests. I think our catamaran had about 30 people returning to the cruise ship with us. We made it back with plenty of time to spare and nothing to be worried about. We had been to St Lucia for our honeymoon 15 years earlier and we did a similar excursion back then. This was by far the most fun we had on any excursion on the cruise ship. I would do it again if we have the opportunity to return. David and his staff were truly incredible and well worth the trip.The catamaran crew were great also. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Check it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed!
Reviewer: Mike & Heather P.
5 Stars
Quite a party!
January 06, 2015
Zip-lining was great! The location is spectacular The snorkeling was pretty good. But the party... the party on the way back was hilarious. Everybody was drunk, and even a few old geezers were dancing the bump and grind. The staff really knew how to get people on their feet. Everyone had a great time!
Reviewer: TwoOldCruisers
4 Stars
A full day of fun activities.
June 20, 2014
We enjoyed our day long Sea and sky excursion in St. Lucia. Our party of five included two young children. The boat ride to and from Soufrie was enjoyable and the ziplining was perfect. The zipline followed a tour of the lovely plantation and an overview of the Island's history and culture. Lunch at the plantation was wonderful and the rum punch was perfect for the sail back.
Reviewer: RumRunner
4 Stars