St Lucia Certified Two Tank Dive

Fabulous Time
March 13, 2020
St. Lucia and diving experience...what can I say except for when can I go back? Got to see the invasive lion fish (that the locals are controlling way better than my home state of FL), eels, lobster, more fish than I can name. Loved the wreck and coral reef dive sites, as both held there own unique beauties. All staff was nice and shared knowledge of area and history of boat wreck which was very interesting. Food on boat was also delicious. Also loved that boat was shared with snorkelers, so my non-certified family could go on boat with us and snorkel. This was the highlight of my vacation.
Reviewer: Michellena Yetter
5 Stars
St Lucia Certified Two Tank Dive
July 07, 2019
Excelente dive visibility up to 100 ft, very friendly and professional personnel. There was small delay at the moment of pick up and the communication w/ the locals in the point of pick was poor but once on board was great
Reviewer: David Aguirre
5 Stars
Dive Excursion
November 28, 2018
My wife and I found the dive excursion to be one of the highlights of our cruise. The dive staff was professional, very cordial, extremely helpful, and flexible based on the needs of their customers. The dive sites were great and we had a memorable experience.
Reviewer: Dr. Lee Wagner
5 Stars
Great Dive
June 05, 2016
Two locations - very nice colorful sponge reef and a wreck with lots of fish, fan coral, and assorted invertebrates. Both great dives - exactly like the pictures! Though not exactly shallow at 65-70 feet they were easy dives in clear water. Guide was very good at spotting and pointing out wildlife. He was also diligent in keeping track of his divers. Favorite excursion of my trip.
Reviewer: Pat
5 Stars
I would purchase again
January 30, 2016
St. Lucia is an excellent dive stop. Lots of healthy coral and fish life . The wreck dive was also excellent. We would come back and explore more of St. Lucia diving.
Reviewer: Diver den
5 Stars
Great Dive Experience
December 23, 2014
Laid back island dive experience. Great Dive Master. Had snorkelers and kayakers aboard. Crew went beyond to accommodated everyone's needs. Awesome lunch and great dive locations. Plan to spend the day.
Reviewer: Seminole in Crimson Tide Territory
5 Stars
Great experience
September 26, 2013
Both dives were 3 divers plus dive master - great! First dive was excellent, sea turtles, Lionfish, etc. Second dive was not as good as strong current kept us from our destination, but still a lot to see. They fed us lunch and the small group (our three divers plus one other family) kept the experience more intimate and enjoyable.
Reviewer: Amy
5 Stars
Great diving
February 14, 2013
Don,t hesitate booking dives with this company. They were longer than if booked thru cruise line. Great diving ! Great meal between dives
Reviewer: Joy is a mermaid
5 Stars