Exclusive Views of St. Lucia

Wonderful Tour with Great Stops
March 16, 2020
This was a very nice overview of the island. We particularly enjoyed the Howelton Estate and the excellent guide there who showed us around and talked about the many handicrafts. Another highlight was the the stop at the Sony's Stony Hill with its magnificent gardens and wonderful views.
Reviewer: Dale Peters
5 Stars
Good tour
March 15, 2020
Three couples joined us in the van. Educational. Great driver/tour guide. The only minor thing improving it would be to tell travelers that they have to go THROUGH THE DIAMOND STORE to find the meeting point.
Reviewer: John Seigel
5 Stars
Great info
March 14, 2020
So well informed.....super guide enjoyable
Reviewer: Danielle Cicco
4 Stars
Just great.
March 03, 2020
We've used various excursion companies on cruises...and we usually have good luck. The St. Lucia excursion was-- as advertised, on time, featured a pleasant driver guide, etc etc. Compared to the cruise ship excursion products, we find real values with Shore Excursions. Yes, you need to compare products first.
Reviewer: Cliff Sowle
4 Stars
Exclusive Views of St. Lucia
February 24, 2020
A nice little tour around the Island with a few stops to take photos.
Reviewer: Cathy
3 Stars
Very Good Tour
January 26, 2020
We had been to St Lucia before, but had not seen the Howelton Estate. It was very impressive, and enjoyed the scenic views. Jan 8, 2020
Reviewer: kent francis
4 Stars
St. Lucia
January 12, 2020
Very nice tour. Air condition bus provide information about the island, the history, visited shops on the tour. Enjoyed the tour with the family.
Reviewer: Hugo Azurdia
3 Stars
Exclusive Views of St. Lucia
January 02, 2020
Very good tour. I ended up on a 2nd bus of 7 as the tour was over booked. The driver was a credit to your company and made the tour great and informative.
Reviewer: David Johnston
4 Stars
A scenic bus ride
November 25, 2019
We enjoyed this excursion and it lived up to the description. The bus was typical of the Caribbean islands, small enough to negotiate the narrow, winding roads but fairly comfortable. The driver pointed out the interesting sights along the way. There was a stop at a craft shop for those who wished to purchase local crafts, batik clothing, lotions, etc. We then wound around the hills, through small towns and gorgeous scenic views to the Stony Hill estate, site of weddings and private parties. The gardens, small waterfall, and orchid house were beautiful. The view overlooking Rodney Bay was spectacular. Fruit drinks and snacks were served. I was left with a desire to return to St. Lucia to explore more of this beautiful island.
Reviewer: Lawrence Steinmetz
4 Stars
excursion St Lucia
October 18, 2019
We had a wonderful time in St Lucia. We went see a lot of great things. The excusion was nice and we had a great tour guide. We to vissit a big garden with a lot of plants. A lot of informations about the Island. We had a great time.
Reviewer: Reuben Craigg
4 Stars
August 26, 2019
Guide was pleasant and well informed about the Island.
Reviewer: Stella McKeown
4 Stars
Beautiful Island
June 08, 2019
Nice, relaxing tour that gave us an insight into the creativity of the island.
Reviewer: Brenda Brown
4 Stars
Great excursion/ great guide
April 16, 2019
Cyril, our guide, took us around St Lucia. He was so kind! He stopped and bought us a bunch of bananas from a stand so that we could taste a banana that was “better than what we get in the US”. He was right. It was better. He also grabbed us fresh guavas when we stopped at Stony Hill because we had never recalled having a fresh one before. He also showed us how to properly eat a fresh mango that we got at the Howelton estate. Cyril is the best! Howelton was a great stop. It was fun to see ho they make chocolate and coconut oil and all the arts. Be sure to buy some of their well known chocolate bars! The food served at Stony Hill was delicious and the gardens were beautiful. My daughter took so many pictures of the tiny lizards that hung out under the trees. Overall, this was a great excursion.
Reviewer: Patty
5 Stars
Antigua History and Culture Tour
April 08, 2019
Driver excellent, very interesting tour. But the road to Piton Mt has been out for two years, you should stop falsely saying that it is included. The driver immediately announced it, but he should not have to. We really enjoyed this tour.
Reviewer: Vincent Landis
5 Stars
Amazing tour of St. Lucia
April 04, 2019
While visiting the island, my husband and I were very fortunate to have our guide to ourselves. He was knowledgeable and answered all our questions. He stopped at various points of interests so that we could take extra photos. What a wonderful excursion!
Reviewer: Celine Desroches
5 Stars
Exclusive Views of St Lucia
April 03, 2019
A good way to get a glimpse of the island - well informed driver who gave us good information, interesting stops, nice bus!
Reviewer: Doug Brown
5 Stars
Exclusive Views of St. Lucia
April 02, 2019
Very good overview of St. Lucia. very good tour guide.
Reviewer: Laura Anderson
4 Stars
Best tour yet
January 16, 2019
I loved our tour. The guide was amazing and St. Lucia is my favorite island in the Caribbean. Very clean.
Reviewer: Deborah Barbeln
5 Stars
Enjoyed the Tour
December 26, 2018
Was very informative, was not disappointed. Up and down around the roads and seeing the country side, Guide did a good job.
Reviewer: John Rivers
4 Stars
Enjoyed the Views of St Lucia
December 06, 2018
This was a worthwhile tour of St Lucia. Our guide, Keyvon, did a really good job. Liked all the views, but the Howelton Estate, which featured Batik, but had the best chocolates I've tasted in a long time as well as the Stony Hill Estate which was beautiful, were highlights. A beautiful tour.
Reviewer: Charles Oppitz
5 Stars
Great tour!
November 24, 2018
11/24/18 - Our tour on St. Lucia with Evergreen Tours was excellent. Our driver Cyril was wonderful, knowledgeable and went out of his way to make sure that we had a great tour. The Mercedes van was comfortable and the AC was great. The Island is beautiful. 5 stars.
Reviewer: Eric Hughes
5 Stars
St Lucia Visit
May 24, 2018
Great way to see the island. Super tour.
Reviewer: Ronald Hart
5 Stars
Great Overview
April 09, 2018
We had an excellent tour guide/driver for this tour. He taught us some of the local language and a lot about the local trees and fruit. We got a great overview of the island. He also discussed architecture with us and how they accommodate to the very hilly/mountainous terrain.
Reviewer: Mary
5 Stars
Views of St..Lucia
March 25, 2018
The tour was wonderful, had terrific variety introducing a beautiful island as.shown by our guide Glenn.
Reviewer: Sally Donovan
5 Stars
A beautiful Tour with Guide Andrew
March 16, 2018
Andrew showed os the most beautiful spots on the island and with great knowledge of both history and what was going on on the island he gave us 3 great hours.
Reviewer: Christian Pein
5 Stars
Exclusive Views of St. Lucia
March 04, 2018
Again the driver was well informing about everything on the island. Next time we go ,we will be sealing with you.
Reviewer: James Treacy
5 Stars
Enjoyable Tour
February 28, 2018
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Stony Hill was beautiful and the chocolate and batik making demonstrations later on in the tour were informative and fun.
Reviewer: Susan McInnis
5 Stars
Bus Tour of St. Lucia
February 21, 2018
Thoroughly enjoyable. Several interesting stops. A great way to see around St. Lucia.
Reviewer: Beverley Murray
5 Stars
Better than EXCELLENT.
January 08, 2018
Our person went way above the call of duty to make our excursion great. You need to keep using this company.
Reviewer: Donald McTarnaghan
5 Stars
December 24, 2017
Reviewer: Mary Jo Lanzen
5 Stars
Beautiful Island
November 30, 2017
I loved the intimacy of the tour, maybe 10 of us and we went to a beautiful venue, gardens, snacks and gorgeous views of the harbor. Loved it.
Reviewer: M. Ramsey
5 Stars
Exclusive views of St. Lucia
July 06, 2017
Very nice, great places and good person taking us around.
Reviewer: Randeep S Bassi
5 Stars
Surprising in all we got to see
June 13, 2017
Our tour guide Marcus was very nice, and knowledgeable about the trees and vegetation on the island. The trip to the Caribelle Batic was extremely interesting with young entrepreneur showing how batic, coconut oil and chocolate are processed at their small stores. The final stop was Stony Hill with spectacular gardens. Very pleasant trip.
Reviewer: Mary LaMoreaux
5 Stars
great time
June 13, 2017
My friends and I found the tour to be great. complete, I would recommend this tour to others
Reviewer: renee
5 Stars
great day
June 08, 2017
We were 4 people and we had a great day our guide was great
Reviewer: renee
5 Stars
St Lucia tour.
May 06, 2017
We really enjoyed this comprehensive tour of the island- especially the stop at Stony Hill. Beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. Our guide was very good and we had ample time to spend at the stops. Worth the money. Would recommend to others
Reviewer: Rodney Rager
5 Stars
Beautiful Tour
April 25, 2017
The tour was out of the ordinary. We visited a private home with beautiful gardens and a spectacular views of Marigot Bay. Our guide was wonderful, very personable and we were not rushed. A small group of perhaps 10. A great experience.
Reviewer: Marianne Ramsey
5 Stars
Beautiful Gardens
April 08, 2017
This is the perfect way to see the beautiful island of St.Lucia. Our small group guide was the best. Very attentive and informative......and easy to understand! The visit to the private home, its gorgeous gardens and its gracious host is a must see.
Reviewer: Barbara Leigh
5 Stars
Exclusive Views of St Lucia Tour
April 06, 2017
The tour began when we were met by our driver guide at the cruise terminal. We drove through the port area and up Morne, a high hill with panoramic views of the city and port. Then we went to the Caribelle Batik workshop where we met several artist and a demonstration of how Batik was produced, how cocoa and coconut oil is processed. There is a small shop with many items of Batik to buy. As we drove through the outskirts of the city we followed along a wall with a lovely series of painting depicting daily life in St. Lucia. Along the way there are wonderful views of both the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. At Stony Hill we walked around beautiful tropical gardens, relaxed on the patio, and enjoyed light snacks and local drinks. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the island, its history, and local culture. I would recommend this tour for an enjoyable and beautiful overview of St. Lucia.
Reviewer: Sue Spaulding
5 Stars
March 18, 2017
The tour of St. Lucia was the most interesting and informative. I enjoyed it very much.
Reviewer: Karen
4 Stars
Very Picturesque
March 17, 2017
We found that St. Lucia was the most picturesque of the several islands that we visited, and probably the quietest. As with most of the island, there are areas of great weather and others of abject poverty. The highlight of the trip was a stop at Stoney Hill, an estate owned by a doctor, with a beautiful view and lovely landscaping.
Reviewer: Laird Miller
4 Stars
Views of st Lucia
March 17, 2017
So great!! Our guide was so well informed and professional.
Reviewer: Heather Mermer
5 Stars
st. lucia
February 06, 2017
good tour, good driver/tour guide, no step stool for van
Reviewer: susan white
4 Stars
St Lucia tour
February 05, 2017
A great tour, outstanding informative guide. Foot stool needed to assist getting in and out of bus.
Reviewer: Dean Sane
5 Stars
Nice Views
January 15, 2017
Reviewer: Mark D Cohen
4 Stars
Tour of St.Lucia
December 29, 2016
This was our best excursion on this cruise. St. Lucia is beautiful, we visited a retired surgeons estate on top of Hill overlooking beautiful vista. Driver very cordial and caring. A good three hours worth the cost.
Reviewer: M Dilworth
5 Stars
What a deal!
December 24, 2016
Our guide was the bomb! We did and saw things that were no where mentioned on the description of the tour. He was amazing and we tipped accordingly! Loved this one!
Reviewer: Ginny Gauerke
5 Stars
loved it!!
December 09, 2016
loved the tour,,
Reviewer: kevin stimple
5 Stars
Exclusive View of St Lucia
November 29, 2016
Beautiful trip, our guide made our trip enjoyable and showed us many sites of St. Lucia.
Reviewer: John Statz
5 Stars
Lots of travel time
May 03, 2016
As promised, we saw a lot of beautiful scenery. The Storey(sp) House was very nice; beautiful grounds and decent snacks. Downside is the amount of time we spent in the van.
Reviewer: Bear
4 Stars
Would like to come back and try again
March 03, 2016
St. Lucia is a beautiful island, unfortunately it poured rain for our tour so the poor guide kept saying, ""If we could see over there it is a great view."" Not his fault, of course. I would like to take this excursion on a sunny day.
Reviewer: Pat
4 Stars
My trip to St. Lucia
December 04, 2015
Great way to tour the island
Reviewer: 1loxyman
4 Stars
November 30, 2015
Our guide was very knowledgeable and well spoken, however because of the downpour it was wasted. We couldn't see too much, if at all.
Reviewer: Wet traveler
4 Stars
Best of the week!
November 25, 2015
St Lucia tour was the best of the week. Our guide was informative, friendly, and conscientious of customers' needs. Visited several sites, sampled local foods, and had interaction with local craftspeople.
Reviewer: Rod
5 Stars
Great experance
November 20, 2015
Well organized. lots of stops to show us the native plants and animals.
Reviewer: Old Texan
5 Stars
April 12, 2015
Neil met us at the Pier and took us to his Taxi...My wife and I were surprised (but delighted) that we were the only 2 passengers he would escort around all day. He took us to a beautiful overlook, then to a Batik store, where the whole process was demonstrated and explained. More driving, then we ended up at a surgeon's home. What? It was AMAZING! The gentleman in question apparently is a well known stop. His gardens and hospitality (cakes and drinks and fried stuff) were great. The views and gardens at his home were extraordinary. We would go again. Neil was a great guide and this trip was something I'll always remember!
Reviewer: Steve the Mailman
5 Stars
Nobel Lauriates and Orchids Too
April 02, 2015
We were met by our guide, Ron, of Evergreen Tours. ""On your left is Derek Walcott Square, named after one of our two Nobel Prize winners. The other winner is our driver... (laughter and applause). No, our other winner is Economics Nobel Laureate Sir Arthur Lewis. We are very proud of their achievements."" As we climbed winding roads our driver would stop by plants and trees and Ron would jump out and pick some representative example, pass it through the bus, and then state that it was the coffee plant and would show us the outer cover of a coffee bean. We also stopped along the side of a cinnamon tree while our guide described how cinnamon was harvested and processed. ""We are now climbing Morne Fortune, a residential area which was a fort constructed by the French. It was captured by the British on 24th May 1796. A memorial to the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers still stands commemorating the battle. The original fortifications still stand on the summit and the old military buildings are in area operated by the Saint Lucia National Trust. Here you will also find the Saint Lucian campus of the University of the West Indies as well as Sir Arthur Lewis Community College."" Here we saw the tomb of Sir Arthur Lewis in the center of the campus. Ron also told us the unemployment rate was 23.8%. The Education Act provides for free and compulsory education in Saint Lucia from the ages of 5 to 15. Children attend primary school up until the age of 11. They then sit an entrance exam to move on to secondary school. Lessons are taught in English, even though many children speak Creole at home, and the school day lasts for eight or nine hours. It is also compulsory for all children who attend school to wear a uniform. We were close to Romney Manor, once owned by Sam Jefferson II, the great great great grandfather of Thomas Jefferson (3rd President of U.S.A.). The great house was renamed Romney Manor following its acquisition in the early 17th century by the Earl of Romney. In 1834 contrary to the instructions of the British Parliament, Lord Romney declared his slaves free men. Romney Estate therefore became the first estate in St. Kitts to emancipate their slaves. Since 1974 the estate houses a batik emporium. ""Using ancient Indonesian methods of resisting dye with wax, [they] create the many designs for which they have become associated."" We then enjoyed watching artists demonstrating the techniques as well as receive a full explanation from one of the experts. We then had an opportunity to peruse the racks and shop. Liz found a dress and I found a dress shirt as souvenirs of our visit. Our last stop of the day was Stony Hill. We were met by the owner who welcomed us to his home and invited us to tour the gardens. He spoke of a joint effort to Taiwan and Saint Lucia Tissue Culture Laboratory, expected to become ""a Centre for cut flower and ported orchard plants for the regional market."" Liz and I enjoyed the waterfall as well as the view but found the orchid gardens most memorable. They made me think of my brother Jim's sixty year hobby of raising and judging orchids in St. Louis. After touring the grounds and relaxing in the gazebo we returned to the house where we were served fruit drinks plus accra (salt cod fritter), banana ketchup, hot pepper sauce, and homemade cakes (carrot & nutmeg with vanilla frosting; banana & ginger, and coconut & cinnamon with chocolate topping). When we returned to our ship we asked Ron to let us out at the Castries Market and Vendor's Arcade, their largest open-air market. It is located in the middle of the capital and has over 300 regular vendors and a hundred or more local sellers on market days. ""The market was constructed in 1891 and was originally built to improve the town's appearance. Opened on July 2, 1894. the building became the central place for selling a variety of goods such as: fresh meat and fish, herbs, spices, crafts and dry goods. Fish is no longer being sold and meat isn't slaughtered on the premises, but the market has become the central hub for buying almost anything."" Much of the market resembled the Nassau Straw Market in the Bahamas. Similarly the Castries Market offers handmade crafts, gifts, souvenirs and items such as hand-woven straw hats, bags, mats, dolls, conch shell jewelry and wood carvings. We shopped through the displays of many vendors offering the same items at the same price. It may have been possible to bargain but we didn't see anything we wanted enough to try. But while we were there we did want to try a ""local"" lunch. We walked through the fresh fruit and vegetable stands until we came to a very small restaurant. They had a ""regulars"" table able to seat six people. It was full, apparently with friends of the owner. None were eating, they were just discussing the day or chatting with the others. We were the ""paying customers"" and were escorted to a smaller table able to seat four people. One of the women from the other table got up to take our order and, once taken, inquired of the cook (owner) if she could make the items. Assured that she could, our waitress then went elsewhere to secure the beer we requested with our lunch.
Reviewer: Fella
5 Stars
Very informative and beautiful
February 24, 2015
We had an awesome tour guide (Myron). He was very educated about St. Lucia. Beautiful place with lots of history.
Reviewer: Phyllis
5 Stars
Interesting but not overly exciting.
June 20, 2014
The tour was nice. Showed us some of the less traveled areas of St. Kitts. Stony Hill was interesting and, since it was just my wife and I, we were treated to some in-depth discussions about the gardens and local plant life. The Batika had VERY reasonably priced goods.
Reviewer: MikeandHeather
4 Stars
very interesting
May 07, 2014
Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and informative about his island. He even had the driver stop several times so he could pull a leaf or flower off a plant and pass it around to us as he described it and what it is used for. Great views for photo ops. Large van (maybe 30 passengers), a/c, very comfortable.
Reviewer: travelbee
4 Stars
Wonderful - great guides, Vaughn
April 24, 2014
Vaughn was a great guide - Stephen was a great driver. Loved St. Lucia
Reviewer: Vaughn
5 Stars
Not to be missed
January 23, 2013
To say this was a small tour would be a overstatement. My wife and I were the only guests on the tour, and the driver and tour guide provided all the information we could ever want. The beauty of Stony Hill was enhanced with the fact that they were getting ready for a wedding the next day. We could see why that is a marvelous location for such an event.
Reviewer: HAL Travelers
4 Stars
It was amazing
January 10, 2013
This was very good. The excursion that was terrible was the glass bottom boat in Nassau. I called to complain but have not heard back yet.
Reviewer: grama shel
4 Stars
Cultural Tour of St. Lucia
January 07, 2013
The company chosen by Cruise 411, Evergreen Tours, provided excellent service. The tour guide was professional, knowledgeable, polite, and even witty with his corny jokes. He knew the back roads to avoid the traffic and the crowds. The ride was very comfortable in a modern air-conditioned vehicle. I would not hesitate to book another excursion with Cruise 411. We were very pleased.
Reviewer: The cruisers
5 Stars