St Maarten Snorkeling Adventure

Great guides!
July 17, 2019
This was a great excursion that allowed time for snorkeling and relaxing at a great beach. The captain and his assistant were awesome. They fed the fish so that while snorkeling we got to see lots of fish. We had a great time and can’t wait to do it again!
Reviewer: Jamie Davis
5 Stars
July 17, 2019
This was a last minute excursion that we booked before our MSC Cruise. Captain Ron and his first mate were very accommodating. First mate (Kahim?) snorkeled with us at the first stop, sprinkling fish food so we could capture excellent underwater photos and swim with the fishes. He also demonstrated how to equalize internal pressure and dive to a submarine, and helicopter wreck. Our next stop was to relax in the most beautiful, clear water I have ever seen. On the way to this stop we watched a plane land at the local airport, close enough to enjoy, but far away enough to not be hurt by jet force winds! While relaxing on the boat ride, we enjoyed local beer, rum or wine. After a snorkeling or relaxing in the clear water at the second stop, we enjoyed more beer, rum and or wine as well as local cheese and bread. D Lish US!
Reviewer: Leigh Ann
5 Stars
January 29, 2019
Had a fun time. JD our guide was awesome. Showed us many parts of the island and he did an amazing job driving that little boat in choppy sea's. He needs a windshield on the boat to keep him a little drier or help him to see where he is going
Reviewer: Tom Noteware
5 Stars
Best Snorkeling Adventure
July 23, 2018
Could not say enough good things about this excursion. I have tried to snorkel in St. Maarten on other trips and not been as successful as I was this time. Saw so many fish! Then we were taken on a twenty minute ride to a secluded beach where the kids enjoyed swimming and jumping/sliding off the boat. The added snacks and drinks hit the spot too. This excursion was a highlight of our cruise experience.
Reviewer: Abby Emanuelson
5 Stars
We were all alone
May 29, 2018
We were the only two and they didn't cancel because of it. Unfortunately a weather system made visibility very poor. Was happy to be able to see the helicopter underwater though. We asked the captain if we could just swim instead of snorkel and he obliged. If you get sea sick or are scared of big waves this is not for you. We love big waves so enjoyed immensely. Also, this is not a guided snorkel, captain stays on the boat. That might also be an issue for some people. Make sure you go to the cheese store next door, you won't be disappointed.
Reviewer: Dixie McAllister
5 Stars
super snorkeling
February 17, 2017
Everything went well, once we found the location for the pick up. That they could make easier. The driving, sailing and snorkeling was super
Reviewer: Maria Burlein
4 Stars
Definitely worth doing!
February 15, 2016
Excellent tour. Snorkeling was very good and tour guide provided very good service with lots of local information to enhance the tour.
Reviewer: n/a
5 Stars
Tranquil- This is what life is all about
December 20, 2015
Snorkel at Creole Rock was amazing. Water beautiful, sights amazing. Boat ride was longish but the captain drove at at rate that made it relaxing and enjoyable. A must do!!
Reviewer: McBags
5 Stars
Great excursion!!
July 31, 2014
The excursion started out a little rocky. We were not told we would have to take a cab to the port. Took us about 30 minutes and made us late for our boat. They kindly put us on the next boat, but we had to wait. Then this skinny young man comes to get us and says he is our captain. I thought he was about 18, he said he name was Junior. Made me nervous, but after we got out in the bay and found out Junior had been doing this for 6 years, it made us at ease. Come to find out he is very knowledgeable about the island and it's history. He even saw his Aunt on the trip in, she shouted and invited him to dinner. Hilarious! The snorkeling was beautiful, saw many fish and coral. One group of young men found an octopus, I wish I could have seen that. On the trip home Junior served cheese and bread that was fantastic. Wonderful trip!
Reviewer: Scottyxray
4 Stars
Great time at the rock
June 07, 2013
we all enjoyed the boat trip out to the rock...nice snorkeling site.... very windy day but when we got there we were protected by the rock and had no trouble snorkeling...go for it...
Reviewer: astrochaser
4 Stars
March 05, 2013
Great first snorkel experience. Roy was a fantastic boat captain. There wasn't a huge variety of fish to see, but it was still a really fun excursion.
Reviewer: Mike M.
4 Stars
December 31, 2012
Tour guide, Jr, made the trip interesting. Took nice relaxing boat ride along coast to our snorkeling site. Saw a lot of fish and some stingrays. This was our second time in a year going on this excursion...If in Saint Maarten I would go again.
Reviewer: Caribbean adventurer
5 Stars