Island Vibes

Me, myself, and I
June 27, 2023
Somehow I was blessed to be the only person on this tour, so I had a VIP experience by sheer accident. My guide owns and operates the company with his son, so he had no problem showing me sights that weren't on my tour due to lack of guests that particular day. Everything I saw was a new memory. I highly recommend this small owned businesses. Quite the gentleman.
Reviewer: Rae
5 Stars
A beautiful day around St. Maarten
February 28, 2022
Our guide CJ was very friendly, toured us around both sides of this beautiful island and provided some great first hand knowledge of the area. She was a great photographer for my friend and I - stopping at many scenic places along the tour, and took us for the most delicious lunch at Rosemary's which was included in the tour. Even though it was just 2 guests on the tour, it still ran, which we appreciated! Then she dropped us off with Leroy for the snorkel and beach part of our tour which was fantastic. At the end, we wished to do some shopping in port rather than go back to the boat, so Leroy arranged a taxi for us! Overall a great day!
Reviewer: Debbie Robertson
5 Stars