Caribbean Scents - Perfume Making

Fantastic Tour at Caribbean Scents
October 10, 2018
Perfume making tour at Caribbean Scents was a top notch experience. Perfumery staff very knowledgeable - making one's own perfume was a great experience. Would absolutely recommend it to everyone and would definitely to it again!
Reviewer: Janet Haole
5 Stars
Something different and fun!
August 27, 2018
This was an amazing excursion! Not only was John so nice, my daughter (20) and I learned a lot. We had such a great time, plus we left with a bag of goodies AND a perfume we created! The drive from port to destination and back was even great as we were able to see both sides of the Island. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I would go do it again.
Reviewer: Melissa Barlaug
5 Stars
What a great experience
April 02, 2018
My sister and I had the best time making our own fragrance. What a lesson in how hard it is to produce a scent that you like and stays kudos to all the perfume makers.
Reviewer: Sherrie
5 Stars
July 08, 2017
We took a cab straight from the cruise terminal to their store and when we entered we were immediately greeted by the owners themselves! While we were there, there were a couple of tours that came through that were partnered with the cruiseline but they didn't get to actually come in the lab like we did. You get hands-on experience making your own perfume, a goody bag when you leave, and the knowledge that you never have to worry about running out of your perfume because they save your recipe after you leave. I can't recommend this excursion enough.
Reviewer: Haley Boles
5 Stars
Perfume lab
December 30, 2016
Absolutely loved, didn't think hubby would enjoy, both of us had a great time. John and wife were perfect host. Would recommend and do again!
Reviewer: Laurie A. Watkins-Rios
5 Stars
Awesome Experience
March 24, 2016
An amazing chance to see how perfumes/colognes are made. My wife and I made a date of it and had a blast. The group tried some ""base"" scents and then smelled numerous essential oils overtones to find out what we liked. We also learned of some existing perfume combinations and then were able to test our own creations by mixing various drops of essential oils before choosing a favorite...which we made into our own take-home perfume or cologne.
Reviewer: Scent Mixologist in Training
5 Stars
Amazing day of creative fun!
January 28, 2016
Incredible to wear and have comments about a fragrance u created.
Reviewer: Travel fever
5 Stars
Had A Wonderful Time Making My Own Perfume
January 21, 2016
This was an awesome experience. My sister and I went and made our own perfume!! It was really fun. I would do it again if I am in St. Marten. Thank You John
Reviewer: Shannon The Cruiser
5 Stars
Awesome Experience
February 13, 2015
All the kids had fun, the adults too. So different to do & very fun. Great experience, had fun smelling everything.
Reviewer: T
5 Stars
Lots of fun
January 13, 2015
Made our own perfume with lots of options and guidance of what types of scents go with what other scents and bases. We had 3 options from which to choose the final scent to take home. The 3 of us didn't find any negatives. The owners were very nice, knowledgeable and always there to answer questions and solve any quandries.
Reviewer: butterfly
4 Stars
Unique Experience
January 01, 2015
This was a really enjoyable experience! Transportation to and from the excursion was included, which was really appreciated. The shop is small, so the group is small and the attention from staff is personal and positive. Finding the right combination of oils to create a signature scent was not easy--but it was a lot of fun to try and hit the right notes! My teenager absolutely loved everything about the experience--I think it was one of the highlights of our cruise for her, and it ended up being one of my favorite experiences as well. We all left not only with a bottle of our newly created signature scents, but also with a wonderful sampling of products to take back to the ship with us. Everyone loved wearing their new scents to dinner that evening!
Reviewer: Madison
5 Stars
Refreshing change from the beach
April 02, 2014
This was a great excursion for our family. My husband and I took our 8 and 10 year old daughters on this excursion. We had docked in St. Thomas the day before and did a snorkeling excursion through the cruise line, and thought we might want to do something other than swimming when we stopped in St. Maarten. We were right! It was great! The instructions on how to find the pick-up transportation was great. We had no problems. The tour guide was friendly and we especially enjoyed his commentary about the island economy, history, and culture as he drove us to and from Tijon. The owners at Tijon were friendly and very helpful to us. The perfume making class consists of choosing between 10 base scents, and then choosing 3 other oils to add. So - go prepared to smell a lot, as there are literally hundreds to choose from. The owners guide you if you need it. Some of us were more decisive than others, that's for sure! You do this process 3 times, and then you choose your favorite from among the 3. You then do the final recipe steps and voila - your own custom fragrance! My daughters and I loved this excursion. My husband, who admittedly was taking one for the team that day, even really enjoyed himself. And his cologne is something he will actually wear. So - we all loved this excursion. It was our favorite on our entire cruise vacation. Yes, it was expensive but I thought it worth it.
Reviewer: New cruiser
5 Stars