Two Countries, One E-Bike

Amazing Tour!
May 14, 2023
Our tour guide Pablo provided an excellent overview of the history of St. Maarten. The E-bikes were fun and easy to use. I would definitely recommend this tour for anyone looking to see a large portion of the island from a unique vantage point. If you have concerns about your health I might shy away from this tour, but only in extreme cases. Otherwise enjoy St. Maarten from the saddle of an E-bikes!
Reviewer: Tim
5 Stars
Bike tour of St Maarten
February 22, 2023
This was a very enjoyable excursion. There were 5 people on this tour when I took it during February 2023. We had a highly knowledgeable guide who, when asked, told us about the history and geology of St. Maarten and pointed out some of the differences between the French and the Dutch parts. An excellent, safe trip.
Reviewer: Jim Hayes
5 Stars
Great Day
February 12, 2023
Had a great day. Met our tour guide per the directions. We were the only two. He recommended electric bikes which was a good recommendation. Made the trip more enjoyable and allowed us to go a little further and see more of the island. Tour guide was great, very knowledgeable and kept us safe.
Reviewer: Scot Hawkesworth
5 Stars
E-Bike Tour of St. Martin
February 08, 2023
This tour is a roughly 23 mile route that takes you from Phillipsburg to Marigot (on the French side), around Simpson's Bay lagoon, and back to Phillipsburg. It is quite scenic. The ride was sometimes marred by poor quality roads and the inevitable chaos that characterizes driving amongst motor vehicles on most Caribbean islands. Our guide was excellent! He was sensitive to the fitness level and constraints of all the participants on the ride, stopping frequently to see how we were doing, and he did a great job of pointing out landmarks and providing a historical perspective on the island. Several of the scenic viewpoints we stopped at were simply gorgeous. Finally, a word on the level of fitness required for the ride. It is fairly challenging with long hills (to get to those great views). Having an e-bike helps immensely, but you should not attempt this ride if you are not in good shape physically, or if you are uncomfortable riding a bike in congested areas.
Reviewer: Barry Blumenfeld
5 Stars
Super Tour
March 14, 2022
My wife and I really enjoyed the tour. They upgraded to e-bikes which made pedaling much easier. Our guide was great keeping us at a good pace and telling us lots about the area. The tour included a great smoothie which was a nice break.
Reviewer: Neil Stuber
5 Stars
So much fun and an actual workout!
December 23, 2019
We love to see new places, and St. Maarten is a beautiful place to see! It was made even better on well-maintained Trek bicycles and a very knowledgeable guide. Like many islands in the Caribbean, there is no shortage of hills. Be prepared to pedal and be rewarded with spectacular views and a bit of island history. If you think the hills are work, you’ll be even more impressed when your guide pulls a bottle of water out of their backpack for you! Thanks for a great tour!
Reviewer: Calla Whipp
5 Stars
Enjoyable, but challenging
July 25, 2019
We did the 2 countries, 1 bike tour early July 2019. It was an enjoyable experience, but very challenging. You need to be in excellent shape, as the hills are serious. Bring lots of water (even a camelback) and be prepared to work. This is not a leisure tour! But fun way to see the island.
Reviewer: Nicole
4 Stars
Cycling St Maarten
July 25, 2019
There were 6 of us guests and two young men guides. They were great, providing a great guided tour. I felt safe with these guys given the traffic and roads we were on. I’m glad they carried so many extra bottles of water in their backpacks- it was sure a hot day! Distance was about 23 miles as measured from my Garmin watch. Best excursion of my trip!
Reviewer: Yvonne
5 Stars
Awesome bike
November 07, 2018
So, loved this tour. It was just me and my husband along with our guide Benson. Who was the best. We learned so much about both sides of the island. The course is an out and back, with multiple hills. Most people get a bus back after half way. We were the first group in 6 months to do whole course. It mot an easy 30 miles but oh the sights .you see!!!
Reviewer: Lisa Stolze
5 Stars
So much fun!!
July 23, 2018
My husband and I did a "Two Countries, One Bike Shore Excursion" (booked through which took us through the French and Dutch side of the island. It was, hands down, the best excursion we have ever done. Before biking, our guide checked in with us on our comfort level and asked about what we wanted to see. He let us chose how intense of a ride we wanted (i.e. how many hills, how many breaks, how far and long we wanted to ride) and what sites we wanted to see. Not only was our guide incredibly knowledgeable about the history of the island, but he was fun and engaging. He also took pictures of us using my husband's camera (which was great -- in our experiences many excursions only use their own camera equipment). I would highly recommend this particular excursion to active persons looking to have fun while also learning. Based on our experiences, I have no doubt that the other excursions this company offers are amazing as well.
Reviewer: Kristen Hanson
5 Stars
Great Exercise!
April 23, 2018
Our guide Cotton was awesome! Very concerned with our safety on the bike ride. Told us lots about the island. Would definitely do this again although be aware you need to be in shape to do the hills. Awesome views from on top of the mountains!
Reviewer: Mark Woodrick
5 Stars
Great Tour around two nations
January 13, 2017
This bike tour is for those who are used to biking on roads with traffic. I read all of the reviews before selecting and was well aware of the traffic and hills we encountered. I am an avid bicyclist and even I had to walk up some of the hills! It was great fun though. The Tour guides took care of us the whole way and helped out anyone who needed to take their time.
Reviewer: Mary S.
5 Stars
Great bike ride, but very strenuous
May 12, 2016
The bike ride on St. Maarten was so much fun! It was fairly stressful riding on the two-lane road with busses honking at us, but once we made it past the high-traffic area, it was better. Also, some of the hills were too difficult to ride, so we ended up pushing our bikes several times. It was exciting to cross the international border into the French side, and nice to see the different parts of the island. Our guide, Berhend, was incredible and we all really enjoyed him. Seeing him at first, looking like a Olympic athlete, was a little intimidating, but he was kind, patient, and funny, and we feel like we made a new friend. Again, this was a tough ride but we felt accomplished at the end of it.
Reviewer: Audrey the traveller
4 Stars
This was fun but wish there was a different route
April 27, 2016
There are couple of steep hills. I wish the route was a little different, we could have gone further around the sewage ponds. We really enjoyed the guides and the history lessons about the area. Riders need to make sure they are comfortable with riding with a lot of traffic. The guides were very nice and polite. I would do it again but not sure if my wife would.
Reviewer: Dan
4 Stars
Beautiful scenery, treacherous roads
March 24, 2016
This ride is beautiful when you can look up from the traffic. It is very hilly and our guide had us riding up the center of the road with bumper to bumper traffic each way. He did it very confidently so it was not scary, but in retrospect it doesn't seem like the best idea. St. Maarten is gorgeous and it's a great way to see the island. This is not for the unfit or casual bikers.
Reviewer: Mar
4 Stars
Great Excursion and guide
March 13, 2016
Fun bike trip. Very good equipment and guide provided. I am in decent shape but not specifically a bicyclist for the past few years, so it took some reacquainting myself with the process. Our guide was patient and helpful and there were only a few of us so we got all the individual attention we needed.
Reviewer: David
5 Stars
Fabulous chance to explore on a bicycle
January 12, 2016
Tri-Sports (the island vendor) provided outstanding service. The bike ride is not for the sedentary. The hills are steep, but it is a great ride if you like to bike. The guide was considerate, friendly, willing to chat and made the trip even better.
Reviewer: John
5 Stars
Loved the bike tour!
January 06, 2016
The meeting area was easy to find at the street side entry of the cruise ship pier shopping area. We were professionally greeted and received a good intro to the bikes and the ride. It was a private tour since we were the only riders. My husband and I are experienced riders but I was way out of shape for tackling the hills of St. Marteen. Our guide Barend was very experienced, patient, encouraging and knowledgeable about the ride and island history. Great sightseeing on east side of the island. Hills were steep but short and I was able to ride up half and walk up half. We consider this ride closer to difficult rather than medium but definitely a fun and doable challenge. Our guide treated us to drinks at Orient Beach, which was a gorgeous beach with lots of activities available and a fabulous beachside bar/restaurant. Thanks for a great experience!
Reviewer: Lklontheocean
5 Stars
Great bike ride to Orient Beach
January 01, 2016
On our first cruise, we wanted to select excursions that gave us a feel for each island. On St Maarten, we chose this bike ride excursion, which worked out very well. Joost, our guide, was very helpful preparing the bike and throughout the ride. We rode from the Dutch side of the island to Orient Beach on the French side, which gave us a good overview of the island. Joost handled the mix or riders well: Jacques (a frequent rider), myself (in between), and my wife (infrequent rider). The ride has some hills, which was OK for Jacques and myself, but as much as my wife was able to handle. The reward however was incredible: amazing views, wildlife (iguana), beaches, etc. The included drink on Orient Beach was a nice bonus! The bike rental place was a 1 minute walk away from the cruise terminal. Directions included with the reservation were easy to follow.
Reviewer: Chris
5 Stars
Great time
December 17, 2015
Our guide Youst was in great shape and made the trip real fun. Most of these type of short excursions are fairly easy. But this one challenged well condition riders. I am glad for the small group. I will do it again on our next Saint Martin trip.
Reviewer: Drbob
5 Stars
Fantastic way to see the island- if you are in sha
December 12, 2015
Great guide--focus was safety first and then ensuring a quality tour.
Reviewer: Stark
5 Stars
Two Country Ride - St Maarten/St Martin
April 05, 2015
Great biking experience. Not for novice/out of shape riders
Reviewer: Biker Boy
5 Stars
Great Tour - Steep Climbs
December 13, 2012
This bike tour is an excellent way to see the island. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and took us to spots that regular sight seeing tours would not go. The tour starts at a bike rental shack outside of the cruise ship port. The directions provided were accurate. We were asked to arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of time, but the bike rental shack did not open on time and we ended up departing about 30 minutes after the scheduled start time - which also brought us back later than we intended. There are very steep hills in St. Maarten and this excursion requires good physical fitness. The tour goes along some very busy streets and the cars passing by so close to the bikes was unnerving at times.
Reviewer: Ms. Toronto
4 Stars