Kayak and Snorkel at Pelican Key

October 13, 2021
The kayak and snorkel at Pelican Key was wonderful. Our guide, Lilly, was informative and helpful. We learned a lot about the local reefs and the damage they have sustained from hurricanes. We saw many reef fish, a sea turtle and coral formations.
Reviewer: Eve Taylor
5 Stars
Excellent Tour!
March 01, 2019
The guides were knowledgeable and accommodating. The tour was cancelled for those on the cruise ship but the two guides gave us options (the waves were tough and rough). They were honest that the snorkeling wouldn’t be good with the ocean so instead we kayaked all the way to the mangroves and to a beach. We saw wildlife and mega yachts during the regatta. Highly recommend this tour!!!
Reviewer: Joe Smith
5 Stars
Good excersise
January 24, 2019
Get ready to burn some calories. The beach we left from was pretty nice with a few close by restaurants. The kids loved it because there was wifi are the restaurant. Staff was very friendly. Snorkeling was more challenging but worth it. You have to swim pretty far out to the reef
Reviewer: Jack Carlson
5 Stars
September 17, 2018
My husband and I had such a great time on this excursion. Frank was amazing. We snorkeled, saw very cool fish, and explored the area by kayak. A unique way to experience this beautiful beach. The Dutch side of St. Marteen has recovered really well from the hurricanes so don’t hesitate to visit!
Reviewer: Julia Stegman
5 Stars
Kayak and snorkel at pelican key review
August 29, 2018
The kayaking was good, the snorkelling was disappointing. It was done from the shore as opposed to from a boat, there wasnt much coral , hence not much fish or anything interesting. The guides were great and the instructions to newbies were great as well. If the location is to change to jump off a boat near coral reefs this would definitely be rated 5 stars
Reviewer: Kannan Iyer
3 Stars
The guides were great!
February 02, 2018
The snorkeling that day was not so great because the ocean was a bit stirred up but the the swim was wonderful and the kayaking was a blast. The guides were very friendly, fun and helpful.
Reviewer: Greg Cowan
5 Stars
Enjoyed our experience
June 09, 2017
Took a while to drive to the location. Once we got there the guide was very pleasant, easy to talk to, informative and helpful. The kayaking was fun and a bit challenging and snorkeling a blast. We saw fish, stingray etc. When the excursion was over, the guide purchased drinks for us and we chatted and he recommended a local restaurant and gave us travel tips. Very nice experience.
Reviewer: Christine Crosley
5 Stars
4 stars
May 24, 2016
Great fun and would recommend it. very personalized and a great guide.
Reviewer: Fun
5 Stars
Highly Recommended! Fun for Everyone
April 28, 2016
Frank, Ollie, & Dean were tremendous hosts and guides. From the warm greeting the second we got there, to the knowledge that they shared, along with clear and helpful instructions of how to properly use all the equipment, this was extremely well put together. Perfect weather, extremely clear and comfortable temperature water, with the kayaks, oars, and snorkeling gear all in great shape and well taken care of. Even better was finishing everything after a few hours, and we were all given a free beverage of our choosing (I went with the rum punch and would recommend you do the same).
Reviewer: Matt the Tall Guy
5 Stars
Private Excusion
January 22, 2016
My husband & I were the only ones who signed up for this tour. The guide couldn't have been better. He explained what we needed to know to enhance our experience. He was friendly and helpful. It was the highlight or our trip.
Reviewer: CB Katz
5 Stars
A fun time!
July 11, 2015
Chris was a super guide and took good care of us. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable about the tour and the ocean. His equipment was excellent. He tailored the tour to our abilities and interests. He even helped us catch a bus back to our cruise after our activity ended with him.
Reviewer: Two Snorkelers
4 Stars
Kayak & snorkeling @ St. Maartin
May 05, 2015
Frank & Yost were very informative. We are go kayaking, but for those who have not been, they worked well with them on giving instruction as well as going beside them in the group. Both guides are easy-going, very friendly & lots of fun, yet professional. I have recommended them, and this site to many others!
Reviewer: Allen & Pixie from Texas
5 Stars
Fun, but a little unorganized
January 15, 2013
First things first: we didn't know about the $20 each way taxi ride until after we booked. That's a hidden cost that probably would make a lot of people think twice about booking it! We got there and it was a little place on the beach and they didn't really have any clue that we were coming. I guess the times were wrong and we ended up getting a private tour, which was awesome! The tour guide was a sweet lady from Greece and we had a wonderful time with her. She offered to take pictures and she really made the experience great. Overall it was a fun time after we got over the initial confusion and extra money we spent getting there and back.
Reviewer: Brooke
4 Stars
Great excursion with well-organized team
January 13, 2013
Nice excursion that includes Kayaking and snorkeling/swimming. The excursion guides are well-trained and competent. They were patient enough to wait for two of us even though, due to the messy taxi distribution system at the cruise port, we were about 30mn late at the beach. The only negative is that you have to find your way to the beach where the excursion starts. They do not offer or include organized transportation to/from the cruiseship port.
Reviewer: Rick the cruiser
4 Stars