One Tank Certified Beach Dive

Great dive
November 17, 2021
Superb diving experience. Terrific location on the island. Away from all the tourists. Fantastic beach for a walk in dive. Watch to see. Terrific staff. Very helpful. Our guide was outstanding. Will do it again
Reviewer: Pat Finneran, Jr
5 Stars
most relaxed dive I ever had
July 05, 2017
the staff is all friendly and easy going since this was a walk in dive it was much more comfortable for my wife than jumping off a boat. It was like a small private beach. water is warm clear and lots of fish, no coral or reefs to speak of but it was a great dive. Lots of fish, a 6 foot green eel and a barricuda. very enjoyable will do this again when we return.
Reviewer: joe palma
5 Stars
Great experience
August 02, 2016
This was a great experience and quite a savings off cruise ship pricing. Staff was wonderful. Not an advanced dive by any means but nice and easy.
Reviewer: Will Stewart
5 Stars
Coki Beach, 1 tank beach dive
May 18, 2016
I've been to Coki beach several times. I always enjoyed the snorkeling. Now that I'm a scuba diver, I wanted to work on my buoyancy training. What I didn't expect was a awesome dive! Just a small group of 3 divers, one being the dive master. I would do this again! For the price, it's a good refresher for new divers like me. The other visitor I dove with, it was his 45th dive. He enjoyed it too
Reviewer: Inspector Dave
5 Stars
It was a great dive shop. Easy to get there by tax
May 04, 2016
I wish I had more endurance to fight the current. If I had been able to do the entire dive, it would have been wonderful.
Reviewer: older diver
5 Stars
Great beginner/warm-up dive
April 03, 2016
The earlier you can get to this place, the better, because it gets very crowded during the late morning. Tons of fish to see and some unique fish like eels and octopus. Sometimes with turtles.
Reviewer: Diver Kurt
5 Stars
Amazing dive
June 07, 2015
Great dive for beginners, the water is pristine and the dive shop was great!
Reviewer: Kelly
4 Stars
Nice dive
June 19, 2013
Great shore dive, especially if you have not dove and like an easy/exciting refresher dive. Saw the largest ray.
Reviewer: scuba pro
5 Stars