Coral World Express

quick view
December 21, 2023
a quick-relaxing but well equipped view of sea life in the Carribean for the whole family
Reviewer: anthony a bierens
5 Stars
Great Value
October 26, 2023
Coral World is a great bang for your buck. We could have spent all day here adventuring. Two underwater observatories, sharks, turtles, sea lions, dolphins, not to mention the resident mini dinosaurs- the iguanas. We had a great day.
Reviewer: Robin
5 Stars
Great experience overall
August 16, 2023
We selected this excursion so we could see wildlife and learn more. While the place isn't large we did get the opportunity to get very close to South American Sea Lion. Didn't realize how different their noises were different then ones I seen in North America. They also have a dolphin experience. We didn't do but saw the dolphins putting on a show for those who did. There is also an underwater experience where you put on a hooded mask that feeds you oxygen. Wish we had done thar. They have an underwater viewing station and you can see the coral, fish, and people who did do the underwater experience. Anyways, my who family enjoyed this excursion. Oh and there are iguanas everywhere.
Reviewer: Steve G
5 Stars
Quaint little park
July 07, 2023
Had a very enjoyable time at this small, but fabulous aquarium.......loved the undersea observatory, the touch pool, the aviary with all the lorikeets, the pathway with the turtles, iguanas, ducks, etc. Had a delicious lunch at the snackbar........a few hours is really all you need, unless you are doing any of the add-ons. Would recommend this excursion to anyone who wants to do something easy!!!
Reviewer: donna barnes
5 Stars
Coral World 1/2 day self tour
June 20, 2023
This 1/2 day self-paced tour was worth every penny and time. Especially a must do for those interested in viewing Caribbean sea life in a more natural-like/ocean setting. Varied colorful fish and sea animal species. Included were the usual Caribbean land creatures. Iguanas and smaller land lizards were ever present; even a couple of non-native tortoises! Also, there was an aviary(?) w parrots and macaws! Even tho the Coral World displays are separate, the area is quite walkable in a couple of hours. We took more of a beating from the sun than other. Do wear light, soft footwear. Would be nice to add a short beach stop after, if possible. Total time to-from the cruise port was short, maybe 15 minutes each way. Driver was skilled w maneuvering the varied twists-n-turns, loops, overlooks. Some overlook views were spectacular! Definitely recommend and would do again.
Reviewer: Jose Torres
5 Stars
April 21, 2023
The park is small, but very nice. Our grandkids enjoyed it.
Reviewer: Sandra Gessert
5 Stars
Free and relaxing
March 08, 2023
The area was open calm relaxing tranquil you walk around different different sight to see peaceful and free I enjoy myself my wife enjoying herself. we're happy thank you for the experience.
Reviewer: Dave
5 Stars
Enjoyed this so much
February 06, 2023
Don’t miss the sea lion show such a great place to visit with kids
Reviewer: Liz
5 Stars
February 03, 2023
Highly recommend this tour for any age. Very good guides telling about dolphins, turtles, and sea lions. Special viewing available for all.
Reviewer: Lois Sprague
5 Stars
Coral World & Coki Beach
April 29, 2022
Coral World is small but fun to see the animals up close. Coki Beach is next door and was fabulous! The water was crystal clear and the snorkeling off the beach was amazing. When you rent snorkel gear ($5), they give you a Milk Bone dog biscuit to feed the fish and they LOVE it. My daughter didn't want to leave!
Reviewer: Toni Brunson
5 Stars
Coral World Express
April 22, 2022
Nice day at the aquarium. Some very nice reef systems. Saw green sea turtles, rays, dolphins, large nurse sharks to name a few.
Reviewer: Howard Leong
4 Stars
Coral World visit
April 07, 2022
We enjoyed our visit to Coral World. The sea turtles were amazing and it was neat to watch the small sharks feeding. Lots of iguanas to see up close up
Reviewer: Luc
5 Stars
August 21, 2017
Totally Awesome!
Reviewer: Jerry D. Morris
5 Stars
Coral World Express
May 19, 2017
we were very happy with this excursion
Reviewer: Karen Brown
4 Stars
Coral World
March 17, 2017
Fabulous! This was a wonderful outing to a nature park where we saw small sharks being fed, an informative talk with a trainer and their sea lion, stingrays we were able to feed under the watchful eye of a park expert, iguanas roaming around, and an underwater observatory that was amazing. This was a relaxed and great experience.
Reviewer: Carol Friedman
5 Stars
Very pleasant experience!
March 06, 2017
My wife and I were picked up at a convenient location off the cruise pier. After a 20 minute drive we arrived at Coral world. Crowd was light. The guides did 15 minute presentations at their various exhibits and were very informative and enthusiastic. Overall a up close opportunity to see and learn about aquatic life in their (close to) natural habitat.
Reviewer: Matthew Bonzella
5 Stars
Coral World Delight
February 03, 2017
This venue went out of its way to open for us on New Year's Day. With only two cruise ships in port, it appeared they opened for us and not for the locals as there was no crowding and ease of access no matter what exhibit you chose to engage. The undersea viewing of the coral and fish life was over the top. The additional presentations which included birds, turtles, sting rays, various aquariums displays, and a seal show were interest captivating. Iguanas were everywhere. Although we did not eat there, food was available. One cannot say enough about the enthusiastic, young, and knowledgeable staff. Catch them when they are feeding the residents; a printed schedule does assist. Some have mentioned a bit dated appearance in some areas which is true, but the environment was clean and the displays presentable.
Reviewer: Lee
5 Stars
Coral World
January 18, 2017
Lots to see and do. Very good tour from the dock and back
Reviewer: michael talaska
5 Stars
A fun excursion
January 01, 2017
An unusual and enjoyable excursion. The aquarium was especially nice.
Reviewer: Tony Lella
5 Stars
Great Place!
December 20, 2016
My husband and I visited this park and had a great time. There were informative lectures throughout the park about sharks, the park itself, birds, seals, rays and other things. The park is nicely kept. We were given 3 hours there and the tour of the place lasted about 2 1/2 hours so we had plenty of time to explore and then have a beverage before we were picked up.
Reviewer: Marcia Crismond
5 Stars
Enjoyable excursion for senior citizens.
May 01, 2016
We, as senior citizens, were looking for an excursion that was simpler and wouldn't wear us out. We did enjoy the excursion except for the 5 iguanas on the deck weren't afraid of anything. They would rush to a table of visitors if they were eating and wait for something to drop to the deck. Very persistent!
Reviewer: RedRichard
4 Stars
Fun and Educational
March 30, 2016
Coral World was excellent to get a snap shot of an aquatic wild life refuge and associated flora/fauna. At our own pace and just long enough to get a good idea of the Caribbean and creatures that live within and upon. Good understandable presentations from trained and educated scientists. Limited crowds allowed for easy movement throughout park. Would go back again.
Reviewer: Grandpa Life Guard
5 Stars
Fun Afternoon
March 19, 2016
Enjoyed the Coral Gardens
Reviewer: Jane
4 Stars
Great Experiences Viewing Aquatic Life
March 03, 2016
Coral World Express provided a great experience for all ages. As senior citizens, it was an easy walk to each area of a the park. You were able to sit and watch the various creatures eat, play, swim, or perform in the comfort of air conditioning and out of the sun.
Reviewer: Wadswatcher
5 Stars
Well laid out and relaxing experence.
January 13, 2016
Guides were very knowledgable and informative
Reviewer: Jimbob
5 Stars
This is a keeper
January 08, 2016
Would book this tour again and again. The park is beautiful, the fish you see are in their natural habitat, activities to do throughout the day, and the views are breathtaking.
Reviewer: juliejule
5 Stars
Great time with the family
December 08, 2015
Our kids really enjoyed the hands-on experiences!
Reviewer: Dmitri
4 Stars
Coral World
December 13, 2012
This tour was terrific, because there was a lot to see and learn on this outing.
Reviewer: Helene
5 Stars
Nice Excursion
December 05, 2012
Nice variety of activities. Very family friendly.
Reviewer: Trecook
4 Stars
I would do this again.
November 06, 2011
My wife and I really enjoyed this excursion we seen sea life in tanks and in the wild. The next time we go the gradkids will be with us, I know they will enjoy it.
Reviewer: zuke1029
4 Stars
Nice trip
August 23, 2011
Coral World is a bit rough at the edges but is a great place to take kids. Adjacent to the park is a great beach for a quick swim.
Reviewer: Kathy
4 Stars