SeaTrek, Coral World and Coki Beach

June 26, 2019
My family loved this excursion! The staff is amazing and helpful. We also loved the beach and the park! Would absolutely do this again.
Reviewer: Summer Brown
5 Stars
lots of fun
February 12, 2019
i already reviewed coral world so this review specifically is for the sea trek at coral world. we had an early appointment so the staff took lots of time with us. they helped us “suit up” and took us under the water to see the marine life. they taught us safety hand signals and explained everything before going down. observers were taken to a viewing area to watch if they wanted. definitely would recommend
Reviewer: laura jones
5 Stars
Awesome Excursion
November 05, 2018
We had a great day at Coki Beach ans at Coral World, but the best was the SeaTrek! Fun and safe!
5 Stars
March 23, 2017
Sea Trek was fantastic Coral World was educational Coki Beach way too crowded
Reviewer: Donna Ramesh
4 Stars
Excellent excursion!
October 19, 2015
Unique experience walking on the ocean floor. Coral World was very interesting. Coki Beach was the best beach we've been to.
Reviewer: Rob
5 Stars
Excellent, Best excursion
January 11, 2015
This is a must do excursion. We do not swimming and were very hesitatnt to do this adventure. But we were comfortable and had no issue.
Reviewer: Andy
5 Stars
Fun in the sun and under the sea
December 19, 2014
The seatrek was very fun and educational. And Coki Beach was lovely and relaxing. It was a wonderful day!!!
Reviewer: Barb the gimp
5 Stars
Lots of Fun!
November 07, 2014
We had a friendly gentleman who picked us up promptly from the ship. The Sea Trek was clearly explained and the staff was patient as people got adjusted to the helmet and explained the safety protocols. The aquarium isn't large, but the staff take a lot of time and pride in explaining things to visitors. School groups are free too! Adjacent was a free entry beach which was a lot of fun. People do try to rent you chairs as you walk along, and come up to see if you want food/drinks. It's a small beach, but nice.
Reviewer: Tigger Traveller
5 Stars
Wonderful, great fun, great people!
February 22, 2014
Had a great overall experience. Would be nice to see Coral World expand and a greater selection of eateries. Staff at Coral World are exceptional, knowledgeable and very pleasant.
Reviewer: Honeymooners
4 Stars
Highlight of our Cruise!
January 11, 2014
The SeaTrek was awesome I do wish it had been longer and a greater distance, the accompanying divers did a great job point things out and presenting items. The rest of the park is like a mini SeaWorld with informative events and interesting animals. After lunch the beach was a great relaxation location, not a whole lot there for the snorkeling but fun just the same.
Reviewer: MikeS
5 Stars
December 23, 2013
This is a great adventure for any age. We are in our 60-70's and really enjoyed it. Could even wear glasses. Walking on uneven surface in some areas, but always had a handhold, so was OK. We also swam with the Sea Lions, which was fabulous. Whole park is fun and educational.
Reviewer: 3 California Gals
5 Stars