Full Day Multi-Adventure: Kayak, Hike & Snorkel

Fantastic Excursion - Great Value for the $$!
December 13, 2023
Perfect excursion! The kayak portion was gorgeous with great views and beautiful water. We stopped to snorkel twice and both times spotted very cool creatures. The lunch provided was tasty and lunch with the “locals” was so entertaining. The hike to the blowhole provided great views and a fun discussion of the history of the area. The hike was more like a nature walk, don’t worry if you’re not the hiking type! Our guide, Soren, was extremely nice, knowledgeable, and kept everyone entertained and in the loop about what we were seeing. The group was small (way smaller than a tour group thru the cruise ship) so it was very personalized. I was very impressed with how well run the excursion was - and the ladies at the shop even ordered a van to transport us all back to the cruise ship so we didn’t have to wait on individual taxis after the excursion. Note that you do have to take a taxi to/from the port at $15 per person each way but it’s easy to hail a taxi. Will definitely return!
Reviewer: Rhonda
5 Stars
Excellent!! Very Physical Don't Underestimate
February 21, 2020
Totally worth it. Would do this again and again. we were also lucky enough to be in a shallow area when a sting ray was swimming under us. The views were amazing. We took our kids. Be prepared to pull their weight. We brought our own full mask snorkels, Highly recommend. Don't pass this up!!
Reviewer: Matt Kelley
5 Stars
Kayak,Hike & Multi Snorkel Adventure
December 20, 2019
Lance, our guide provided a fabulous tour for us. He was very helpful with instructions on how to kayak properly. He also led a very informative tour around the Cay where we docked. He gave us so much information about the surrounding area and the flora and fauna that was everywhere. He also was very descriptive and informative about the wildlife that inhabited the cay and the bay. The snorkel part of the adventure was my favorite as he showed us several items that I would not have seen on my own. It was a once in a lifetime experience overall.
Reviewer: Brian
5 Stars
Great great great!
December 18, 2019
Truly incredible experience! Very knowledgeable and nice guide. Equipment was good. Lunch was delicious!
Reviewer: Juan Lazcano
5 Stars
Great Tour
December 09, 2019
Our guide Lance was amazing, put us totaly at ease and made this full day excursion one of the best we have taken. After reading other reviews I my expectations were high and we were not disappointed! We were tired at the end but in a good, wow that was a great day way. Our Turkey wraps tasted delicious and the pictures we got were worth the $30, highly recommend.
Reviewer: Jen
5 Stars
Highly recommend!
November 20, 2019
When the taxi dropped us off in the middle of a road kind of off the beaten path we were a bit concerned, but only for a moment. We were at the mangroves where we met a wonderful and welcoming group of guides. Much to our surprise and delight my husband and I were the only two on our tour! It was like a private tour that we didn’t pay extra for! And while we were waiting a cruise ship tour came with about 40 people! They went off and we didn’t see them again. Our guide was great and very knowledgeable about the area. The kayaking and the hike on crab island were awesome! And the snorkeling! Would do it again with this company! Just know you need your own transportation to site. They do tell you that in advance though. It was $11pp each way for taxi
Reviewer: Kathy S
5 Stars
Awesome experience!
August 19, 2019
I took the 11am tour and it was perfect! Csherri was an amazing host. Very friendly and knowledgable. You can tell she really love being out on the water and showing you the best of what st. thomas has to offer. She make sure you are always ok and checking on your safety. Csherri even have conch trail she been working on the little hiking island. 1st spot for snorkel was awesome. we saw many marina life like starfish, conch, many different type of fish. We did a little hiking on a small island which has a great spot for photos. All in all it was a nice kayak tour and one of the best excursion so far. FYI Taxi from Crown Bay Cruise Dock is $10 per person. Also make sure u wear sunscreen and water shoes are recommended rather than sandals. The company provided a nice snack and water during the tour.
Reviewer: Louis VuTon
5 Stars
Favorite Excursion!
April 02, 2019
I did three different Kayak excursions on my cruise, and this one was my favorite! The Hermit Crab Island was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I like that I got a good amount of activity for that day, but it wasn't too strenuous. Still very relaxing. The sandwich at lunch was good too. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a fund day of kayaking, snorkeling, and a mini hike.
Reviewer: Rachel Huggins
5 Stars
Very informative
February 20, 2019
This was a great excursion that requires moderate activity. Make sure to have some knowledge of how to kayak and snorkel. Great for people who are inqusitive about the area. We travelled from Havensite port and there are taxis buses readily available to bring you for $10 pp.
Reviewer: L G
5 Stars
Best Excursion I have Ever Been On
February 16, 2018
During our trip to St. Thomas me and my girlfriend decided to take the kayak trip And it was absolutely amazing. Every second of the excursion was awesome from our amazing tour guide to the scenery and the atmosphere. This was by far the best excursion I have ever been on. Shore excursions groups is the best way to book a trip. Not only are they great and easy to deal with but the small groups you have with them is completely different then the huge groups you get forced into on cruise ships. I will continue to book with them for every cruise or any such trip!!
Reviewer: James Price
5 Stars
Great Adventure, but
January 08, 2017
Transportation should be included to and from ship, all the other Island excursions we booked with you included transportation.
Reviewer: Paul Hopke
4 Stars
Great Adventure, but
January 08, 2017
Need to include transportation to and from the ship like all your other Island adventures.
Reviewer: Paul Hopke
4 Stars
Full Day Kayak, Hike & Multi Snorkel
December 24, 2016
At St Thomas some wonderful people and had lots of fun and a great place
Reviewer: Reinaldo Zamora
5 Stars
Awesome time!
November 10, 2016
This was an amazing adventure. We got to see so many creatures and our tour guide was very friendly.
Reviewer: Amy
5 Stars
Great Day of Adventure
May 25, 2016
Our guide, Spencer, explained the area and our adventures very well. It was an enjoyable day of kayaking, hiking, snorkeling and learning about the unique mangroves.
Reviewer: KJF
5 Stars
Great experience
May 03, 2016
I would recommend this to anyone!
Reviewer: Kg
5 Stars
Private tour!
April 18, 2016
our tour only included our family of 5 and one other person, so it seemed like a private tour. Very interesting and well worth it!
Reviewer: Krista
5 Stars
Awesome Day
April 09, 2016
Fabulous! Would definitely do it again someday.
Reviewer: P in NC
5 Stars
So Worth It - Fun and Enjoyable
March 24, 2016
At first the thought of doing an excursion involving kayaking made us somewhat nervous that we were going to be very tired afterwards but once we got started it was so much fun and were we tired - Not at all. The guide was very informative. You could really tell he enjoyed what he did and he knew the area. We snorkeled in two different areas and saw lots of fish. We saw an octopus which the guide tried to bring out of it hiding so we could all see it better but where it was we could all see it. The guide also came across an eel which he also tried to get to come out so we could all get a good look at it. The guide made sure that everyone was enjoying themselves and was included in everything that was seen. It rained a little on our last snorkeling but the rain made it fun. The lunch was nice {sub sandwich) and snacks of chocolate. I would DEFINITELY do this again and again when we visit.
Reviewer: a Caribbean Cruise lover
5 Stars
wonderful people!
December 03, 2015
Jason is possibly the most nature conscious person that I have ever met. Thank you to the office staff too. I didn't get an opportunity to tip jason. Can you give me a number to reach him?
Reviewer: michael
5 Stars
Enjoyable way to spend a day!
January 01, 2015
Our group spanned the ages of 12 to almost 80 years old and all of us had a good time. Our most senior participants are regularly physically active though--not sure this would accessible to seniors who are not accustomed to a lot of physical activity. Our guide (Lisa) was informative, friendly and encouraging. Group size was great (14) and really made up of our extended family and another extended family. This felt more personal than some of the Ship-Organized excursions. The extra hour (compared to similar offering by our ship) seemed really necessary in order for this to be a relaxed pace. This is a tiring day, but was enjoyable. One difficulty for some was the distance that was required for swimming over to the snorkel spot. Given that (and given that this is a new experience for many), less time on land and more time snorkeling might have been helpful. Flippers may have been helpful as well. Definitely bring a hat (that has some kind of strap for unexpected wind gusts) and wear a lot of sunscreen! Also, as you will hear right from the start, everything you wear or bring will get wet. Consider bringing a dry bag if you want to bring a camera with. Also, members of our group who had denim shorts on wished they had opted for material that is more comfortable when wet. We also wished we had a better sense ahead of time about how much cash we should have on hand for transportation to and from (there is a very inexpensive option for riding back on public transportation, but you may have to wait a bit) and for tipping our guide.
Reviewer: Madison
4 Stars
quite expensive but fun
November 28, 2014
Trip itself was fun but to get to place of excursion you had to take taxi, be ready $70 one way ( even if it is only 2 people) That rises price significantly, couple we met on cruise decided not to go because of that. I would be nice if they could pick you from the shore close to ship Otherwise guide was very experienced and make trip a lot of fun. Beautiful nature, our entire family loved that
Reviewer: Pixie
4 Stars
I' ll go again.
January 24, 2014
Unbelievable. Thanks a lot to our guide Alex. He provided to us an education and a fun.
Reviewer: Big Ben
5 Stars
Great Adventure
June 27, 2013
Jason exceptional guide; well versed and in excellent shape; reminded us of our sons; provided us with a great CD documenting our excursion; disappointed in $40 cab fare; if had been picked up at the pier this would have been perfect
Reviewer: Bill
4 Stars
This is a must do
December 20, 2012
The best guide ever. Gave one on one service and attention to detail. Provided adequate lunch and water and candy. Described local sights, animals and fauna. Kayak is in a protected area behid the reef and gravel rubble - no waves, no wakes. The lava pool was fantastic. Would have enjoyed a longer stay,, but NCL had a schedule. The shop was clean and organized with a friendly crew. They even called a cab ahead of time, so it was there when I returned. Great fun.
Reviewer: mayrz
5 Stars
Awesome Time!!!
October 10, 2012
Tour Guide was great! Not only adventurous, fun, and exciting, but educational. My wife and I had a phenomenal time. Would definitely do it again.
Reviewer: GreyWolf
5 Stars
Great excursion for a smaller group!
April 11, 2012
We booked this full-day (5 hour) kayaking/snorkeling/hiking excursion outside of those offered by our cruise ship because we wanted a more intimate and worthwhile experience. We got exactly what we were looking for! Our group consisted only of the other couple we were traveling with, which allowed the tour guide (Patrick) to give us a much more in-depth and expanded tour of the area. We got to see and do such much, that even though we were exhausted by the end of the day, we certainly got our money's worth. Great excursion, and a great way to see the more natural side of the island! The only thing that we didn't like was having to arrange our own transportation to the company, although it was disclosed before we booked, it wasn't as easy to grab a cab (only available in huge vans with other tourists) as it was on other islands. That being said, we did get a ride and arrive on time, and would be able to easily do it again in the future.
Reviewer: Chase
5 Stars
I had a great time
January 20, 2012
This was a lot of fun, and I learned so much from this trip! I would definitely recommend this to anyone considering going on one of these trips.
Reviewer: Charlie
5 Stars