Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Adventure

good things and suggestion
December 13, 2019
Harley our guide was excellent. Quite knowledgable and went at our pace. All 3 events were good (snorkelling, kayaking, short hike). Few people on the trip made it superb. Suggestion: Same as other excursion. Make it known (as opposed to the fine print) that getting to the site is not part of the excursion. The taxi was $20 USD, there and back. Not too bad as there were 2 of us. For single travellers a meeting spot/time at the ship for transportation would be an ideal thing. Thank you for a wonderful trip.
Reviewer: Geremy Vincengt
4 Stars
Kayak, Hike & snorkel
September 10, 2019
Great adventure - great guides and people all around - thank you
Reviewer: Joann DeMassa
5 Stars
Awesome Tour
March 27, 2019
Loved kayaking out to the hike and snorkel area. The tour guide was excellent and provided a wealth of information. There is a short hike and then a good amount of time to snorkel. This was so much fun.
Reviewer: Robin E Ware
5 Stars
A Super Fun Adventure!
February 01, 2019
My friend and I did the Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Adventure while in port in St. Thomas. We actually did an island tour we scheduled once we got off the ship -and after, we were dropped us right off at the location where our tour began. Haley was our guide and she was awesome. She was bubbly and fun, and seemed to know a ton about the vegetation and sea life in the area. The kayaking was fun, we had a nice walk (not really a hike) along the beach at our stop, and then we snorkeled. I didn't see a lot of colorful fish, but it was still a fun day. I love the small group (there were 4 of us total) so it was really nice. One of the other groups (probably off the cruise ship) had around 30 people.
Reviewer: Holly Beck
5 Stars
Kayak, Hike and Snorkel
December 18, 2017
My family had a party of five which comprised the tour. Therefore, it was essentially a private tour. The main guide who grew up on the island was personable, knowledgeable and passionate about the terrain. A second guide was rather new to the island, but skilled in outdoor activities. They made a good pair. Kayaking was enjoyable, however, there is no reef there so snorkeling was fair not exceptional. Overall, a worthwhile trip with very competent and friendly leadership. Thanks. My best to Brad Miller. Jerry Chermak
Reviewer: Jerry Chermak
4 Stars
St. Thomas - Kayak, Hike & Snorkel
January 20, 2017
This was a fun filled day, with water, exercise, beautiful views and continuous learning. The guides were full of knowledge of the plant life, sea creatures, local legends and they were excited to cover with you. Their enthusiasm made for a excellent day! Highly recommend this tour; probably 14 people in our group. The taxi ride both ways is a little off - putting, but no real challenge.
Reviewer: Paul Peel
5 Stars
Kayak, Hike, Snorkel
January 09, 2017
It was good. The guide was knowledgeable. The photos were not of good quality fortunately we were not charged for them
Reviewer: Steve
4 Stars
Enjoyed it
August 24, 2016
This was a wonderful way to see a bit of St. Thomas. The guide was very friendly, knowledgeable and we enjoyed all parts of the excursion.
Reviewer: Jill
4 Stars
Great excursion!
July 19, 2016
Great trip for a family of 4 (kids were 9 & 10yo). My kids loved seeing all the ocean life when snorkeling and during our little hike. Staff was upbeat and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend to others!
Reviewer: Wendyh
5 Stars
June 08, 2016
Tour guides were great!
Reviewer: Marndawg
5 Stars
Highlight of my cruise!
January 07, 2016
Tour guide was very informative, and also very fun and welcoming. Not overly energetic, but not lacking excitement, either. Made sure we were all aware of how to keep up with each other, and maintain a good pace, while still educating us as we kayaked. Snorkel area was fun, and got to see some great life below the surface. Was an amazing day, and the highlight of my vacation...even though I was exhausted after. :-)
Reviewer: Mike
5 Stars
Great excursion, great exercise, and a lot of fun
November 11, 2015
Great excursion and a lot of fun. The guides were great and very friendly. They knew answers to every question. Were able to kayak, explore during snorkeling, and go for a short hike. Saw a lot of beautiful fish, held a spiny sea urchin, and a variety of other things. I would do this again without a doubt.
Reviewer: Cruise girl
5 Stars
Great Excursion
January 26, 2015
This was a great excursion. The staff was excellent. Maggie was our guide and she was outstanding! She had great knowledge of the area and was very friendly. I would recommend this excursion to everyone going to St Thomas.
Reviewer: Scott
5 Stars
Will do it all over again.
November 15, 2014
Great tour. You get a great workout out of it too. Place can use a sturdy shelter for cover against cold rain at the island where hiking takes place. For changing into dry clothes, I prefer a private room than the four sided screens which expose your feet and head.
Reviewer: Dreamer
4 Stars
A femarkable Adventure
September 10, 2014
The entire experience was a great adventure. The guide was delightful, knowledgeable and helpful. It was the first time Kayaking, and we loved it. Lots of education on the hike. The world below the surface was remarkable, with many species of fish. It was certainly worth the cost of the trip. In fact, we would do it again, if we have the opportunity.
Reviewer: Ira and Gloria
5 Stars
Awesome time...can't wait until we do it
April 01, 2014
Awesome experience
Reviewer: Ron
5 Stars
One of our favorite of all excursions
January 17, 2014
The guides showed us a ton of stuff, with DVD of both our exact group and another of all the local wildlife and scenery.
Reviewer: Fvirn from Carol Stream
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion!
January 02, 2014
Great activity for adults and kids. Kayak and snorkel was fun for those with experience and those just learning to kayak. Our guides Travis, Josh, and Devon were friendly and so helpful. Travis was particularly helpful to my 8 year old daughter who tried snorkeling for the first time. My whold group of 11 found it one of the best days ever.
Reviewer: Ilene
5 Stars
Amazing tour!!
September 23, 2013
We had the best tour guide ever. Very friendly and knowledgable. My daughter and I had an awesome experience.
Reviewer: Linda
5 Stars
August 04, 2012
Shawn was the best tour guide ever. Made it fun and educational :-) Very helpful and accommodating
Reviewer: Leylee
5 Stars
Great Experience. I recommend.
May 01, 2012
This was a great experience and our guide was friendly and knowledgeable. The area was beautiful and the snorkeling was a lot of fun. The hermit crabs were amazing. I've never seen so many. My only negatives, are only minor ones, I'd like to have a bit more time to it could be a little more relaxed, but in all fairness, we were running a bit late, due to late arrivals. Also, it would be very very helpful if transportation were included. We had a much smaller group (8 in all). The other group that went out before us, who booked through the cruise line, was huge. I think our small group was much better. I would recommend booking through Shore Excursions.
Reviewer: Historydigger
4 Stars
Friendly and fun
April 11, 2012
All the guides are fun, knowledgeable, involved in a research endeavor in the mangrove forest. I enjoy learning new things and i did learn a lot. The combination of kayaking, hiking and snorkel, all brief and non exhausting, was a great idea. They took pictures and then immediately put them on a CD, for a fee, including their own best underwater shots of marine life. I recommend that highly, for those who want a genuine local island experience.
Reviewer: Maria werner-wasik
5 Stars