Half Day Sail and Snorkel with the Turtles

Half Day Sail and Snorkel with the Turtles
January 01, 2024
Big time fun
Reviewer: Noraleen Michaud
5 Stars
Swiming with the Turtles
January 01, 2024
Snorkeling with the turtles was awesome. We didn't know if we would see any turtles or not. Other execursions like this didn't produce. We saw a lot of turtles and the colored fish in the coral was outstanding. The sailboat crew were helpful and a lot of fun. If you want to see turtles take this excursion.
Reviewer: Patrick Craig
5 Stars
December 29, 2023
My husband & I had a wonderful time with Captain Mike & Nikki. They taught us a lot about the island & took us to the best spot to snorkel-Buck Island @ Turtle Cove. (I think I said that right?) Highly recommend! Only downfall, I could have stayed in the water all day if they would have let me :)
Reviewer: Amanda Hogan
5 Stars
One of the best excursions ever!
December 20, 2023
Been on many cruises and excursions, but this one rates as one of the best. I had hoped to see a turtle, but did not expect it. Instead not only did we see 3 giant sea turtles, but also a stingray, urchins, and a variety of fish in the beautiful coral. The boat was beautiful, captain and crew fantastic, equipment and instructions superb. One of the best things was we were taken to the same spot as the cruise sponsored group but we had a group of only 18, while theirs looked about 50. Got back to the ship (meeting point was within sight of our ship) in plenty of time. Don’t hesitate to do this excursion, you won’t regret it.
Reviewer: Michelle
5 Stars
Fabulous few hours
August 19, 2023
Omg. Great excursion. Only 12 people on our sailboat. Captain and staff were great. Respect shown for the reef and sea turtles which i really appreciated. Would do this again in a heartbeat
Reviewer: Suzanne Licks
5 Stars
Great day!
August 01, 2023
This was a great excursion. There were only a small group with us which was a nice break from all of the people on the cruise! The guides were amazing, friendly, and knowledgeable! They knew where the turtles were (and were not) we got to see a dolphin and lots of fish! It was just an overall really fun day that was relaxing and just what we were hoping it would be!
Reviewer: Melissa
5 Stars
Fantastic Crew and Experience!
July 24, 2023
We had a fantastic time with Captain Mike and Nikki on the Fury! They were knowledgeable, fun, and most of all so caring! Our daughter was getting sea sick and they tried every remedy possible to keep her from getting sick. They were absolutely fantastic! The location was wonderful and we absolutely loved the pool noodles to help everyone float. It made snorkeling effortless. We saw sea turtles, coral, amazing fish, and sting rays. We would 1000% do it again!
Reviewer: Nancy H.
5 Stars
Family Cruise Vacation
July 12, 2023
We included this excursion as part of our Eastern Caribbean Family Vacation cruise. Captain Mike and Nikki (1st mate) of the Fury could not have been more accommodating. We had a great sail and snorkel. Would do it again next time we are in St. Thomas.
Reviewer: Stephen Copley
5 Stars
Best snorkel experience!
June 07, 2023
I loved this excursion. Not only did I get to see and swim with a turtle or two, I also saw a beautiful coral reef and colorful fish! Captain Mike and his first mate were so much fun! We got to spend about an hour in the water. We arrived as the cruise line excursions left. There were 26 people on our tour. The cruise line tours had about 40-45 people and were probably only in the water about 20-30 minutes. We felt so lucky to have found this! I highly recommend!
Reviewer: Sonee
5 Stars
June 06, 2023
It was our favorite part of the trip! We only saw one turtle but we saw lots of other fish, sting rays and a barracuda with his ugly teeth.the sail boat was beautiful! Oh and get the beer instead of the punch😂😎. I didn’t like the rum punch.
Reviewer: Julie Hyatt
5 Stars
Beautiful day sailing and snorkeling
June 01, 2023
This was one of our favorite excursions on our cruise! The smaller group size what so nice, staff on the boat were very knowledgable, helpful but still let you enjoy the views. We were two couples of varying experience sailing and snorkeling and each one of us felt safe and had a great time. Length of the tour was nice and access from the ship to meeting location was very easy. I highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Ashley
5 Stars
Excellent experience
April 08, 2023
Captain Mike and Nicki were great. Perfect sized sail boat for a nice trip to the reef and turtle grass. Would definitely do this again.
Reviewer: B Berry
5 Stars
Amazing snorkel
March 28, 2023
Our captain and crew was amazing. So knowledgeable while we were sailing out. They were in the water with us to scout for ocean life and to help any first timers. You have an hour in the water. The boat was beautiful and not too many of us which was great. I would do this again in a second!
Reviewer: Sabrina Redman
5 Stars
Review comments
March 15, 2023
What a great trip. Captain Mike and First Mate Nikki did a tremendous job !!!! Would do this excursion again in a heartbeat. Everyone in the area should make a point to enjoy it :)
Reviewer: Bruce
5 Stars
Wonderful and successful trip!
March 15, 2023
Of three snorkeling trips I made on a recent cruise to the Caribbean, this was absolutely the best. The crew was very professional and fun! Instruction and safety were stressed. They were very helpful at all stages of the trip. The boat was clean and sleek and fast. The trips to and from Buck Island were wonderful. The snorkeling site was excellent with clean, clear water, many corals and fish, and sea turtles! The trip back to St. Thomas was highlighted by snacks, rum punch and beer. I highly recommend this high quality excursion!
Reviewer: Rob Mrowka
5 Stars
Half Day snorkel with Sea Turtles
March 07, 2023
The crew was amazing!! They knew exactly where the turtles were. We had the best day ever!!!
Reviewer: Sharon A Farrell
5 Stars
Had a Blast!
March 01, 2023
We saw sea turtles, stingray, a barracuda and lots of small fish. The sailing was great! Captain Mike and Nikki were fun, attentive and helpful. They explained what we should do and not do for safety reasons and with the wildlife. Getting on and off the boat was easy. Loved the music! We’ve recommended this excursion to our friends who are planning a cruise. Thanks for a great day!
Reviewer: Sheila Austin
5 Stars
Half Day Sail & Snorkel with Turtles
February 28, 2023
The sail boat was a great way to the snorkel area. Captain Mike shared interesting info on the area including history. Mike gave excellent safety instructions. The excursion was a beautiful way to experience the gorgeous waters, fish, turtles and coral. We would love to go on another sail boat adventure with Captain Mike!
Reviewer: Patricia A Heller
5 Stars
Excellent alternative
February 12, 2023
Great vessel. Friendly captain and assistant. Just the best.
Reviewer: Kathryn Dodge
5 Stars
Half day sail and snorkel with sea turtles
January 04, 2023
Great excursion. Tour guide was excellent. Small group of 25 on the boat instead of 80 on other boats I observed. Very secluded area with plenty friendly turtles.
Reviewer: Randy Reuter
5 Stars
December 22, 2022
The crew were amazing! We had a great time and got face to face with a family of sea turtles. Even the sail to and from the turtles was just stunning. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Ryan
5 Stars
Great Captain and First Mate
August 30, 2022
This was by far the best highlight of our 7 day cruise! The captain was so kind to wait for all the cruisers who were arriving a little late into harbor. The captain was excellent teaching all the youngsters how to stir the ship. The snorkel was excellent got to see stingrays, turtles, and even an octopus.
Reviewer: Dan
5 Stars
August 03, 2022
Small personal group. Hosts knew what they were doing and were kind and friendly. One of our kids, age 9, has some special sensory needs, and one of the gals took her and worked with her personally. Even was able to get her snorkeling!! Sailing was great. Even allowed kids to “captain” the boat. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Sharon Block
5 Stars
1/2 Day snorkel with the turtles review
June 23, 2022
We had the best time on this excursion! We had 8 people in our group. The captain and his assistant were very nice, they explained everything throughly, and made us all feel comfortable. At first we were disappointed thinking we were going out on a catamaran but it ended up being a sail boat. It was fabulous! We have never been on a sail boat before and we all enjoyed it! I would highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Sandi Thomas
5 Stars
Amazing day on the water
April 19, 2022
We loved sailing and snorkeling with Fury. It's a smaller group and smaller boat that gives you the true sailing feeling you can't get on a catamaran
Reviewer: Kyle Matheson
5 Stars
So much fun
March 17, 2022
We had a wonderful day with Mike and Nikki. They were so accommodating, funny and knowledgeable. We would 100% recommend them to anyone going to St. Thomas.
Reviewer: Shandra Locken
5 Stars
Excellent tour
January 19, 2022
Small group, personal service, no complaints whatsoever! Thank you for a wonderful tour - would recommend to anyone who wants to swim with turtles, stingrays, colorful fish in a smaller group on a beautiful sailboat
Reviewer: Nicola
5 Stars
Above and Beyond
January 05, 2022
My wife and I had a blast with Mike and Nicki. The trip out to Turtle Cove was beautiful, and we learned a lot about St. Thomas and the surrounding area. When we got to Turtle Cove and got in the water, Nicki made sure everybody had what they needed, and showed us the best spots to look at the coral and fish below. We saw sea turtles, fish, and a sting ray! We saw a few large groups that booked directly through a cruise line, and we were all glad that we were on a smaller vessel and not sharing with 100 of our closest friends. Nicki made rounds with delicous rum punch on our way back to St. Thomas, and we got to see the beginings of a beautiful sunset. Mike made sure everybody knew where they were going when we got back on land, and gave us all recommendations for how to spend the rest of our time in port. We would be happy to spend half a day just talking with Mike and Nicki - add snorkeling, wildlife, and a beautiful island and it's just about perfect!
Reviewer: Andrew R
5 Stars
Sail and Snorkel
March 27, 2020
Water was beautiful and the captain and Nicki were fantastic
Reviewer: Laurie Sparks
5 Stars
Wonderful snorkel trip
March 04, 2020
Our group had a total of 17 as 3 did not show. It was much nicer than being on those big groups we saw. We sailed using the wind, it was a beautiful ride. We saw a 3-4 turtles that even came up for air right near us. I’m happy they watch people don’t touch the turtles so they are left alone. We saw a couple stingrays and very colorful fish too. Captain Mike and his assistant , I think her name was Nicki were great. They were especially attentive to my 75 yr old mom. They even brought up a cushion from below for her to sit on. Then when it came time to snorkel they made sure she could come back up the ladder by going down a couple steps and coming back up before she got all the way in. They also gave her a see thru view inflatable device she could look through rather than using a snorkel and mask to make it easier for her. I also liked they rinsed you off with fresh water after coming out of the salt water. I would definitely recommend this tour if visiting St. Thomas.
Reviewer: Kim Weisbrodt
5 Stars
Sail and Snorkel with the Turtles
February 13, 2020
We had a GREAT day with Captain Mike and crew. They did a fabulous job all around. Although we only saw one sea turtle we still had a blast. The boat ride was actually my favorite part.
Reviewer: Roxanne Voorhees
5 Stars
Cptn Mike and his assistant....*****
January 29, 2020
What a great experience. Professional and intimate compared to the larger boats from other tours.
Reviewer: Sean Yong
5 Stars
Sail/snorkel - highly recommend
January 29, 2020
Would recommend this sail and snorkel with the turtles trip! Captain Mike and Nikki were very accommodating and we enjoyed our excursion.
Reviewer: L Stoughton
5 Stars
January 27, 2020
It was our first time snorkeling with the turtles. It was fun. However we found out the cruise ship offered the same trip for a lower price.
Reviewer: Thomas Tse
4 Stars
Great time with Mike and Nikki
January 22, 2020
We really enjoyed our time sailing with a small group to snorkel close to the shore of a small island to observe the turtles and fish. Both Mike and his assistant Nikki were very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. We would do it again! Thank you both for the great memories!
Reviewer: Geraldine Wise
5 Stars
Most Amazing Experience
December 08, 2019
My boyfriend and I had the best time with this excursion! The guides were so welcoming, laid back, and down to earth. They were incredibly knowledgeable about the area and about the sea turtles. They were so great about answering any questions- big or small. They showed us how to safely use the equipment and when we went out to snorkel they showed us the sea turtles and other amazing things. My boyfriend had a go pro and the guide drove down close to the sea turtles to get a super cool shot. We definitely recommend this tour! So much fun!
Reviewer: Brooke Kane
5 Stars
Amazing day
December 04, 2019
This was something that I had wanted to do my entire life and finally got to do it and it was everything I hoped for. I booked this excursion instead of the one through the cruise line because it seemed like it might be a little different, although more expensive, and it was well worth it. The crew of Furry were awesome, Nikki went out in the water with us and showed us things we would probably have missed otherwise and when the captain turned off the motor we got to experience a true sailboat on the ocean, truly spectacular. We were only two of six passengers on this sailboat, we saw the excursion boats from the cruise ships and they were loaded with at least 30-40 people, everyone had to wear life vests and hold onto a rope while in the water, ours was truly a freeing experience where we were able to go where we wanted and when we wanted to go, I'm so glad that we paid the extra money, we definitely got our moneys worth.
Reviewer: Christi Sessions
5 Stars
Overall a pretty good excursion
December 04, 2019
The 2 crew members were friendly and knew their stuff. Even though the cove was crowded when we arrived they were able to find a spot for our boat of 24 people that was away from the other large catamaran groups. It was right near a few Turtles, some Rays, and a Coral Reef where we got to see colorful fish. The boat is a traditional sailboat so there isn't much in the way of comfortable seating, but unlike most catamarans we actually did cut the engines and sail a bit in both directions. The boat felt a little crowded at times, but all in all a decent excursion. Be sure to bring you paperwork with the phone number. They ran late and it was useful to be able to contact the captain directly.
Reviewer: Tom
4 Stars
Turtles was great
November 27, 2019
The day was actually very good. Relative to the excursions offered by the cruise line, the price is significantly better and more importantly, the number of participants on this excursions is much less. That makes the experience better. The sailing was relaxing, the turtles were there and timing was on track.
Reviewer: Dave
4 Stars
September 06, 2019
Reviewer: Joanna Vann
4 Stars
Snorkel with turtles
August 03, 2019
We had fun!
Reviewer: Ruby Balbido
5 Stars
Great day with Turtles.
August 01, 2019
Excellent tour guides and ship crew. Very knowledgeable about St. Thomas and explaining the living situation there post Hurricane. Beautiful water to snorkel in and small size of group made it much more intimate and attractive and personal.
Reviewer: Brady Castleberry
5 Stars
Best Day Ever
July 18, 2019
From the boat ride out to actually snorkeling w/turtles my daughter and I had so much fun. Would do it all over again!
Reviewer: Ramona B
5 Stars
Amazing Day!
July 04, 2019
This excursion is a must! The people are very friendly, the boat is very nice, and the water is beautiful!
Reviewer: Samantha Calhoun
5 Stars
Lots of fun!
July 02, 2019
We really enjoyed our sail & snorkel. It was easy to find the meeting point. We enjoyed the scenic sail over to Buck Island. We were able to see sea turtles, fish & coral. Very family friendly.
Reviewer: Emily Hansen
5 Stars
***Must do!!!***
June 26, 2019
Enjoy a relaxing sail with Captain and right hand woman Jessica! They worked and served the guests aboard throughout the trip. Once we arrived where the turtles were, they educated everyone on how to have a successful snorkel guided by Jessica. It was great to see the turtles and coral reefs. Bring a waterproof camera!
Reviewer: A Cash
5 Stars
Fantastic experience
June 18, 2019
This was by far the best experience I have ever had on an off cruise ship excursion. The captain and his deckhand, Jessica were excellent. From meeting us at the meeting location to welcoming onto the boat, we could not have had a more authentic, intimate experience snorkeling with the turtles. I am returning in October to St. Thomas with my oldest daughter and wouldn't mind doing the same tour again!
Reviewer: Melissa Ragazzi
5 Stars
June 16, 2019
This was, by far, the BEST thing we did on our cruise! St. Thomas was stunning! Captain Mike and his crew took such great care of us. The sail was delightful and the turtles did not disappoint! Be sure to take underwater cameras to snap some pics of these awesome animals! After the snorkel, we enjoyed rum punch and sodas on the boat. Just amazing! If you have time to enjoy a Pain Killer drink at the nearby drink stand after the sail, do it! That is one delicious treat! If I could rate this excursion a 10, I certainly would!
Reviewer: Mary Ham
5 Stars
wonderful excursion
June 14, 2019
It was a beautiful day and the sail out to the snorkel was amazing! Captain Mike was great and very informative. The water at the snorkel area was so beautiful. We saw several turtles and other sea life and coral. There was plenty of time in the water before the sail back. They have drinks and snacks for the sail back. St. Thomas is crazy beautiful and this was a wonderful way to experience it. We really enjoyed this excursion.
Reviewer: Tracy
5 Stars
June 04, 2019
Very nice people. Not over crowed. Good clean equipment, Nice boat.
Reviewer: Val Blum
5 Stars
Beautiful Turtles
June 01, 2019
About 20 in the group so the area wasn’t too too crowded. We saw several sea turtles. Saw some small corals, too. Friendly crew.
Reviewer: Russell Patterson
5 Stars
Captain Mike and Stephanie were wonderful
May 10, 2019
Loved the trip out to Buck island on the beautiful sailboat. The water is gorgeous and Mike and Stephanie were so knowlegable and fun. We had a great time finding the turtles and swimming around the boat. Lots of fish and sting rays to see too.
Reviewer: Jennifer Whitworth
5 Stars
beautiful creatures, beautiful day
May 09, 2019
Crystal clear waters, exhilarating sail ride out to the turtle sanctuary area and more than enough time to swim around and watch the turtles and explore a small bit of coral. We saw Barracuda fish, sand dollars, and jet black sea urchins. Lots of rum punch, snacks and a fun 2 man crew!
Reviewer: Ruth Bendersky
4 Stars
Fury Sailing is the only way to go
April 28, 2019
Captain Mike and Nicki were awesome. From the moment we stepped aboard we felt like we were on vacation on my brother's boat. Lots of information about the USVI. I recommend sitting by the captain under the cover. It rained for about 2 minutes and everyone else was drenched. It's very warm and they were dry before we jumped in to swim with the turtles. There were too many boats at the place we went to but once we got into the water, they seemed to thin out and several left while we were still in the water. We saw a few turtles and the reef was very abundant with sea life. The rum punch that was served on the trip back was very dangerous!
Reviewer: JaAn Littlefield
5 Stars
We had so much fun!
April 24, 2019
This was a great tour! Our guide answered all our questions, played great music, and took us to Buck Island where we snorkled with sea turtles! We saw three rather smaller sea turtles, one with a missing flipper, and a sting ray. On the way back to St. Thomas, we were given snacks and refreshments at no extra cost.
Reviewer: Lisa M. Cousino
5 Stars
Despite a lot of people, outstanding tour!
April 23, 2019
Mike and Jess were outstanding! Ship was immaculate. Ride was pleasant with beautiful scenery - size of our group was great. My only "complaint" was the # of people when we got to snorkeling.There must have been a dozen other boats out there! This is something that probably can't be helped - it's protected and turtles are KNOWN to be there. Capt did a great job of getting our boat away from the other boats so that we had room to swim. We came across 4 or 5 turtles and a stingray. You could swim down for a closer look without getting too close to bother them. At the surface there were laughably 20 people hovering over each turtle! But when you had your head down looking, you could only see the turtle. Overall experience was outstanding! The turtles would come up every 10 mins for air. At one point, a turtle came up next to me - if I reached out, I could have touched it. I was taken aback by just how awesome I thought the experience was and I would do it again in a heartbeat!
Reviewer: Laura Martin
5 Stars
Great sailing and snorkeling experience
April 18, 2019
We loved this excursion because it was small and personable. Our tour guides were great. We were able to sail on a real sailboat and had one on one conversations with the captain! I would totally recommend this tour over the larger commercial tours. St. Thomas is beautiful and our tour guides really cared about the animals and the environment. We were able to see several turtles and a stingray during our adventure.
Reviewer: Monica Woolman
5 Stars
April 15, 2019
Everything about this tour was amazing including the phenomenal crew. We absolutely loved it!
Reviewer: avcookie
5 Stars
Great snorkeling trip!
April 14, 2019
This trip was on a sail boat with 12 others. We sailed close to a small island, were provided gear and instructions, then explored the water. There were sea turtles and some fish. Afterwards we had some rum punch and discussed our discoveries. The captain and first mate were so helpful.
Reviewer: El
5 Stars
Half Day Sail and Snorkel with the turtles.
April 06, 2019
Marvelous sailing out, glad to motor back. Friendly, entertaining, and very professional Skipper and Crew. Very considerate of handicapped. Great snorkeling, lots of turtles. Outstanding!
Reviewer: Vincent Landis
5 Stars
April 04, 2019
Great sailing trip with very experienced crew!!! Saw turtles and amazing fish. They provided pool noodles to help you swim which I recommend. Great time!!!
Reviewer: Mickey t
5 Stars
Great trip
April 01, 2019
Our group (including 4 kids (9-15)) went on this excursion 3/29/19. We had an awesome experience w/ Capt. Mike and Jessica. We saw 3 turtles (they stayed in the general area the entire time), sting rays, and a small coral reef w/ some really great fish. The depth of the water was 10 - 15 feet. The boat was a great size - Approximately, 25 people (comfortably) and Captain Mike did a great job of setting expectations, providing direction and making us feel comfortable. The larger groups were all around us and would come and go in massive groups. The trip included: an hour ride out to Buck island, an hour snorkeling, and forty minutes getting back. The time snorkeling was plenty and never rushed. The trip on the sailboat was amazing. one caution. Our boat, Royal Caribbean - Oasis of the Seas, docks at a different port. I believe b/c of the size of the ship. We had a 20-30 minute taxi ride to the port and back. $6 each way/per person on the taxis that are the standard.
Reviewer: Greg Poulos
5 Stars
Perfect day
March 28, 2019
The skipper & his crew were friendly and good sailors, too. The turtles were right where they were supposed to be. It was a perfect excursion.
Reviewer: David
5 Stars
Beautiful time spent with turtles in the wild
March 26, 2019
If you are looking for something different & interesting to do while visiting St.Thomas, this is a great excursion. We had about 90 minutes in the water to swim around and watch turtles feeding on grass, as well as being able to snorkel around a nearby rocky reef
Reviewer: Alison Manuel
5 Stars
Best ever!!!!
March 26, 2019
This was truly the way to go. We have been on 25 cruises, and We have always booked shore excursions through the cruise line, and we were always sent out in a group of 30-60 crammed on to a catamaran. This excursion there were 23 people signed up from various cruise ships in port and only 10 showed up, so it was 10 participants and two crew members. Service was excellent, sailboat was beautiful and we got to sail rather than the usual sail up then motor. We were a little anxious about our ship arriving in one port and having to take a cab to the other port to catch the excursion, but it was completely hassle-free and we made it in plenty of time. When we arrived to the cove with the turtles there were two other boats which departed about 5 minutes after we got there so we had the entire cove to ourselves. I highly recommend this excursion.....excellent!
Reviewer: Amanda Hunt
5 Stars
The best excursion on my vacation
March 14, 2019
This was the most relaxed and enjoyable excursion, plenty of time was given to snorkeling and sail itself was more wonderful than I had hoped. Our group was small and we were not made to conform to a tight formation, we could come in and out of the boat at will and snacks/drink were plenty. The crew was so pleasant and it was awe inspiring to be part of a real sail (no engine). I would recommend this excursion to all!
Reviewer: S. Bulkley
5 Stars
Half Day Sail and Snorkel with the Turtles
March 06, 2019
THis was a great trip! We were with Captain Mike and his first mate - Jess from NY. they were awesome! The sail out to water island was beautiful, snorkeling was fantastic with the turtles, saw a few sting rays and lot's of fish. If you are lucky and patient you can literally float right next to the turtles when they surface. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Eileen Morgenstern
5 Stars
Great Experience
February 14, 2019
The captain and crew were very informative and helpful making for a great trip on the sailboat and of course the snorkling!
Reviewer: Brad Wardell
5 Stars
Great excursion
February 09, 2019
This was our favorite excursion that we did. The captain, mate, and sailboat were top notch and the rum punch hit the spot. The turtles and snorkeling were great!
Reviewer: Beth
5 Stars
Great Day!
February 06, 2019
Our sail with Captain Mike and Jessica was great! They were welcoming and very nice to us and our 2 girls. It was so nice to go as a small group and made the experience more personal. Our daughters really enjoyed seeing the turtles along with other fish. This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.
Reviewer: Mel
5 Stars
Half Day Sail and Snorkel with the Turtles
January 21, 2019
Enjoyed the sail out to the snorkel area. Our guide "Captain" and his mate were great and quite helpful. I was disappointed in how few fish there were where we anchored and the large number of other boats/snorkelers all in the same area. I was impressed when our Captain spotted a snorkeler in trouble from one of the other excursion boats. He quickly got into the skiff he had towed along with us, rescued the snorkeler and brought her over to her excursion boat. I don't even think they noticed what was happening. Thank goodness for his alertness and quick actions! I saw no turtles that day but really enjoyed getting out into the beautiful warm water and seeing the view from our sailboat.
Reviewer: Janeane La Casse
4 Stars
Mostly sailing
January 11, 2019
This was mostly sailing. Snorkeling - we saw two turtles, two sting rays. Wished we had seen more. We did snorkel over a coral bed which was like being in an acquarium - so many fish all around. Very cool! This would be best for people who prefer sailing to snorkeling. Crew was great!
Reviewer: Jodene Glaesemann
4 Stars
Completely perfect excursion
January 10, 2019
Captain Mike and Jess were absolutely outstanding at making this half day sailboat ride and snorkelling at Turtle Cove absolutely perfect. Our party of 4 adults and 5 young children had a marvelous time from the tone we got underway just a few hundred feet from the cruise ship! Jess was a wonderful hostess and snorkelling guide while taking time to talk to each guest. Well done! I would go back again!
Reviewer: Dave S
5 Stars
Highly recommend!
January 03, 2019
This was a great adventure! Swimming with the turtles. Our guide and first mate were very friendly, we went in about a 30' sailboat to an uninhabited island preserve and snorkeled with the turtles and tropical fish. On the ride back to port they provided rum punch and kept our glasses full. It was great!
Reviewer: Joe K
5 Stars
Highly Recommend
December 22, 2018
We had very good time on this excursion with Captain Mike and his assistance Jessica. They are awesome! Will definitely do it again next time when we come back! Thank you Captain Mike and Jessica!!!
Reviewer: Michelle
5 Stars
Do this tour. They were great
December 17, 2018
Our tour started off with a quick briefing of the day. Then we sailed our way out to an island where sea turtles could be spotted immediately from the boat. Then we got to go into the water and the sea turtles were within touching distance. We brought a go pro along and Nicki our guide took our camera and dove down producing amazing shots of sea turtles and fish. She even tried to find us an Octopus. She was able to locate where it was hiding but unfortunately couldn't locate the actual Octopus due to their incredible camouflage abilities. Our captain Mike was very friendly and answered questions about almost anything. It was a small sailboat with a small group. This made the experience very comfortable and we didn't feel crowded. It was one of the best snorkeling experiences we've ever had.
Reviewer: Monika Higbee
5 Stars
St. Thomas
December 16, 2018
Sailboat was very nice. Crew were excellent and the snorkeling was the best. Better snacks would be great.
Reviewer: Karen Gubesch
5 Stars
Absolutely Amazing!!
December 05, 2018
One of the best excursions I went on throughout my WHOLE cruise!!! Didn't have to worry for a second about making sure I was back on time for my ships port, they go above and beyond. Highly, highly recommend it! Mike and Nicky were amazing!! Learned all about St. Thomas and the wildlife. Had a beautiful sailing and snorkelling experience. The group size was nice and small and felt personal. Nicky and Mike both joined us for the snorkelling and helped point out the amazing ocean wildlife from sea turtles, stingrays, nurse sharks, small octopus, fish you name it. An amazing day that I honestly can't thank Mike and Micky enough for!! Worth every penny!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Larissa
5 Stars
Best snorkeling day
July 23, 2018
We really enjoyed the sailboat and Captain Mike was great. His crew took good care of us. Location was good. Mike caught a barracuda while trolling out to the site. We were escorted by two dolphins on the trip back.
Reviewer: Bill Brown
5 Stars
St. Thomas Snorkel with the Turtles
July 23, 2018
this was Excellent we had a great time ,, and the Captain and his assistant very nice and friendly we really enjoyed sailing for 15-20min. before swimming with the turtles that was so much fun
Reviewer: Margarita Sanchez
5 Stars
with Turtles
July 09, 2018
it was a lifetime experience. never swim in the ocean with Turtles and fishes. if I can will do it again
Reviewer: sefali ghayal
5 Stars
Great Excursion and Experience
July 09, 2018
My wife and I loved our snorkeling trip. The boat was beautiful, not packed like the cruise ship's boat with hundreds of people doing the same thing, included snacks and drink, and a personalized and local experience. As a diver, I do not typically enjoy snorkeling, but my wife and I got see turtles up close and personal, they even swam to us. Way better than the ship's excursion for a better price.
Reviewer: Brogan
5 Stars
Nice sail and Snorkel
June 25, 2018
I and my daughter enjoyed this excursion. I recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Simon
5 Stars
Snorkel With Turtles
June 04, 2018
Great snorkel trip. The picture you see where you are within a few feet of the turtles was the case for my trip. Also was able to follow some Rays around and saw some good size fish. Crew and boat were awesome and would book the Fury if in St. Thomas again.
Reviewer: Michael Page
5 Stars
Excellent shore excursion
May 14, 2018
Even though the shore excursion didn't start well as I lost my brand new GoPro camera in the port. Captain Mike did all his best and the camera was returned to me just in time to catch our cruise ship... I would like to thank him one more time! The excursion itself was very pleasant and relaxed with wind in the hair. The turtles hided because of plenty of tourists but it doesn't matter. It was very nice day.
Reviewer: Tomas
5 Stars
Beautiful day on the water
April 30, 2018
Captain and Crew were very entertaining and delightful. Beautiful sailboat and waters. Only one turtle but that is nature.
Reviewer: White
5 Stars
Amazing experience
April 30, 2018
This excursion was so much fun. The Captain and mate were so very friendly and helpful. The sailboat trip to and from Turtle Bay was so relaxing. The snorkeling portion of the trip was awe inspiring. We only saw two turtles but a lot of colorful fish near the reef. I highly recommend this trip
Reviewer: Jim
5 Stars
Beautiful Boat, Great Crew, Wonderful Time
April 23, 2018
Our family of 4 had a great time with Mike and Jessica! They were friendly, informative, and helpful...it felt more like a day of sailing with friends, with pleasant conversation and music from Mike's stereo. We had only 6 passengers, because of last-minute cruise itinerary changes, but this only enhanced our day. The turtles were just returning to the area, post-hurricane, and the reefs were damaged - sort of dusty - not the colorful, life-filled reefs we imagined, but we still enjoyed the swim and did get to see turtles, which was a first for us. Mike tells us that this will return to normal with time. The boat was pristine and the sailing smooth and invigorating. Jessica provided a light snack of pretzels, granola bars and delicious fruit punch during the sail back to port. (Alcoholic beverages were available but we didn't partake.) We highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Michelle Hoy
5 Stars
Sailing and Snorkeling
March 11, 2018
The sailing was excellent, Captain Mike did a terrific job of dealing with a sudden heavy rainstorm. While the ocean was too rough to snorkel where the turtles normally hangout Captain Mike did manoeuvre the boat so we could spot a few comin up for air. All in all a very fun 1/2day.
Reviewer: Richard McKeown
5 Stars
Amazing experience! Do not hesitate to book!!!!
February 11, 2018
This excursion exceeded my expectations. The group was small, maybe 20-25 people max. We set sail (actually sailed. No catamaran here!) and our captain gave us a little tour and history of the island along the way. They provided all the gear and we snorkel for at least 1.5 hours. Because we were there shortly after the hurricane, the assistant jumped in and pointed out things to look for. We saw several turtles, fish and coral. On the ride back, we were provided with refreshments. Everything about this experience was amazing! Loved the humor and knowledge of the captain and crew!!!
Reviewer: Kristine Clifford
5 Stars
Awesome Personalized Tour
January 12, 2018
Mike Fury and Jessica were the best! It turned out, due to the time of year (post hurricane), our family of 4 were the only guests. Mike called to let us know if we wanted to invite friends to do so, which was great. The sail was so relaxing, and we and our children (18/20) loved talking to Mike and hearing all about the island and the life there. The boat was clean and Mike sailed it smoothly and expertly. When we got out to snorkel, Jessica (modestly bathing suited...thanks!) joined us to take us to the hotspots to find and identify sea creatures. Loved the pencil-nosed blue fish! We were not rushed, and enjoyed the whole experience. The sail back included snacks and rum punch (and other non-alcoholic offerings) making for a fun and special day on the water. We told all our friends about it and would do it again! Thanks Mike and Jessica!
Reviewer: Lisa Van Aken
5 Stars
Wonderful experience!
September 05, 2017
Our captain and first mate were great hosts and we have a true experience with the turtles.
Reviewer: Marty Pelosi
5 Stars
Great Time Snorkeling with Captain Mike
July 12, 2017
We had a great time with Captain Mike and Jessica sailing and snorkeling on The Fury. Everything was done very well. Captain Mike was very personable and very accommodating. Jessica was great. They provided snacks and the sailing was excellent.
Reviewer: Louis C
5 Stars
great trip
June 27, 2017
This was a nice sail. Other than my husband got sea sick. We did get to see a lot of sea turtles.
Reviewer: Cynthia Garcia
4 Stars
Great Sail & Snorkel
May 19, 2017
Wonderful experience. As this was our first time snorkeling, we were appreciative of the knowledge of the guide and the history he gave us of the area.
Reviewer: Josephine Garner
5 Stars
Good Excursion
April 19, 2017
This shore excursion appx 3 hours and destination was 30 mins from the bay. The captain was nice. Just a reminder. You can't touch the ground when you snorkeling. So, beginner need to be practicing before going.
Reviewer: Kaiyi
4 Stars
Perfect day in the water
April 07, 2017
Couldn't of had a better time and by far our favorite excursion of our trip . Turtles were amazing and actually sailing as oppose to using the motor made it that much more special. Great crew as well!!!
Reviewer: Claudine Schuster
5 Stars
Fabulous Tour
April 06, 2017
This excursion was one of the best excursions that our family has ever taken. We were met promptly at the time and location stated in our reservation and then ushered to the sail boat. We then had about a 45 - 60 minute ride to Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge where we snorkeled. The water was clear and warm. We had about 60 minutes in the water snorkeling and viewing the turtles in the bay. On the return trip snacks and drinks were provided by the crew. The crew was friendly and very helpful throughout the excursion. Overall outstanding experience and highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Craig Gardunia
5 Stars
Sailing the islands
February 24, 2017
A well planned day of sailing and snorkeling with excellent guides and a max of 12 people.
Reviewer: Marvin Campbell
5 Stars
Half Day Sail and Snorkel with the Turtles
February 23, 2017
This was a great excursion. It was a very pleasant sail over to the bay where the turtles were - there were only two when I was there but you could watch them swim and surface. The rest of the snorkeling was ok - nothing spectacular, but the water was warm and it was a good opportunity to get away from the ship.
Reviewer: Arnold Yudell
4 Stars
Great Sail, snorkel and Crew!
January 13, 2017
This was one of the best tours I went on during our cruise. We were able to snorkel with 2 beautiful sea turtles and around a coral reef. The crew were very helpful and were great fun.
Reviewer: Mary S.
5 Stars
Great Sailing and Snorkeling!
January 04, 2017
My Husband and myself had a wonderful day sailing and snorkeling with Captain Mike and Nikki! We saw many sea turtles and beautiful fish. Both Mike and Nikki were very knowledgeable of the area and the sea life and they were the best hosts! I highly recommend them for your excursion!
Reviewer: John and Debbie Statz
5 Stars
Swim with sea turtles
December 06, 2016
It was the best excursion we have had!!! They Capt Mike & Nikki his mate were incredible. We had our 3 grandchildren with us & they had the best time snorkeling & seeing the sea turtles & fish & coral!!!
Reviewer: Pennylee McEnaney
5 Stars
BEST excursion I booked for my client's Eastern!
September 28, 2016
Out of 4 excursions that I booked for my client's 7-day Eastern Caribbean on CCL Magic, this was by far her favorite. The captain was very knowledgeable, had a skilled crew and made them feel safe in every way. He taught them safety skills that they ended up using on a different snorkel excursion later, and placed the group in a better location, where they were able to see the turtles AND an amazing coral reef filled with beautiful shells, fish and even an octopus! This excursion is worth every penny. And btw, this was the only one booked outside of the cruise line - went off without a hitch!
Reviewer: Lydia Blanton
5 Stars
Half day turtle excursion
August 25, 2016
Had a great time
Reviewer: David Redding
5 Stars
Good trip
August 24, 2016
The captain and mate allowed us to relax and enjoy the sailing and gave us the tools to enjoy the snorkeling.
Reviewer: Joe Koehler
4 Stars
Swimming with dolphins
August 24, 2016
As expected the area was very crowded and a lot of time was spent waiting to take a turn but the children loved it and will talk about it forever. What a unique experience!
Reviewer: William Martin
4 Stars
Sailing and Snorkeling in St. Thomas
August 24, 2016
Excellent crew, boat and equipment. Seeing a few turtles was fun. All in all a very enjoyable day.
Reviewer: William Martin
4 Stars
Great time
August 03, 2016
This excursion was awesome. Had a great time. Would definatley do it again. Highly recommend this to anyone
Reviewer: Samantha Hampson
5 Stars
Great Excursion
August 02, 2016
This was a very fun excursion! The two staff members where amazing.
Reviewer: Staci Davis
5 Stars
This is a must do activity!!
May 13, 2016
This adventure was well worth it. The price is very reasonable and everything more than met my expectations. This is something that everyone should try at least once in their life!! P.S. The pretzels are awesome!!!!
Reviewer: Dr J
5 Stars
Wonderful Experience!
April 26, 2016
The whole experience was wonderful and the crew was great. Had a great time.
Reviewer: Katie Bounds
5 Stars
Nice excursion
April 13, 2016
Captain Mike did a great job. Very relaxing 1/2 day. The actual swimming with the turtles is not quite what you see in the picture. It is more like snorkeling and looking down about 15 feet at 3 modest sized turtles on the ocean floor, but if this is good enough for you, it is a nice 1/2 day on the water
Reviewer: onthewater
4 Stars
Half Day sail and Snorkel with turtles
April 12, 2016
Great excursion.
Reviewer: Sollex
5 Stars
Great day of sailing and snorkeling!!!
April 11, 2016
We combined itineraries with another family, so there were 13 of us as part of the trip. The captain and mate were excellent sailors who knew the balance of fun and safety. Their personalities and professional handling of the sail boat made the trip excellent.
Reviewer: Rick
5 Stars
Fun in the Sun
April 01, 2016
It down-poured the day we were there, and the ocean was too choppy to snorkel at Turtle Cove, but we still had fun. We got to snorkel at Shipwreck Cove, where the water was a little calmer. The sailboat was nice, and the female guide was very sweet (the male guide made a few snarky comments about guests that I don't think he knew we heard). We did have a bit of trouble finding the meeting place, but once we were on the boat, it was a good time. Glad we did it, but probably would choose another activity next time.
Reviewer: The Kisnters
4 Stars
Good trip
March 31, 2016
This was well organized. There were only 19 people on this excursion which made it more personal. The guides were friendly, experienced and knowledgeable. The sea was a little rough and they knew how to make it safe while still fun. We saw other groups in the water and they had about 100 people with them. I would choose this smaller group over the large group again.
Reviewer: Sharon
4 Stars
Wonderful excursion and worth the money
March 19, 2016
The excursion was one of the best I have had. The Captain and his ""crew"" were interested in our safety while making sure we had a great time. Mission Accomplished! The Boat was beautiful and the snorkeling instructions were helpful novices and experienced snorkelers alike
Reviewer: Nancy K
5 Stars
Wonderful Excursion
March 16, 2016
Great small group which is very inclusive for everyone. Capt. Mike and his crew do an excellent job and cater to everyone's interest!!
Reviewer: Keith
5 Stars
March 16, 2016
5 Stars
Fun, educational and not over-crowded
March 15, 2016
This was my first time on a cruise and my first (and only) excursion. I really enjoyed it. Mike & Callie were very accommodating and knowledgeable and it was very well organized. The group was small and frankly, it was nice to get away from the crowds for awhile. We were offered cold water on the way out to Buck Island where we were provided with equipment and shown how to snorkel. I was able to see various fish, sponges and coral with the highlight for me being watching a turtle feed on the ground, then come up for air. I thought the length of time we were given to go off on our own was adequate. After the snorkel, we were offered a hose-down to get the salt off and refreshments which consisted of water, beer, rum punch, pretzels and granola bars. The suggestion of tipping made me uncomfortable. Being my first excursion, I didn't know if it was customary, I didn't have cash on me and I also thought the price I paid for the excursion was fair enough.
Reviewer: Mish Mash
5 Stars
Perfect trip! Will definitely repeat!!!
March 12, 2016
It was so fabulous that they actually raised sail and sailed the boat to Turtle Cove! This is NOT your typical sail & snorkel adventure. This one is ten times better!!!!
Reviewer: Catalina309
5 Stars
Highlight of our cruise
March 09, 2016
Beautiful boat and not over-crowded like the other boats. We had plenty of deck space and the crew created a very friendly atmosphere. We saw lots of fish and turtles!
Reviewer: Kim&rob
5 Stars
Loved the turtles. Couldn't stand the captain!
March 01, 2016
My husband and two children (age 5 & 8) went snorkeling with turtles for their first time. While the Captain tried to be charming and funny, he actually came across as rude and cocky. His snide remarks as some poor girl became sea sick were completely empathetic. The turtles were pretty amazing. And on a positive note, the Captain and his assistant were organized and used lots of safety precautions, which I loved. It was a smaller group of people on the boat, and this allowed for individual attention. He even had a special see through boogie board so my 5 year old could see without having to use the face mask.
Reviewer: Gavin's Mom
4 Stars
Wonderful experience
February 24, 2016
captain & first mate were wonderful. We have done dozens of this type of snorkel trips through the years. This was our favorite one. Small group was perfect size for a trip like this.
Reviewer: Ray S
5 Stars
Best excursion of our trip!
February 23, 2016
This was the best excursion of our vacation. Captain Mike is very professional yet relaxed. He covered all safety instructions and information about where and what we would be doing and all of the do's & don't's for the area we would snorkel in. After we settled in aboard a beautiful 46' sailboat & motored out of the harbor, Capt. Mike unfurled the sails for relaxing ride out to a nearby island for our up close & personal swim with sea turtles. He had us back in plenty of time to re board our ship. You might do as well somewhere else but you won't do any better. A+++!!!
Reviewer: Jp
5 Stars
Best Excursion EVER!
February 13, 2016
We've been on three cruises and have done excursions at each port. This was our favorite of all the ones we've done, with a Dolphin experience in Mexico as a close second. Being on the boat had a private feel, like we were having an afternoon with friends. Seeing the sea turtles was incredible! The crew knew exactly the spot where they were feeding. It was the perfect afternoon. I'd love to do this exact excursion with the exact crew again! Mike and Callie were awesome!
Reviewer: Amanda
5 Stars
Loved this Excursion!
February 10, 2016
Loved this excursion! The sailboat was awesome! I was nervous to snorkel as I wasn't able to wear contacts to do so and so I was afraid I wouldn't be able to see. They provided a ""sea glass"" which was amazing and I won't snorkel without one again! Thank you so much for making this an amazing adventure for me!
Reviewer: Kristi
5 Stars
Once in a lifetime experience to snorkel & see the
February 05, 2016
They did a great job telling us about the area & the turtles along with stories of his travels. I loved seeing the turtles when we snorkeled and Deena told us about some the fish.
Reviewer: Karen
5 Stars
Best Day to Snorkel with Turtles
January 26, 2016
We chose this option as it was more appealing than any of the offered ship's excursions. It did not disappoint. We loved being in the water with the turtles. The only problem is that one does not enter the water from this boat as we have from other snorkeling boats. You jump in the water and have to put on your mask and fins after jumping in the water. I am an experienced snorkeler but this was difficult for me. The guides gave me a noodle and that worked very well. Would not have wanted that but it was the only way for me to put on equipment in the water.
Reviewer: HokiePoq
4 Stars
Best Shore Excursion of our Trip!
January 25, 2016
We were a group of 10 and everyone of us described this as the best shore excursion of our trip! Captain Mike and Callie were absolutely fabulous and lots of fun! The boat was clean and roomy. We saw sea turtles, lots of fish, a ray and coral. Callie even dove down and picked up a sea urchin so we could all see it, touch and/or hold it. Their snorkeling instructions were very clear and understandable and they made sure that our equipment fit well. After a short tour of the reef, we were on own to snorkel, with Callie close by. On the way back, we were offered as much rum punch, water, beer, and snacks as we wanted. If you are thinking about booking this excursion, just do it now, you won't regret it! If we are in St. Thomas again, we will definitely be doing this again!!
Reviewer: Lynn F.
5 Stars
Very enjoyable
January 22, 2016
This tour was quite enjoyable. The tour guides were amazing. They were very safety oriented and helpful with the snorkel gear. It was a beautiful relaxing ride to the snorkel site. Once we were there we had about 30 to 40 minutes snorkeling. It was so great to see sea turtles in their environment. If you prefer not to snorkel you can relax on the sailboat. This tour is fit for all ages and snorkel experience.
Reviewer: Diane T
5 Stars
Superfun, well-organized
January 13, 2016
Great experience. It was our first time booking an excursion outside the cruise ship's offerings, and it couldn't have been easier. The trip was relaxing and fun, and the guides were experienced and engaging. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: WritrGrl
5 Stars
Don't miss this!!
January 12, 2016
This was the best excursion we have ever been on! Captain Mike and Callie were great fun and gave us a wonderful sailboat adventure. After a relaxing sail over to the sanctuary, Captain Mike instructed us on snorkeling and got us fitted with gear. Callie waited for us in the water. After giving us the important dos and don'ts, we were off to look for turtles! The water was clear and warm with lots of sea turtles and fish to see. Callie was very knowledgeable and even found a sea urchin for us to look at and hold. We had lots of time to snorkel around before we had to sail back to the pier. On the way back we were treated to lots of drinks and snacks. My best advice to you is to book this excursion NOW!!! It was great!
Reviewer: Lynn
5 Stars
Lovely day trip out in a beautiful part of the wor
January 10, 2016
The crew were great and really looked after us. The captain was very informative with a wealth of information. The snorkeling was nice, and seeing the turtles was special, but the real appeal is sailing out to Buck Island. Our 4yr old and 7yr old loved the trip and the snorkeling.
Reviewer: Diets
5 Stars
I would recommend Mike and his boat and crew to an
January 09, 2016
The captain of the boat, Mike, was a great person to speak with. His demeanor and interactions with the passengers was great.
Reviewer: Scott
5 Stars
January 04, 2016
We loved that we were not on a boat with 50 other people. The captain and his crew member were fantastic.
Reviewer: K & R
5 Stars
Captain and First Mate were fantastic
January 02, 2016
Captain and First Mate created a fun, safe excursion. I would highly recommend.
Reviewer: DL
5 Stars
Lots of turtles!!!!
January 01, 2016
Great sail over to snorkel with turtles...totally safe, but we almost had the rail in the water! We had a small group of twelve folks ...some first time snorkelers. The equipment was of top notch quality. The captain made sure everyone was comfortable in the water before letting us explore in the sheltered bay for green turtles. The mate was in the water with us and stayed close to the newbies. We saw lots of turtles and some fish. The sail back was great, and the rum punch hit the spot! Highly recommend! Good for kids who can swim.
Reviewer: Traveler Jerry
5 Stars
Half Day Sail w Sea Turtles
December 30, 2015
Awesome experience great staff.
Reviewer: Mari
5 Stars
A great half day excursion
December 29, 2015
This was a lovely way to snorkel with turtles. The yacht was a great way of travelling, the guides were really experienced and concerned for the welfare of the turtles. We had the whole of the reserve to ourselves, so it was really relaxing. it was a disappointment when we had to get off the boat, could have stayed on it all day.
Reviewer: pete
5 Stars
Best Excursion
December 29, 2015
My Husband and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon in 2014. Instead of paying the over priced - over crowded excursions the cruise line was offering, we looked else where and came across the half day sail and snorkel. Out of any port/excursion we participated in, this was by far the best! Not only was it very reasonably priced, it was a ton of fun. The captain was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. On our way to the reef where we would snorkel with turtles, the captain pointed out the other boats headed in the same direction. These sailboats looked like ""pirate ships"" and were packed full of people of all ages- I honestly don't think you could have fit another person on there! Along with my husband and I , there was another couple, a family of 4, the captain....and his...skipper...helper? anyway there was more than enough space for the 10 of us! The time finally came where we were in the warm water snorkeling with the turtles and colorful fish, it was amazing! With our luck we brought a dead GoPro with us....but don't worry the captain offered underwater cameras for sale! When it came time to leave the turtles and head back onto the sail boat, drinks and snacks were waiting for us. Does it get much better than that? No, it doesn't. If you are looking into this excursion- just do it! It's worth it. We would go back in a heartbeat and do it all over again....and again... and again!
Reviewer: IslandLife
5 Stars
Absolutely Fantistic
December 26, 2015
We went by sailboat! The charter group responsible for our awesome day was Fury Sailing Charters! The experience was breathtaking and fun. I don't know what I was expecting but the excursion far exceed my expectation.
Reviewer: Gretchen
5 Stars
December 22, 2015
Captain Mike was awesome and the boat was beautiful! Kali (first mate) got in the water and showed us where the turtles and the reef were. It was beautiful. Afterwards the had some Rum punch and a nice sail back to the Island. They were great with the kids and a lot a fun!
Reviewer: Stashy
5 Stars
Outstanding Excursion
December 22, 2015
We thoroughly enjoyed the excursion. Seeing the large groups on other boats near where we snorkeled, we were grateful to be with a smaller group (25). The captain and his crew were both competent, personable, and accommodating. I was concerned about snorkeling because of an upper respiratory challenge. I was able to able to enjoy seeing the turtles, fish, etc. with a viewer instead of using the snorkel gear. I would definitely go with this excursion again.
Reviewer: Hiker Joan
5 Stars
Size Matters
August 18, 2015
I had been on a snorkeling trip before in St Thomas directly through the cruise line where me and about 150 others were packed on a snorkeling boat, but this time, we picked a small, intimate sailboat with only 21 total guest - the difference was night and day. The small group tour was beyond excellent. My grandkids (and me) thorought enjoyed it and would go again. I especially enjoyed the fact that the captain personally got in the water and took all the time necessary to instruct everyone on how to have a great time. The included rum punch for the adults and the energy bars were a definite plus!
Reviewer: Papa Jim
5 Stars
Best excursion on this cruise!
August 14, 2015
The sailing out to the island was relaxing and our crew was friendly and knowledgable. The captain has a long sailing career which included some crewing on racing boats which made for interesting stories! The water was clear and warm for snorkeling. Samantha helped us find sea turtles and then lead us along a reef with many kinds of colorful fish and coral. We enjoyed this the most of all our excursions on the cruise.
Reviewer: Deanna L
5 Stars
Wow, do not miss this tour
June 29, 2015
This excursion was worth every penny. Our guides, Mike and....can't remember her name (younger blonde) were amazing. Both were very knowledgable and made the relaxing sail to snorkle spot enjoyable. Mike actually changed the time of our tour last minute in order to help us avoid the crowds. GREAT CALL MIKE! Our boat was the ONLY one there when we arrived and left. Our group was also pretty small which was another huge benifit. I believe 8 at most from what I remember. Reason one star was down was we were thinking there would be a few more turtles, but it may have just been the day. Only saw two. The ride back was great, rum punch was fantasic although I think I had a hole in the bottom of my glass ;) it kept getting refilled though and our guides were very attentive and helpful with refreshments and snacks. WARNING: if you are prone to seasickness, please take Dramamine or wear a SeaBand, since this is on a sailboat the water is much rockier.
Reviewer: Neko
4 Stars
Best Tour of the Trip
June 15, 2015
We sailed with Captain Mike in June 2015. This sail and snorkel tour was wonderful. Sailing over to the cove and back was just as fun as snorkeling. We saw several turtles and some beautiful fish by the coral reef. Mike let my friend's 8 year old daughter ""drive"" the boat for a little while and she was thrilled. Very funny commentary with bits of history and lore. We all (7 of us) really enjoyed ourselves. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Reviewer: Greiff Family
5 Stars
Amazing Sail & Turtle Adventure
May 04, 2015
My 10 year old went NUTS!!! as we pulled up there where Turtles in the water beside the boat. My wife and I can honestly say the most fun for the money in St. Thomas. The captain was very engaging, as was his first mate. Very informatief well schooled in local history and full of fun facts too. The equipment is clean and in great shape. I'm 6'3"" with size 15 shoe, I thought I would be the only one with out fins...wrong they had fins that fit like a mitt or glove. Okay here is where I'm asked to say something negative about the trip...the worst I can do is, we got hit with a rogue wave and I got wet before I wanted to??? Next time in St. Thomas my family and I WILL be back!!! Thanks for a great time. Cheers, Randy, MJ & Isis Canada.
Reviewer: Drummer Kool
5 Stars
Great Excursion!
April 22, 2015
This excursion was well worth the money. Mike and his crew were great. While sailing out to our destination, Mike was very informative of the islands and the ocean. My wife got a little sea sick on the way out. Mike and his crew were very helpful in making her feel comfortable. Obviously this has happened to people before and they knew how to make it better. Once we got out to our destination everything was great. It was our kids first time snorkeling and the crew was very helpful and patient with them while they got use to it. Jen got in the water with us and again, she was very good at pointing out the turtles, sting rays, other fish and the coral reef. Again, I can not say enough how pleased we were with this excursion.
Reviewer: Doug
5 Stars
AZ Group
March 27, 2015
We had so much fun. The captian and crew were engaged with all of us and took greaat care of us. It was crowded with other snorkling boats but I felt secure that this team was keeping a close eye on us. Loved the pretzels too!!
Reviewer: AZ group
5 Stars
Best Excursion of 3 different cruises!
March 01, 2015
The guides were great and funny. The punch was amazing. They were very helpful to a few of the less experienced swimmers and allowed those of us who could swim well time on our own. It was beautiful and we had a great time.
Reviewer: Orchid
5 Stars
Best part of the trip!
February 13, 2015
Reviewer: JLisec
5 Stars
great for rookies
February 10, 2015
Captin Mike & Callie made my wife & I feel safe and relaxed. Neither of us had sailed before this and my wife never snorkeled.. Our group was only 7 people. after Callie got the 6 of us in the beautiful water and snorkeling on our own, she went back to the boat to help my wife. She got her in the water to view the turtles., it was great to see.These two people really do everything they can to insure you have a wonderful time.
Reviewer: JWC
5 Stars
Amazing Tour
February 01, 2015
Swimming with the turtles was amazing! Mike and Nicki were great. Are we really supposed to tip like we do in a restaurant? 20% of the cost of the tour? Did tip a $20, but wonder if that was really necessary.
Reviewer: Snorkel lover
5 Stars
Great day!
December 05, 2014
The crew of Castaway Gal...Capt.Greg, Karl, Amy, and Jordan took great care of us, ensuring we saw soem amazing things. They were entertaining, had refreshments and made sure everyone had a great time! I highly recommend!
Reviewer: Barbara
4 Stars
July 31, 2014
Captain Mike was great. Very knowledgeable. He put everyone at ease right away. The ride on the sailboat was worth the price. That is the way to see the ocean. Captain Mike and Dan took good care of us while snorkeling. They set anchor away from the other boats there so we had room to move around. I wish more turtles would have been there, but no one controls that. We saw about a half of a dozen. Very exciting! We would love to do it again!!
Reviewer: Scottyxray
5 Stars
The best
May 12, 2014
Nice trip mike and niki are the best good beer good snaks and rum punch the snorkeling was very good
Reviewer: Fast Freddy ford
5 Stars
Awesome Day in St Thomas
April 23, 2014
This trip was amazing. Not the typical shore excursion. Capt and his ship mate were awesome. We were the only Royal Caribean cruisers on this adventure. Total number of people on the ship was 16 and we were 5 of them. I would definety recommend this excurion and will never book an excursion any other way.
Reviewer: Adventure Seekers
5 Stars
Outstanding !
April 14, 2014
Probably the best excursion I have taken in the Caribbean. Captain and his crew were knowledgeable, competent, and just plain fun.
Reviewer: Susan
5 Stars
Half Day Sail and Snorkel with the Turtl
April 09, 2014
Capt. Mike and Nikki could not have been more friendly, professional or attentive to our needs. The sail boat ride alone was worth the price but snorkeling on the reef with sea turtles and a variety of other creatures was exciting. The dive equipment was top notch and the crew's attention to detail and safety was assuring. My wife had never snorkeled before (some others on the boat as well) and having First Mate Nikki in the water for orientation was very helpful. Simply no comparison to the other ""party"" boats that pulled into the reef's lagoon. I would sail on the Fury again with no hesitation.
Reviewer: Chris
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion
April 03, 2014
Captain Mike and First Mate Nicki produced an outstanding adventure. Polite, friendly, welcoming, encouraging, professional, fun, and knowledgeable are just a few of their awesome qualities. The sailboat was beautiful, the snorkeling equipment fit and worked well, and the drinks and snacks were much appreciated. Their knowledge of the area and the wildlife heightened our enjoyment. Taxis are ubiquitous, if overpriced, on St Thomas so getting to and from the cruise pier and the tour meeting location was a non-issue. Highly recommended for all!
Reviewer: Second Honeymooners
5 Stars
Great Time
March 20, 2014
Mike and Nikki were the best. Very professional Instructive and enthusiastic. Loved them Great people
Reviewer: John Casper
5 Stars
Amazing time
March 18, 2014
Great time with amazing crew, sailboat and views!!! Would definately suggest to anyone!!
Reviewer: Carrie and friends
5 Stars
Fantastic Experience
March 03, 2014
Captain Mike and Nikki were fabulous. The sailing and snorkeling was awesome. Nikki made sure everyone had a chance to see the turtles. Capt Mike gave an overview of St Thomas and the small island where we would be snorkeling. Once back on board after snorkeling Nikki was very attentive to all our needs. Looking forward to taking this excursion again.
Reviewer: Michele
5 Stars
very fun trip.
January 19, 2014
the captain and his first mate were great. I have a 5 year old son and they interacted with him in a really fun manner that made him less afraid of sailing. He got to sail the boat too, which he loved. my feeling is that the sale trip itself what's the most fun part of the excursion. It was cool to see the turtles too, but there wasn't much to look at in the way of coral or exotic fish. It was basically a sandy bottom with some turtles. but if you just want to see the turtles, you will definitely see them there.apparently, at the beach on the main part of the island, there are some good spots to look at exotic fish and to feed them as well. That sounded like a fun time as well and didn't cost anything.
Reviewer: jim the anthropologist
4 Stars
The best day of our trip!
January 16, 2014
This trip was excellent! Our guides were wonderful! We were lucky. There was supposed to be 3 couples that day and 1 couple didn't make it. We had this entire sailboard to the four of us! Mike and Nikki were fantastic as captain and first mate! My husband did get a little sick on the way back, but it was still the best excursion we had on our cruise!
Reviewer: Amy
5 Stars
Do Not Miss This Excursion
January 10, 2014
Snorkeling with the turtles was fantastic. Be sure to bring an underwater camera.
Reviewer: Steveranis
5 Stars
nice excursion
January 07, 2014
Not many turtles to see at the time and what turtles there were a bit small. Could be that there were too many sailboats in area. Nice crew, boat and accomidations. Loved the sail boat. I think I enjoyed the crew and just being on the sail boat the most.
Reviewer: nick
5 Stars
BEST Day of Our Cruise!
December 31, 2013
This excursion was the best part of our cruise. Granted, we discovered that we don't love cruise ships, but our hearts are on sailboats with a small number of people. Mike and Nikki were welcoming and immediately made you feel like you had been friends forever. There were 19 of us on board, but it wasn't crowded or uncomfortable. The afternoon was perfect and we saw fish and many sea turtles. The only downside was when the two cats with 100+ people on board arrived and suddenly, the area was overfilled with people and you couldn't swim without being hit by someone. Luckily that happened at the end of our time. Once we were back on board, Nikki had a constant supply of rum punch and Mike let the kids take command of the boat :) Bottom Line: we would do this again in a heartbeat and would recommend it to anyone going to St Thomas.
Reviewer: Aline
5 Stars
Best excursion on our trip!!
December 08, 2013
This was the best excursion we had on our 10 day cruise. The Captain (Mike) and his First Mate (Nikki) were very fun, yet very informative. They not only taught us about the aquatic life in the area, they gave us a lot of history on the surrounding islands, and what is was like to live on St. Thomas. It starts with a very relaxing sail to Turtle Cove. The sail boat appeared to be very well maintained, and Mike and Nikki really knew what they were doing. The Captain timed it so we were the only ones in the cove for most of the time we were there. Then Nikki took us out snorkeling. She showed us many turtles, a sting ray, and many colorful fish. She even took our camera and dove down to get some awesome shots of everything. She stayed with us for a while, then she let us explore on our own. Towards the end two other boats showed up, and it was a bit crowed, but for most of the afternoon we were there by ourselves. Back on board they rinsed the saltwater off us, and we set sail back. They served drinks and had snacks. Captain Mike even let our 13 year old daughter steer the boat for a little. I know that was the highlight of the ride back for her. I cannot say enough about how great this excursion was, and how great Mike and Nikki were. If we ever make it back to St. Thomas, and we plan to, we will definitely do this again.
Reviewer: Ed
5 Stars
Great time! Would do again
September 10, 2013
My boyfriend and I had an amazing time. I am scared to death of the water and the crew got me to get in and I don't regret not even for a second. Saw turtles as promised and got some great GoPro videos of them along with some other fish. We were rinsed with fresh water upon boarding the sailboat and our items were also rinsed. Our glasses were kept full with Rum Punch and we were offered snacks to get the salt taste out of our mouths. The crew joked and actually got in the water with us. There were only about 20 of us instead of the 50 or so that were on Carnivals excursion. The crew knew what they were doing and made sure everything ran smoothly. We got plenty of time in the water and made it back just in time before it began to pour down rain. We would love to sail again with these 2!
Reviewer: Samantha and Dylan
5 Stars
August 02, 2013
Excellent trip - my favorite of our cruise. Captain Mike and Nicki were great. Very knowledgeable and made it a personalized trip. The sailboat was lovely and perfect. I've snorkeled all over the world and this is the first time I've snorkeled with sea turtles. There were at least a dozen sea turtles in the snorkel area, and we got to see them up close. Excellent trip!
Reviewer: Steve
5 Stars
Great day
April 29, 2013
Was on time was a great trip and very friendly and nice
Reviewer: Sami
5 Stars
Wonderful, memorable experience
April 21, 2013
A wonderful, great experience once in a life time. Had snorkling in Hawaii and Australia but this was the best. Weather was good, Mike was fun, water is warm. We saw tropical fish, turtles and stingrays. We will come back again, Mike! Bonus: meeting place is a great highend shopping mall, food at Fat Turtle was delicious.
Reviewer: Moy the Noodle
5 Stars
Lots of fun in the sunGreat Excursion
March 15, 2013
Great relaxed sailing with an extremely friendly and helpful crew. Mike the captain was outgoing and helpful.
Reviewer: The legal eagle
4 Stars
Great Excursion
February 01, 2013
This excursion was awesome! Mike took us out on his sail boat (with very limited guests on board; maybe 13 total) on our way to Turtle Cove. However, the weather did not permit us to go there, so he took us to Shipwreck Cove instead, which was awesome. The sealife was great and the water was very clear and calm, which allowed you to see a ton. As we were waiting to leave, Mike noticed that there was a storm coming. Other large excursion boats (booked through the cruiseline, which were PACKED full) started heading out into the storm. Mike turned the sail boat around and anchored back in Shipwreck Cove and waited the storm out. I found this to be very soothing that we were in the hands of a very capable captain who took into consideration the safety of his passengers. Also, the way Nikki moved around that sailboat raising and lowerin the sails, was amazing to watch in itself! What a great team they both make and it made it more fun to spend our day with them! Mike & Nikki were great at explaining the snorkeling process as well as how to tips. They served refreshments on the boat for all guests and were very pleasant to deal with.
Reviewer: Captain Mike & Nikki
5 Stars
November 27, 2012
The excursion was good & the crew was very helpful & entertaining. We had booked the 8:30am trip, but that was canceled because the coast guard had to perform an inspection of their boat,& we were offered the afternoon trip instead. I am thankful we hadn't booked another excursion for the afternoon & were able to change our schedule. Other than that everything went well.
Reviewer: Gary
4 Stars
The best thing to do in St. Thomas
October 28, 2012
Captain Mike and his crew, Nikki, know what they are doing. Nothing compares to a beautiful sun filled sky with the rustle of sail in open water. It is intimate for lack of a better word, but the big people movers lack the personality and class found on the good vessel Fury. Trust me you will love it.
Reviewer: Bill
5 Stars
Lots of Fun
October 24, 2012
Capt. Mike & Nikki were great. It as our first time on a sail boat & loved it. He was funny & the rum punch was delicious. The turtles were amazing & got to see a big school of fish. They were very knowledgable and informative. Would highly recommend for snorkeling & boat ride out. Cruise ship people only ones on board so he took us back to the dock right by our ship to save the taxi ride. Nice people.
Reviewer: Harley Mama
5 Stars
Fun, relaxing, all-around great day!
August 23, 2012
Great crew, beautiful boat, and scenic sail. Snorkeling with the turtles and other sea life was a fun experience. Would love to do it again! Worth every penny.
Reviewer: Jerseydog1214
5 Stars
It is what it is ""GREAT""
August 20, 2012
4 Stars
August 16, 2012
This was great fun! They also had an open bar as we sailed back to St Thomas so that was nice. Snorkeling was fun.
Reviewer: Lisa
5 Stars
good times in turtle cove
July 15, 2012
I enjoyed the tour guides. They were witty and they had decent taste in music, too, which is helpful when trying to get a group of strangers to enjoy one another's company. They were knowledgable about snorkeling as well, and their instructions aided us novices. There is snorkeling to be had all over the Caribbean, but the tour guides made this excursion.
Reviewer: Matt
4 Stars
Great time had by all!
July 02, 2012
Our guides Chris and Niki were very personable, knowledgeable and informative and made this tour one of the highlights of our trip! We had a group of 10 and everyone had a great time. I would highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Laurie
5 Stars
Wonderful X 3
May 09, 2012
Love the opportunity to get in the clear waters of the Caribbean and see the underwater world that God has made.
Reviewer: Bob just a guy who loves the Lord
4 Stars
wonderful X 3
May 09, 2012
So great to get to see firsthand the underwater world that God has made.
Reviewer: bob just a guy who loves the Lord
4 Stars
Great Sail, great crew!
April 20, 2012
Great crew, organized and thoughtful!
Reviewer: RJ
5 Stars
Dream Come True!
April 12, 2012
The guides on this trip were a lot of fun. The sailing is very relaxing and the views are beautiful. We stopped on one side of the bay first to check out some fish and a ship wreck. It was really cool. Then we headed to the other side of the bay where we got to swim with about 20 sea turtles that were feeding on the grass beds. The turtles were very laid back and would swim right up to get air right next to you. Definitely a once in a life time experience. I would recommend an underwater digital camera because there are a lot of opportunities for pictures that a disposable underwater camera did not do justice.
Reviewer: The Morans
5 Stars
An excellent half-day excursion!
February 22, 2012
Captain Mike and Donny were really great people that made our excursion one that we will talk about for many years. I felt very safe having Captain Mike at the wheel and Donny manning the sails and everything else, including both of them watching ahead and all around for our safety. These two men worked so well together and made our half-day excursion one of the best I have ever taken part in. We met a really nice family on board as well! I just loved to see the turtles while snorkling! Not as many fish as I wanted to see, but I think it is because there were so many people in the area and several boats.
Reviewer: Bapanaud
5 Stars
Great time
November 07, 2011
This tour was great, there were only 4 others on the boat which made us feel like movie stars. The crew was really nice and very knowledgeable about St. Thomas. I would recommend this tour to anyone traveling to St. Thomas.
Reviewer: steve
4 Stars
A definite redo
August 19, 2011
The staff was first class. Very personable and friendly.
Reviewer: Bob the birdie
4 Stars
Snorkel with the Turtles
July 18, 2011
Was good deal for the price.
Reviewer: SM
4 Stars
great snorkle trip with turtles
June 22, 2011
on time and you get what is promised. Plenty of time in the water and a great sail ride over there.
Reviewer: Mark
5 Stars
St. Thomas Sail and Snorkle with Turtles
June 20, 2011
The sailing was refreshing, relaxing and the snorkling was adventurous but well organized. We saw dozens of different kinds of fish and many mature sea turtles in the cay and actually got to swim with a large one when he came to the surface to breath. He swam between my wife and I for about 25 or 20 feet before returning to the bottome to hide in the sand. My wife and I could have reached out and touched him if we had lost control of ourselves. Fabulous.
Reviewer: Atoman
5 Stars
Great Day to Go Sailing!
May 19, 2011
Both Capt and Mate were extremely accomodating and super helpful. Boat was immaculate. Snorkel equipment was the best.
Reviewer: Long Time Cruisers
5 Stars
Great time
May 01, 2011
Crew very friendly and helpful.
Reviewer: Blue shoe ford
5 Stars
My Highlight of the Carribean
April 06, 2011
Tour guides Donny and Doug were amazing - fun, nice guys who were knowledgeable and helpful. Donny went with us in the water, showed us the ropes, and even picked up a sea star and a sea urchin for us to hold and touch. Then, we swam around on our own to explore the reef. Really safe environment - as a swimmer, you were always being kept an eye on.
Reviewer: Hazel
5 Stars