Damajagua Waterfalls Adventure

So much fun!
December 27, 2023
This was an amazing excursion with lots of fun and excitement. Our tour guides made our experience that much more fun. Thank you to our jump coach, Zander, and our driver, Angel.
Reviewer: Malanda
5 Stars
Unique experience
August 15, 2023
This was fun for our whole family. Our tour guides did a great job from the start to the finish. The bus ride was very comfortable And relaxing.
Reviewer: Keely Grover
5 Stars
July 21, 2023
The walk to get out of the pier welcome "community" area is long...we were worried we missed it - but just keep walking. The excursion itself was amazing! The drive to the falls was beautiful and our tour leaders were knowledgeable, hospitable and easy to follow once we arrived. The jump heights were higher than I expected, but it was so fun! We have 2 teenage daughters, and this was a perfect experience for a family in this season of life!
Reviewer: Sherlyn S.
5 Stars
A Great Adventure
January 09, 2023
Winston was a fabulous tour guide for this adventure as we jumped and/or slide off cliffs into the Damajagua Waterfalls. It was the highlight of our week of adventures in the Carribean.
Reviewer: Kathy S
5 Stars
Waterfalls did not disappoint
January 02, 2023
This was a good little excursion. Couple people got bumps and bruises but overall a lot of fun. It's an experience. We had a small group and I wouldn't do it any other way.
Reviewer: Scott Tywoniuk
4 Stars
Definitely an Adventure
November 23, 2022
Great excursion but not for the faint of heart! Hike to the falls was challenging in the heat but the guides were very experienced and did a great job pacing the group and ensuring we all had water and enough breaks. Fun adventure without a doubt. Tour company was fantastic, great staff, great facility, bus was comfortable and clean with wifi access. Absolutely recommend this tour! Only advice I would give is to ensure your water shoes are more durable as the terrain was rough at times and croccs are not allowed!
Reviewer: Mary Louise
5 Stars