The Baths Discovery

Baths Discovery Tour
January 26, 2023
This was a beautiful beach. Small hike down to the beach, where we spent a few hours. Our guide was nice and helpful in navigating some tight areas. Helping us with bags to keep from getting wet. Once on the beach, she checked on us several times. She was in an area if there were any issues. There were only 3 of us on this tour, so it seemed very private. We actually stayed longer than supposed to since we wanted to. One issue was that we didn't realize that we couldn't go back in once we left without going back around and through again, which our guide had told us we could. Also, good to note that if you do want to go and explore some more, just take the stairs and go back around, there are many trails and caves to explore and plenty of time. (make sure your have your entrance ticket)
Reviewer: Michelle Olsen
4 Stars
The Baths Discovery Tour was FANTASTIC
January 13, 2023
Family of 6 from 25-65 and we had a great time. Everything was seamless from ship to ferry to taxi to Baths and back again. We had a great time, stopped to rest when we needed or stopped to take photos as wanted. But the key was the small group as we were able to beat the large cruise line sponsored group to the Baths, thru the Baths and got prime spots on the beach before everyone else. This is the way to see Virgin Gorda!!
Reviewer: Carol R.
5 Stars
Excellent service
March 27, 2022
I had a fantastic time. My guide was Joy. I was the only person to show up for the tour. I was surprised it was not canceled. Joy helped me with some of the tricker and steeper steps which really helped. I was lucky to have be given the individual attention that a 68 year old woman might need. Joy was a great tour guide for that reason. I would encourage you to take the tour. The sights of great boulders and the ocean were magnificent.
Reviewer: Mary A McFarland
5 Stars