Unique Treasures of Tortola

Great tour of the island!
May 03, 2023
Really enjoyed our tour of Tortola, and our guide was fantastic! He was born and raised on Tortola and gave us lots of information... shared ride w/ about 20 people. Bus was not bad, had air conditioning.
Reviewer: Allison Mease
4 Stars
Unique Tortolla
March 08, 2023
We had an amazing day. The tour guide was wonderful and full of information. Such a beautiful island. I would highly recommend.
Reviewer: Sharon A Farrell
5 Stars
Great Overview of the Island
February 15, 2023
The tour guide was very knowledgeable and easy to understand. He was providing us with information the entire duration of the tour. The tour included a little bit of everything - from historic buildings, to beautiful views, to local rum tasting!
Reviewer: Gail Schoepf
5 Stars
February 15, 2023
Lots of info crammed into the tour. The guide was very personable and knew exactly where to go and what to see.
Reviewer: Sue
5 Stars
Unique Treasures of Tortola
December 28, 2022
Very enjoyable
Reviewer: Steven Kendall
5 Stars
A beautiful Island
August 25, 2022
Tortola is very green and has many switchbacks going uphill. Our tour driver navigated the route beautifully and was still able to give us history of the island while doing so. Our stop for tea was delightful and we had a lovely visit with the shop owner/chef who also added the history of how he survived the storm.
Reviewer: Sylvia Little
5 Stars
Scenic Views
July 10, 2022
The tour guide was very friendly. Great views.
Reviewer: Lea S
4 Stars
Real Island Life
March 03, 2020
This was a great tour. We traveled the entire island and was able to have an insight to the locals everyday life. It was well worth it.
Reviewer: Bryan
4 Stars
February 19, 2020
Beautiful panoramas
4 Stars
Tortola tour
January 12, 2020
Very nice tour guide. Provided information about the island, the people, the schools, there way off life on the island.
Reviewer: Hugo Azurdia
3 Stars
Enjoyed seeing the beautiful island
January 07, 2020
We enjoyed the day. It worked out very well with being in a wheelchair.
Reviewer: Michele Tjarks
5 Stars