Schooner Sail

good ttour
August 01, 2023
Reviewer: james
5 Stars
A Great day at sea
December 06, 2022
Beautiful views, calm waters, great crew, a trip well worth the cost.
Reviewer: Leonard Gadzinski
5 Stars
November 04, 2022
This was really cool! Once the sails were fully up it was so quiet and peaceful sailing around Bar Harbor. We saw a lot of wildlife and lobster fishermen at work. The captain was interesting with information about the ship itself and Bar Harbor.
Reviewer: Jill
4 Stars
Great fun sail!
October 29, 2022
Best excursion on the cruise! Exactly as advertised, left on time, great commentary while sailing, even got to help raise the sails. I highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Richard Cramer Jr
5 Stars
October 20, 2022
The schooner crew was helpful, and the trip itself was very pleasant. The problem was that we could see very little because of dense fog. Morning fog seems to be common in Bar Harbor in the fall. My advice would be to take the afternoon, not the morning, cruise.
Reviewer: John Sinton
4 Stars
Schooner Sail
October 19, 2022
This excursion was simply awesome! We highly recommend this trip. To begin, we got to help the crew hoist the 4 sails on the largest sail boat in New England, then we enjoyed a leisurely 2 hour sail around the picturesque harbor. It was a great experience.
Reviewer: Ken Herstine
5 Stars
Schooner Fun
October 17, 2022
We thoroughly enjoyed the Schooner ride. Very informative and pleasant. We had absolutely gorgeous weather considering it was supposed to rain, it was sunny and 68 degrees. A great time👍❤️
Reviewer: Carol Banks
5 Stars
Lovely views from the water
October 01, 2022
Nice sailing trip
Reviewer: Dennis Richardson
4 Stars
September 30, 2022
This was a lot of fun and the length of time was just right.
Reviewer: Richard
5 Stars
Beautiful sail
September 02, 2022
We were fortunate enough to sail from Bar Harbor on the Schooner Margaret Todd. Beautiful ship, peaceful afternoon, gorgeous scenery. We would do this again.
Reviewer: Cheryl Phipps
5 Stars
relaxing time, lovely views
July 24, 2022
The ship is a four masted schooner; if you want you can help raise the sails. The captain provided commentary but didn't talk too much. Beautiful views and we even spotted pods of porpoises. The breeze was light and the captain tried to sail without the engine but he had to turn it on. Nevertheless, it was a peaceful trip around the islands. Afterwards, we walked the shore path and back through the town to the tender. A great morning!
Reviewer: Arthur Perlman
5 Stars
Sweet sail from Bar Harbor, ME
July 22, 2022
Were blessed with lovely weather for this sailing excursion. Not bad of a walk from where our ship tendered us in, unless you have disabilities affecting mobility. All the crew were very nice and we enjoyed talking to the seasonal workers whom we have a lot in common with. However, the ship wasn't old, it was just a reproduction. If there was a declaration about that, I missed it. They gave us a small snack and also sold beverages aboard. We saw some dolphins and lost of beautiful scenery. Glad we went.
Reviewer: Michele Even
4 Stars
Good experience!
January 21, 2020
This was a short but fun schooner sail. some of passengers were able to help with the sails and enjoy the times. There was no a Dog.
Reviewer: Grace
4 Stars
Fun ssil
November 27, 2019
This was a short but fun schooner sail. Passengers were able to help with the sails. Learned a bit about the lobster industry. Dog had a day off, so we didn’t get to sail with him.
Reviewer: Lynn
5 Stars
Good value
November 09, 2019
Enjoyed the lovely views! Make sure you dress warmly. It was fun!
Reviewer: Olga Woodall
5 Stars
Beautiful ship and trip
October 30, 2019
This was a nice way to spend several hours off the Maine coast near Bar Harbor. The crew were friendly and the islands pretty. The only downside was a lack of wind!
Reviewer: Eileen Oswald
4 Stars
Schooner sail
October 29, 2019
The crew were helpful and friendly, but there was no dog aboard as the review said, and never saw even one seal which was the reason I took this tour. Also it was very cold, people were huddling together. Should be warned to bring a blanket. The sail was fun, but overall not what I expected.
Reviewer: anonymous
4 Stars
Fun on the Water
October 26, 2019
Very exhilarating cruise. Sightseeing, explanations and the wonder of being under sail
Reviewer: Arthur Goldsmith
5 Stars
Good experience
October 25, 2019
This was educational in how a schooner works and also about lobster fishing. We arrived early and had a very enjoyable walk on the shore before the schooner cruise.
Reviewer: Paul B Herr
5 Stars
Sailing in Bar Harbor
October 24, 2019
Beautiful ship and fun crew. Hauling up the sails was a treat. The weather wasn’t ideal but the experience was better than expected.
Reviewer: Diane
4 Stars
Schooner Sail
October 24, 2019
Was excellent and very informative.
Reviewer: Joanna Moore
5 Stars
smooth sailing
October 19, 2019
Was a great way to see all the different Islands around the Bar harbour area. Seen many nice colours with the changing trees. The staff were great and you could even help the staff raise the sails....very cool experience.....we would definitely recommend.
Reviewer: Bradley Moxey
5 Stars
Sept.20/19 Schooner Sail
October 17, 2019
Bar Harbor, Maine is a tourist town and a bit of an odd port, we thought, for a cruise ship to stop at. Nothing much there that appealed to us so the sail around the harbor was something we decided to try. Weather was great. The ship was interesting and not too crowded. Saw lots of boats and ships of all types, lots of lobster pot buoys and various sea life. A leisurely and pleasant couple of hours spent.
Reviewer: E.R. Tait White
4 Stars
Cool sailings
October 17, 2019
My husband and I really enjoyed this schooner sail. We bundled up with gloves and headbands from the local store before boarding the vessel. The cool breeze was quite invigorating and was the scenic harbor was nice and calm.The crew was very informative and very friendly. We saw several bald eagles that had a nest in a nearby island and caught glimpses of local harbor seals. Fellow passengers on the sailing were all quite friendly. We thought this was a wonderful excursion to start off our cruise.
Reviewer: Nancy F
5 Stars
What Fun This Was!
October 15, 2019
The two hours aboard this schooner was time very well spent. We enjoyed watching the sails being raised at the beginning and lowered at the end. For the raising, male passengers were encouraged to help by holding ropes taut. (We're sure that females would not have been turned away, but none stepped up to the task.) Sailing around several small scenic islands and watching a lobster boat bringing in its catches made for fantastic photo ops. We were fortunate to have a picture-perfect day with sunny weather.
Reviewer: Sue Mortenson
5 Stars
Relaxing Excursion
October 11, 2019
Beautiful boat. Nice having a rep from the Parks Department. A storm burst while we were on board but those of us with rain gear continued to enjoy the views while some went below deck. Approx. 0.7 mi walk from cruise transport peer, but location to leave a walker on the schooner peer; you need to climb 6 steps to access schooner deck.
Reviewer: Beth Hodgson
5 Stars
Schooner Sail Norweigin Cruise
October 09, 2019
The schooner sail was a great experience. We had a better understanding of what it was like for the seafarers in time gone by
Reviewer: Sue Stodart
5 Stars
schooner sail
October 07, 2019
Was a great trip. The weather was cool and very windy. Could have used a little more sun. Would recommend the trip..
Reviewer: Emil Muller
5 Stars
Cool 4 mast sailing
October 04, 2019
This is a fun way to see Bar Harbor from the water. The boat is easy to get to and board, and the captain gave us a nice running commentary on the beautiful islands and scenery. Once we were out of the inner harbor the motor went off and the sails went up. So peaceful!
Reviewer: Hal Metcalf
5 Stars
Photogenic Way To See Our Ship
September 17, 2019
The best part of this simple sail was that it pretty much skirted around our anchored cruise ship and we got to see the massiveness of The Royal Princess. It was fun to participate in hoisting the sails.
Reviewer: Susie Broadhead
4 Stars
Quite a treat!
September 09, 2019
This was a new experience for us and we enjoyed every minute. It would have been perfect if the wind had cooperated and the sea animals hadn't been so shy.
Reviewer: SHARAN G Perry
5 Stars
Excellent captain and crew
September 05, 2019
The captain and crew were very helpful and excellent sailors. The schooner was an amazing boat.
Reviewer: John Gensure
5 Stars
Schooner Sail
August 30, 2019
Very relaxing. The crew was proficient in managing the sails and schooner. Beautiful scenery!!!!!
Reviewer: Karen Welch
5 Stars
August 29, 2019
We had a lot of fun on that excursion. My husband even helped hoist a sale. Our only problem was that it was a windless day. Luckily, the schooner had a motor.
Reviewer: Linda Ernst
4 Stars
very relaxing
August 28, 2019
What a wonderful trip! Great crew invites you to participate, if you wish. Learned about the surrounding area, people and critters on the many islands. We took the morning trip and had some elbow room on the ship; we saw the afternoon trip go out completely full! Highly recommended to do.
Reviewer: Mike Ford
5 Stars
Schooner Sail
August 28, 2019
Our Schooner Sail in Bar Harbor was wonderful and we had perfect weather. Also the captain and crew were very informative.
Reviewer: Ginger Belesi
5 Stars
Wonderful and Unique Sailing Experience
August 14, 2019
Everything went like clockwork. Well planned out. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Wonderful experience. Seeing the dolphins for us being the highlight.
Reviewer: Susan and John Davison
5 Stars
Schooner Sail in Bar Habor
July 26, 2019
Very lay back journey on the water with the sails up (interesting watching how the sails were raised). Was hoping to get a little closer to the land around Acadia Park but other then that it was good
Reviewer: Linda Sundve
4 Stars
Beautiful day in Bar Harbor
July 11, 2019
Had a great time! Crew was friendly. Good interaction.
Reviewer: Sherry McClurkan
5 Stars
Schooner sail excursion
November 03, 2018
The schooner was beautiful and fun to watch them hoist the sails. Unfortunately it was a cold, rainy day but we still had the smoothest ride seeing the beautiful colors of the fall in Maine. Still worth every penny. Will definitely sail again on a bright and sunny day. Worth the trip! I really liked the pleasant reminder email from Shore Excursions that morning. Nice job!
Reviewer: Sheila Suggs
5 Stars
schooner sail
October 24, 2018
Beautiful day not much wind but we still sailed
Reviewer: sue kuhn
5 Stars
Schooner Sail
October 24, 2018
It was a nice laid back experience. My husband got to help hoist the sales. We met some nice people aboard and had a nice time. People working the schooner were very nice and informative.
Reviewer: Jacqueline L McDonald
5 Stars
A Bit Cool and Showery, But
October 19, 2018
The crew and captain of this schooner were gracious, and very helpful. I was also glad to see that the sails were raised, and the diesel engine cut off. While that may not be so obvious, too often a "sail" turns out to be under power! Good job captain and crew!
Reviewer: Pat Stapleton
5 Stars
beautiful scenery
October 13, 2018
a discovery of yet another part of the world and so beautiful. On board this schooner with a ranger as a guide. Just perfect.
Reviewer: patrick hereng
4 Stars
Bar Harbour Maine Schooner sail
October 05, 2018
This was a pleasant sail around the harbour on a four masted schooner. The crew were friendly and knowledgeable. We would recommend it.
Reviewer: Mary Branscombe
4 Stars
My first schooner sale
September 25, 2018
The schooner sale was nice since I had never done that before. Nothing great but weather was nice.
Reviewer: Linda
3 Stars
Nice way to see the harbor
August 27, 2018
Crew was friendly and informative - gave an overview of the history of Bar Harbor and the lobster industry,
Reviewer: John Bowen
5 Stars
Schooner Sail was fun and beautiful
August 06, 2018
Lots of fun on the schooner and beautiful sights from offshore.
Reviewer: Gary Omura
4 Stars
Schooner Sail
July 30, 2018
It is a good chance to get out on the water to see the harbor, and up close look at the boats and adjacent islands. Very relaxing and enjoyable.
5 Stars
Schooner Sail
July 30, 2018
The trip was very scenic and the information the ranger gave was interesting. The visitors were allowed to hoist the sails which was fun to do or watch. Loved being on an real schooner.
Reviewer: Nancy Dobbs
5 Stars
July 09, 2018
Very nice sail in a pretty area. Worthwhile.
Reviewer: Paula McMahon
4 Stars
Schooner Sail
July 02, 2018
Very good. Did get cold so recommend extra jackets. Even the crew donned heavy jackets and wool toques. Could have been slightly shorter for me but my husband could have stayed longer.
Reviewer: MSellers
4 Stars
June 25, 2018
Highly recommended. Very enjoyable couple of hours. The ship and crew were great.
Reviewer: Joe McDonald
5 Stars
April 09, 2018
This was the exact tour as from the Holland America ship. Our excursion was less expensive and directions to and from ship for meeting were exact. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Karen Leomo
5 Stars
Great experience
November 03, 2017
We really enjoyed the Schooner sale. Was a great experience and we even got to help with the sails.
Reviewer: Martin Riefner
5 Stars
Schooner Sail
October 31, 2017
Very fun. Same tour as the ship had, but at a discounted price. Highly recommend American Airlines for my excursion needs.
Reviewer: Rudolph Leomo
5 Stars
A great sail!
October 27, 2017
We really enjoyed our sail on a schooner! The captain was very knowledgeable and wove his way through thousands of lobster pots! Very nice and helpful crew.
Reviewer: Paula Mills
4 Stars
Best excursion on our trip
October 24, 2017
No problem with tickets, ease of boarding. Captain/guide very informative. Hands on with helping the "girls" hoist the sails! Dress warm if you plan on going Sept/Oct. Well worth the price
Reviewer: carol langenberger
5 Stars
Schooner Sail
October 03, 2017
Very well narrated, informative, however would have preferred more hands on with the sailing
Reviewer: Catherine Huntbach
4 Stars
Fun trip
September 01, 2017
Really enjoyable excursion. The weather was great and so were the water conditions. Ship's crew very professional and knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Linda moon
5 Stars
Great ride
August 16, 2017
Very short walk to ship. Beautiful harbor, beautiful ride, great crew. Well worth the money and time.
Reviewer: Barbara Ammann
5 Stars
Bar Harbor shore excursion
August 05, 2017
Very peaceful
Reviewer: Alice Fann
5 Stars
Bar Harbor Sailing
June 23, 2017
So much fun sailing around the area and seeing sights. The only downer was it was a little on the cool side.
Reviewer: Edward Hoge
5 Stars
Bar Harbor ,Maine
January 06, 2017
Crew was fantastic , the sail was very enjoyable.
Reviewer: Cat
4 Stars
December 22, 2016
Was good except for the rain. Staff was very knowledgeable and pleasant to be around. Overall a good time!
Reviewer: Barbara Angyal
4 Stars
Schooner Sale
December 17, 2016
Fun and Informative
Reviewer: GMJ
4 Stars
So Glad We Booked This One!
December 13, 2016
We had a great time on the schooner despite the blustery day. The captain and crew recruited some of us to hoist the sails as we ventured out into Frenchman's Bay. A thoroughly enjoyable excursion scheduled to give us ample time to enjoy lunch on land before heading back to our cruise liner. And they stressed safety first!
Reviewer: Patricia Simcoe-Rosenbaum
5 Stars
December 11, 2016
5 Stars
Schooner excursion
December 10, 2016
Even though the sky was dark and rain came down, this trip into the Harbor with a young knowledgeable crew was exhilarating and informative. We learned so much about the rigging, sails, rope tying and expertise of a hard working crew. My husband helped raise one of the sails by tugging hard on a long heavy rope, and dedication to the physical labor required of these sailors was evident and exciting.
Reviewer: Jacqueline Gruenke
5 Stars
Beautiful relaxing sail
November 23, 2016
What a wonderful way to see Bar Harbor. After the sails went up it was so peaceful. The crew were fabulous and the captain gave us a lot of information about Bar Harbor. Highly recommend this trip.
Reviewer: Marsha Nager
5 Stars
Bar Harbor Maine Tall Ship
November 15, 2016
To Whom this may Concern, I thought the 4 mast tall ship excursion was vey nice. The ship appeared to be in good condition and the crew was very nice. Captain asked for help raising the sails which was fun but crew pretty much did the job. Other than thousands of Lobster Pots there was not much to see. Of course you could see the beautiful shore line.
Reviewer: none
4 Stars
Schooner Sail at Bar Harbour
November 13, 2016
Enjoyed it very much. Schooner crew were very friendly.
Reviewer: Doug Brite
4 Stars
Schooner was fun!
November 11, 2016
The schooner sail was fun, but lasted only 1 and 1/2 hours rather than the 2 hours as advertised.
Reviewer: Patricia Carrell
4 Stars
Relaxing Sail
October 07, 2016
We enjoyed a relaxing sail in the waters around Bar Harbor. This is a slow paced cruise in a nice schooner. We had some good history and commentary about the area from the captain. It was interesting to get an up-close look at some lobster fisherman as they examined their pots.
Reviewer: H. T. Wilkerson
4 Stars
September 28, 2016
enjoyable Nice people
Reviewer: Helen Skelto
4 Stars
Bar Harbor criuise
September 28, 2016
Very nice trip with a great crew. Saw plenty of crabpots and how they are set along with seals and dolphins
Reviewer: Dan Brown
4 Stars
Loved this excursion!
August 31, 2016
The schooner was gorgeous and obviously very well cared for. The captain and crew were quite proud of this beauty and sailing with them was a pleasure. The Bar Harbor waters provided a smooth sail and lots of nice scenery. The schooner was easy to find and a quick walk from the tender landing our cruise ship used. We highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Cheryl Cole
5 Stars
Nice sail
August 26, 2016
Very relaxing we had a very nice time
Reviewer: H Safran
5 Stars
A scenic sail around the bay
July 20, 2016
A very nice scenic trip around the bay. We helped raise the sails with the crew. There were lobster traps to navigate around and we sailed in around the calm waters of the bay. A beautiful day with their experienced crew.
Reviewer: Patrick Dante
4 Stars
Good excurison providing weather is good
November 06, 2015
This was a well-run excursion. We had no problems with it, and enjoyed it very much.
Reviewer: Marge
4 Stars
Red sails in the... morning
November 06, 2015
At ten o'clock we went to the ship and exchanged our electronic ticket for a standard ticked and boarded the vessel. Since the 1700s, schooners have been used for a variety of purposes because they are fast, sleek, adaptable, and considered the sturdiest ships of all time. The 151′ Schooner Margaret Todd was constructed in 1998. We were encouraged to take our places on any green seats and remain seated until given the all clear to roam about. This would be the rule until we cleared the mooring and were in the harbor, under engine power. Once we were moving the captain called for volunteers to help raise the sails. One of the crew was on each line to provide guidance. He or she guided the lines with the help of volunteer strength, but the tie down functions were accomplished by the crew. We maintained about four knots under wind power as the captain made our way through the myriad of lobster trap buoys floating on the surface. ""We have a depth of 150 feet here and many of the trap lines are 'double trapped'. A lobster trap may have from 0 to 100 lobster but our laws are very strict for harvesting them. If they are over three pounds, female with eggs on their back, females who have been marked (notched leg) as egg producers, they are returned to the sea."" We watched a lobster fisherman hauling up his catch, surrounded by squawking gulls, throwing back much of his trap. I have a bit better feel as to why lobster is expensive. And I appreciate why the controls are there to maintain a viable population for future generations. The tide does go through changes each day and the sandbar to an island is walk-able each day for a short period of time. ""Just check your tide table to know how much time you have to cross and return. And, despite the signs, people have crossed over by car and then lost them when the tide came back in."" As we continued our cruise the captain discussed the features of the harbor, the islands, the light houses and the weather. It was interesting and informative. Most of all, I was interested in how the wildlife and sea life were managed. As we went about we saw harbor and gray seals, a bald eagle, downy ducks and even a dolphin. We did not see any puffins although all the shops have puffin shirts, jackets, figurines and other craft items.
Reviewer: Wm John
5 Stars
Scooter sail
October 21, 2015
Ship was lovely
Reviewer: Ike
4 Stars
Schooner sail in Bar Harbour.
September 09, 2015
Excellent Value for the money
Reviewer: Lewispat
5 Stars
Great Sail
July 02, 2014
A great sail around the outer harbor. We got to help the crew raise the sails. Saw a bald eagle in flight and one nesting on an island. A great way to relax and take in the scenery. The lobster bake at the Bar Harbor Inn (not a part of the shore excursion) was excellent too.
Reviewer: Cwt57
5 Stars
unique tour
October 22, 2013
The schooner excursion was ok but I would not do it again. The scenery was beautiful. We took a bus tour of Cadillac Island that afternoon and enjoyed it more than the schooner ship.
Reviewer: Betty D
4 Stars