Old Town Trolley Tour of Boston

Great excursion
November 28, 2023
This was a great way to make the most of a short trip to Boston - loved it!
Reviewer: Mal
5 Stars
Old Town Trolley Tour of Boston Review
November 14, 2023
This was a great way to see a lot in a really flexible way.
Reviewer: Loren Straube
4 Stars
Boston Trolley Tour
November 09, 2023
A very efficient way to get a sample of Boston. Hits major sites and easy off and on opportunities, Guides are very knowledgeable. Stops are near major attractions. About 15 minutes between trolleys. I recommend this tour. Very reasonable compare to ther tours.
Reviewer: Clay
5 Stars
Great Way to see the City
November 08, 2023
Knowledgeable, Friendly & Fun Drivers….. you can do as much or as little as you want in a day. Stops were very easy to navigate and provided a lot of options for sightseeing! You’re able to go at your own pace & set your own schedule!
Reviewer: Amy Rigterink
5 Stars
Boston via bus / Many Choices
November 02, 2023
Having the trolley there to get around the city was great! They took us to places we would not have seen otherwise. It was also easy to hop off the bus and go where we wanted when we wanted.
Reviewer: Marcia and Bill Green
5 Stars
Hop on and off
November 01, 2023
A fun way to tour Boston. The Trolley drivers were knowledgeable and entertaining. And we could choose to get off at stops that we liked, knowing it was only a short wait to catch the next Trolley. There were great maps on the trolley showing their route and various stops.
Reviewer: Janet Beaupre
5 Stars
A bit of a joke
November 01, 2023
We had 6 hours from when our cruise ship docked until the trolleys stopped at 5 o’clock. We were driven from the cruise port trolley stop to the first stop and told we needed to change trolleys. We literally stood in line for 2 hours waiting for a trolley that had space for 4 of us. That left us only 4 hours to explore. It was so busy that we went by a couple of stops with people waiting to be picked up but no room on the trolleys to accommodate them. The drivers commentaries were very good and we enjoyed that but since the system was so crowded we were always scared we wouldn’t get back before the last trolley. So we couldn’t explore like we anticipated. Would highly recommend this if you are staying in Boston but suggest something different if you’re on a cruise and have something in particular you want to do or see
Reviewer: KitR
3 Stars
Old Town Trolley Tour of Boston
October 20, 2023
Fabulous way of getting on most of the sights. The tours are very well organized to deal with the volumes that come off of the boat so do not be concerned!! Apparantly each driver has different stories and so each experience will be different. We chose to stay with the same driver, but that is not necessary at all. Information was interesting and sufficent as a sampler when doing so much.
Reviewer: dorothy hillmann
5 Stars
All aboard in Boston.
October 17, 2023
Thank you shore excursionsgroup.com, I was totally satisfied with the Old Town Trolley Tour of Boston. I have used shore excursions group in the past, on other cruises and saved a lot of money. I will most likely use them again on my next cruise I can’t remember the tour guide’s name, but he was so nice and a great tour guide.. Thanks again, Marty
Reviewer: Martin Kemprowski
5 Stars
October 17, 2023
An amazing way to see Boston when time is limited. Love this city!
Reviewer: Lorraine
5 Stars
Old Town Trolley Tour Boston
October 05, 2023
The bus driver was very knowledgeable. I love hop on hop offs. This was one of the best. Very helpful information for my next trip back to Boston.
Reviewer: stephanie flinn
5 Stars
Trolley tour
September 23, 2023
We had a wonderful guide, very informative.
Reviewer: Louise Holland
5 Stars
Loved Boston
November 08, 2022
This was the best way to get an overall view of Boston! Such a beautiful city! Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Debbie
5 Stars
Great Tour of old town historic Boston
November 01, 2022
Fun tour guide, great personality! Very knowledgable
Reviewer: Michelle Kriskovich
4 Stars
Typical hop on hop off bus tour
October 29, 2022
We had great narrators on this typical hop off hop on bus tour of Boston. A great way to get around the city. Picked us up right at the dock as promised.
Reviewer: Richard Cramer Jr
5 Stars
Nice Long Tour
October 20, 2022
You must plan to spend lots of time on this tour. It goes all over the Boston area. Ideally, the tour should be broken into 2 days, if you want to get off the trolley and do some exploring. The trolley drivers are a hoot!
Reviewer: John Sinton
4 Stars
Old Town Trolley Tour of Boston
October 20, 2022
Really enjoyed this great ride. The driver tour guide was excellent, knowledgeable and funny a great combination.
Reviewer: Patricia R. Swistak
5 Stars
Old Town Trolley Tour was worth the ride!!
October 18, 2022
We took this excursion on our Sep 2022 cruise & enjoyed the day visiting the sights of Boston. The bus was easy to find & board - picked us up at the end of the cruise terminal parking lot. Windows were large so everyone could see from their seats. 1st stop was at the corner of Court & State by Old State House near Faneuil Hall Marketplace. So much to see! After walking you will appreciate hopping back on. Finding the route stops was easy. Each time you were on the bus your ride was narrated by the driver/tour guide who was a wealth of information about the city and it's history. Normally there were several things to see within a few blocks of each stop. I believe the entire route takes about 90 minutes if you just ride. The excursion from the cruise line, excursion site, or directly from the company are all the same tour using the same busses. Be sure to have every take a picture of the ticket so they can each get on the bus if you get separated.
Reviewer: Deb Turner
5 Stars
Old Town Trolley Tour of Boston
September 28, 2022
exactly as advertised, wait time at stops was acceptable, trolleys were clean and tour guides were somewhat funny
Reviewer: ron fakadej
5 Stars
Informative Trolley
January 12, 2020
Wonderful way to get around Boston - great stops and easy on and off access. We were able to get on and off with ease and no wait.
Reviewer: Sue Gigler
5 Stars
Boston Trolley Tour
November 21, 2019
Great way to spend a cold, rainy day in Boston. Our driver was hilarious as well as knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Sondie Reynolds
5 Stars
Old Town Trolly Tour of Boston
November 18, 2019
Loved this tour! The driver was so entertaining, a native of Boston with the knowledge of the history and what is happening in city today. It was a cold day and we didn’t hop on and off! He and gave us so much information we never got off. We saw so much and loved Boston!
Reviewer: Jackie
5 Stars
Great Tour of Boston
November 11, 2019
This was a really good tour with plenty of stops for those who wanted to get off and do some exploring. Our driver/tour guide was very knowledgeable about his city.
Reviewer: Pat Knight
4 Stars
Nice Tour For Getting Around Boston
October 17, 2019
We liked the tour because we were able to get off at stops to see the major historical sites of Boston. We didn't wait too long for buses with available seats to pick us up but I heard from others on the buses that they waited an hour or more before a bus with seating came to their stop(s). We were disappointed that the stop for Cambridge/Harvard/MIT was removed from the day of our tour.
Reviewer: Debra Roessler
4 Stars
old town trolley tour of boston
October 09, 2019
Great tour. Each driver told different things regarding their tour routes. Easy to pick up off cruise ship. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: tbb
5 Stars
Boston Trolley Tour
September 30, 2019
Our tour would have been so much better had the weather been on our side.We were a day ahead of hurricane Dorian and it was very cold,wet and windy. Our tour guide was excellent and very informative. would do it again under better conditions.
Reviewer: Barry Atchison
4 Stars
Trolley tour
September 10, 2019
What a great way to experience Boston. Friendly,helpful tour guide/drivers - even with old,slow tourists. Informative and comfortable.
Reviewer: Ann Finnegan
5 Stars
Trolley ride and stop
August 18, 2019
Many Trollies drove around many areas of the city. Tour guides were friendly and knowledgeable. Only thing was so many stops and not enough time to get out check out the different areas of the city when you are only there for several hours especially if you want to get a bite to eat. Also trollies were always crowded and sometimes you had to wait to get back on if you wanted to go to a different area.
Reviewer: Pops
4 Stars
Go Trolley and Enjoy the Benefits
July 16, 2019
This is by far the best way to experience an overall view of city highlights. Having the opportunity to hop off the trolley and explore a particular tour site and then being able to hop on the trolley, makes for a very pleasant and stress-free way to site see.
Reviewer: Pamela Halpin
5 Stars
Good Overview of Boston
July 03, 2019
I've taken Old Town tours in D.C. and Key West, and now Boston. Always first rate. With our ship in port for only one day, this 3hr tour was the idea way to get a good glimpse of Boston and its major sights. Pick up was near the cruise terminal and drop off was at the front door of the terminal. $$ well spent.
Reviewer: Bluepoint
5 Stars
On and off bus in Boston
June 23, 2019
Able to pick up your right at the edge of the docks from cruise ship. Great tour.
Reviewer: Denice Wolf
5 Stars
Fun Tour
June 23, 2019
Was interesting to see all the Boston has to offer. Also, it was great to be able to stop and tour and get back on when you wanted. Really enjoyed using the Trolley
Reviewer: Charlotte Bowlby
5 Stars
Great was to see Boston
June 01, 2019
This is a great way to see city with hop on hop off feature. I did have a bad experience with 1of trolley drivers but I let company know of the experience & they sent me a pass to use in any of the cities they operate
Reviewer: Pati
4 Stars
Old town trolley tour of boston
November 25, 2018
Everyone in this organization was courteous and professional. Thouroughly enjoyed the tour.
Reviewer: Helen Keating
5 Stars
Excellent overview of the city
November 16, 2018
The Old Town Trolley hit the highlights of Boston, giving riders to option to get off at multiple stops, then re-board a trolley at a later time. The trolley was at the end of the pier, a short walk from the ship. At the end of the day, the trolley dropped us off right AT the ship. A nice surprise. Well worth the cost for this day of sightseeing.
Reviewer: Shari Shaw
5 Stars
Great Tour
November 10, 2018
The guides were very good who took us around town explaining each of the stops history before we got off to walk around and visit that area.
Reviewer: Pat Esposito
5 Stars
Old town trolley
October 19, 2018
Excellent way for an overview of Boston
Reviewer: Alan Kohn
5 Stars
October 07, 2018
A great sighting tour of Boston
Reviewer: Penny
5 Stars
Boston Tour
July 30, 2018
Tour was great very good overview of Boston and history of the city. Tour guide was informative and humorous.
5 Stars
Hop on Hop Off
July 30, 2018
Very informative, Had no problems getting off and on.
Reviewer: Victoria Marriott
4 Stars
Boston trolley
November 08, 2017
Boston trolley tour was well run, with conscientious, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful guides.
Reviewer: Barb guerriero
5 Stars
Old Town Trolley Tour
October 18, 2017
Very enjoyable. Good tour guides. Included the harbour boat tour which was excellent.
Reviewer: Tony & Jenny
5 Stars
Great overview of Boston
October 12, 2017
We really enjoyed taking the Old Town Trolley around the city of Boston. We never had to wait more than 15 minutes for the next trolley. All the drivers were very friendly and gave plenty of historical information about the city. I highly recommend taking the trolley if you are visiting Boston for the first time.
Reviewer: Bryan Tsunoda
5 Stars
Post cruise
August 05, 2017
Good way of getting to know some of the history of Boston. Unfortunately the day we were using the trolley, the route to Finneway Park was closed due to race and game, and route to Cambridge was closed.
Reviewer: Alice Fann
4 Stars
Worth the money
December 24, 2016
We really enjoyed the trolley tour of Boston. The first day we just road the trolley on the entire tour - and the driver told us tons of interesting info of the town & suggested things to see and do at each stop. Then the next day we used the trolley as transportation around town to see the things we wanted to do.
Reviewer: Leonard Teixeira
5 Stars
Old Town Trolley Tour of Boston
November 29, 2016
The trolley tour was excellent. The buses were clean and arrived frequently. I was able to visit most of the places on the stops and spent as much and as little time as I desired. The drivers were very animated, proud and informed of their towns history. I received excellent recommendations for lunch and I am so glad that I chose the tour excursion. Thank you for a well organized tour.
Reviewer: Cheryl Thompson
5 Stars
Boston, MA
November 26, 2016
What a great way to see Boston with live commentary and the chance to get off when you wish. We took this tour after disembarking cruise ship and prior to a 6pm flight to California. It was the perfect answer for us after we stored our luggage for the day.
Reviewer: Carol Murphy
5 Stars
Great way to get your bearings
September 28, 2016
The bus is really a great way to see different areas of Boston. Driver was fun & knowledgeable. A harbor tour is included; great value.
Reviewer: Kathy Stanek
5 Stars
Great way to get around Boston
November 02, 2015
Great way to tour Boston.
Reviewer: CRIS
4 Stars
wonderful overview
October 28, 2015
Wanted to see a general overview Boston, which was provided by a well done driver
Reviewer: Carol the traveler
5 Stars