The Island Drive & Anne of Green Gables

Loved it!
February 05, 2023
What a nice way to spend the day! Finally got to the Anne of Green Gables Historic Site and was able to walk on two of the paths mentioned in the books. The resting place of the author was nearby as well. Stopped for some yummy preserves along the way. It was only a 5-minute walk outside of the port area to our meeting place. Would recommend!
Reviewer: Alana Wallace
5 Stars
Fun Trip
November 20, 2022
Our tour guide was excellent! She got into the position with a costume for every stop and was very knowledgeable. She kept us laughing as well as informed. We were on the last cruise of the year so things were closed and the area was shutting down. It was a great way to see the area with 3 stops and beautiful views. There was still a lot of damage from the hurricane which was sad to see. I was grateful to see the Anne of Green Gables home! Such a pretty place and you could imagine yourself in the book :)
Reviewer: Renee
4 Stars
November 17, 2022
This was a great tour. It was very informative. The tour guide was very good also. The Anne of Green Gables is a must see for all.
Reviewer: Barry J Vater
5 Stars
Knowledgeable guide.
November 13, 2022
Anne of Green Gables was a nice destination. It is well kept up and the employees were well versed. The drive to and from the house was very pleasant and the guide shared her knowledge of the area. I do think the lobster stop was a bit corny. The stop at the jam store was better but not great.
Reviewer: Richard Roy
4 Stars
Green Gables Tour
September 18, 2022
We saw the town of Charlottesville with narration, countryside, Cavendish beach and surrounding area on North Shore, Green Gables museum, farm, Lover's Lane and store, then visit to the gardens of Prince Edward Island Preserve Co.. Was a great value for the money and the tour guide was excellent, very descriptive and interesting. We also saw all the lobster, mussel and crab fishing areas and a demonstration of how lobster are caught. Was better than renting a car and we were back to the ship with time to eat at the best lobster restaurant!
Reviewer: C. Jenkins
5 Stars
I want to go back!
June 15, 2022
The guide was very knowledgeable about the history of Prince Edward Island and she was able to answer all of our questions. Stops were long enough at Cavendish Beach and Anne of Green Gables. This overview made us want to come back.
Reviewer: Pascal
5 Stars
Excursion on PEI, Canada
February 29, 2020
This excursion was most enjoyable, despite the rain. I particularly enjoyed the house and the waterfall.
Reviewer: Hazel Erickson
4 Stars
Green Gables history
January 21, 2020
Learn history of Green Gables that we read a book when we were young age. Visited the small shop. Countryside ride was very good and learn about a lot of history of lobster history when driving.
Reviewer: Grace
4 Stars
Island drive & Anne of Green Gables
January 09, 2020
Countryside ride was very enjoyable. Stopped to watch lobster fishermen at ocean’s edge. Had ample time at the House of Green Gables. Driver was knowledgeable, engaging, and courteous.
Reviewer: Karla
5 Stars
Great tour!
January 07, 2020
Anne of Green Gables was great!
Reviewer: PS
5 Stars
Thoroughly Enjoyable Tour
November 25, 2019
While visiting the Anne of Green Gables site was on my wife's "bucket list" wish list, the real stars of this tour were the tour guide and the bus driver. Their in-depth historical and current knowledge of the area and their friendly, comical banter made the bus ride portion of this tour truly outstanding. Even though this tour took place a few days after the end of "tourist season" and some may have been disappointed by the closure of the gift shop in the Green Gables site, the lack of hordes of tourists at all of our stops was a blessing in disguise. t
Reviewer: Roy Kawano
5 Stars
Highly Recommend this tour....
November 17, 2019
This tour was fabulous ...our driver and guide were outstanding...very funny and informative about the even put on a straw hat with red hair when talking about Anne of Green Gables.
Reviewer: Carol Buchanan
5 Stars
Cruise ship excursion
November 14, 2019
Excellent tour. Guide was very informative. Anne of Green Gables site was a highlight that lived up to expectations. The other stops were just as interesting. Finally learned how my lobster dinner is trapped.
Reviewer: Bert M Hofstatter
5 Stars
Awesome Tour!
November 11, 2019
Really enjoyed this tour with my wife. Very informative and a great way to see the island. Tour leader was very knowledgable and shared many stories on the history of the island including all the details of Anne of Green Gables.
Reviewer: Randy Hillman
5 Stars
Prince Edward Island Excursion
November 11, 2019
This was a really enjoyable excursion with an excellent guide. The weather was superb and we saw PEI at its best. What a beautiful place. Our particular ambition was to see the Anne of Green Gables house which had been my wife's favourite childhood book. It was as good as we had imagined. This excursion is thoroughly recommended
Reviewer: Jeffrey Snodin
5 Stars
Island drive and Anne of Green Gables
November 08, 2019
The day was beautiful, the temperature of about 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Anne of Green Gables was something to see, my wife put on the costume and we took some photos. The fall colors were stupendous. Lots of photos and a great time
Reviewer: Ray Mulhall
5 Stars
November 08, 2019
Wonderful excursion through beautiful countryside. Seeing the house where Lucy Maud Montgomery was raised was heartwarming for anyone who has read her books or has a sense of nostalgia. Well worth the time and money!!!!
Reviewer: GRE
5 Stars
Informative and Interesting
November 04, 2019
Exceptional tour, well-run and well-executed. Guides were knowledgeable. Started and ended on time.
Reviewer: K.Howland
5 Stars
Guide Grew Up In The Area
November 02, 2019
We were fortunate enough to get a wonderful guide for our day visiting this beautiful area. The guide was a senior citizen that had grown up in the area and was so knowledgeable about all aspect of our tour. Sadly I wish I knew her name and your could request her. Made the visit a five star day.
Reviewer: Steve VandeVen
5 Stars
The island drive and Anne of Green gables
November 02, 2019
Even though it was pouring rain while we were there the guide made the excursion well worth it. We learned many interesting facts about the island and the site.
Reviewer: John Morris
5 Stars
The Island Drive & Anne of Green Gables
November 01, 2019
This was an excellent excursion. It was easy to get to the place where the buses were located and everyone was very helpful. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the history of the island and could answer all the questions the tourists asked. she even knew the price of realestate and answered many obscure questions as well. The excursion company had thought out the routes and went to different places based on the volume of tour buses to alleviate conjestion at popular sites.
Reviewer: John McCullough
5 Stars
Prince Edward Island and Anne of Green Gables
October 31, 2019
We had a wonderful time on our bus tour. Prince Edward Island has some nice scenery. Our tour guide Elizabeth Waugh was extremely knowledge all along the tour. She was very charming and engaged with her guest riders. During one stop, Elizabeth even took her own time to research my question about my long ago relatives on the island and gave me a lead for further inquiry. Very impressive with her passion and assistance. Again, if you want a a nice a very nice bus tour of Prince Edward Island, don't hesitate to take this tour with Elizabeth.
Reviewer: Paul Myers
5 Stars
Great Experience
October 29, 2019
The itinerary itself was wonderful but the real highlight of the tour was the guide, Mike. He was informative and entertaining. Highly Recommended!!
Reviewer: Bill Haddon
5 Stars
Island Drive recommended.
October 29, 2019
This was a great experience. We got to stop so many places, and had time to wander around the Anne of Green Gables farm. The announcer and the driver were both funny and knew every thing about the island. My daughter and I both enjoyed this trip so very much. A great deal for the money.
Reviewer: Rosemary Ryden
5 Stars
Island Drive and Anne of Green Gables
October 28, 2019
Beautiful scenery. Long bus drive
Reviewer: Diana McCutchen
4 Stars
Scenic and Educational
October 26, 2019
Beautiful scenery. Excellent tour guide. The Anne of Green Gables was experiencing the show and the book.
Reviewer: Arthur Goldsmith
5 Stars
A very good guide
October 25, 2019
The weather was not great but the trip and guide were very helpful. It was well worth the effort..
Reviewer: Paul B Herr
5 Stars
The Island Drive & Anne of Green Gables
October 24, 2019
It was fine.
Reviewer: Joanna Moore
4 Stars
Anne of green gables
October 23, 2019
We enjoyed the tour, The guide was very informative. We were given adequate time to look around the property and did not feel rushed
Reviewer: Donna Suessen
4 Stars
October 22, 2019
great tour made 5 star by the tour guide and of the better ones we have takenin a long time.
Reviewer: robert christie
5 Stars
Fantastic Tour with a Terrific Guide
October 15, 2019
We enjoyed the bus tour and narration through Prince Edward Island. We stopped at a culinary gift shop and lobster trapping pier as well as the major destination: the village that has been built in tribute to the Anne of Green Gables novels. Our guide, Maura Lee, was very personable and informative. She had fun with costumes and stuffed dolls (including a lobster) that accentuated the stories she told. If we had to identify a negative it would be that the windows of the bus weren't as clean as we would have liked for picture taking of buildings and scenery along the way.
Reviewer: Sue Mortenson
5 Stars
Tour guide made this trip
October 11, 2019
Not being a reader of Anne of Green Gables I did read the book before the cruise as I knew we were on this excursion. It was a beautiful ride well guided by our on board narrator.
Reviewer: Randy McCormack
5 Stars
October 10, 2019
Thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the guide was wonderful
Reviewer: Lyn Haines
5 Stars
tour of island and Green Gables
October 10, 2019
very nice tour-guide was very knowledgeable and countryside was beautiful. Well worth the price
5 Stars
Beautiful Island
October 10, 2019
Pleasant drive around PEI. Friendly and informative guide.
Reviewer: L D Richard
4 Stars
Good tour
October 10, 2019
The tour was given by a company that has contracts with a number tour bookers and they have a number of large buses. We showed up at the spot and waited a short while to get on a bus. We saved a few dollars by booking ahead of time. the bus was nice and tourguide was good. Nice drive across the island with several stops in addition to the 'Anne" house which is a state park. We usually prefer smaller tour groups but this was fine and I would recommend it.
Reviewer: Rich Lasiewski
4 Stars
Comfortable and interesting
October 04, 2019
The tour was really pretty good - the bus was comfortable and the narration good. I wasn’t into the house but my spouse enjoyed it.
Reviewer: Tom Pace
4 Stars
Great Guide even though Rainy Weather
October 02, 2019
Our guide made it so much fun! We learned how the lobsters are caught and Green Gables was an amazing place.
Reviewer: Linda Kozak
5 Stars
Prince Edwards Island Tour
October 01, 2019
Convenient way to see the island's landscape of rolling hills, woods, beaches & ocean coves plus quaint villages, lighthouses & Cavendish Beach, including the red sandstone cliffs in the Prince Edward Island National Park. Also fun to visit the Anne of Green Gables House/Museum, a national historic site.
Reviewer: Julie
5 Stars
Island Drive and Anne of Green Gables
September 10, 2019
This excursion was enjoyable and informative. We would recommend it.
Reviewer: Carolyn Morris
4 Stars
Great Experience
September 03, 2019
The tour was top notch. Very organized. The best part was Mike, our tour guide. He did an outstanding job of providing us with facts, stories and just an overall good time. Highly Recommended
Reviewer: Bill Haddon
5 Stars
September 03, 2019
Excellent tour. We learned a lot of history walking through the house. Very well maintained and the video is very educational. I will recommended to my family and friends visiting that part of the country.
Reviewer: Hernando Hernandez
5 Stars
Prince Edward Island/Anne of Green Gables
August 30, 2019
Beautiful drive around the island learning bits of history about the area. The cabin was quaint set in a beautiful countryside.
Reviewer: Karen Welch
5 Stars
Great Day
August 29, 2019
We had an excellent guide and completely enjoyed our drive and stops.
Reviewer: Linda Ernst
5 Stars
The island drive
July 26, 2019
This was a very excellent journey, seen several places (and had time to take pictures). Found the tour guide with great knowledge of history. Would take again.
Reviewer: Linda Sundve
5 Stars
Prince Edward Island Tours
July 15, 2019
Our tour guide, Dave Riley, was very knowledgeable about Prince Edward Island. He was also very entertaining when appropriate. It was obvious that he loved his Province and wanted to show as much off as possible. We would have wished for a little more time at the Green Gables stop. The preserves place was packed with 6 tour buses so we didn't really get to do much. We loved stopping at the National Park. It would have been nice to have had a little map showing where we were going, overall a good day and a good tour. I have also reviewed this tour on TripAdvisor.
Reviewer: Eden Kuhlenschmidt
5 Stars
City/country/seaside all in one excursion
July 11, 2019
Great tour overview of a beautiful slice of Prince Edward Island's history and geography. Tour was sprinkled with historical information, local points of interest, beautiful countryside, beaches, and the home that inspired Anne of Green Gables. Stops were well planned and informative
5 Stars
Great Introduction to PEI
June 14, 2019
In addition to the fun visit to Green Gables we had a nice drive through PEI and Charlottetown in spite of the rain. Excellent guide with many corny jokes.
Reviewer: Robert Carpenter
5 Stars
The Island Drive and Anne of Green Gables
June 10, 2019
Best tour guide ever. Dave Riley provided a comprehensive tour of the island. He was very knowledgeable about the island as well as Canada.
Reviewer: Dominique Rutteman
5 Stars
Great tour
June 01, 2019
This was a great way to see Anne of Green Gables as well as Prince Edward Island. Very informative. Just the right amount if time for the flavor of the area.
Reviewer: Pati
5 Stars
Island Drive & Anne of Green Gables
May 30, 2019
This was on my bucket list, so check. Because we were early I. The season (May), it was not crowded and we had time to look around, they have a very lovely gift shop.
Reviewer: Andreanne La Riviere
5 Stars
Port was canceled
April 09, 2019
Sadly, due to stormy weather, we were unable to visit this port.
Reviewer: Karen Shaw
3 Stars
Great tour!
November 01, 2018
We booked this tour because a similar one through the cruise line was full. We were so glad we did! The tour was perfect and we really enjoyed our brief visit to the preserve company. It was a rainy day and without this tour we would have seen very little of the beautiful island.
Reviewer: Green
5 Stars
Spectacular Tour and Guide
October 28, 2018
Prince Edward Island is beyond beautiful and our tour guide made it especially interesting as well. The highlight was visiting Anne of Green Gables where she provided us a costume dress and hat with pig-tails for those of us that wished to have pics taken in the historic carriage on the grounds. What a wonderful Christmas card that will make, especially with my husband playing the part of Anne's "father", Matthew. We would have loved to spend more time there and at the sea bluffs. So beautiful! But we were under the time constraints of the cruise ship. Our guide kept us captivated with stories between stops and we were sorry when it was over. We highly recommend this tour. You won't be disappointed.
Reviewer: Karen Mantel
5 Stars
The Island Drive & Anne of Green Gables
October 24, 2018
This was a blast. I have wanted to visit here since I was a child and read the books. Our bus tour guide great! Funny and informative. Very enjoyable and the sites were amazing!
Reviewer: Jacqueline L McDonald
5 Stars
Island Drive & Anne of Green Gables
October 23, 2018
Good but would have expected a photo stop or two on the Island drive part of the trip.
Reviewer: Laura Anderson
3 Stars
Island Drive and Anne of gree Gabes
October 16, 2018
Nice tour!
Reviewer: Judy Lange
4 Stars
Good Tour
October 11, 2018
Thought this tour was very good and that Corinne our guide was superb. Only downside was weather but that was not tour operators fault. As the port was busy that day we were on a full size coach rather than a more intimate small bus and that was not as enjoyable. When advertising this tour a caveat should be written to say that small coaches may not be available. Maybe consider taking the Prince Edward Island Preserve stop off the tour.
Reviewer: Margaret Bootes
4 Stars
Iland drive and Anne of Green Gables
October 11, 2018
This was an excellent tour. Our guide was very informative and had a fun sense of humor. Everything we had expected and more!
Reviewer: Lois Souza
5 Stars
Wonderful Time!
October 09, 2018
We had a wonderful time! Very enjoyable, with three stops. Our guide was fantastic and very engaging. She had a great sense of humor and knew all of the local history. At Anne of Green Gables she even had a hat with long Ted braids sewn inside to use as our own prop!
Reviewer: Nancy B.
5 Stars
Fall foliage vacation
October 06, 2018
Wonderful trip with very informative guide. Enjoyed it very much.
Reviewer: David Welton
5 Stars
Island Drive and Anne of Green Gables
October 05, 2018
We wanted to see the island and this was a great way to view it. We stopped at several points of interest. The guide was knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Mary Branscombe
5 Stars
October 05, 2018
What an excellent tour. Our ship 🚢 elected to shorten our stay in port and the tour company was all over it. They approached us in the terminal building (I was carrying my printed ticket) and notified us that the buses would be leaving an hour earlier so we would be able to enjoy the entire tour. Thank you very much for an educational experience. Our driver/tour guide Blaine was brilliant and entertaining.
Reviewer: Terry and Jim MacIver
5 Stars
Island Drive & Anne of Green Gables
October 03, 2018
We were very happy with our tour, bus driver and tour guide Dave Riley. It was very informative and gave us a great overview of P.E.I. The island and Green Gables. Very good value for the price! I would recommend to fellow travelers. Thank you!
Reviewer: Sandra Glynn
5 Stars
The Island Drive and Anne of Green Gables
September 29, 2018
Just an excellent tour. Thanks to the tour guide and also the beautiful countryside - great stops along the way. Plus I love Anne of Green Gables. Also the accordion and the map were an added bonus.
Reviewer: Carol Brydon
5 Stars
Wonderful Day
September 28, 2018
Our guide was knowledgeable and the tour was excellent. Drove through Charlottetown at start and finish. Stopped at fishing port, seacoast, Anne of Green Gables and Gardens at Jam Factory. Gardens were beautiful, seacoast was interesting and Green Gables was interesting and had gardens, trails and a short movie. There was some food at Green Gables but we brought our own sandwich.
Reviewer: James Sweeney
5 Stars
Excellent 5 stars
September 27, 2018
Enjoyed the drive,were able to see some of the island. The fellow on thebus was exceptional in imparting information andeasy to listen to. Beautiful province.
Reviewer: Joanne Pierrard
5 Stars
Excellent! Very Enjoyable With Walking Stops!
September 24, 2018
This tour was awesome. We were even able to get on an earlier bus so that we were sure to be back in time to board our Cruise Ship. Our tour guide was fun and engaging. She really knew her history of the area and kept us all laughing and listening.
Reviewer: Nancy B.
5 Stars
Pretty countryside
September 21, 2018
This was a good tour and worth the time and money. We enjoyed seeing where the Anne of Green Gables book was set, the National Park was a nice stop. Our tour guide was very good and gave us some interesting information and informed us of the area.
Reviewer: Louise Flanagan
4 Stars
Green Gables
September 17, 2018
Well done -- timing perfect as we missed all the ship's busses.
Reviewer: Jean Vick
5 Stars
Great guide!
August 06, 2018
Very nice and well-informed guide. Pretty stops. Would recommend.
Reviewer: JT
5 Stars
A solid tour
August 06, 2018
The tour was punctual and informative. I wish they would offer it in a smaller van however as we are not fans of the big buses.
Reviewer: Cindy Sanford
4 Stars
Great Trip
July 30, 2018
Our guide was great, a true professional tour guide. We had just the right amount of time at each stop and he gave good descriptions of what we were seeing along the way. The preserves stop sounds a bit like a tourist trap but it has a great story and plenty of samples.
Reviewer: John
5 Stars
Great place
July 09, 2018
We like this tour as we learned about the island and economy, and weather. We bought the first book and watch the movie, so we were inspired and know before the facts what to find. Looking at how living was in the 1800. We enjoyed nature. It was not tiring tour. Great guide tour.
Reviewer: Rosa Werner
5 Stars
The Island Drive & Anne of Green Gables
July 02, 2018
The tour guide Joan was VERY knowledgeable and friendly. There were two buses heading out so we actually were able to leave 1/2 hour ahead of schedule which brought us back earlier so we could walk around Charlottetown a bit longer. We got to see some of the PEI landscape which is what we were hoping for.
Reviewer: MSellers
5 Stars
April 09, 2018
This was the exact tour as from the Holland America ship. Our excursion was less expensive and directions to and from ship for meeting were exact. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Karen Leomo
5 Stars
Beautiful Tour
March 14, 2018
This tour was perfect! The scenery was beautiful, and we spent just enough time at each place. Make sure you get the caramel praline fudge at the gift shop at the Anne of Green Gables house. It was amazing!
Reviewer: Christy
5 Stars
The Island Drive & Anne of Green Gables
January 30, 2018
Excellent tour and tour guide. We enjoyed how thorough was her presentation. Best shore excursion we took on this cruise.
Reviewer: Pat Jones
5 Stars
Excellent small group tour
January 08, 2018
Vehicle was newer and heated (as needed). Tour guide was Fantastic. Pick-up/Drop off as noted in the instructions was excellent. Light walking as described. Perfect for an overview tour. Less cost than cruise ship tours and NOT a big bus.
Reviewer: Kevin Cook
5 Stars
ann of green gables
November 11, 2017
excellent tour Loved the simple beauty and all the sights
Reviewer: claudia volk
5 Stars
Island Drive & Anne of green Gables
October 31, 2017
Very fun. Same tour as the ship had, but at a discounted price. Highly recommend American Airlines for my excursion needs.
Reviewer: Rudolph leomo
5 Stars
Great tour!
October 27, 2017
We loved this tour! The tour guide was very knowledgeable and personable! Beautiful sites and Anne of Green Gables was very sweet. We love these tours and we learn so much.
Reviewer: Paula Mills
5 Stars
Excellent tour
October 27, 2017
We really enjoyed this tour. The weather was perfect and the many sights were varied, interesting and wonderful to see. We loved the visits to North Rustico, a small fishing village, bought jam in New Glasgow, and walked in the woods at the Anne of Green Gables home. A wonderful tour.
Reviewer: Hanne Wilmshurst
5 Stars
Anne of Green Gables Island drive
October 18, 2017
We enjoyed this tour very much. The guide was very knowledgable and talked the entire trip explaining everything and giving history of the area. The stops we had were very good. Well worth the money spent. We had ample time at the places we stopped to see and explore.
Reviewer: Gloria Allwin
5 Stars
October 14, 2017
No surprises, tour was well worth the cost. Tour guide was remarkable.
Reviewer: Cliff Harris
5 Stars
Island Drive and Anne of Green Gables
September 23, 2017
Fabulous tour and delightful, entertaining and educational tour. The tour guides remarks on history, local culture, tour attractions was great. Trip to jam factory was a delightful extra. Highly recommend this tour. Great job in explaining lobsters and lobster fishing.
Reviewer: JerryLetnes
5 Stars
Island Drive
September 21, 2017
This was a long bus tour with several stops, including an introduction to lobster traps. Because we like to walk, it was too much sitting. Stops by the ocean side, Green Gables, and shops were too long for us as well. But we did see most everything on the island. Easy walk to tour bus.
Reviewer: Mary Birmingham
4 Stars
PEI and Anne of Green Gables
September 01, 2017
This tour was an exciting and informative trip through Charlottetown all the way to Cavendish. Our guide Mr. Lewis gave us a lighthearted view of traditions on the island. Though I had been to PEI many times before, I still enjoyed hearing an islander's view. Of course Anne's house was beautiful. On our way back, we passed a large home in Charlottetown which Mr. Lewis said he had visited many times. Turns out his father is the governor of PEI!! Wonderfully done
Reviewer: Debra Bennett
5 Stars
Great excursion
September 01, 2017
Really enjoyed this excursion. Now I want to read the book!
Reviewer: Linda Moon
5 Stars
Great Day
August 16, 2017
Great overview of the Island. Driver exceptionally knowledgeable. His love for theIsland cane through as well as introducing us to the feel of the Island, the love if the and,as well as beauty, and even arranged for the owner of a local tea manufacturing facility to tell us his story and love of community. . Not your normal souvenir shop, very interesting. Green Gables OK but Drive and talk about the community excellent.
Reviewer: Barbara Ammann
5 Stars
Senic Island Drive
June 26, 2017
The itinerary was great and the weather cooperated. The island tour with a stop at the Ann of Green Gables cottage and a local factory producing jams and other condiments was most interesting. The bus driver and tour guide were very good and provided informed commentary throughout the excursion. One issue, probably not worth mentioning, related to the late arrival of two of the passengers. While trying to be accommodating, I am of the opinion that late arrivals should be given an opportunity to participate in another excursion, but, not at the expense of the majority. After a five minute wait the tour should begin. The late arrivals did not seem to care that everyone was waiting. It is up to the tour company to set the standards and then adhere to them. Island hospitality was great and probably reflected in the decision to wait for the latecomers. All in all a great tour.
Reviewer: Barry Denofsky
4 Stars
June 23, 2017
Not sure what I was expecting having read the book, wanted to see the Lake of Shining Waters etc., but this didn't disappoint --- able to go into the house and take photos inside, which was lovely - really captured the feel of the book. Definitely worth seeing. However, the tour itself took in other stops that I wasn't impressed with - would rather have had more time at the Anne of Green Gables home.
Reviewer: Vanessa Barditzky
4 Stars
PEI Drive
December 19, 2016
This was a pleasant, relaxed, and fun trip around PEI. The driver was engaging, informative, and went out of his way to show us some ""extras"".
Reviewer: Leigh and Pam Pam Roberts
5 Stars
Beautiful Country
December 16, 2016
Enjoyed the beautiful ride and seeing the home at Green Gables. Appreciated the stop at the cliffs and being allowed time to walk down the hill.
Reviewer: Catherine Hastings
4 Stars
Change of departure time. Anne of Green Gables tou
December 11, 2016
Excellent tour. Very unformative guide. Only problem was that departure time was changed and information was relayed via email. We did not hapve access to internet on board and it was only by chance that we checked where the departure point was early in the day only to find that the tour was departing!
Reviewer: Rosemary Tan
4 Stars
nice trip for a small new england town
December 10, 2016
Enjoyed the trip although it's a long drive there. Guide was very good about filling us in on local trivia along the way
Reviewer: John Granger
4 Stars
Bus tour Prince Edward Island
December 10, 2016
The view from a ship cannot compare to actually cruising by bus through the glorious hills and valleys of an almost untouched landscape. The tour guides were full of information which they shared happily.
Reviewer: Jacqueline Gruenke
4 Stars
Anne of Green Gables
December 02, 2016
Very nice tour. Not much else to do there, so this was a lovely ride
Reviewer: Carol
5 Stars
Anne of Green Gables and Island Drive on PEI
November 16, 2016
To Whom it may concern, I was not at all thrilled with the Anne of Green Gables House and property. However, our guide was excellent on the Island tour. I will I could have spent sometime in the downtown. But I could not walk back to the ship.
Reviewer: Norman Collier
4 Stars
Island Drive
November 13, 2016
This was a very nice way of seeing the Island. We enjoyed it very much.
Reviewer: Doug Brite
4 Stars
Great tour
October 07, 2016
Great guide and good tour
Reviewer: Grace Blake
5 Stars
Anne of Green Gables a success
October 07, 2016
We have been to PEI in the past and stayed at the Kindred Spirits B&B. We had, of course, been able to see the house, however, we did not get a tour of the entire island. This tour allowed us to not only see but listen to information about the history and culture of PEI and some in depth info about Anne of Green Gables. Our guide was very knowledgeable and personable. He truly led a very smooth and successful shore excursion!
Reviewer: Liz
5 Stars
Very enjoyable excursion!
July 31, 2016
Very nice tour. Scenery was wonderful! The guide was lovely, however, his microphone did not work so we missed much of his discussion. The other snag was that the bus was not at the location where our tickets told us to meet. We waited at the assigned place, and finally had to scramble around looking for them.
Reviewer: Charlie and Crissy
4 Stars
great, but too many superfluous stops
July 23, 2016
Going on the tour allowed us to see what we wanted to see from PEI: the Anne of Green Gables house, Cavendish Beach and a view of the Island on the way there and back. It was a sufficient “Island Drive and Anne of Green Gables” Tour and the tour guide was very knowledgable. However, a few of the“brief photo stops” were unnecessary and made the tour longer than 4 hours. While the tour guide was very knowledgeable, I wish he had been more specific when specifying how long to spend off the bus. At each stop, no one knew how long we had which meant some of us got right back on the bus only to wait for others to take their time to come back. We were given an exact length of time to spend at the Anne of Green Gables house, yet the tour guide was late coming back which meant more wasted time.
Reviewer: Anonymous
4 Stars
Great tour
November 06, 2015
Well done!
Reviewer: Marge
4 Stars
Excellent in all regards
November 04, 2015
Well worth the cost. Timing was perfect and guide was exceptional.
Reviewer: Pete
5 Stars
Pretty drive and site
October 30, 2015
It was probably the best way to see the Anne house if you are a cruise passenger. Guide was good. Area was very beautiful.
Reviewer: Eileen
5 Stars
Prince Edward island drive
October 21, 2015
Directions to find tour point of pickup were confusing - would be helpful to have bus pick up at pier or else to let one know that the tour was independent of ship's excursions
Reviewer: Ike
4 Stars
Enjoyable sighseeing trip
October 20, 2015
Nice trip, enjoyable guide.
Reviewer: Rosebud
4 Stars
Pleasant day out
September 09, 2015
Well organized tour.
Reviewer: Lewispat
4 Stars
A part of history
July 29, 2015
Interesting.....after awhile boring. Should have a light food restaurant.
Reviewer: Karen the retirement traveler
4 Stars
Great excursion, will recommend.
October 21, 2014
This excursion is good for all, the guide knew her stuff and answered any questions we had.
Reviewer: Merci
4 Stars
Makes me want to back again
July 11, 2014
Comfortable bus but due to the rain the windows kept fogging up and we had to choose between being warm enough or clear windows. Not really a problem, we just did our windshield wiper impressions. The guide was informative and gave insights into local life. He gave a demo (in the rain) about lobster pots. The route was beautiful. I would have liked a lot more time at Anne of Green Gables- we had time to buy a snack which we ate on the way home, watch the movie and go through the house. I wish we had time to explore the grounds and think about locations talked about in the books. It is a beautiful area. Since it was raining it wasn't terribly disappointing not to be able to wander through the yard and woods. I definitely want to go back again. We didn't have time to go into the gift shop at all. Good tour to wet our appetite to go back again
Reviewer: Travelling with Mom
4 Stars
July 05, 2014
Reviewer: mcc
5 Stars
Great trip with knowledgeable guide!
July 02, 2014
Nice relaxing trip with a very knowledgeable guide who provides a lot of info about PEI and Anne of Green Gables. Several extra stops for photo opportunities. It was nice to sit back and relax after a couple of days of heavy walking in Bar Harbor, Halifax, and Sidney.
Reviewer: Cwt57
4 Stars
I would come back again
January 14, 2014
Very well organized, would recommend it to friend
Reviewer: KK
4 Stars
Wonderful island. Can't wait to return.
November 04, 2013
Loved the tour. Can't wait to return to PEI.
Reviewer: Maryland
5 Stars
Great tour
October 22, 2013
We loved the excursion to the house of Green Gables and Peggy's Cove. The guide was top-notch: very knowledgable and excellent speaking voice. Beautiful scenery - got some great photos! It was cold and rainy the day we were there - it would have been nice to have a table in a warm room to have our lunch.
Reviewer: Betty D
4 Stars
nice day on pei
June 02, 2013
it was a good tour with a good guide. there was no down side to this tour
Reviewer: fred the elder
4 Stars
would try again.
October 31, 2012
would love to have participated, but our excursion was cancelled, as the port was closed due to bad weather. Your service was remarkable, however. Will try again.
Reviewer: Arty Tarty
5 Stars
The Island Drive & Anne of Green Gables
October 19, 2012
Enjoyable and educational.
Reviewer: Ed
5 Stars
Exceptional Tour
October 17, 2012
Exceptional day of Touring with a guide that was well versed and knowledgeable of the area, wildlife, and other sights to point out.
Reviewer: Rusty
5 Stars
the guide makes all the differencve!!!
October 08, 2012
Our driver /guide was Wayne, who was very knowledgeable and very pleasant; I think he was very thoughtful and when he dropped us off close to the ship instead of the pick-up point, which was a good walking distance, we were sooooo grateful.
Reviewer: gemini50
5 Stars
Great tour for a good price
November 02, 2011
Tour guide was very knowledgeable and provided a running description of the Island, hist., current problems etc.
Reviewer: Big Wen
5 Stars