Wildlife Sea Safari

an exhilarating boat ride
August 15, 2019
This was a great trip with lots of excitement and the tour guide, Jim, was very fun and knowledgeable. We saw thousands of birds! They were very helpful in accommodating our guest with a mobile wheelchair and stored it in the office while she participated in the tour!
Reviewer: Patsy E.
5 Stars
great trip
August 07, 2019
This was a great trip. I was traveling with someone in a wheelchair and they stored it in the office so she could get on the boat and enjoy the trip! Very fast paced and fun. Our guide was very knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Patsy E.
5 Stars
Great ride!
August 12, 2017
I loved the sea safari! We rode 14-foot waves down the fjord for 10 miles, thumping and roaring. My companions didn't care for it; they weren't expecting the jolting and such a long time in the boat. It was billed as an opportunity to take wildlife and bird pictures, which was nearly impossible. Because of the high seas we couldn't get close enough to the cliffs where the birds were, and we saw nothing else. I think you should bill it more as an extreme adventure ride rather than a wildlife viewing opportunity. That said, I LOVED it! The heck with the birds...
Reviewer: Karen Cunningham
5 Stars
Great time
May 19, 2017
We had a terrific time in the boat and saw a lot of good birds. I recommend this excursion to others.
Reviewer: Rob Petterson
5 Stars
Enjoyed the Wildlife Sea Safari
August 13, 2016
Staff was efficient and friendly. We say puffins, gannets, a white tailed eagle flying close, guillemots, cormorants, seals, and more. It was a terrific experience.
Reviewer: Robert Petterson
5 Stars