Melissani Lake and Drogarati Cave

Melissani Lake and Dogarati Cave
November 18, 2022
We really enjoyed this excursion. Be prepared to walk!!! The sights were beautiful.
Reviewer: Patricia Hoagland
4 Stars
September 30, 2020
Love the tour and guide
5 Stars
December 23, 2019
Had a wonderful time on the tour and the shopping was great
Reviewer: DeAnna Douglas
5 Stars
Nice Excursion
November 27, 2019
Greek Island - Argostroli is a nice island. Pier front shops were lovely and the town is clean and will cared for. The boat ride on the below ground lake was nice. The cave was a disappointment. It is very small and only took a few minuets to walk thru.
Reviewer: John Haley
4 Stars
Magical Worlds
September 02, 2019
These two locations were more amazing than described, even though the lake was very small and the boat ride lasted maybe 20 minutes. One warning: to fully experience the cave, people need to walk down a lot of stone steps that are wet and slippery so be sure to wear closed shoes with good tread.
Reviewer: Blaze Newman
4 Stars
Lake and Cave Excursion
August 22, 2019
The views in the lake were absolutely spectacular. My pictures look like postcards. The one drawback was the day we went the lines for the lake were longer than the actual boatride. Shore Excursions did an excelllent job.
Reviewer: Liane Neumann
4 Stars
How badly do you want to see Melissani Lake
August 05, 2019
Melissani Lake is without question. However, the question is how badly do you want to see it. It is VERY popular so depending on how many other cruise ships are there and tourists from other places, you could easily wait 1-2 hours for a 10 minute boat ride which travels 50 yards at best. I heard some later arrivals ended up not even going in because of the wait. Dogarati Cave is also pretty but if you've ever been in a nice cave, there isn't anything unique about it.
Reviewer: Jonathan Chen
3 Stars
tour of lake and cave
June 12, 2019
we had a wonderful time on this excursion very organized and our guide was very knowledgeable Definetly would recommend this tour price was must better than the cruise ship
Reviewer: claire cavalier
5 Stars
September 17, 2018
the tour guide met us at dock where all the busses were loading up guests. Except our bus was about 4 blocks away. We walked in the heat to the agency office. Guide was nice, driver good, sites were nice except the Lake was ridiculously backed up with busses and people Stood in a long line for approximately 2 hours for a 15 mins canoe ride into the beautiful lake/cave. The site was amazing, but the distance and line were just as amazing, but in a negative way. Not worth the work to get to it. Would not recommend unless there's no other ships in the port.
Reviewer: Mark Lupton
4 Stars
Dogarati cave
June 11, 2018
One of the highlights of our 24 day holiday America cruise and we enjoyed the boat ride in the cave and the Melissa I lake it was all beautiful and well organized thank you very much
Reviewer: Gregory Taylor
5 Stars
June 11, 2018
Very nice tour. Good guide and interesting sights.
Reviewer: Tom
4 Stars