Highlights of Kefalonia

Beautiful place
November 27, 2023
This was a very good tour. The stops were all interesting. We visited a church, a cave (stairs!) and a lagoon among other stops. Not too many people. The guide was excellent. The bus driver was very courteous and safe. I would recommend.
Reviewer: Kathleen
4 Stars
October 13, 2023
Very nice excursion!
Reviewer: Sonia Paquette
5 Stars
May, 2023 Absolutely PERFECT
May 22, 2023
We knew that seeing touristy attractions would mean waiting in line for drogarati and melissani cave but our tour guide was from the UK, easy to understand, SO pleasant, positive, kind and easy going but very organized. She explained the order of things well. The wine was well priced after the tasting (4 wines to sample). Our guide made herself available to take pictures at our stop overlooking myrtos beach. She didn't bore us with useless info, only interesting things. Kefalonia in our opinion is very similar to Italian countryside. Lovely. The church is active and we felt people in our group were loud/rude to the nuns praying. When exiting drogarati cave we had a little time to grab gelato and a drink before the rest of our group came out. They also sold spices and honey cheaper than the winery. We didn't have time in fishing village but drove through--this was due to lines at the previous places and also our cruise ship leaving earlier than initial itinerary.
Reviewer: Kelly Brown
5 Stars
Review highlights of kefalonia
April 26, 2023
Nicholas (our tour guide) was so knowledgeable and passionate about the area. He also tailored our trip to our interest and preferences. We very much enjoyed everything about it. Comfortable vehicle. Highly recommend this tour. One of the best excursions of our trip.
Reviewer: Randy Hartford
5 Stars
Exellent choice!
July 17, 2019
We've seen the best places of the island, our guide was nice and knowledgeable, we loved every place we've been.The price of excursion was reasonable. Certainly recommended!!
Reviewer: Katy
5 Stars
Packed schedule
October 04, 2018
We had a lot of transit getting to the Highlights. Guide didn't give us good orientation as others. Visit to winery was good. The boat ride on the underground lake was very cool. The caverns were just okay - small. If you haven't been to this port, this is a good tour.
Reviewer: John Chandler
4 Stars
A little Disorganized
September 17, 2018
This tour seemed a little disorganized. Some of us were picked up at the pier and then we drove about 5 minutes to the office and had to wait quite some time for other people to get on the bus. We were not given information as to what the day entailed such where we were going, when we would stop and be able to get out. Had no idea about lunch and water was not provided. Tour guide did a very good job of explaining the history and mythology of the area.
Reviewer: Sonia Dale
4 Stars
Highlights of Kefalonia - Very Enjoyable
October 12, 2017
The best destinations on the Island with a great tour guide. Enjoyed the commentary. My only complaint is that the tour ran late unnecessarily and gave me some anxiety about getting back to the ship on time. Arriving 20 minutes before ship sailing deadline is cutting it too close for my comfort.
Reviewer: Philip Shaw
5 Stars
Best of the 5 tours we took
September 28, 2017
The guide was great, very interesting, informative and fun. All of the stops were interesting and varied. From wine tasting to the beach and on to an under ground cavern, and a short boat ride on a miniature lake. A good time was had by all.
Reviewer: James Eldridge
5 Stars
Enjoyed it very much
December 01, 2016
Worth the money spent. Blue skies and azure waters. It occurred to us it would be great to live in the island!
Reviewer: Arleen
5 Stars