The Best of Athens

October 29, 2022
This was incredible. It was also incredible to be able to go to the museum and see some of the portions of the buildings that are on display in the museum. It really completed the tour by going to the museum after. The restoration work that has been done is phenomenal. In the museum. We saw old pictures of the Parthenon and they have added back to it. A great deal
Reviewer: Gina Monique Birkholz
5 Stars
Best of Athens from Hotel
August 16, 2022
I really enjoyed the role play, which helped us to relive the ceremony and spirituality of the temple of Athena, as seen by its congregants, community leaders, and priestesses. The guide was very knowledgeable and courteous. I would recommend this tour company.
Reviewer: Nancy Morehead
5 Stars
The Best of Athens from Hotel
November 09, 2019
The rating actually should be 4.5 as it was very good tour with only one negative comment. It was two tours combined together. We had to change buses and wait for another tour guide. Again, both tours were very good. We were picked up from the hotel in time. Both tour guides were knowledgeable and professional.
Reviewer: Lana
4 Stars