Private Vehicle - Full Day

Driver was Outstanding! -- after arriving an hour
August 20, 2015
we hired a private driver for a full day for 5 people to visit 2 villages about 2.5 hours outside Athens where our grandparents were born. The driver, Toganzis Dimitrios, was outstanding. Unfortunately, he was an hour late picking us up because he was sent to the wrong hotel. However, he made up for the gaffe by making us feel like royalty. His van was immaculate and very comfortable. He went out of his way to accommodate our every wish. He was very knowledgeable of the area and history and culture of Greece. If you ever need a driver in Athens, You should request Tonganzis. Just be sure you have some way to contact Shore Excursions and/or your local agent in case of emergency. The US emergency number provide is useless if you're in a foreign country without an international calling plan. Also, the local agency office number provided was useless as they didn't answer when our hotel staff called. It would have been a perfect rating if it weren't for the late pick-up and inability to communicate.
Reviewer: Jimmy the Greek
4 Stars