Fjord Cruise to Mostraumen

Extraordinary Views
July 08, 2022
This was an amazing excursion despite the rainy day. The boat was nice, staff was friendly and the views were beautiful. The captain got us inches from Mostraumen Falls where we were able to get some fantastic views and pictures. Make sure to dress for wet conditions. Even without the rain that day, we may have gotten wet.
Reviewer: Joseph LaMarca
5 Stars
Must do!
January 14, 2020
Very scenic and comfortable.
Reviewer: Caesar
5 Stars
Good Introduction to Bergen and the Fjords
October 21, 2019
The directions and route to this excursion were easy to follow and provided a brief overview of Bergen. The boat had a bit of a technical problem and was late loading and leaving, but once underway, the trip was beautiful. Boat was a bit crowded, and it was hard to hear the recorded narrative --- They should consider improvements to their sound system, and perhaps add some "live" narrative.
Reviewer: Jack Gardner
4 Stars
Excellent cruise to the waterfall
October 18, 2019
The cruise was very pleasant with wonderful views. It was very interesting getting right up to the waterfall.
Reviewer: David Falksen
5 Stars
Pretty scenery and waterfalls
September 26, 2019
The boat ride was scenic with the mountains around the fjord. The waterfall at the mid point was beautiful and the boat angled to get us close to it for photos. After the boat returned it was very convenient to walk five minutes to the funicular where we purchased tickets to take the short ride to the top for another stunning view which was very different as it was a bird’s eye view. Some ride the funicular back down while two of us walked the path back down (about 30 minutes walk)
Reviewer: Eric
4 Stars
Wonderful excursion
September 08, 2019
This cruise took us to the most beautiful Fjord in Norway. It is an excellent 3 hours long cruise. I highly recommend it. The only one complaint we have is the direction to the meeting place.
Reviewer: Wendy
5 Stars
Great excursion
September 07, 2019
I would do it again in next Norway visit. Only thing I would recommend is a better direction to the ticket booth.
Reviewer: Ken Nguyen
5 Stars
Fjord cruising.
September 06, 2019
Great cruise. Lovely scenery. Coming in and out of port was nice to see the colorful warehouses.
Reviewer: Mary Epler
5 Stars
Great Tour
August 23, 2019
Tour was excellent, with good commentary on the sights. Ship pulled up directly in front of the waterfall.
Reviewer: Richard Dunham
5 Stars
Mostraumen Fjord
August 18, 2019
It took a long time to get from Bergen to this fjord but it was worth it to finally cruise gently through some beautiful scenery and get so close to the waterfalls. It was a hot day and very windy on the open water so make sure you use plenty of sun cream and are prepared to be windblown if you sit on the upper deck! The staff who run this cruise are excellent.
Reviewer: Irmgard Berry
5 Stars
Loved this Excursion
August 16, 2019
Beautiful scenery, they did a great job and this excursion was not available with our cruise line.
Reviewer: Cheryl
5 Stars
July 03, 2019
Everything was perfect! The directions from the ship to the fjord cruise boat were easy to follow. The boat was clean and well kept. The commentary was informative. And, last but not least, the fjords were spectacular!
Reviewer: Stephanie
5 Stars
nice excursion
July 02, 2019
staff was friendly and accommodating. Boat was warm and clean. Weather was rainy and foggy, but view was still nice.
Reviewer: LuAnn Benson
4 Stars
Highly recommended
June 17, 2019
Modern vessel, knowledgeable staff & guide, gorgeous route & scenery, reasonable price. Don't miss it!
Reviewer: Gloria Nye
5 Stars
Very enjoyable
September 26, 2018
Great cruise...very organized and comfortable....good snacks and drinks available for purchase.
Reviewer: Sandra
5 Stars
Fjord Cruise
September 20, 2018
Best trip on the cruise.
Reviewer: orval welch
5 Stars
Super excursion
September 04, 2018
What a great excursion. Do not hesitate to book it. You will not regret it.
Reviewer: Christian Cossette
5 Stars
Nothing special about this tour
September 03, 2018
Once you have seen the first fjord, you have seen them all. I would only do one fjord cruise on any Norway itinerary.
Reviewer: Trish Mercer
3 Stars
Beautiful scenery
August 20, 2018
The scenery was magnificent. The oat was clean and in good shape. Left on time and returned on time.
Reviewer: Roz rubin
4 Stars
Scenic ride
August 20, 2018
We enjoyed this cruise up the fjord and the beautiful sights of the area around Bergen. The boat leaves from the fish market area, so you have plenty of time to check that out either before or after the cruise.
Reviewer: Berthelsen John
4 Stars
Mostraumen Fjord Cruise
July 23, 2018
This cruise was amazing. The scenery is fantastic. Well worth your time.
Reviewer: Kurtis Hamberg
5 Stars
Fjord Tour
July 23, 2018
Excellent views. Pleasant staff.
Reviewer: Roland
5 Stars
Wonderful Excursion!
June 25, 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed this cruise through the Fjords. The vessel was comfortable and the crew was helpful and friendly. Great way to see the inner waterways! Beautiful scenery.
5 Stars
Fjord tour
June 25, 2018
I have problems with maps and found it challenging to get to the fish market for my cruise. Friendly hop off guy helped me out. Lovely trip. Wonderful scenery and a good balance of information. Enjoyed the fact I could get refreshments and the re were enough toilets. Perhaps some information to get to the site and back would be helpful but I can see so many staring points makes it hard. Lovely trip on a lovely day. Enjoyed the water fall water sample.
Reviewer: Brigitte Werner
4 Stars
Beautiful Scenery
September 18, 2017
This trip proceeded according to the information that we were given. The scenery was breathtaking and the trip was very pleasant.
Reviewer: Martha Emmons
4 Stars
Bergen Fjord Cruise
September 18, 2017
On a cloudy and off and on rainy day the 15-17 mile cruise into the fjord was outstanding. It was comfortable and the pontoon craft was quite nice. Snack bar on board as well. Scenic picture taking opportunities. We enjoyed this excursion very much and we are savvy mature travelers. Thanks AMEX for a quality experience.
Reviewer: Joe/Barbara W Atlanta, GA.
5 Stars
cruise to Mostramen
September 13, 2017
The excursion itself was excellent. We really enjoyed the cruise down the fjord. However, our instructions were to grab a cab to from the dock to reach where the cruise started.....about 10 or 15 minutes away by cab. It was more like a 10 block walk, we spent unnecessary dollars on cab ride. Better info needed about distance.
Reviewer: dianne
5 Stars
Fjord Cruise to Mostraumen
August 25, 2017
Nice cruise. Wish the announcements were clearer. If we hadn't moved, we wouldn't have known we were at the spot to collect water. Unfortunately, we were told we that the water was unsafe to drink.
Reviewer: Renee
4 Stars
Fjord Cruise in Bergen
August 18, 2017
Although the weather was very changeable, this was a relaxing way to see a fjord and adjacent valleys close up. The waterfalls were in full force and a sip of one of them was a great way to complete the cruise. Take layers of clothing, and don't neglect ears, hands and head. The air was bracing and the best views are from the windy top deck. July, 2017
Reviewer: Ellen Shea
5 Stars
Fjord Cruise to Mostraumen
June 12, 2017
Excellent cruise, great comments
Reviewer: Francois Gauthier
5 Stars
December 06, 2016
A nice trip. Again, lack of clear directions as to where to go to collect the ticket to board the fjord tour. The ticket booth was very small at the end of a walk way with no signs advising where to go.
Reviewer: ack
5 Stars