Boat Tour and Snorkel Adventure

Snorkeling tour
November 14, 2023
We had so much fun on this excursion with Simone and George. Simone was the young lady in the water with us, we were a group of 7 adults, and she was amazing. Showing us all kinds of things and taking pictures for us underwater and on the boat. I would highly recommend this excursion if you like swimming and exploring this is for you.
Reviewer: Deborah Lefebvre
5 Stars
A great way to spend an afternoon
October 18, 2023
In short, it was a really fun time. Simone and GeĆ³rgios took really good care of us. The water was nice and clear, a little cold but ok (it was October). There were plenty of small fish, and the rocks and the vegetation were really interesting. While it was mentioned in the description, everybody forgot about the SUP stop, so it was a surprise bonus! One thing I really appreciated was Simone taking the pictures and then posting them for free.
Reviewer: Dave Pratt
5 Stars
Superb crew
October 04, 2023
This was a smaller group/boat, just what we wanted. Excellent crew that took care of every possible need. They were also VERY patient. The spots we went to were wonderful; we even got to swim up to a small private beach. I highly recommend this snorkel trip.
Reviewer: Tracy Lehrer
5 Stars
A fun time with a great guide
September 28, 2023
We had lots of fun. Our guides were fun, friendly, and very knowledgeable. The water was beautiful, the seas calm, and we had a blast. Our guide had an underwater camera and took lots of photos to send to all of us, which were fantastic. Keep in mind, this is not the Great Barrier Reef - it doesn't take long before you've seen everything, but regardless, they were beautiful spots for simply swimming around!
Reviewer: Leo
5 Stars
Wonderful Snorkel Adventure
June 22, 2022
My son and I had a fantastic time snorkeling off Crete. Our guides were amazing and very patient and helpful. There were six of us in the group and two guides. There was paddle boarding afterwards for those who wanted to. I was given a ride in a 2 man kayak.
Reviewer: Janice Crum
5 Stars
August 25, 2019
This trip was fabulous. We were met at the Pier by the Tour Company. We drove about 20 minutes where we were greeted by our Captain and Peela. We were fitted for snorket gear and off we went. We stopped at 3 different locations and all were great. Peela was in the water with us showing us different sea life. She also took pictures of all of us which I couldn't wait to buy. After getting back we gave our email address and the pictures were sent to us, NO CHARGE! Unbelievable! Highly recommend this great trip!
Reviewer: Carolyn
5 Stars