Scenic Railtour to Cork and Blarney Castle

great excursion
October 27, 2023
A combination train tour, blarney castle, and coach tour of Cork (Cobh ) in south Ireland.
Reviewer: Len Gadzinski
5 Stars
A Great Tour
October 24, 2023
My wife and I had a great time on this tour. The train station was right across from the cruise ship gangway and took about 3 minutes to walk to it. The tour company arranged for a private train for us so getting a seat was very easy. Our guide was friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. He told everyone to get a seat on the left side of the train facing forward to get the best view as we traveled into Cork where we transferred to a bus to get to the castle. When we arrived at the Blarney Castle, he had the bus driver take us right to the entry into the castle grounds and accompanied us to the castle itself. Once there we were on our own for the rest of the time. The line into the castle wasn't bad and we were able to kiss the Blarney stone. After that, we had time to wander the grounds which were very beautiful and get a treat at one of the shops on the grounds. I highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Lynn Stewart
5 Stars
A great day
September 28, 2023
The tour guide met us at the platform for the train station. We had our own car on the train into Cork, transferred onto a motorcoach and we were off. We went to Blarney Castle and had skip the line access, went to the graveyard to honour the victims of the Lusitania, and then spent some time in Cobh. Overall it was a wonderful day and would highly recommend this tour to anyone.
Reviewer: Allan Arsenault
5 Stars
Fantastic Tour!
September 26, 2023
Our tour guide Andrew (driver John) were both amazing, Andrew provided great commentary along the way, from the Castle through to the tour of Cork City. Amazing tour itinerary, well organized with comfortable train ride and bus tour.
Reviewer: Karyn K
5 Stars
Railroad to Cork and Blarney Castle
September 15, 2023
Excellent tour for all Ages ! The railroad taking us to Cork was a commuter train passing by very scenic areas. Signs from the Ship port could have been better to guide us to the correct area to board the train but overall a nice experience. Once in Cork, we boarded a bus and had a very lovely trip through beautiful country areas, bus was comfortable and our Guide was Extremely knowledgeable and kind giving us extra hints on things to see and do while at the Blarney Castle. We had a lot of time to explore this wonderful castle and grounds, gorgeous architecture and well maintained grounds and nice shopping area.
Reviewer: Stuart Landman
5 Stars
Nice train ride/beautiful castle grounds
September 14, 2023
Caught the train right next to the dock, very convenient! Loved the Blarney Castle grounds (except for the rain, and no umbrella-my fault for not bringing it) Took many photos, walked all over. Did not go up to Blarney stone due to warning about uneven steps difficult to negotiate. Good lunch at the cafeteria (fish and chips, yum! and mashed peas, a new experience). Back in Cork, Stopped at St Colman's cathedral - stunning.
Reviewer: Christina Weidinger
5 Stars
Amazing tour
September 09, 2023
Our tour guide was awesome, he was so knowledgeable.This was probably our favorite port. It was so beautiful. Blarney Castle was so amazing. Highly recommend this tour
Reviewer: Jeanette Ouellette
5 Stars
5 stars
September 09, 2023
This was a fantastic tour. Very well organized and a great value for your money. Our tour guide was very informative.
Reviewer: Debbie Hiltz
5 Stars
Kissing the Blarney Stone
August 31, 2023
We had a wonderful day on the scenic rail tour to Cork. The train terminal was right next to the cruise port, so easy access. Then the bus ride to Blarney Castle was pleasant. The gardens were beautiful and kissing the Blarney Stone was fun!
Reviewer: Trudy Wheatley
5 Stars
Well Organized and Worth Money
August 30, 2023
Rail station was right across the sidewalk from our ship. Contact booth was very visible. The escorted train was a pleasant ride allowing us to see some of the countryside. We arrived in Blarney early enough to be in short line to top of castle and “stone.” There were several hikes and a shopping area and restaurants nearby until you met up with bus at assigned time. We then had an easy tour of Cobh and the beautiful cathedral. Finally we were dropped at the immigrant museum to tour at our own pace located right across from our ship. Great excursion, well organized, knowledgeable guides and saw highlights of the area. Highly recommend. You’ll definitely need your best walking shoes.
Reviewer: Gail Wattier
5 Stars
Great excursion
August 21, 2023
The tour group met right outside the port. We took a train to Cork and then a bus to Blarney Castle. The guides were very helpful. They took us right to the line for the castle. The line said about 90 minutes, but it moved quicker than that. We had plenty of time to climb the very narrow steps to the top where we were able to kiss the stone. We also had time to walk the beautiful grounds and gardens and shop.
Reviewer: Molly Patterson
5 Stars
Scenic Railtour to Cork and Blarney Castle
August 21, 2023
Great excursion! It was very easy and convenient to find the meeting point. Everything was very well organized, and our guide was great! Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Barbara
5 Stars
Great tour to Blarney Castle
August 15, 2023
So pleased with this tour! Our tour guides were funny, shared lots of local info with us, and made sure everyone was happy. We were taken care of from the time of check in until drop off back at the ship. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Shelly L
5 Stars
Scenic Railtour to Cork and Blarney Castel
August 03, 2023
It was a fabulous tour starting with short train ride, visit to Blarney with ample time to kiss the stone and wander the grounds with time to souvenir shop. Then onto the Cathedral, the open Ocean view and the House of Cards are quite amazing. Top it off with the museum at the end and a very pleasant fabulous day.
Reviewer: Jody Taylor
5 Stars
Perfect Excursion
July 31, 2023
As a travel Consultant, I tend to be a bit more critical of excursions, With that said, this excursion was absolutely perfect. The tour guides, the scenic train ride and of course the amazing Blarney Castle all exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this tour. It is a "must-do" in Cork
Reviewer: Linda Purdy
5 Stars
Blarney castle so gorgeous
May 28, 2023
Cork is a beautifully green place. Blarney Castle was such a gorgeous place and to kiss the stone-fabulous. Can not beat it and what a wonderful price.
Reviewer: William Mills
5 Stars
Kiss the Stone!
May 25, 2023
We had a great day in Ireland. As is the case at many of the European ports, it is a ways to anything. The trail ride was not through mostly industrial areas to get to our bus. The Blarney ground were spectacular, complete with bagpipe music. It's quite a walk up to the stone.... or guide reminded us that the castle wall is all connected, so kiss counts! 😆
Reviewer: Joanne C Schneider
4 Stars
Great Tour
May 23, 2023
Very large group but went very well. Meeting was easy. The guide was easy to identify and the check in was smooth. Had our own dedicated train. Castle was great but the gardens and grounds were amazing. Liked shopping in the wool mill and getting a quick bite in the town while waiting to depart. Very good experience.
Reviewer: Glenn
5 Stars
Nice, but largely a bus tour, not a rail tour
May 23, 2023
The guide was excellent and fun. But be aware that only a part of the tour is by rail.
Reviewer: Dave Linn
4 Stars
A short day in Ireland
May 23, 2023
Well organized tour and was able to kiss the Blarney Stone. However not enough time to properly shop or see the beautiful gardens. The tour guide was super nice and friendly
Reviewer: Jeanne elder
4 Stars
My favorite excursion!
November 20, 2022
Our trip to Blarney castle was perhaps the best day of our entire trip! Our guide was top-notch! He was so helpful and genuine and attentive to those who needed help or had questions. He was a wealth of information! I can’t say enough about him! Blarney castle, and Blarney village in the surrounding area was so beautiful and the people were so kind. I didn’t kiss the Blarney Stone because I wasn’t interested in doing that but I don’t feel like I was missing much because the line was so long. Therefore I was able to walk around the grounds and it was just magical!
Reviewer: Diane Gorham
5 Stars
Great excursion
October 12, 2022
This was a wonderful excursion. It was fun to ride the train and then to have the bus right there to pick us up. It's a lot cheaper and you experience more than the one time we took the excursion from the ship. We were able to climb and kiss the Blarney stone if you wanted to or just walk the grounds and see all of the beauty there. Since we had already kissed the stone this time we walked around. Did not feel press for time at all. Made a few surprise stops on the way back to the ship. The tour guide and bus driver were very enjoyable. I would highly recommend this excursion if you would like to an enjoyable trip to Blarney Castle.
Reviewer: Charlene Nelson
5 Stars
Scenic Railtour to Cork and Blarney Castle
October 11, 2022
A great tour. The host was on time, very informative and took really god care of us. Got to ride the train going in and came back by coach. Blarney castle gave us the gift of gab again. This was a fantastic tour and price reasonably. Thanks to Kristin of AAA for introducing it to us.
Reviewer: Jimmy Register
5 Stars
Kissed the stone
October 05, 2022
Enjoyed our time in Cork and at Blarney castle. Start of tour started right at the train station . What a beautiful town Cork is . We loved the seaside . St Colman’s Cathedral , the beautifully coloured rows of houses . Our highlight was kissing the Blarney Stone . Waiting in the hour lineup took up most of our time at the castle . There are beautiful gardens all around but couldn’t pass up on doing what we wanted to do and make a wish . Would recommend
Reviewer: Laura and Ted Kemper
5 Stars
Nice day
October 03, 2022
Some interesting history talk on Cobh and Cork. Nice train ride and walkabout on the grounds of Blarney Castle. Great Wollens store and pub to visit after walk.
Reviewer: Monika Rhodes
4 Stars
blarney castle And cofrk
October 02, 2022
very informative journey and very scenic
Reviewer: anil patel
5 Stars
Train not operating
August 01, 2022
Tour went well and would do again BUT the train track was down for maintenance and it was a bus ride not train (a big disappointment). Not the tour’s fault the train was down.
Reviewer: RichardB-USA
5 Stars
June 07, 2022
excelent tour
Reviewer: Federico Gili
5 Stars
Easy Railway Trip
May 28, 2022
The cruise ship stopped so near the rail station it was an easy walk and off we went to the Blarney Castle and it’s beautiful gardens! Then we wandered through the village, and back we went!
Reviewer: Pat
5 Stars
Great choice
May 26, 2022
This was a smaller group than the larger ones booked directly on the ship. Very well planned and executed. The guides were very knowledgeable and friendly.
Reviewer: Shelia
5 Stars
Cork & Blarney Castle
October 04, 2019
Great tour - I would recommend this! Representatives were easy to locate at port. Train ride to Cork was good. Bus to Blarney Castle well organized. Tour guide was knowledgeable & friendly. I wish we would have had more time at Blarney Castle/Gardens. It is a beautiful place.
Reviewer: Brenda Wiwcharyk
5 Stars