Best of Cartagena and Murcia

Enjoyable Overview
May 02, 2023
Good overall coverage of the area with a wonderful guide
Reviewer: John
5 Stars
Outstanding Excursion!
November 30, 2022
Our Excursion Guide was very knowledgeable about these areas. She showed us many historic sites and told us interesting stories about many of them. Her command of English was outstanding, and she was easy to understand. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Hal Dusen
5 Stars
Best of Cartagena and Murica
December 16, 2019
Clean comfortable transportation. Very knowledgeable guide. An enjoyable excursion.
Reviewer: michael hanson
5 Stars
Very Historic
November 28, 2019
This was a very interesting and informative excursion. We saw two cathedrals along with the roman theater in Cartagena (not a full tour of the Roman Theater). Our tour guide was very know knowledgeable and helpful. There was a considerable amount of walking with this tour so if you have mobility issues you should consider another excursion.
Reviewer: Linda
5 Stars
wonderful excursion
November 25, 2019
Excellent guide. Interesting sights. Enjoyed the small size
Reviewer: Alan
5 Stars
rate the excursion"best of Cartagena and Murcia"
November 12, 2019
A 4 star excursion as it clearly introduced me to the difference of the two cities and the surrounding landscape.
Reviewer: Fred Bode
4 Stars
Cartagena and Murcia
August 11, 2019
Great tour and info on the beautiful Cathedral of Murcia but would have actually loved to tour the amphitheater in Cartagena. Also, there was a problem with the ac on the bus and the audio initially Thank you, God bless, Pablo Proano
Reviewer: Pablo Proano
4 Stars
Fascinating and Personalized Trip
July 15, 2019
Great guide, David! Murcia was a gem and tourist friendly. Cartagena is small but we were lucky we were the only cruise ship in port. Love Andalucia!
Reviewer: Iva I Ivanova
5 Stars
Amazing! (May 12, 2019)
June 08, 2019
Our tour leader was Trini. She is excellent. Went to all the places listed in the tour description and had time enough to walk around and appreciate them. This is a long day excursion and there is a LOT of walking. If you have walking issues please reconsider. ps. I was on a HAL cruise (love it), and purchased tours both through the ship and through Shore and believe me, Shore Exc tours were a lot better in content, price, equipment and, organization.
Reviewer: J Lizardi
5 Stars
Cartagena adn Murcia Shore Trip
May 15, 2019
The tour guide was easy to find at the port and he did a good job explaining the different sights etc. Time in Cartagena after the trip to Murcia was well planned.
Reviewer: Margaret Kelly
4 Stars
OMGoodness , how fun!
June 03, 2018
Our tour guide,Oona was just delightful! We had the most interesting , well put together, relaxing tour!!! Just wonderful!
Reviewer: Ronnie Tomas
5 Stars
Best of Cartagena and Murcia
May 21, 2018
We were able to locate our guide easily and our party was assembled without any difficulty. The bus driver was extremely careful, and our guide was amazing Carlos was well informed and personable. This was the first time we have used this tour option, and would certainly use it again. When visiting new locations it is great to have a guide who can tell you what life is like for residents of that country.
Reviewer: Janet King
5 Stars