Cartagena Roman Exploration

Nice Small Group Tour
December 12, 2023
Fortunately we selected this small group tour versus the tour that our Norwegian cruise offered. There were 7 people in our tour. We were able to avoid the long wait of the large tour. Our guide had more time with us. We even had a chance to taste some tapas and beer in two local restaurants. The island itself is small and cute. Buy gifts there since the price is very reasonable.
Reviewer: Jvu
4 Stars
Beautiful Cartagena
November 29, 2023
We had a really great walking tour of the Roman ruins. Our guide was wonderful and because of our small group we were able to visit the museum by the Roman theatre. We stopped for a Tapa and a drink. We had beautiful weather which made it all the more enjoyable.
Reviewer: Christie
5 Stars
Roman Exploration
August 04, 2022
I was hesitant to purchase a tour outside of the cruise but to my surprise this tour was excellent - the guide was knowledgeable, patient and took the time to show us his town - I would recommend this tour
Reviewer: Lucille
5 Stars
Cartagena Roman Exploration
June 06, 2019
We enjoyed this one
Reviewer: Robert Bunyan
4 Stars
easy booking
April 19, 2019
Spoke with Janine about not having cell phone. No problem.
Reviewer: Phyllis
5 Stars
Roman exploration
May 26, 2018
A beautiful place to visit. The tour guide was very pleasant n understand our needs. We all enjoyed this tour n will recommend it to others !
Reviewer: Wynsome Yang
5 Stars
Great laid back walking tour!
January 01, 2018
This was a very nice relaxing walking tour of the port of Cartagena. Our tour guide Juanma did a very good job and was happy to go into the details of the history of the historic landmark that we saw. The most memorable points were the lift that took us up the high view point of the city, Castillo de la Concepcion and Roman Theater of Cartagena. This walking tour is perfect for this very walkable old town!
Reviewer: Halina Onishko
5 Stars
November 13, 2017
Was amazed by the roman excavations we were shown around cartegena. we had no idea they were there.
Reviewer: Peter Jerszynski
5 Stars
Cartagena Walking Tour
December 28, 2016
Excellent tour. Our group was only three people so we were able to ask questions. Due to the small size of our group we completed the tour early so the guide took us to see a bit more of the old city. Highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Ethel Edey
5 Stars
Walking tour
December 26, 2016
Great tour, wonderful guide.
Reviewer: Jean van den Broek
5 Stars