Biking Through Cadiz

Excellent way to see Cadiz
November 14, 2022
Marina was an excellent guide and it was a lot of fun and very informative. Highly recommend. Not strenuous at all
Reviewer: Maureen Moore
5 Stars
Cadiz on bike - Awsome!
October 10, 2022
What am excelent way to experience Cadiz. We were lucky enough to get er personal tour of the city - the guide and the two of us. The bikes were nice (not with battery) - so you have to be in a fysical shape where you can ride the bike yourself :)The tourguide was a local spanish man. He spoke perfectly english, and could tell os so much about the different sights and the city in general. We loved the tour, and frankly, we were relived that the tour didnt include a stop at a tapas restaurant, as written in the tour discription. The guide made sure that we got excatcly what we wanted from the tour. He several times gave us options to what to see and we would choose to our own interest. We will recommend the tour oprator Las Bicis Naranjas in Cadiz any day. Thank you for an awsome day in Cadiz.
Reviewer: Steffen Papsoe
5 Stars
Outstanding Guide
November 07, 2019
Locating the bike shop took over an hour and it should have taken 15 minutes. The directions provided when we made the reservation were not at all accurate. I am not sure this problem rests with the tour but may rest with the company that provides the online tour information. Nate our guide was terrific and the entire excursion was well worth it!
Reviewer: Dale
5 Stars
November 17, 2018
This tour was by far the best one we took. Make sure you provide a phone number or WhatsApp because there was a last minute change in the meeting point. The tour guides were awesome, knowledgeable and so friendly. Choose your bikes wisely and make sure you are fit to ride so you don’t hold up the group.
Reviewer: Rock L
5 Stars
Biking Through Cadiz
November 02, 2018
An enjoyable bike tour through Cadiz. The guide was solid but not spectacular.
Reviewer: Mark Daoust
4 Stars
Fun biking tour
July 02, 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed biking through Cadiz - a relaxing pace with lots of time for stopping and sight seeing. Guide was very good.
Reviewer: Philip
5 Stars
Great way to see old city
May 14, 2018
Our 3 hour bike tour around Cádiz, Spain, with Pablo as our guide, was absolutely delightful. Cádiz is mostly flat but I did walk my bike up a couple of inclines. Our group consisted of 12 people, mostly over 50 and the pace was just right. We stopped at numerous picture spots and historical places where Pablo, a local resident, shared information in excellent English. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who visits here or has this as a port of call on a cruise. Great way to see the old city.
Reviewer: Wendy Jones
5 Stars
Horrible bikes
May 07, 2018
The trip in Cadiz was great but the bicycles were terrible. The tires were not fully aired up, and some were going flat as the tour went on. One bike broke during the tour. The guide did the best he could to keep us moving but had difficulty due to the bikes having mechanical issues.
Reviewer: Tom
4 Stars
Anna knows Cadiz
May 24, 2017
What a wonderful tour. Anna was our guide and told us so much about Cadiz and how the city came to be what it is today. Biking was an excellent way to view up close the beauty Anna had to show around Cadiz.
Reviewer: Jill Vander Hook
5 Stars
Fun tour
May 22, 2017
We enjoyed this tour. Our guide was great and she took us all over town so that we saw much more than we could have on foot. One bit of advice -- if possible, avoid big holidays. We were in Cadiz on Palm Sunday, and the crowds in the streets made it difficult to maneuver on bikes.
4 Stars
Great way to see Cadiz
November 29, 2016
Fun and informative tour through the city of Cadiz. We were able to see the main sites of the city in a fraction of the time that we could have walked it. Plus our personable and knowledgeable guide provided the history and insights of the city that we would have not found otherwise. A great value and highly recommended.
Reviewer: Doug Morris
5 Stars
A Unique Way to See The City
August 24, 2016
The tour guide was so knowledgeable about the history of the city. What a fun way to cover streets, alley ways, and pedestrian paths.
Reviewer: Lori Salerno
4 Stars
Biking in Cadiz
May 14, 2016
Great bike tour of Cadiz. Tour guide was very knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Vacationers
5 Stars