Dolphin & Whale Adventure

Breathtaking Experience
June 03, 2022
We nervous seeing the small boat, but the staff was amazing providing clear instructions with all safety gear. The Atlantic Ocean was 10/10 for being smooth. After exiting the port the driver raced at top speed to an area that whales had been seen… then excitement on the radio. Again top speed for another 10 minutes until the boat stopped. Suddenly in front of us was a pod of 3 Orcas!! A male, female and a juvenile were less than 25 yards from our silently floating boat. Our guide said it is extremely rare to see Orca’s as they only pass through the Azores during a narrow window. For nearly an hour it was our small tour and the Orca’s before other tour boats showed up… AMAZING!!! Our guide then took us to a pod of over 100 dolphins that make the area their permanent home. There were dolphins as far as you could see! From the side of the boat to the horizon dolphins were were swimming… you could see them just under the water at the edge of the boat looking at you!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Reviewer: Eric Corwin
5 Stars
Once in a lifetime event
May 23, 2018
We actually saw a blue whale! I never thought that would be possible. Our driver was fearless in a very rough sea. I have never been so wet and cold but it was worth it to see the whale and about 40 bottle nose dolphins who swam right next to the boat. Our guide was very sweet, too.
Reviewer: Beth
4 Stars
Great adventure
May 14, 2018
Was a little to much for me.I got sea sick. I have these video clip of the dolphin swimming along the boat. The instructor was wonderful.
Reviewer: Caesar Alarcon
4 Stars