Best of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia
November 21, 2023
A beautiful walled city with many places to eat. A lot of history to be sure and the architecture is awesome. Well worth the visit.
Reviewer: Danny Wille
4 Stars
Lovely Tour and Great Guide
November 21, 2023
This was a lovely tour. We had ear buds and a radio communicator while touring. It was wonderful because there were so many tours, and we could hear what was being explained to us. We enjoyed our tour, the guide recommended lovely places to eat and was happy to take pictures for everyone. It was a lovely day and had an amazing lunch of shrimp risotto based on our guide’s recommended restaurant.
Reviewer: Therese Hudziak
5 Stars
Great Tour
October 25, 2023
We were picked up at our cruise terminal by our driver. He brought us to a great spot for photos and then brought us into Dubrovnik. Our tour guide inside of the walled city was wonderful. It was a relatively small group (maybe 20). We saw VERY large groups from the ship with probably 50 people. No Way! Would never book excursions through the cruise line. Every tour we booked through Shore Excursions was wonderful. I only wish we had more time to be able to walk the walls.
Reviewer: Pam
5 Stars
so good!
October 17, 2023
We had a great tour in Dubrovnik thanks in large part to our wonderful guide, Magda. She was knowledgeable and friendly and she added personal stories which made the tumultuous history of the area all the more poignant and interesting. She's too young to remember the 1990s Yugoslav Wars but she told us what her dad has said about it which made it even more interesting. Great tour, great guide, another win for Shore Excursions Group. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Ramona Jones
5 Stars
Lots to See and Learn
October 08, 2023
Great to be picked up in the bus at the pier at 9 am on September 17, 2023 just a few yards after embarking our cruise boat. The guided bus ride enabled us to see a good portion of the entire town and learn about its development over its storied history. The vista stop high above the town was a great photo opp, With a number tour boats docked that morning the walking portion of the old town tour was very crowded, but our excellent tour guide was very skilled at weaving us through the crowds and at times taking us through less crowded side streets to point out the key historic buildings and their historic significance. At the end of our tour, we at our guide’s recommendation paid the extra money to walk the entire wall high above and encircling the old town. We are glad we did, the views on this very clear and hot day were breathtaking.
Reviewer: Doug Shell
5 Stars
August 15, 2023
Our tour guide was fantastic,friendly,knowledgeable and funny. She knew her history in the past and present day.She even introduced some fun to the tour.The lady at reception was so friendly and welcoming.So glad we picked your Company.pany
Reviewer: Annette Edmondson
5 Stars
Very pleasant experience
July 27, 2023
Our tour guide was very kind and courteous. The van was clean and driver was also attentive safety in his job. The tour was interesting and the time we were given to explore and have lunch was not rushed but was ample for the destination. I liked that she did not get too heavy with deep history but cut to the chase on the information so it was not boring. This destination was one of the most beautiful and underrated of all. We loved it!
Reviewer: Georgeana Wilkerson
5 Stars
Great Experience
July 21, 2023
We were able to drive by popular spots in the city. We spent the majority time at the "Games of Thrones" castle. The tour guide was very knowledgeable. We were given plenty of time to shop and eat before loading tour bus to return to cruiseship.
Reviewer: F Simpson
5 Stars
Best of D
June 17, 2023
This was a good tour. Dubrovnik is charming.
Reviewer: Kellee Repko
4 Stars
Private Ride
June 14, 2023
We had a private driver take us to two spots high above to see "Kings Landing" aka Old Town and another part of Dubrovnik. Then he dropped us off outside Old Town to then do our tour which was connected to a Walking Tour company. The combo of this was great as our driver pulled directly up to the gangway (had special privilege's to get into the port) and picked us up when we were finished. The taxi and shuttle back to the ship lines were insane, but we didn't have to worry. We had a private taxi waiting for us! Well worth the money!!
Reviewer: Jennifer Barker
5 Stars
Dubrovnik Was a Pleasant Surprise.
October 04, 2022
Jadra(sorry if I misspelled), our tour guide was knowledgeable, articulate, and fun.
Reviewer: Mario
5 Stars
Engaging and Informative
June 07, 2022
The guide was so knowlededgeable and had such an engaging style that we were sorry when the touor ended. We learned so much about history and development to the city of Dubrovnik
Reviewer: James P Robert
5 Stars
So interesting
May 02, 2022
This tour was excellent. We saw a lot of Dubrovnik and then went to where Game of Thrones was filmed. What a beautiful place! Our guide was so informative and friendly. I would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Bonnie Van Dalfsen
5 Stars
Tour of Old City
November 23, 2021
Our tour guide was very good and we learned a lot about the history of the Old City of Dubrovnik.
Reviewer: Duane Grussing
5 Stars
Lovely day!
November 17, 2019
We were met at the pier by our Guide. Our Guide was charming and knowledgeable. This excursion met our expectations and was good value for the money.
Reviewer: Karen Peters
5 Stars
June 14, 2019
We thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful old city! Our guide was so pleasant and knowledgeable. I highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Robert Wibright
5 Stars
Good Tour
May 17, 2019
Good tour. Appreciated staff meeting us as soon as we disembarked. Did have some delay waiting for late arriving guests
Reviewer: Mary Turley
4 Stars
A Most Beautiful Place!
May 13, 2019
Dubrovnik was certainly one of the most beautiful places that we toured on our cruise! A trip up the hillside to view the Old Town fort as well as the surrounding harbor, truly showed us what a spectacularly breathtaking place it is. The land is pristine and the waters are gorgeous. Pair that with a small group tour inside the walled fortress and you have the perfect shore excursion! Our guide was excellent and our tour of the city center included rich stories of Dubrovnik’s past and present. The tour included time to shop on our own as well as a chance to sit and eat in a quaint outdoor cafe. I strongly recommend this excursion to all!
Reviewer: Sharon Norman
5 Stars
Beautiful city
May 11, 2019
We were picked up by a very nice driver who drove us to one of the high view points outside of the city. After taking in breathtaking views, he drove us to Old Dubrovnik where we had a walking tour of the walled historic city. This was a small group tour. Our driver agreed to pick us up later in town which extended our trip.
Reviewer: Cheryl Clark
5 Stars
Medieval Gem
February 07, 2019
I've taught about Medieval Times to elementary students and I was so excited to be actually in it! The tour provided by Shore Excursions was wonderful. With our very informative guide, we walked slowly through town being given the historical context and told interesting information and stories. I'm so glad that we followed the suggestion from our guide to walk around Dubrovnik on the surrounding wall. It just took your breath away. My husband and I loved the excursion!
Reviewer: Lenore Greaves
5 Stars
Nice Variety
November 14, 2018
We had a wonderful guide for our tour of the Walled City. My only recommendation is for audible assistance. The city was quite crowded - and the group around 30 people - so it was difficult to hear everything. We had ample time after the guided tour to hike the wall, shop or enjoy lunch and a local beer at one of the many outdoor cafes (which we chose to do). It was a good choice for an overview of this cruise port.
Reviewer: mttartaruga
4 Stars
Best of Dubrovnik
August 13, 2018
Interesting seeing the old town and beautiful views on the way there
Reviewer: Carmel Grossek
4 Stars
Best of Dubrovnik
July 23, 2018
Tour of coast road and old city. Worthwhile. Good guide and tour
4 Stars
Best of Dubrovnik
July 02, 2018
It's a very interesting place and we enjoyed an excellent tour guide.
Reviewer: D Taylor
5 Stars
Best of Dubrovnik
June 11, 2018
Great, Time of tour was too short to enjoy the city.
Reviewer: Peter Jin
5 Stars
Dubrovnik a jewel indeed
May 23, 2018
The Pearl of the Adriatic tour was most pleasant and relaxed. Our guide was knowledgeable and pleasant with excellent linguistic skills.
Reviewer: Dianne Boucher
5 Stars
Dubrovnik Tour
May 21, 2018
We really enjoyed our tour of Dubrovnik. The guide was excellent and the city is beautiful. It is amazing to go through a gate and go back hundreds of years. There was plenty of spare time to explore the town on our own after the tour. I would recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Don Irving
5 Stars
May 23, 2017
A great guide who took us off the beaten track to see places I had not seen before
Reviewer: Lorraine McLoughlin
5 Stars
Walled city Dubrovnik
December 26, 2016
The guide was very informative. Lots of walking. Really enjoyed seeing the walled city.
Reviewer: al shipley
4 Stars